Sucky Saturday

Saturday afternoon. Check

Drawn curtains. Check

Air-conditioner switched on. Check

Bowl of Maggi. Check

Mush flick on TV. Check

Laptop with wi-fi. Check

Beer chilled for the evening. Check

Hourly hugs from The Dude. Check  

Sour mood bettered. Umm, not so much!  

Apparently, some totally inconsequential people actually have the capability to ruin an otherwise un-spoilable Friday. And then leave a horrible aftertaste, even on Saturday morning. That, I think, is unforgivable. So, right now, I alternate between wanting to tear the head off the said individual, or leave all of this and take a long sabbatical near some beach. With the waves, and beer and fried fish, and not a care in the world. Remains a distant dream, that. I hate it when someone makes me feel this way. On a weekend that too. HATE it. Ugh.   

Ranted on the blog. Check.


27 thoughts on “Sucky Saturday

  1. “And then leave a horrible aftertaste, even on Saturday morning. That, I think, is unforgivable.”

    You said it babe! Totally unforgivable! Get the damn beer out of the fridge and cheer up! Btw I know it’s easier said than done.

    We’re living parallel lives, only a month or so out of sync 🙂

    1. 🙂 It’s Sunday morning, and things are a bit better! 😀 The beer does help!
      Would be good to know how things worked out for you, probably I can visualise myself a month later, in a much better place! 🙂

      1. Nothing. I just got over it. Except once, when I job hunted for two weeks and then put in my papers the following Monday. But then I sometimes take things a little too far 😛

  2. Completely unforgivable!
    Wasted weekends are the worst!

    Come on cheer up though :).. There is still bright shiny Sunday round the corner 😀

    1. I know! Especially when weekends are what you live for! :S
      Sunday’s here, and things look better, except that Monday is almost here too 😐

    1. Yes yes, totally agree! The volume required of both was humongous though, considering the mood was reeeeallly bad! But yes, it did get fixed to some extent! 😀 Yay to beer and bear hugs!

  3. *hug* Hope you’re feeling better. I’m going to be very politically incorrect and tell you what I do to make myself feel better.
    I write the person’s name on a sheet of paper, and make a list of all the Chinese torture techniques I would use on him/her, till he/she came crawling back to me, desperately apologising for everything he/she did to make me so angry in the first place :-/ This was used liberally on an ex-boss who used to treat me like I was a ten-year-old with a brain missing.

    Don’t ban me. I swear, I’m not violent by nature, but some people drive me so crazy that I go argh! o:-)

    1. Thanks so much :)!
      Hmmm, a little better yes, all the pani-puri and chocolate had to work a bit atleast!
      Ooh, this I like, I am not kidding, but before posting this, I had written a very long ramble, where I did mention wanting to learn some sort of black magic or something!
      I am totally going to try this :D!

  4. What the..? Grey’s was back this weekend and you were in a sucky mood? Not done Ma’am! 😀
    I was also in a sucky mood, btw. Had written a whole post on Friday, while in office. But then, the reader gave me a reminder on this week’s episode, and *poof* I was smiling again! The post is still in drafts though! Will be used some other time! 😉

    1. Hehe. Downloaded and watched! What’s ypur opinion? I thought nothing great moved really, but the episode was kinda cute anyway 🙂
      This is a shortened version, I was all set to post a LONG analytical post, good I didn’t! Have kept it though, I am sure I will need it soon, considering I am back in Hell :S

  5. Yeah, the episode was ok.. Thought Baby Sloan was adorable! Went all awwwww over him! And Yang was cool too! 8)
    I haven’t deleted my post either. Me’s back in hell too! Will probably need to post it some time this week! x(

    1. Oh yes, baby Sloan was SO cute! Sigh! Callie-Arizona are kinda bugging me these days. Yes, Yang was definitely cool! Oh, and I found the Meridith’s reaction to April pretty cute too! 😀
      Lets forget the devils and think about the nicer things in life, like Greys and the awesome weather. Hehe.

  6. Swaram

    I know I know .. I so wanna bash some ppl too :grrrrrr!

    Hope the Monday hs started cheerful 🙂 Happy week ahead 🙂

    1. Sigh! Better, but could be still better!
      But I will not mope, look at the weather outside! Lovely eh? 😀
      You too have a happy week ahead!

  7. It’s amazing how we let some people’s stupidity get the better of us…I had a similar weekend…i can’t articulate it…but i was annoyed…!! Hope u are better not and i like Chinkurli’s method of torture 😀

    1. I think it is a cool idea! Not tried yet, not becos no one deserved it, but was too busy! What’s more, I told The Dude and he thinks I should totally try it!

    1. Ahem, not yet, lucky them! Anyway, it is Chinkurli’s idea which might save me I hope! And then I am contacting her for the next stage 😉

  8. ajay

    Saturday rarely sucks but you can’t help it when some people appear from nowhere and spoil your day. Hope that next weekend makes up for it 🙂

  9. Hmm, worse so, when they do it on Friday evening itself, which nearly sacred! 😦 I need a good a week and a weekend to recoup! Thanks for the wishes!

  10. aah…it really hurts to see someone spoiling our important time of the week…sometime its really not in our control..but don’t let this take control of your self being..enjoy and just chill !

    1. Trying hard to! 🙂 Thanks anyway!
      Like I mentioned, weekends are sacred, no one is supposed to mess with them, and me letting someone get away with it, is pathetic!
      Hope it all blows over before the next weekend’s here!

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