Today, it is 4 years since the day I met The Dude.

Today, I complete 5 years of work.

Today, my weekend gets over, because tomorrow,  I leave for Zurich.

Anyway, there is no point to this post. I am blogging because I don’t want to think about my travel really. I am useless like that, have I mentioned? I totally dislike travelling when I am doing it alone, doing it for work, and doing it to a totally new place where I don’t know anybody. Which is very funny because of a couple of reasons. One, because I love travelling when it is with The Dude, for a vacation or something, or when I am going home to mom and dad. And two, because when i was younger, I found it very cool, the whole concept of seeing new places alone, with no one to rush you around, where you could walk around at your own pace, to wherever you want to. And probably sit on a bench on the bank of River Rhine, sip your coffee, and watch ducks swimming on the calm waters.
Except when I actually was doing that last November, I was totally cranky, and calling up The Dude on my super expensive Matrix phone, and whining about how much I missed him, and hated being in the so called beautiful Switzerland without him. And that Basel is hardly Switzerland didn’t help matters one bit. But this time I am going to the super-hyped-DDLJ-Zurich. But it is just as bugging.
On a different note, I am trying to follow Indian Idol 5. I have followed most of the first 4 seasons. And every time I got bugged with who the public voted for and gave up watching the show towards the end. This time I am bugged right from the beginning. So for all you know, I will stop watching even earlier. Also, I haven’t watched one movie after Karthik calling Karthik. Sad, isn’t it? But I don’t know why we have gotten totally lazy and avoid stepping out in the sunny afternoons during weekends. So no movies.
What else? Oh yes. We took a pretty big step in life the day before yesterday. I will plug in the details as things proceed. And no, we’re not having a baby. Tough huh, I have to start giving disclaimers about this for every conversation I have these days. I mean recently, I told a colleague I didn’t want to travel for more than week, and she asked me if I was pregnant. And then the Dude tells his friend he has some good news to share, and he asks if we were having baby. Seems to be the only thing people perceive as good these days, so I am clarifying beforehand. But quite frankly, this other good thing is also quite big and makes me happy, so I thought of mentioning it anyway. I owe it to you all, after all the ranting and whining for the past few weeks!
Right now we are watching Scream 3 on TV and I am done packing too. I am travelling pretty light, which is good because that makes it obvious that I am not off for long. But when I started this post, I was watching Life in a Metro, The Dude was out to pick up Sprite for our pseudo Saturday night, and it was yesterday evening. But then I stopped the post because he returned. So now, I had to replace a lot of ‘tomorrows’ with ‘todays’. The rest is pretty much the same.
Anyway, I will stop now, and post this, because the movie is getting even more interesting, and scarier. Which is one reason why I am not concentrating on it completely. And then there is a bit of packing yet to be done. Oh, and I will be pretty active on the net the next week, because that’s what I do when I am away from home. That is, if I have the time and energy after the trainings and all. Let’s see. You guys have a great weekend and a greater week ahead.
What? I did say there was no point to the post, didn’t I?

35 thoughts on “Pointless

  1. Let’s switch places.. Zurich.. Alone. Been a dream, you are living it! Have loads of fun..

    Something about Indian Idol – I think this season’s episodes are too long, I can’t seem to manage to be regular!

    What’s the big step what’s the big step? Please fill us in!

    No movies after KCK either 😦 And that also I watched on Airtel Digital. Mom’s gone and seen Badmas Company.. Imagine! We are a lazy generation!

    And this episode of Frasier is getting very interesting – I can hear the husband ROFL-ing! Gotta go – have fun in Zurich. Get me some Swiss chocolates, pliss 😀

    1. 😀 Thanks Tamanna! That’s for the anniversary wishes!
      Ok, so I am here now, been for a whole day! And no, I am not able to accept it still, but the place is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I feel like kicking myself for not having a better camera! I am surrounded by the alps, covered with snow, lovely!
      We are lazy yes. Useless. Will get Swiss chocs, pakka!

  2. I can never watch a movie, eat out or travel alone and enjoy it 😦 it’s always more fun if there’s someone to enjoy it with.

    I get what you say about the good news. Argh. I have heard it myself quite a few times this weekend!

    And I have a little faith in this year’s Indian Idol, after all they picked 16 people who could really sing.

    Congratulations (anniversary, the good news – which I’m guessing has to do with property? :D) and have a good trip 🙂

      1. My phone is sad, but will get as many and post! 🙂 Thanks, the journey was ok, now looking for it to end, yay!
        Et tu Swaram? You really think Tia and Asit were good? Nahiiii! I like Naushad and Maneesha so far!

    1. Glad you understand. People don’t get why I can’t stop whining, and start having fun! And about Indian Idol, Tia? Really? And that Asit? Noooo! Thankfully Asit is out though 🙂

      1. Tia and Asit are just okay, at least they’re not besura. I’m rooting for Swaroop 😀 I hope they don’t find a cheap reason to knock him off just because he’s not “hep.”

        1. Ok, if you say so! But seriously,I feel they get some contestants only for hyping the show! Hope Swaroop doesn’t get stuck because of that. Let’s see! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary and the good news! 🙂 Me also trying hard to watch Indian Idol this time – Lack of other good stuff on TV, I guess! 😛
    I love all these pointless posts of yours! Fultoo ranting! 😀
    Have fun, and a great week ahead! 🙂

    1. Thanks! 😀 I know man, this was toh full bad mood post! Anyway, Indian Idol is entertaining alright. Can’t stand the dance/comedy shows with the celebs! Did you watch Greys? I have it on my system, but no time to watch 😦

  4. rechristened

    Have a good trip 🙂
    Indian Idol – I have been wanting to be regular too, but without fail, the timings conflict with my client calls 😦 Nonetheless, from whatever little I have seen, I am totally rooting for the Tia chick. She isn’t a great singer, but I just love her. And there’s another chick whose name I can’t recall — stylish chick… 🙂

    Movies–I have been watching movies online…husband is away in West Indies, so this is how I kill time when I am not working…

    Waiting for the “good news” == real estate? 😀 that’s the only other good news after the news of pregnancy these days..lol!

    1. No. No. No. No Tia. She can’t sing! 😦 But she’s cute alright! The other stylish chick is Maneesha? She sings awesome me thinks!
      Oh wow! What exotic locations your husband gets to travel :o! How come you don’t tag along more often?
      Ok fine! You guys seem to know exctly what is right next in line to baby when it comes to good news 😀

      1. rechristened

        Because if I take leave, the corporate world will collapse 😛

        LOL, well I seriously need to go on a vacation–it’s been over four years since I did that (not counting the 10 days of leave for my wedding) … Kee karaan, kaam da petrol khatam hi nai honda

  5. Yes and in case Tamanna doesn;t mind – i dont mind echanging places with u…Swisserland…!!!

    I am with Chinkurli…have some hopes as the people can sing this time…but yes the episodes are too long to hold my interest!!!

    And What 4 years since u met the Dude and no Baby!!! 😛 (these kids nowadays)!!!

    Waiting for the news…guessing u are investing in a property?

    1. Hehe! I just went on and on about how pretty the place is. Suite ke saamne Balcony. Balcony ke saamne lake. Lake ke saamne Alps! 😀 lovely hai!
      I miss Idol now! And 4 years since we met :o, not got married! Kya ho gaya hamrai bhartiya sabhyata ko! Tsk Tsk!

      1. Taking a cue from Chinkurli – Update on Indian Idol…
        i thought Sreeram and Arpita were fantastic yesterday…i am a little partial to Sreeram because he from South n all…But he did win best singer for the day

        Maneesha was bad and i quite like Shashi though the judges (Salim and Sunidhi) were not impressed with him

        Fyi…that’s all

        P.s. please get back the alps and drop them off in mumbai…we need some alpine weather here!

        1. Thanks guys 😀 I already feel better with all the updates! I am a Sreeram supporter ‘cos he is from Hyderabad. I liked Arpita’s khalbali inititally too. I don’t remember Shashi, who’s that :(?

  6. Congrats on the anniversary and the work thing and of course the “good news” 😛 .. Treat chahiye 😀

    I totally love travelling when it is with P, and hate it otherwise too 😀
    Keep missing him so much!

    Last movie I saw was Avatar! That seems ages ago 😦

    Anyhoo, have fun in Zurich 🙂

    1. I is so happy that so many girls are like me! I miss The Dude SO much! I am calling him all the time to tell him how pretty it is, and how wonderful it would have been for both of us to be here! And they gave me a super luxurious suite on top! Argh!

        1. I am useless at that, and my phone is totally useless too! :S And to think I was up in the mountains and amidst snow yesterday!

  7. WOW! So many things !!

    Congratulations for everything, gurl !!

    …and yeah, come back from Zurich soon and we’ll talk more 🙂

    I hope you can access your blog from there 😛 Alone time in Zurich means more posts for us to read 😉 I am selfish that way 😀

    1. Hey SnS! Thanks! It’s one full day since I landed, and I get time by cutting down on sleep! Imagine how busy they keep us! Good in a way, because, i would have whined a lot otherwise :)!

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