Breathe in. Breathe out.

I read somewhere, that the maximum number of suicides occur mid-week, on Wednesdays. And since the day I read that article, somehow, every Wednesday seems to annoy me to no end. Only in my case, the inclination is more towards murder. And those who are on Facebook list know it already.  

Anyway. This post is not a rant. I am just making an attempt at being more regular I guess, being totally inspired by all the other bloggers around me. Just imagine, I stay away from my Reader for just about a week, and when I return I have as many as 7 posts from a single blogger! 7 posts in the 7 days! That is huge yes? So I am all inspired now. Only I do not have much fodder for blog, so I will eat your brains with my rambles. Beware.  

Currently, the music I have on my media player is a shuffled list of the songs from Rajneeti and  I hate love stories (I know that’s not the right spelling, but honestly, I find so difficult to type out those kind of spellings, even when they are right in this context!). I am liking the music somehow. A couple of songs from the former are particularly good. While the latter seems to have reasonably good soundtrack overall, nothing out of the world, but very listenable and hummable. Also, before I forget, I am totally disappointed with Rahman and his Raavan. So disappointed. I look at the guy as some sort of a miracle maker, and I always believed that when Rahman meets Mani Ratnam, magic happens. But Raavan is not magic. It is not even mentionable. And by the way, the same with Kites. Not impressed at all.  

On the television, I was pretty much following Indian Idol, when The Dude got all sentimental about how we decided we would watch common TV programs every evening, and how I was hogging the television now. So we are not following it anymore, except on days when people get eliminated, but that makes no sense either when you don’t know who sung what and how recently. Not sure how long this will last.  

Other than that, I am being my regular self with Grey’s Anatomy. The Season 6 finale was aired last Thursday in the US, and obviously, I caught up with it on Saturday. Oh.My.God. What an episode! I hate to say it, but this is one series, where I get emotionally involved with every character in every scene. And that is so ironic, considering I have always made fun of those who watch those K serials and discuss the happenings as if they were for real. On one hand I do that, and now I watch this episode, and get all worked up, get scared for real, and start crying when the whole *Beep* dying scene happens (that was for the benefit of those who follow the series and failed to watch the finale, so sweet of me, I know), or when *Beep* gets shot. Thing is, I know at the back of my mind, that all those who die in this probably had their contract coming to an end, or probably wanted to move on with something bigger like movies, or probably called someone on the sets something that ticked everybody off, and hence had to go anyway. But while watching, none of this strikes, and man, they are good at keeping you glued to the screen!  

I had pretty much decided to go watch Kites this weekend, because Masand gave it 3 stars, and the movie does look stylish, and so does Hrithik. But then, I realised that Masand also gave My Name is Khan 4 stars. So that, combined with the reviews I got from people, made me change my mind. I would be going for Shrek 4 instead. And for Prince of Persia, but that’s for The Dude. I am definitely watching Rajneeti when it releases, and even IHLS. I loved JTYJN, so that would explain why I have high hopes from the latter.  

I am currently reading a through and through chick-lit by Meg Cabot, called Being Nikki, which is the second of a series called Airhead. Ofcourse, it is completely senseless fun, and I am loving it. I am not sure if I already mentioned but I read two fantabulous books back-to-back, one the much talked about Palace of Illusions , which totally lived up to it is hype, and one called The space between us which was amazing too. I have this thing for women-centric books, and both were just that, and totally unputdownable.  

I realised that I was going nowhere with the post, so I decided to make it a ‘what keeps me entertained these days’ post. So if you notice, I covered music, television, movies and books. So I am pretty much done. With giving you an update about all things that help me utilise the not-at-work hours each day, and with the post in general. Recommendations are welcome by the way, in any of the categories, life’s back to routine after all.  

Happy Wednesday people. I know that’s an oxymoron, but still!


110 thoughts on “Breathe in. Breathe out.

  1. Hey! Since you asked for recommendations, I couldn’t help asking you to go for the Millennium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest). Female protagonist and all of them best-selling thrillers. Absolutely the best summer read you can lay your hands on!

    1. Ok, this has to be pure coincidence, but I just bought the first of the triology! 😮
      I am so glad I have your recommendation too, because, I was not sure if I had made a right buy. I am starting it today first thing! Thanks! 😀

  2. *yawn*.. that’s it and we don’t even get swiss chocloates for reading so much??? *Ducks and runs before DI can catch her* … Am gripped with this book by Younger called “Wicked women of the Raj’.. do read it if u find history interesting 🙂 .. And yes a Pallace of Illusions is the best by Divakurani 🙂 .. can kiss her feet for that 😀

    1. No-no, I had a disclaimer out there, and that didn’t promise you chocolate ;), oh, especially not for someone who is off for a vacation to the place! 😛

      Ooh, sounds interesting, I do love books with some historical inclination, so should check it out!

        1. @ Sagarika I would love to read your take on the Palace of Illusions! Off to read, you have a lot of archives I need to cover anyway.
          Also, I read the wrong comments first (basically not in chronologial order) and could not make head our tail of what you were saying. You and Tamanna. What is this? :o!
          @ Tamanna Argh! even more confusion, thanks! 😐 Have you started blogging at that WP address you once used by mistake to comment on someone’s blog? I tried locating it, but didn’t find. Come back soon.

  3. Hail DI, for embracing Wednesday so well! 😀
    Sigh. Wednesdays are the worst!
    -Me too is disheartened by Raavan. Seriously. Chah.
    -Indian Idol only for the Telugu guy. He is FAB!
    -Same case with IHLS. Just for JTYJN
    -And Greys! OMG. Mine was a different story, because of the sister who saw it hours before me and decided to play havoc. Ok. She didn’t reveal anything, but I was mislead and well, I was expecting someone else to die and all. But it was still good.
    -I read Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar (Its a SUPERB read) and Incredible Adventures of Dork by Sidin Vadukut (Hilarious)

    Done. My comment was longer than your post? 😉

    1. Hehe! Trying my best to be positive really!
      Yep, Telugu guy is good! Imagine my situation, The Dude googles Grey’s finale spoilers and asks me not to watch. So bugged I was! I expected someone else to die too, they didn’t kill the biggies anyway!
      Oh, and just saw your reply to my comment on your post, I think Avery is nice too, especially after this episode 😛
      Thanks for the recos!

  4. On the recommendation side, I would say try LOST.. It is pretty good.. though the season finale was a little bit of a let down..

    Grey’s has completely overshadowed any other series/tv. I downloaded a couple of its seasons, and not I have no time to watch absolutely anything (apart from LOST).. Have tons to catch up on BBT, Two and a half Men, The Office ( also another recommendation, though you need to live through season 1 for developing a taste for it 🙂 )

    Also, thanks for the reminder on reading.. need to catch up on that too.. ever since I lost my copy of P.S. I love you… haven’t read anything nice 😦 .. I think I’ll try the chick-lit you mentioned.. seems interesting.. and def my type 🙂

    1. I started with Lost when it was first aired, but got lost mid way! 🙂 Lemme try it again! Thanks for the reco!

      BBT, TAAHM, I catch up only on TV, and most recently Castle, since they stopped Bones! The Dude wants to watch Scrubs since yesterday, so let’s see!

      This Airhead series I mention is quite basic chicklit, high-schoolish at times even! But it doesn’t need much concentration and keeps you entertained! So try it! 😀

      1. Heheheh. I LOVE Meg Cabot. Especially her Boy meets Girl series. They’re very very very cute. Read it! Copies are plentily available online! You BOUGHT airhead? I have respect for you 😛

        If you haven’t read any Sophie Kinsella, do. You’ll probably like it.

        Raavan: I love Behne de. Dunno why. And the thing with Rahman songs is that they take time, they grow on you as opposed to making a huge effect at the first listening.

        Eatch Big Bang! It’s the best sitcom ever! (that and Frasier, close tie, ok?)

        1. 😀 Will try it! Sounds awesome! Hopefully the series is not chronological, that makes it tough to find, in the order!
          Actually no, I didn’t buy it. I read the first online, and then I was all in a bad mood, so my sis sent me the next 🙂 By the way, a general idea about where to find e books will help cos I totally struggle to find anything!
          I have read Kinsella, a couple of the shopaholic series, and Can you keep a secret, remember me, undomestic goddess etc! I was on a Kinsella binge once 😀
          It always happens with Rehman, somehow this time I am a little worried it’s not working. I personally love Beera.
          And BBT is a fave too, but only on TV so far! Never got to downloading it 😀

      2. Hehe.. I don’t blame you… I haven’t watched the initial seasons either.. I have heard that they take a LOT of patience. Scrubs is good.. Not following season 8 yet though..

  5. Oh I did nt know this thing abt Wednesdays 😛 😛

    Am following Indian Idol .. well almost, in between Roland Garros that is 😉

    I did nt like Kites music much too and even Raavan .. nt as much as I expected. Lemme see if it seeps into my system slowly 😐 Evn I feel Vishal-Shekar hv done pretty well with I hate luv storys. Did I get all those spellings rt nw .. never mind 😉

    1. You actually got the spellings right :D! Proud of you Swaram!
      Yay, because you have the same thoughts about the music from the two movies 😀 IHLS music is quite catchy, Vishal Shekhar are dependable. Though ‘jab mila tu’ reminds me of ‘Jaane kyun’ from Dostana!

  6. Alright DI, though you think your posts are “Pointless”, I pretty much love all of them. You have a knack for making everyday things very entertaining, so kudos! 😀

    Indian Idol.. I don’t know. I am trying so hard to follow it, but I can’t manage to somehow. So I am back to watching downloaded episodes of 24 season 8, and I must say.. 24 NEVER disappoints! 😀 If you haven’t tried your hand at it, please do. I can definitely vouch for The Dude liking it 😛 No no, don’t get judgemental. I used to think I would hate it to, but I LOVED it. I am quite sure you will too, there’s nothing to not like. But start with Season 1 though.

    AND Frasier! Yes, I know. When the whole world is watching current seasons of Bing Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives and GA, I am still watching 90’s sitcoms. And I am quite sure you saw Frasier 10 years back. But if you haven’t, take my word. Do it 😀

    Music – I am going to download Rajneeti and IHLS tonight, thank you hai ji!

    Movies – I recently saw the Flying Scotsman on DVD and I LOVED it. And coming from me (I prefer a Govinda over an angreji movie anyday), you might just want to give it a try.

    Books – OK I think I really need to catch up with the “young guns of India”.. I am reading Malory Towers after a gap of 15 years. And I am loving it all over again! If you like travel writing, try your hand at Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Not There.. Classic stuff. Hilarious and politically incorrect to a fault. I loved it!

    You want some gyaan on cooking? 😀 That seems to be my favourite thing that keeps me entertained. That and eating 😛


      1. Wow! That was SOME comment! Hehe, love the detail really!
        You should download Rajneeti and IHLS, worth it! My ex-super boss had told me about 24, and I found the concept very cool! I think I will try it. Currently downloading How I met your mother season 5 🙂

        Thanks for the book recos. You know, when I saw your post the other day, about the rains and chai and malory towers, I wanted to call mom and mail me the set immediately! Loved them back then.

        Cooking huh? Wow! Actually if you have any easy to make dessert like stuff on your mind I am game! Me and my sweet tooth!

        Glad you have the patience to read this 😉 I am worried this blog will have to be renamed as a ‘a sure cure for insomniacs’ soon! 😀

      2. (sorry DI for using your blog as a platform to communicate ;p)
        @tammana : Girl… had left a msg on a very old post… but don’t think you are blogging there so catching your attention here….. remember (the Life is like that N series – co-oridinates post) … tried it 😦 … need I say more??? .. Did u try mine?

  7. Raavan songs are so hilarious in tamil. I think they didn’t pay the lyricist.
    Meg Cabot has written this chicklit thriller, Size 12 blah blah blah. I was reading it late into the night and got *really* scared. My friend finds me silly. But *really*.
    Katrina looks so majestic and stylish in Rajneeti. I want to watch it too. And with that, I shall stop my verbosity.

    1. Ya? Ok, that’s the plan for today, listen to Raavan in tamil. Should be fun.
      You got scared by a chicklit. Really. Really?
      I think I have new found respect for Katrina after Rajneeti’s trailers. I hope she lives upto the expectations. And I think Ranbir rocks the look too! 😀
      I like verbosity. It seems to be a quality we share, so bring it on!

  8. Dessert.. How does Besan ka halwa at midnight sound? Otherwise all I ever do for dessert is Pilsbury chocolate cake mix. Big home made cakes that last. And they taste pretty ok too. Super easy to make.

    I can’t for the life of me make any other dessert 😦

    1. I kinda understood that was ‘ Big’ Bang Theory. I love Fraiser and Sienfeld, and Raymond OMG!

      Besan ka halwa sounds LOVELY 😀 Damn, I am hungry again!

  9. if you havent already, dont watch shrek 4 in the theatre. they’ve beaten and flogged the story black and blue. not worth being watched in a theatre. frasier reruns sounds like more fun (err..i notice you didnt ask for opinions, but i gave you mine anyway :p)

    1. Whattt????? 😦 😦 DON’T watch Shrek 4 :(? Aiyyo, what is this, I don’t have anything left anymore! I think I will watch Sex and the City 2, but The Dude will surely refuse to come for that 😦

      Oh, you’re opinions are totally welcome. Afterall you’re saving me 2 hours and 200 bucks right :D?

  10. @Sagarika, I tried. Got the same “are you OK” expression. Again!! 😦

    But that’s alright. Let’s just say these nice things to each other – these men won’t understand 😛 😛

    Be back on that blog soon!

  11. I am working from home today..yay! But there’s a monster call from 630pm to 12am :-I One-time thing, but still, Boo Wednesday!!!!!!

    While Shrek 4 is nowhere close to Shrek 1 and 2, it’s definitely 100 times better than Shrek 3. I would say, watch it.

    I am reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. I have joined a book club because I was ignoring books for some time. Difficult book to read for me 😦 hoping to finish it soon though for our discussion next month.

    TV – Only Indian Idol for me too. I used to be regular with DID on Fridays, but I don’t like kiddie versions of dance shows.
    Grey’s Anatomy–I am still waiting for Season 1 to download. Should be done by this weekend 🙂 Excited about it!

    Songs–Where do you download songs from? I have not heard Raavan or I hate love… — but I kind of liked Kites’ songs. Especially, Zindagi do pal ki… It’s a “pretty” movie 🙂

    1. Uh oh, for the call.
      Hmm, better than Shrek 3 is it? That’s good news alright!
      You joined a book club? So is it like a virtual book club or do you actually go? I think it is very very cool! I would want to do it too 🙂
      Season 1 has only 9 episodes. But it is nice alright. Let me know what you think 🙂 I have 2 and 3, 4 and 5 on dvds, perhaps I can make copies and send if you have positive reviews of Season 1! 6 I didn;t save all, and I hate myself.
      I download from They get it first, and in good quality. Damn, I am propagating piracy, but still!
      You said positive things about Kites, yay! I might go actually, lets see!

  12. I would recommend Badmaash Company. It’s a good watch. And Kites is a big disappointment after all that hype. The storyline is trashy. If you love thrillers and want an easy read, then go for The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It is unputdownable and packs so much in a single book.

    1. Thanks! 😀 Recommendations taken!
      Badmaash company was actually good, or do you have a crush on Anushka Sharma ;)?
      Hmm, Kites seem to be a ‘good-looking’ movie, and not a ‘good’ movie per se!

      1. I actually watched Badmaash Company 5-6 times and now all dialogues and scenes are memorized. Crazy I am 🙂 So my view of it may be biased but you should definitely watch it once. And yeah, Anoushka looks ravishing 🙂

        1. 5-6 times! 😮 Whoa! The only movies I have watched these many times is Jab we met and JTYJN, that too becos they keep playing it on TV and I am always tempted! But seriously, wow! Will watch it atleast once, to do your 5-6 times some justice 🙂

  13. I didn’t exactly want that link to be public. But anyway! I will be back in a few weeks anyway.

    And DI, no not moving to WP. Just shut down for a bit.

  14. Arre no girls. It’s a suicidal/ homicidal Wednesday, remember? 😛 And I am not unhappy or anything. Just more tempted to return 😛

    1. Oh but I am even more in a murderous mood than I was a few minutes ago! I just got YET another invite to got Zurich next month, for YET another offsite. OMG.
      @Sagarika when did you say you were around ;)?

        1. I might be coming on the 15th, so will just about miss you !
          About being scared, good call girl, Bwahahahahaha, koi mujhse panga nahi leta! :E (that’s a smiley with scary teeth FYI)

      1. Who said am I scared of you/… I ain’t scared of any big bad wolve or wolvine ;p …. I was just scared that I am really getting old!!!! Oh btw.. which toothpaste.. Babool??? Meswak??? Dabur red? or is it Happy dent effect? ;D

        1. Uh oh, Read it wrong. But it’s ok, I enjoyed those few minutes of glory!
          Oh, I feel the same way lots of times too, and especially when I take all the time in the world to remember something, OR when I see certain people behave a certain way, and think ‘ These kids!’. That’s SCARY!

  15. Arre will they let me go instead of you? And you can speak to some of my clients and explain to them what I am trying to since morning? Let’s switch places man!

    1. Sigh. Done.
      You won’t understand HOW boring the place is till you’re there, will you? Theek hai, Tatahstu to your wish! Phir mujhe mat bolna kahaan fasa diya!

      1. At Tamanna.. listen to DI for once when she talks about Zurich being Boring.. rather it’s spelt as B-O-R-I-N-G .. my saving grace is family… alone I’ll be choked to a boring death there!

  16. Wow! 2 posts in three days! Seems your Soujourn in Switzerland (sounds nice na) did you a lot of good. Hope you don’t get all mean now and do away with “the friday post”. And despite your warnings about rants and rambles, this post was also quite enjoyable… as always.

    1. Thank you Candid 😀 I am glad you made it here, since the last I saw you was on livejournal!
      And oh yes, Switzerland made me miss the routine life so much that I got back with a vengeance I guess 😉 Will keep up the friday posts hopefully! And hope to see you often!

      1. Hey I have been following your posts on wordpress for the last 2 months. Have finished reading 90% 🙂 (I diligently started from the very first post of yr 2004 or something). Was hesitating to leave a comment! You will definitely see me more often here 🙂

        1. Ya? But why? I love to see comments! But then, who doesn’t 😉 Ooh, don’t remind me of my 2004 posts! I sound like a whiny 20 something in them! Oh wait, I sound the same even now 😀 Hope to see you more often!

    1. Thanks for the reco meena, I had once entered some sort of chanllenge to read books from authors of different countries, and if I check now, this was on the list! But never got to picking it up. Will surely do! 😀

    1. @Tamanna Thanks for clarifying that she has nothing to worry about
      @Sagarika Seriously, no more timepass with you guys, you made me feel so guilty! 😦 No wait, G.U.I.L.T.Y.

        1. Hey bhagwan, kya hoga is desh ka! Thanks anyway! The Dude has zero time for me till the evening 😦 So I have to manage with these virtual hugs only 😛 😛

      1. N someone said in her post that she was trying to be regular in posting.. leave Archie Andrews aside for sometime will ya!!!!! grrrrr … chup chap acche bacchonb ki tarah baith ke post likho chalo… n no spelling mistakes ok?

        1. Two posts last week, is that not regular! 😮 Perhaps you should check my track record, 250 posts in 6 years! So this is a big leap! 😦 Tsk, no one notices my efforts! Anyway, monday is almost here, so the posts should be too 😀

  17. wednesdays are neither here nor there. That alone makes them horrible 😦

    Raavan songs remind me of so many other songs. and the lyrics could have been way better.

    1. That is the Abirami right? Tsk, that’s what happens when both the husband and wife are bloggers!
      I think it is all about expectations from Raavan that has caused issues in my case. I really thought it would be awesome, atleast a few songs? Like in Guru, the two songs (Tere bina and Aye Hairathe) make up for EVERYTHING.

  18. I don’t even know the names of the movies you guys are talking about..that is how out of touch I am with movies coming out these days..and same goes for books..The current book I am reading..I read like a page a I guess I am covered for a year.. 😦

    1. :O Where are you? Oh right, in Buzz-world 🙂 Don’t worry, you ain’t missing anything! You can let go off the movies, and concentrate on the books I guess! Look at all these recos, I feel bad about my own speed now!

  19. Hi there!
    First time commenter, Nice blog!
    And thanks for the heads up on Kites, I was hoping to watch it this weekend but now i think I’ll just take my baby to a park 🙂

    1. Hi there! 😀 Guess what I have been reading you for a while too! Thanks for dropping by!
      Oh, I am still undecided about Kites, for the ‘pretty’ factor I guess! But anyday, taking the baby to the park over this I guess!
      Oh, love your gravataar! 😀

    1. I know man! I think we had entire conversations, GDs out here yesterday! It looks more like a general forum for information, than the comments section :)) But totally helped get over the day!

    1. Wow! Thanks a tonne Chinkurli! I have a lot to keep me busy now 😀
      No, I don’t need the recipe, I just said it ‘cos Tamanna had offered to send me some yesterday! Hehe. I am tooo lazy!
      Thanks again!

    1. @ Piyu and Chinkurli Thanks ! Was messing around with the themes, and landed up with this 😀 Don’t have much choice because most themes refuse to show up my old imported comments! 😦

  20. Nice look… though it has set me wondering… I am rather scared DI.. i tried recolecting the old theme of yours but couldn’t .. for a good old 15 mins!!! Greying hair, forgetfulness… is there anything left to tell me that I am aging!!! 😦

  21. I like this new look. In fact, I changed my theme after seeing yours 🙂 Why don’t you add a widget for popular posts? That would be helpful for your readers. And you should remove text widget for header and image credit. The D in DI is missing above the punkymood. And yes, I’d love to see a century of comments here. That would be something 🙂

    1. Aha! explains! I thought I do have a most read posts widgets 😦 It showed 10 posts before, now it is showing 4, dunno why! And I was being grammatically weird and saying ‘I is feeling’ :P! Heheh, a century would be fun! This post has been one helluva discussion forum!

  22. DI, where was it that you said maine footage khaya before coming back on the blog? Bas kya.. I am so hurt 😛 Ab kya insaan ko dukhi rehne ka bhi haq nahii hai? Mujhe tumse ye ummeed nahii thi.. Just when we turning out to be such “activity partners”.. The activity being cribbing 😛 😛

    Disclaimer: Don’t you take this seriously!

    1. Aur isike saath DI ka pehla shatak poora hota hai! Yay! *Bowing to the audience*
      Tamanna, madame, that was the problem, I missed my activity partner! But good hai ji, dukh khatam ho gaye na, now you’rrre back! And with a bang, what with full being 100th commenter and all 😉

      P.S. Not taking it seriously. At all.

      *Takes a bow and exits*

      1. Oh! I missed the opportunity to score the winning post and write my name in golden err purple letters 😦 Par koi nai…there’s always a next time. Hai na di?

        1. No match fixing! 😀 But yes, if we do make it to a hundred again, you get a preference! Ok? Ok! I think I really need to do a new post!

    1. Awww! It’s ok! There’s always next time! 😀
      I don’t now how these comments work really! I think if you post it as a reply, then it goes to the earlier thread of comments from you! Or something like that!

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