Hup. Two. Three. Four.

Every day, I feel sorry for myself. Sorry for the fact that I am as unfit as I am. And every day, I resolve, or at least say to myself that I would be starting some sort of a fitness regime to put things right. Soon. Only, soon never comes. Or in the few cases it does, it ends even sooner.

It would be incorrect to say that I have never made an attempt at losing weight getting fitter. From burning a hole in my pocket for a gym membership to endangering my taste-buds by going on weird-ass diets, I have done it all. If I revisit my earlier encounters with ‘good health’, I would have the following cases to highlight

Circa 2004. K campus. With all the classes, extremely haphazard schedules, amazing breakfasts that were always missed, and dinners which were better off being missed, one would think losing weight was an obvious outcome. But no. Turns out that the 2 AM Maggies, the super-rich chocolate shakes, and the self-made samosa chats, along with the hot chocolates after each class from the ‘Fresh n Honest’ lady, would not only balance the effect out, but would in fact tip it to the other side. The year saw majority guys making trips to the newly upgraded gym, and the girls taking daily walks up and down the hill. That prompted me to try it too. Only, I lasted all of 3 days, and now I think I should not have quoted this as an attempt in the first place.

Circa 2005. The first year of work, and of realizing that I in fact had no life on weekdays. With both the other roomies joining gyms at work, I was all enthusiastic about doing the same too. Only, the gym near my office was much more expensive than the in-house gym that the other two enjoyed. But armed with a will like never before, I still went ahead and enrolled myself, for a 3 month package, because that was 20% cheaper. The first month was pretty good, and I managed to go 4 days a week, and control my diet too, mainly because I would never wake up in time for a breakfast. But as soon as the second month arrived, well, as usual, I gave up. To some extent, the roomies were to blame, because they stopped too.

Circa 2007. The arrival of the Mom. Ma stayed with me for the 3 months after Pure-veg ex roomie left to B’lore (ditcher!) and before I was to get hitched to The Dude. And everybody in this world knows that the advent of the mom in the household which has till date survived on Maggi and curd rice, can only mean spoilt, pampered taste-buds and an ever expanding waistline. Again, not a good thing for someone who intends to fit in to the wedding clothes chosen and handed over for stitching in the somewhat slimmer days. So The Dude and I took it upon ourselves to go for early morning walks every day. Those were the days when 6 AM meant midnight for me, so that was a tough task alright, but I managed. For almost a month. Before work took me to London, and The Dude to Amreeka, and Bam! That was the end of the morning walks.

Circa 2007 again. The happily married couple decided that gymming together would be so romantic. And of course, would help them use the existing clothes for a longer time. So a gym was joined, and this time, despite historical evidence, the super-enthusiastic couple went ahead and took a year long membership! Explanation being, ‘Baby, we would never miss a single day when we knew how much money we were wasting by doing so’. Yeah. Right. The encounter with the gym and Disgusted face lasted a month and half, and then it was goodbye health. And money. Sob.

Circa 2008. Ok. So we are unfit. And we are incapable of indulging anything that remotely resembles physical activity. So let’s diet! The thing is, I have never ever stopped myself from eating what I like. And just like every lucky individual, my basic criteria for liking anything requires it to be deep fried, or chocolatey, or deep fried. Except for Subway sandwiches. Which by the way, I only like with cheese and mayonnaise. Heh, you get the drift. Anyway, so I go on this week long GM diet after having read so much about it, and after all the struggle with the icky amount of fruits to be consumed, and the compulsory 8 glasses of water per day, I actually managed to ‘flush out’ a couple of extra kilos and inches off me. But of course, I swore never to put myself through it again.

And obviously, I was wrong. Circa 2009, I had consciously managed hour long Yoga session everyday for almost 2 months. And all was well, until I changed jobs. And then again, it was back to the zero physical activity regime. That made me go on the GM diet again, and this time, I was pathetic. Not that I didn’t stick to the menu, but I guess the fact that I abhorred the whole concept so much now, probably ensured that it was not as effective this time around. And of course the fact that I ate an ice-cream on day 6.
Anyway, the whole point to this post is simple. I feel unfit. I feel lethargic. I have a back ache, and a neck pain and all sorts of ailments. I don’t drink water. And all this is making me very cranky. I need to do something about it, only I don’t know what. Or rather, I don’t know how. And I know that writing about it won’t really solve the issue, but then when do we write for resolutions huh? So all I can do is wish and hope and pray that we resort to some kind of a healthy lifestyle.

52 thoughts on “Hup. Two. Three. Four.

  1. I can absolutely completely identify with you.. We took a one year membership to the gym in Feb, and for the last one and a half month we haven’t ventured anywhere near! We had exactly the same thoughts, we would be regular when we realise how much money we are wasting etc.. but even that is not working 😦

    Day before yesterday P has promised me morning walks.. Unfortunately we couldn’t do it today.. Lets see how that goes tomorrow onwards, wish me luck!

    1. Yay! 😀 On being first!
      All the best to you! I really hope it works for you guys! The Dude has started walking every evening, but I being me, refuse to move my lazy butt from the bean bag and get going! *Bawl* Mera kuch nahi ho sakta! 😦

  2. Candid Chitchats

    ha ha ha! nice summary of all your “fitness attempts”. It is good that you keep trying atleast even if it is not turning out to be the way you want it to be… Btw, was inspired by your GM diet experience and made my friend go through it. Only, he gave up after 10 hours!
    P.S. – You did deprive us of the Friday post 😦

    1. 😦 You know, all of Friday I was thinking just that, especially since you mentioned! Also, I was working from home! I think all my inspiration comes only when I am writing from my seat at work! 😀
      10 hours is bad! One of my friends gave up on day 1 too! I think it’s a guy thing, even The Dude had a worse time than me!

  3. Guess what? Your not alone. Same goes for me, Tried office gym 2 years back for a monthand left . Again last week again started and I skipped fri, mon and 2day 😦 Its a tough life.

    1. I am glad I am not alone actually ;)! Office gym seems to be the best idea, but still you need the will! But I can understand your case, being newly engaged and all, I am sure you have better things to do in life, wot say! 😀

  4. Aah the eternal gym hate/love story… I remember when my campus had this new hi tech gym opened.. all gfs went gym shopping (yea we were like that) …. buying the best and being fully geared to go to the gym.. the fever lasted 5 days.. then the price tag guilt pangs made us jog for another 5 … and then we would sit together and innovate reasons for not going and explain to each other that it’s purrrfectly fine. When I started working my housing complex gym seemed the perfect after work stress releif.. after 7 days the mere sight of it used to give me more stress than work ;p … Gyms are not for me I have realised that.. I stick to dance and swimming and it lets me sway allright 😉

    1. 😀 Heheh! I loved shopping for my gym encounter too, Bah! Girls!
      You do something atleast, good for you! I have a feeling that dance is the way to go for me too. I don’t know swimming 😦 But I do enjoy dancing , so probably, some day, soon…

      1. Trust me nothing helps you get in shape faster than salsa and waltz .. n u can inspire Dude too.. is he resists.. u join.. seeing you ‘closely’ dance with other partners.. he’ll folow.. tried n tested formula ;p

        1. Evil ;)! I have been bugging him for the Salsa classes like forever, but Sir feels he cannot join dance classes, come on! Thanks for the tip! 😛

        1. Yeah, first I will garner the guts to do something like that. Then I will tell you how it goes, and till then wish he doesn’t read this :P!

  5. Sigh! Your post is the only thing that could bring a smile on my face today. Uffff. New guy in office is aaaaarrrgggghhhh irritating! 😦
    I wish there was a way to exercise and keep fit without having to get up in the mornings, without having to give up chocolate and without having to spend too much money. This requires instant research. Like now. I am on it. 😀

    1. Oh ho. Write about him in detail, somehow I feel you will make it hilarious and end up laughing yourself! 😀
      I wish so too. I also wish that there were a few more super tasty treats which were actually healthy and not too expensive and then I would gorge on them and lose weight too 😦 I love subway salads, but they are way too expensive to make an everyday meal!
      Lemme know if you find out anything 😀

  6. subbulakshmistoned

    Weight is an evil thing. And treadmill is the evilest. It kills people!
    I’d advise everyone to join Yoga class for free entertainment. But only those classes which has uninterested kids coming with their parents. It’s muchos fun. Try, DI. Couple Yoga 😀

    1. Hehehe! I like the entertainment bit 😀 But will have to go through the class roster to know thw kind of attendees! Shouldn’t be tough. So you’re consistent with your Yoga classes huh?
      And yes, treadmills kill! 😦

  7. Goddd u r reminding me. I had to stop gng to the old gym when we moved 2 mths bk and am yet to start with something substantial 😛 😛
    My waistline or weight … who’s checking, though I know my clothes dnt fit me so well anymore 😦 My hopeless body puts on as easily as it sheds down 😡

    Sigh! I need to doooo something!!!!!

    1. Uh oh, I din’t see this comment. Mad me.
      I know man! All of us need to do something! And if you’re the kind who sheds weight fast, then you definitely should start right away, at least you can see instant results nuh? Also, now your travel time is almost zero na? Just do it! 😀 And inspire useless people like me!

        1. That itself is an exercise! Autos are a strict no-no for me, painful! Now you walk to work? That should be exercise enough right!

  8. rechristened

    Awww, why do these things happen to us? 😦 I rejoined and gave up gymming for the nth time this year.
    One thing I have learned, company is very important. Only the super-gifted can gym alone, and/or among strangers. I blame it on my boy too…

    I have never tried dieting, but I think I will have to ….and even go one step further and starve myself 😐

    Grrrrrrr, weight!!!!

    1. 😦 😦
      I cannot starve man! And I have a weird psyche too. See I will be all for fitness in the morning, and in the afternoon I will notice that tempting violet Dairymilk pack, and poof! My brain forgets everything and I binge like a greedy pig! Ugh!
      I need company too, but I refused to wake up when The Dude tried his best, and the poor guy would go alone. It lasted 15 days but still. Shame on us!

      1. rechristened

        Sochne mei jya jaata hai? 😀 Even I can not starve/diet…else I would have done it by now.
        But something must be done….idea, idea…idea…i..d..e..a..zzzz

        1. Ok 😀 I also think I will start running for atleast an hour each day starting tomorrow. Thinking, idea!
          And what is all this about horse and blinders and super-gifted? 😦 I am lost! Don’t tell me you guys don’t need all this exercise and starvation in the first place :o! This is not a place for the genetically slim ones! :S

  9. PNA Empathises with DI…
    Same story all over again…

    I know all these mess in col n uni have such trashy food… Skip and have bread, skip and have bread, ya ya midnight maggies, was our Mantra… and the walks to the library or to class or that gates to get out to civilization… did the trick… :):)

    And when we joined Yoga, 6 am 😉 , haaa.. midnight as u said ;), we got up for a week and then slept blissfully till breakfast… 😛

    1. Thank you PNA for your sympathy. I will now let go off my issues with you hogging the first place at Piyu’s always. 😛
      True, true, all that we ate at campus somehow got used in the other activities that took up the rest of the day. But with this pathetic sedentary lifestyle, no hopes for anything :(! Lazy lazy us! 😦

  10. Sigh. I guess everyone has these problems. I’ve been meaning to start and stick to a good exercise regimen…but every day, I end up thinking, tomorrow, tomorrow.


    1. I actually have given up. I doubt there is anything at all which will make move. Think about it. I was writing the post and decided to walk a bit today. And instead I chose to login to the net and respond. Tsk. Nothing can be done!

  11. nice post! 😀
    but you actually refreshed some of my wounds 😛
    I like to eat, I hate to exercise, why should that make me fat! Can’t we reduce some weight by just clicking the mouse? 😀

    1. Ah, actually I shared the pain of my own wounds 😛 to feel better, sadist no? Look at how many of us are in the same boat! Hehe. Ooh, if mouse clicking reduced weight, I would be size zero!

        1. Hmm, ok, no losing weight for you! How about building stamina? That’s one thing the gym guys sell every time you say no weight lost 😀

  12. ajay

    Maggi! I love it. I think I have survived for weeks on Maggi. (Another awesome creation. The first one is, of course, pani puri!). Breakfast at college! Can’t remember the last time I had one 😀 And dinner at mess can always be done away with. Maggi and milkshake at canteen come to our rescue 😀

    1. Thankie. For accepting that pani-puri is God sent!
      I agree, the availability of all this is what makes us miss the breakfast! And at our campus it was the best meal!

  13. Look what you have done? Got everyone out..and saying they are with you.. But that makes me feel all happy.. I am not ALONE..yipe..

    Gym..and weight gain..who made those?? And why.. I have sooo much pregnancy weight to’s not even funny..but do I do anything about it.. NO 😦 Sigh

    1. Hehe! I know! I didn’t write it with the intention really, but it seems to have done a good job! 😀
      About the pregnancy weight, I am sure running around Buzz should do most of the job! So for all you know you have a self-developed workout regime right at home!

  14. smartassbride

    i have been thinking about exercising since 2000. That’s my gym story.

    now i blame it on the man im married to. its because he snores and tampers with the AC and things like that, that I’m not able to make it to the gym in the morning.

    1. 😀 When in need of an excuse, blame the better half?

      Just 10 years nuh? You still have a lot of time to put the thought into action!

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