Fully Faltoo Friday

Fridays make me happy. So, so happy, that I forget about the meeting in the afternoon, the fact that I am required to get something ready for the meeting, the fact that the ‘something’ would need some bit of time and effort, and the fact that I have only limited time, which I then choose to utilise for blogging. Because blogging makes me happy. And on Fridays, I need to stay happy.  

So today, I am going to reach out to my readers. No, not you guys who read me by choice, I have nothing to say to you guys. You inflict this upon yourself, I am not responsible at all. I am telling you. I am talking about those wandering souls who were brought here by destiny. Or search engines. Same thing really.  

So, here are my list of top 20 search terms which led to the blog. Top 20 most ‘explanation/comment deserving’ search terms. In no order. Oh, probably in the order in which WP threw them up. Whatever.

1. foreverinbluejeans wordpress  

One word of advise. Type the same thing in the address bar, with a dot between the two. Press ctrl+enter. Tada! Same result! And it will save you 10 seconds too! Ok that was a lot of words of advise. Now I will go and file this as a lean idea. Oh, and while we’re at it, you cannot blame destiny for being here.  

2. D**** I*** blog = + forever in blue jean   Hmph. This is supposed to be an anonymous blog remember? Ok, almost anonymous? Then seriously, how do you think I feel when you go and search for my name+surname+url, huh? Next time, be more discreet, yes? And jean? Jean? Where is my red marker? Oh, and you too, no ‘destiny excuse’ here.  

3. “what salinger gave me” catcher in the rye  

Sorry. We all know Salinger gave you Catcher in the rye. He gave everybody that. The point here is what else did he give. And that, google can’t tell you, you should know nuh?  

4. the discovery of the jeans  

Ah, see. Here is where I feel very sorry for said searcher. Sorry pa, but we don’t do useful information on this blog. Sorry. I hope you found out what you wanted though.  

5. chennai genting highlands  

Is there a Genting highlands in Chennai? Are there any ‘highlands’ in Chennai? What is this? Is there a way I can block out inappropriate searches?  

6. the dude jeans  

Did you get ’em? Do you look all dude-ish now?  Good for you. Send in a pic, I will judge and give feedback.  

7. On days like these column  

Ooh, this gives me an awesome idea for starting a series! In my blog only, where else. I am thinking something of the sort already exists, but hello, it would be a novelty here.  

8. Show timing for Karthik calling Karthik  

I am worried about the movie’s fate when searches like these lead to my blog. Seriously.  

9. Karthik mtv ticker  

I’m not amused or anything, only I wanted to round of the list to 20, so I inserted this here. And you got your moment of fame too, so don’t complain.  

10. Adverse effect of GM diet  

Bulls-eye! You have reached the biggest treasure of information on this topic! Twice bitten, forever shy. You will get all you need to know about the diet here!  

11. forever in blue jeans explanation  

What explanation? Huh? You know the name’s a song, what more do you want to know? These people I tell ya!  

12. Can I get jeans made in goa  

I don’t know really. Never tried. But why do you want to go all the way to Goa to get your jeans made. If you have to anyway, I am sure there are options. See, not everyone in Goa is on a vacation and by default always in shorts.  

13. dravid  

I am going by Tamanna’s theory for this one. Hi Dravid! Big Big fan I am! *grin*  

14. preetireviews.blogspot.com  

Hello lady, payment in cash or cheque?

15. niveditar.rao@gmail.com  

I am so sorry for putting up the mail id here, but I am still wondering why anyone would search for a mail id on a search engine, and why it would lead to my blog. I can understand the first part’s got to do with ex-roomie, but I never mentioned her here by name!  

16. we have vacation to malaysia  

We did too! It was fun! Yours is done?  

17. langkawi buffet dinner  

We didn’t go to Langkawi. Did you? Hope the dinner was good!  

18. sentimental worlds for sister getting married  

Sheesh,  you must have been scarred for life, reaching here when looking for sentiments and all. There, there, don’t cry. See, now I am getting all sentimental.  

19. what does ksera mean  

Whatever will be, will be. Oh here it means K-tales. I was trying to be cool with the tags ok?  

20. forever in blue jean epilogue  

This one is hurtful, almost. You want an epilogue? Already? It’s just 6 years, hello! Not happening, you’re going to be subjected to a lot more for a long time to come. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And stop saying ‘jean’. Argh!  

There. We’re done. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome really. But there is still more to accomplished, and that’s slightly more rewarding, monetary you see. Yep, i mean work, remember meeting and all. I will go and churn something out for that now. You on the other hand, have a happy Friday and a happier weekend!  

PS: The search terms have been published as is, with no alterations to spellings, punctuation etc, so dare not wave your red marker at me!


61 thoughts on “Fully Faltoo Friday

  1. Sorry DI – This one was me *shame faced*

    “what salinger gave me” catcher in the rye — I had to do this to get the link of post about the Dude.. for my comment reply to the proposal story post.. I kind of remembered the title, but not when it was written and no search option on the blog, hence had to resort to google.. There. I confessed it!

    Happy Friday 🙂

    1. Ouch! 😛 It never struck me that my regular blog friends could have also searched for some specific terms! Eep!

      No no, I am all ashamed now, for writing about it 🙂 Don’t mind please! Oh yes, that was your first comment no? Now I remember!

      But you actually remembered the title, am happy! 😀

      1. Loved that post, and a very catchy title helped me remember it 🙂

        No need to be ashamed, we all enjoyed this post. And a new look again? 🙂

  2. Hey Swaram! Missed by a minute 😀
    I know man, the whole url is googled, sometimes with the name! Too funny!
    Hehe, I know we all have that one common love 😀

    1. 4 comments in one minute, you will make my graph look so much nicer Swaram! 😀
      Oh you blocked that? Thankfully no ugly searches on mine yet, so I am going with it, I only get funny ones! 🙂

  3. Tamanna

    Hey! I had been all down and out since morning. R working over the weekend, me all PMS-sy. Got some bad news. Horrible un-Friday.

    But your blog totally cheered me up.. Zabardast likhti hai be tu. Full on nonsense. I LOVED it 😀

    Change this to a tag so I don’t feel I am plagiarising when I do this post 😛

    1. *Hug* Hope things get better! R is working over the weekend? When the dude does it, it depresses me too 😦 Koi nahi, saturday night plans on hai? 🙂
      Wah wah , yeh compliment hai ya comment? Zabardst nonsense ;)? Ok, then I titled it faltoo too, so can’t complain 🙂 Glad it brought a smile atleast!
      Ok this is a tag, I will add n edit! Oh, and I am yet to catch up on todays blog posts on reader 😀

      1. Tamanna

        Haan haan.. All well. R didn’t go to work after all, just a couple of hours from home. I got a LOT done today. And now Saturday night plan on – ekdam full on 😛

        It was a compliment of course. I love nonsense 😀 Sense is highly overrated.

  4. LOL!! 😀
    Not paying you anything, Miss! 😉 I checked again, it actually does lead to your blog! 😀
    Hehee..Loved the post, especially the jeans in Goa bit! You know what one of my search terms is? Guess! Patrick Dempsey! 8)

    1. 😀 I can lways count on you guys to read and like (?) these posts 😀
      And wow! Patrick Dempsey huh? He probably googles his name to check if he more popular than Eric Dane 😉
      And very unfair by the way, not paying me 😦

      1. Arrey, I just realised. People searching for my blog, end up on your blog through search engines => I am increasing traffic to your blog. You have to pay me! 😀
        Teeheeee.. 😉
        Payment in Cash or kind? 😛
        Oh and new look? Nice hai!

        1. *rolling my eyes*
          But you do have a point, hehe! I was just maroing chance, some extra earning never hurt!
          Yeah, one of the FEW looks that my stupid blog accepts, and which does not eat up all my old comments, Ugh! You are bugged with blogger I see, I am bugged with WP! :S

  5. I hadn’t noticed your blog url till today 😀
    What’s the inspiration behind it ?? 😉 🙂
    This was a true fun Friday post 🙂
    Have a fantastic Friday and weekend girl 😛 😛

    1. Thankyou CB! 😀
      Happens I guess, there are so many bloggers I follow without seeing their URL! The inspiration is just the song, love it 🙂 and is kinda apt in my case!
      Glad you liked the post! Have a great weekend too! 😀

  6. what really ?? all these terms being googled.. ? I don’t get any terms :/ or may be I don’t know how to know the stats !

    Hilarious and apt post for Friday ! Carry On the Fully Faltoo Friday posts 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks Nu! Oh these are part of your regular stats on the dashboard page, check ’em out, good food for posts these are 🙂
      Aha, and I think my fully faltoo friday posts are unavoidable, afterall that;s the day I feel like posting without any specific idea!

  7. subbulakshmistoned

    LOL! My top and only search is ‘subbulakshmistoned’. Maybe the searcher is lazy.
    2nd search is hilarious! ROFL.

    1. Oh. I guess people prefer doing that. Googling that is. More power to Google! 😀
      Second one is very very mean and basically thwarts my very pitiable efforts at anonymity. I give up.

  8. I loved this one ‘Can I get jeans made in goa’ . And gal you gotta awesome sense of humor.

    And as I mentioned in my first comment on this blog in ‘about me’ . I really like the name of your blog.

    And between I know your name. One of the GM diet post>> link to old blog >> 😀 That’s right na?

    Keep blogging.

    1. Thankie ATC! Where are you, no posts? Lady love keeping you that busy huh? 😉
      Oh, and thanks for letting me know of the links, I am still in the process of updating old links, and I am thinking, going by my speed, atleast my grandchildren’s friends will not be directed to my old blog. Hmmm.
      Oh yes, that’s right alright! 🙂

  9. ajay

    Nice and ingenious. So apt for a Friday post. Twice bitten, forever shy! 😀 😀 This is much better than the usual, ‘ghisa-pita’ one. I thought K Sera Sera was the movie production house and wondered if you made films 😀 😀 So many weird funny search terms! You too have a nice, fun-filled weekend!:-)

    1. 😀 Hehe, yeah yeah! I wish I was the creative movie making kind! But kahaan, I am only made for number crunching, and whining about it here!
      Thank you and have a great time too! 😀

      1. ajay

        Number crunching! I hate maths especially numerical analysis. Oh and a nice and tidy new look. The comments are nested so beautifully! Stick to this theme, ok? 🙂

    1. 😀 Then it did it’s job! Fridays are meant for fulltoo fun afterall!
      Yes the url does seem to attract the weirdest searches! 😛

  10. Show time for Karthik calling Karthik….ROFL…do they expect blogs to put up movie timings also kya???


    Happpy Friday..SATURDAY & SUNDAY 😀

    1. Oh yes 🙂 That’s what was funny,. one, you look for timings on othe net, with no reference to where and which city and cinema, and then you are ok going to a random blog! And this one was searched more than once!
      Happy happy weekend to you too! 😀

  11. Candid Chitchats

    Ha ha! A nice friday post. Me giggling away in a corner and getting quizzical glances from those around me! And this reminds me of an instance when someone googled “oriyaman seeking oriya women” and ended up in my blog! 🙂

    1. Awww! Welcome back girl! You’ve been missed! Where were you? 😮 No posts nothing!
      A couple of hours on reader and you’ll be back on track! 🙂

  12. LOL, I get some really funny, near-porn searches leading to my blog. Random Jobless Searchers, my blog is where I crib and all, bit it’s a family blog, okay? 😛

  13. Oh, these terms are really so weird and funny… !!!

    LOL @ Genting Chennai !!! Cant just imagine one here !!! 🙂

    Have u searched for your real name in Google ??? Found any namesakes ????

    1. Oh yes, I have 😀 I have one well-known namesake, well known in the news world, in fact someone thought I was she! 😀 Then another, who was also a blogger, so we ended up on each other’s facebook even!
      The rest yes, always amuse me!

    1. Tsk Tsk! Seriouslt, Thursday evening felt like a friday to you :P? But that explains Sunday evenings feeling like Mondays I guess! I’ll be back!

        1. Hehe, got it! So much for my super-anonymity! I am not sure if you know but the old blod had my whole name in the URL *rolling my eyes*

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