She’s the man!

So once again it is the Fundamentally Fantastic Friday (Ok, don’t kill me), and so I decide to pay the new post section of my blog a visit. It will be a total lie to say I would have done it anyway, because I wouldn’t have, who am I kidding. Look at the weather outside, will ya. I mean, just look at it. It is 1:45 PM right now, and it looks like it is 7 PM for a regular summer day. It is dark, and grey, and gloomy. Just the way I love it! But it also makes me lazy, so if I hadn’t been tagged, I wouldn’t be here!  

First, I would like to thank Pinoo, Swaram, Piyu and Comfy, for passing on this very interesting tag, originally started by IHM. *Deep Bow*  

Now moving on to the tag itself, it is called ‘My Sins against Gender Stereotypes’ and the idea is to list down ten things which you’ve ever wanted, or done, which your gender essentially should not want. Or do. And then you have to tag fellow bloggers to take up the same thing. Fun? Yes indeed!  

1. We are two sisters. And our parents drilled in our heads the plan of our life which was Study –> Get a job –> Be financially independent. They never gave us an option, and not even a hypothetical situation where we would quit our jobs was ever considered. It still isn’t. The Dude feels the same way, and we contribute equally to every single thing that is for ‘us’.  

2. In class 8, my father taught me to ride the Scooter, a Bajaj Super.  I started going to school 8 kms away on a moped from Class 9. I have even test ridden a TVS Fiero once with The Dude, and loved it. In short, I love riding bikes. Even now, I think women who ride motorcycles regularly are the coolest.  

3. I walk like a guy. Period. The Dude tries to be sweet and calls it the ‘Meg Ryan’ walk, but seriously, I think that is enough said. If I were describe my own walk in one word, it would be ‘stomp’.  

4. ‘Abe’  and ‘Oye’ and even ‘Saale’ were staple words in my vocabulary when I was in school. A habit I continued after I moved down south and shocked the hell out of people. I have toned down considerably now, or at least I check out the target audience before I launch into my UP-ness.  

5. I have a deep, husky voice, and I love it. Of course, not when the tele-callers refer to me as Sir. But considering a deep voice does not feature in a girl’s must have list, I will put it up anyway. Oh, and I am considerably louder than girls should be.  

6. I used to play Gully cricket with boys in the colony. Then I used to run around with the boys in my bus, playing pranks on unsuspecting class/schoolmates, when the other girls my age, used to daintily sit under trees and talk. Some random person once called me and the group of boys ‘DI aur uski Vaanar sena’.  

7. Guys have always considered me one of them. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but once in K, we were a group of guys and three girls, having maggi, when one of the started narrating an ‘adult’ joke. He suddenly stopped, and when I asked him to continue, he said ‘ Bandiyon ko jaane de, phir batata hoon!’ I remember being very happy about it then, but while writing about it now, I am having serious second thoughts.

8. I love beer. Love it, love it, love it. Give me my chilled beer any day over the girly cocktails, vodka, rum, and even wine!  

9. I cuss like nobody’s business. From the sophisticated English cuss words, to the very Ghaati and gross sounding (but having the same meaning) hindi counterparts, I have said it all. If I said that the situations deserved it, it would look like I am making excuses, but then, they did.  

10. I have hit/punched/whacked/slapped people a decent number of times in my 27 years, though the concentration was more in the initial 20.  

That being said, though I have finished my alloted 10, I actually have more common ones to quote. My favorite clothes are comfortable jeans, shirts, and closed shoes and at home, I am always in tees and boy shorts. Infact, right now I am wearing my black jeans, a khaki colored short, with my sleeved rolled up, and closed leather shoes. And I am chewing gum. So by definition, I am dressed totally like a guy right now, and for that matter, most of the time. I also wear NO makeup, because it makes me feel icky. But I am not sure if these are guy-like things, because I think I look this way deliberately just because this look is my definition of a cool look. Or, probably, I cannot carry off any other look as convincingly. Oh, and I have an intense dislike for pink.  

Before I forget, I love Fashion magazines, junk jewellery, chocolates, shoes, handbags, perfumes and shopping. I love mushy, romantic movies, rains, pani-puris and puppies. All those being my definition of girly. But give me a choice between diamonds and a Mac book, there is no two questions about what I would choose.  

I am supposed to tag 12 fellow bloggers. But since I am crazy late to do the tag, almost everyone I read has already been tagged. So I will make an attempt at spotting the ones who haven’t been tagged (edited to add: by the 4 awesome guys who tagged me :D) and tag them!   I tag Rechristened, Subbulakshmi, Sagarika, Momofrs, Nu, SnS, Whiny mom, ATC and Candid   (And Piyu, seriously, no thanks to you for tagging everyone I read! You left me no choice at all! Poor poor me!)

And oh dear, I tagged just 9 people, looks like I will have spend the next 12 years wearing blue pants! As opposed to pink ones, I guess I’m not that unlucky after all!

P.S. If you have any doubts about my choice between diamonds and a Mac, either you’re new here, or you haven’t been paying any attention to all that I say. Bad, very bad.

75 thoughts on “She’s the man!

      1. Piyu, You see, now I am learning the art of coming first…hv practised well in ur blog, I guess…

        Or probably Swaru is in a meeting… 😉

    1. 1 Loved the way ur parents drilled something so sensible…

      2 My God, Woman, Am impressed…riding a bike is awesome cool, na…

      3 You stomp your way to success…but LOL @ Meg Ryan walk.

      4 So, thats UP-ness…ahem, need a lesson or two…can I come over ???

      5 Loud husky voice – makes you heard above all the squeeky ones…love it.

      6 DI aur uski Vaanar Sena – LOL 😆 but it was fun, right…

      7 Great friendship bonds…

      8 So, you know the kingfisher tune very well, huh…cheers girl.

      9 Ghatiya words…I really need to see you 😉

      10 Bully you are eh ??? But love it.

      All said and done, we do what we like and we are the best !!!

      Loved the title !!! She’s the Man…ha ha ha…love that movie…even after seeing it so many times…

      BTW, all those who have done this tag and tagged ppl too, get a badge at IHM’s…plz copy and put it in your side bar. 🙂

      1. 😀 😀 Thanks for your super-patient comments Uma! Oh, I am not proud of my ability to spew abuses, but then that’s how it is! 🙂
        I loved the movie too, surprisingly, saw it very recently! Will pick up the bade, didn’t know! Thanks!

      1. Yo!
        I was glad to read that in yours too, like I said, a lot in common! 😀
        I know man, these guys took away all possible taggees, I am dead sure half of the ones I tagged are also taken! 😦

      2. hee hee, but even by the time I tagged, I was picking and choosing… hopping to see who is and who is not.. 😀 😀 Got to read posts too

  1. Nice one…you are complete tom boy.

    but you named me there :(, Its a difficult one..there are hardly any Stereotypes for a man to break in our society…if there are any…they are all illegal..isn’t? Is there any guy here in your post, whom you have tagged or you have been tagged by…I must visit his blog to get some inspirations 😉

    Thanks for tagging tho..I shall try but no promises made 🙂

    1. Hehe! I know, I was thinking it would be tough for you to say anything, for that matter, tough for any guy!
      I have tagged two of you guys, so you can check Candid for his comments, if he takes it up! Or, I know Ajay ( has been tagged, so if he does it you have that as a sample! The best one is what Uma from has written on her husband’s behalf! Check it out! 😀 And try it, no pressure 😉

        1. Oh yes, the busy fella 😉 But think about it, provided you choose the right things to write about, this might actually earn you brownie points from the lady! 😀

    2. @ Allthecrap – Masood has also done this tag, and Sunder. They have talked about shopping, pedicures, perfumes, clothes, cooking, changing diapers, nice smelling soaps… And expressing emotions, enjoying conversations, phone calls, chick flicks, fashion magazines, bargaining and pani poori are also women’s rights it seems.

    1. We shd thank our parents, they were the SAGS, who drove all these thoughts into us, and we found it so natural to just follow them 😀 😀

      Manly voice, manly walk…. 🙂
      Too short legs to ride bikes;) but I with my feet size I do get fun shoes from kids section 😀

    2. Oh I am ok to giving up the first position for a vaction anyday ;)!
      You get shoes from kids sections? Lucky you! 😀 I really do thank my parents for thinking the way they did! Phew, I cannot think what i woud have done if they hadn’t been so adamant!
      Ums is totally on a roll, and I am commenting on two day old posts now, sad I am! 😦 I don;t even have a vacation excuse!

  2. Heh! Seriously! One heck of a tag this is! Hats off to the maker! 🙂
    Lol on the Vanar Sena thing! Like I said on Piyu’s blog, we are all pretty cool ladies! 8) Have to run and take this tag..Its way too interesting to let go!

    1. 😀 I know, I was not sure I had much to say when I started, but then words kept flowing! Goes to show how ‘cool’ we are I guess 😉
      Go go , do it. I didn’t want to re-tag you, saw your name on Piyu’s!

      1. Hang on. What’s with the curse thing? 😮
        Worried because I usually don’t tag anyone! Am I getting myself into something dangerous? *Biting my nails as I type this* 😉

    1. I know! And, we don’t get judged for anything! If we are tom boyish, we’re just cool! The same doesn’t work for the boys, does it? Poor poor them! 😀

        1. Oh yes, random aunties who think their advise will make the world a better place to live in 😉
          I know man, Vaanar sena, not a compliment! 😮 But funny, yes 😀

        1. Hehe, yeah, now make fun of me! 😀
          No wonder no posts! Has anyone tagged her? I took that liberty!
          I tried my best to not retag, but curse was nice only no, u will have to wear jeans for 12 years 😀 You mind?

  3. LOL! Ok I might as well just copy your list – beer, “adult jokes”, being one of the guys (I was told once – stop crying, be a man :P), and mindlessly cursing the whole world. I am very good at making up my own “bad words” too 😀

    1. Heheh! I am not surprised! I actually expected yours to be similar!
      Own “bad words” eh? I need lessons 😉 I use the ghisa-pita ones, and at most give out weird curses to the victims 😉 😉

  4. I recently chose a Mac over diamonds so are we sisters in sin?

    Enjoyed reading your tag!! Being encouraged to be independent is such a blessing for anybody!! Such a tremendous difference can be made by parents!

    How one walks, talks, dresses, laughs are all so personal – I can’t imagine how we created these rigid stereotypes which expect 50% of the population to behave in exactly the way – look down, speak softly, walk slowly (I can never do that), be shy (and here the world wants to be confident!)… I feel those who were spared this uniform in personality are very lucky. Hats off to your parents.

    1. Thanks IHM!:D Glad you liked it!
      I totally agree to what you say! Our parents are probably the biggest factors who decide almost all our personal traits, considering we develop these little things early in life, when their word is the rule! 🙂
      More power to Mac book lovers! 😀

  5. Candid Chitchats

    Vaanar sena? Meg Ryan? LOL :)Loved the post (and the title too!)
    Been checking your blog repeatedly till noon.. no post. Then I got busy with some work, came back and post + so many comments! Thanks for tagging me. This looks like a super fun tag. Will do it soon.

    1. 😀 Good you liked! It’s my Friday post, had to do it!
      Would love to read your take on it, and it will help inspire many others too!

    1. Thanks Comfy! I know, very regular words especially while talking to guys when in school 🙂 But like I said, I’ve had to tone it down, people get easily shocled here! 😀

  6. Ok..

    Just a suggestion.. Tag guys to the same – “breaking stereo type molds”…

    Would be real interesting on how many would write & what !

    What would they say?

    Apart from the normal Cooked food, Washed clothes, stuff…

    Would want to know from men who are dads .. LOL !!


    I am too jobless *shakes head in despair*

    1. Hehe, have taggd a couple of guys, and know some who have been tagged by others! I am waiting for their posts too! Actually why don’t you take it up and resurrect the blog?

      1. Done !!!

        Have updated my SAGS !!!

        Only 8 though… Need more Inspiration on what are teh characteristics of the women domain !!!
        Ask some lady friend of yours to update, DUDE 😛

  7. nicely done! I imagined you with a beer, thundu beedi(it’s a kutti piece of a cigar) in your hand and saying saale 😀

    you ought to post more pics. that way i’d get to draw an accurate picture in my mind 😀

    ps : i know you don’t smoke. i just took some er, artistic license. kill me now.

    1. Aiyyo! That is the image-aa? Koncham over-aa illa ? My mon will definitely faint if she reads this 😦
      Hehe, it is interesting to see the image that develops with no pictures, eep! 😀 And you’re right , don’t smoke, but yes, that much liberty we will give in the name of art 😉

    1. Ooh yes, I think the list has gotten longer now, but the society has made me docile 😦 Or rather, the need to be part of the society has! 😛
      But then , sometimes giving people what they deserve is the best thing, for them and for you!

  8. rechristened

    I thought I will take the weekend to think about it. But no, I can not think of anything that I have done or want to do that is traditionally a man’s forte (at least anymore). Except……that I have no qualms burping in public, and sometimes on demand too. LOL

    1. 😮 That’s a BIG point , enough for the whole post I guess 😉 Question is, are you capable of this when sober, or does it need some level of intoxication 😉

  9. Pingback: Mental Manja « There's a bit of Jalsa in Jack

  10. ajay

    Were you violent? what with hitting, punching, whacking and slapping. Reminds me of a dialogue from Jaane Tu Ya… ‘iski violent streak bahut dangerous hai’ 😀 And is loving pani-puris a girly thing? Please say no else one more sin for me 😦 Lolz at ‘abe, oye, saale, kaminey’ and the cuss words 😀

    1. Well, I wouldn’t say violent really, but it was tough control my hand when it wanted to whack 😛
      I love that dialogue! Hehe! And no, paani puris aren’t girly, you can claim it 😀
      Trying to get rid of the cuss words, but too many people around who get it out of me anyway! 😀

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