7 signs of ageing

No. I am not Olay’s anti aging cream’s brand ambassador.In fact, if they asked me to be one, I would get all miffed and stomp away, because that is just an underhand way of stating that I am growing old. Unless of course, if they pay me well. In which case, I will buy me a Mac with part of the money, and use the rest for furnishing our pretty-pretty new house. Yes.

Anyway, that was not the point to this post at all. Look how I keep digressing. The point was in fact  that ‘I never realised that spots  what is to follow actually ageing ke signs hai.’ Not that I care really, but more and more things happening in my day to day life are making it painfully obvious that, I, am in fact, growing old.

1. I can’t get myself to watch Twilight. Or accept that the Vampire Dude is actually remotely good looking, forget hot. I don’t remember his name, and I repeatedly refer to him as Cedric Diggory. I forced the book down my throat sometime back, and I am still banging my head against the wall thinking of what good could have been done with those 300 bucks. Vampires? Really? Give me my Wolverine any day!

2. The words guy/girl have been exceedingly replaced with kid in my vocabulary. I am forever saying ‘ why that kid driving so rashly, didn’t his parents tech him anything’, or ‘look at that kid’s hair, she has actually straightened it! And she can’t more than 20!’ Things like that.

3. In a recent interview, one of the two ‘senior’ actors Imraan Khan mentioned, as wanting to work with, shares her birth year with me. Fortunately, she was the younger of the two, but damage had been done.

4. There are too many models/actors/public figures born in the 90s. My youngest first cousin was born in 1990, and there is a picture of me carrying him as a baby. He is now a whole foot taller than I am. Goes to say how much time has passed.

5. My idea of awesome Saturday nights is chilling with beer and junk food, and singing to Karaoke from Youtube and dancing to Bollywood music with The Dude, all at home. Going out is fun yes, but in no way the best thing. Also, ‘hum weekdays ko nahi peete’ (watch IHLS to understand)

6. I have an increasing group of friends/acquaintances who have had kids recently, and who obviously ask those adorable babies to say hi to ‘aunty’. Or smile at ‘aunty’. Or go to ‘aunty’. Of course, Aunty readily obliges, but of course has been made much more aware of the fact that she is now an Aunty, Aunty, Aunty.

7. I found three strands of grey hair on my head today. Enough said.

P.S. The original title of the post of ‘Signs of ageing’, without the 7. But then fortunately, I could not think of more than 7 points for this post. Lucky eh? Old age does seem to come with some benefits afterall!


64 thoughts on “7 signs of ageing

      1. 😀 Yess! You’re first! Why are you surprised though, everybody thinks of you serious competition when it comes to comments! 😀

  1. LOL @ ur list, DI !!! Sounds interesting to look at ur life, from this perspective…

    Aunty – Oh, I used to hate that word…now sort of got used to it…

    Even I think he is Cedric Diggory and not the vampire who my daughter adores !!!

    Will be interesting to do a tag like this. 😉 The blogger never sleeps. 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks Uma! I had no intention to blog today, when I went to rest room and the the grey hair caught my eye! Got inspired then 😉
      Your daughter adores the Vampire guy huh? Ok, now it is definitely proved that it is an age thing :)! Yes, yes, if you think it is tag-worthy, please do it!

  2. Candid Chitchats

    Aah! A Monday post! No aapees or what? That was a nice read and except for point #2, I can relate to everything else.. time to get worried me thinks… 😦

    1. Yes aapees, bugging monday, so something to make the mood better 😀 Oh, lack of point 2 proves you’re young at heart! So don’t worry as yet! 😀

    1. I found the Vampire dude scary… not even remotely hot!

      Anuty.. Aunty.. Aunty.. remember that hair dye ad 😀

      I find it weird that somehow only married women get to be called aunties.. while the unmarried one are called didis :(..

      @grey hair.. chill.. I have had those since 10th grade.. they indicate maturity and nothing else 😛

      On any visit to a mall.. we invariably find kids holding hands or sharing a meal… and both of us are like.. aren’t they too young 😛

        1. 😀 Hehe, like I said, it was an impulsive post brought about by the threee strands of grey hair I spotted yesterday! 😀 And ofcourse, all married women are by default aunties! 😀

    2. Hehe! 😀
      Thank you, even I think he looks weird! Yeah, that Aunty thing was a lift from there, should I credit them ;)?
      I know man! Forget that, but there are people who referred to me as ‘Aunty’ in front of the children on days I wore salwar kameezes, and didi when I did not, too funny!
      Oh yes, about grey hair, I am taking it as a sign of maturity alright 😉
      And yes, everyone seems too young, to old hands, drive, own iphones, everything :p!

  3. Teeheee.. 😀
    The vampire dude is not only “not hot”, he is stupendously idiotic. Telling you, you HAVE to watch this movie, for cheesy dialogues like “Ah… you brought a snack” on seeing a human, “you know i won’t be able to stop!” while trying to suck poisoned blood out of the girl! Eeeeooowww! 😀
    Oh and, it might surprise you, but I actually have one more point you can add! I teased my sister with this one just last week – Most so called “acheivers” are now atleast 6-7 years youger than you. That would include sports (Saina), beauty pageants, entrepreneurs, hell, even Reality show winners! 😉
    Actually, in that one, even I have started realising how old I am getting!

    1. I am positively gagging! And to think it is that big a hit! Pain, more pain!

      Thank you Preeti, for all the love! But yes, I have the same thoughts while watching Indian Idol, and had the same thought when I saw Saina on TV. Plus to think I was 18 9 years ago, aaaaargh!:o

      Funnily, my bar for two young is when they are younger than my sis, who is a good 3 and half years younger to me 😛

      1. And remember, the vampire is supposedly 100+ years old. It is a little disturbing that not many people find the idea of a 100 year old hitting on a teenager creepy :O

        Psst.. is thinking that a sign of aging, as well?

        Oh, and 5, gasp. I distinctly remember being asked to carefully hold a second cousin so that poor baby would not topple over from a chair – and she is starting college this Fall.

  4. I was booking train tickets for myself and my friend’s mom, so I called her to ask her details –

    “Aunty what’s your age?”

    “Sirf sola” was the reply 😀

    Chill girl, we are young and happening 😉
    At least you guys switch on the music and dance, not frown at the noise ‘kids these days’ make 😀

    1. Hehehe! These kids I tell ya! 🙂
      I like that aunty’s attitude, perhaps someday, I shall be the same 😉
      Agreed, we are totally happening, young and dynamic!

    1. Aha, Apple just shows class huh? Sigh. I have been researching more about the Ipad since you put this comment 😉
      Hehe, point 6 seems to be common, I like that!

  5. I would say you are not alone on twilight thing. HP and this whole twilight , eclipse thing never attracted me.
    Your post made me realize that I am good old buddi now 😐
    but hey I am going to be 18 always ! 😆

    1. 😀 Uh oh, I am a huge HP fan, huge maane H.U.G.E.! But then that book was never about falling in love with vampires I guess! Was kiddish alright, but probably the fact that I started the series when I was 18 would have had a high contribution to my liking it 😉
      We are all young at heart old buddis, hehe! So much company makes me feel younger already!
      Oh, and welcome here Bluemist! Thanks for leaving a link 🙂

      1. Me tooo… HP is amazing.. I am a huge fan of Rowling.. her imagination is wow! The book details all aspects of life in a magic world.. I can almost see all of this in my head when I read those books..

        Not a fan of the movies though 😦

        1. 😀 Same here! I am always picking issues in the movies! The details she goes into, and the way she connects things, loved every bit. I have read all the books multiple times! 🙂

  6. Ok.. I had got to respond to this…

    I remembered one old song from childhoood ( I think it was from a game)… “Buddi Amma, Buddi Amma, Kahan Jaa rahe??… ”

    Well, I dont remember the rest, but u get the point na.

    (Actually I dont 😀 )

    These days the generations gap is only a couple of years (a slight exaggeration)… SO, you are already a few generations older !

    Even Vasavi is called Aunty these days & she still looks the same…

    Keep the head high & the peer pressure low (Referring to Point 6)..

    1. Hehe, very funny, I don’t remember it 😛
      I know I know, it ain’t about how you look I guess, it’s about, well, the state in general!
      About the perr pressure, not so much as yet, I have you guys as a sample to quote 😉

  7. Wow.. that is so true.. and the aunty thing is something so relateable – recently had a girl who is doing her final year B.tech call me aunty and that was the moment I realized I had transitioned from the “Didi” mode to the “Aunty” mode.Ouch!!

    I’m new to the blogging world myself, chanced upon your blog and find it great..God bless!

    1. Thank you Abby! And thanks for leaving me a link too 😀 I love reading new blogs!
      Ouch, girl in final year Btech calling aunty deserves a serious bop on the head :o! I know I would have given one! Hehe!

    1. I know, it’s like the forces of nature just don’t want us to stay young anymore! I think it is time to accept it , and think of evil responses when the aunty comes from a not so deserving not so youngster 😉 Bwahahah! (evil laugh)

  8. smartassbride

    That “aunty aunty aunty” bit reminded me of the old Godrej hair dye ad.

    How we used to tease my mom because her hair was greying! And this was well into her late thirties then.

    Vijesh and I have grey hair now. Some karma 😦

    1. 😀 Guilty of flicking the line from the ad!
      The Dude does not have ONE. SINGLE. GREY.HAIR. Argh! And he is a good 4 years elder to me! Then he has the audacity to read this post and say, “what 3 strands? i have seen many more!” Hmph. I told him this was about yesterday, and escaped 😉
      Oh definitely. The house is still in a bit under construction stage, but pics will come up soon hopefully! 😀

  9. Moral of the story – If you want to write a post, write it right away. Before DI just goes ahead and does her own brilliant post.

    Chah! Ek maheene se I want to write about my signs of aging. With EXACTLY the same points. Loved it absolutely. So true. Hum bade ho gaye.. Make that “boodhe ho gaye”.

    And thank God we are not the only ones who think staying home is the funnest thing to do on a weekend. I was beginning to get a little worried you know 😀

    1. Hahaha! 😀 I take that as a compliment, and yet another thing in common between us!
      Poor us boodhe people, even having same thoughts now ;)!
      Oh no, you’re not alone! My BIL keeps teasing us saying we are lazy, staying at home all the time, while he parties out every single day! But yeh bachche kya samjhenge right?
      Oh, yes, before I forget tell me if you have any gems to add! 😀

    1. @Chinkurli, Abi and Ramky- BRB guys, work has happened and is killing moi 😦 But don’t worry, such horrible days give me more food for thought(blog!) 😀

      1. Super cool aunties?? hmmm…ok i am in.

        even if it reminds me of how my mom keeps claiming to be 18 ever since she turned 50!

        Sigh old age makes u delusional…but never mind i am in the cool club…will wear super cool glares and all

  10. Twilight..don’t understand what the whole thing is about..and don’t even feel like finding out..so no book read..no movie watched.

    Aunty..sigh..I went from Didi to Aunty in one day..ONE. Darn why did I get married again..?? 😐

    The kids I call kids..call people younger than them kids.. Need I say more..

    I am old am I not.. Right..I knew it.. let me go bury my head in the sand..

    1. Aww! 😀 Twilight is seriously not woth it, b-o-r-i-n-g!
      Yep, I know that, marriage does that to you, having a baby even more so!
      And no, no, we are all the group of super-cool aunties, so be a proud member, don’t go anywhere! 😀

  11. C’mon Twilight when read as the series isn’t all that bad for book though I have no crushes over any of it’s characters. Liked it only as story though at times it does get monotonous and pulled like a chewing gum.
    We re the age we think we are so I officially declare I m going to stay twenty forever 😉 😛

    That was one cool post 🙂


    1. Danke CB! 😀 I could not enjoy the book much, must say! So much that I did not even read part 2, though I had it!
      Anyway, we are all young at heart forever, aren’t we? 🙂
      So glad you’re back!

  12. ajay

    I’m glad you said that bit about Twilight. Absurd movie and girls swooning over that Pattinson guy! Huh!! Lolz at the word kid replacing guy/girl. But one thing, kitne bhi bade ho jao, to our parents we’ll always remain a kid 🙂

    1. I agree, abhi toh we’ll be kids only to ma and pa, who will today also tell you to be careful, eat on time, sleep on time! Abbah!
      That guy is pure weird, forget good looking! These kids I tell ya 😉
      You’ve been missing for long, what with the spurt of comments! 😮

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