WTF Wednesday

Gotcha! The title I meant. It is not really a WTF Wednesday, it is a pretty normal Wednesday, to be honest even better than usual. Only, I had decided to use this title on an appropriate Wednesday a couple of months ago, but then assuming that you will be able to post a post on a day which you have already called a WTF day is being way too optimistic, dontcha think? So I never got around to using this title, and I kept having one WTF Wednesday after another, with no time to write, and I can see that I have used the same two terms over and over again in these few lines and if there is something in this world called an over-kill, this is it, this is it, this is it. 

Anyway, this post is in response to all the blog lou that was showered upon me in the one week I have been missing. So in other terms, if it makes no sense, you asked for it. Thing is, if you notice, these are the first 2 weeks of the month, which in the life of someone who calls herself a Finance person, pretty much justify the paycheck she gets at the end. And for the sawaal of the paapi pet, have to be attended to.

Anyway, this is going no where, and I have started two paragraphs with anyway now. That can’t be good. For my readership that is. So, I will try being a little more interesting (!) now. We broke our movie fast last to last weekend, by watching 3 movies. I am going to copy Abi’s brilliant review mechanism, and give my verdict out here.

Shutter Island – Wow!
A-team – Meh
IHLS – Hmm, ok!

It is not that easy I note. So I will elaborate just a little bit. While Shutter Island is a must watch ( and must-like, else I will judge you, I will so judge you), A-team can be watched for the heck of it, it’s fun, and forgettable. IHLS was as expected, cute,  timepass, a bit of a drag, and with music I had endorsed quite some time ago. And oh yes, I am impressed with Sonam Kapoor.

A lot of White Collar is being watched these days. It is not in the same league as Bones or Castle, but it is good anyway, so we are watching it. Plus, we don’t have a choice really.  A lot of Whose line is it anyway is being watched too. Very very fun that is. And guess what? Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are doing a show guess where? Yes! In Hyderabad. Only, I am dead sure the passes will be way beyond affordable. So we can just feel happy about the show happening, rather than for being able to watch it.

The hair has reached a disgusting half curly-half straight stage, and I am hating it. Happens every year, six years into the straightening. And now amount of hot irons can put it right. So I have decided to chop it off. Yes! No, it won’t make it any better, but then there will be less hair to straighten and handle no? Very smart idea this is I think.

Oh this should be interesting. The last weekend, we went to the Zoo. Yes, big adventure you say, wait till you hear more. So we go to the zoo, and we go to that small piece of land where there are two tigers. Small piece of land surrounded by water at a lower level, surrounded by wall which is as high as the land, but much higher than the  water level, you get the drift? Anyway, so we are four people, ok five, ok four and a quarter, all looking at this tiger standing at the other end of the piece of land, and looking straight at us. Looking at us for sure, because there is no one else around. So I say “ Ooh, look it is looking at us” and The Dude says “ Let me click a pic”, and we all stand. When it crouches. Crouches in the true “I am going to run and leap at that deer looking at me” crouches. That is panic enough for even a brave soul like me, so I say “Let’s go” a thought reciprocated by the other 2 and a quarter people. But The Dude being The Dude, continues to click, when the tiger, decides to run. No, sprint, full speed, right towards us. And like any normal human beings, the three and quarter of us run! But no, The Dude continues to show his Dude-ness, and keeps clicking. So it sprints, reaches the corner and leaps. And falls right into the water. “Haha” The Dude says, “Obviously it won’t be able to jump across the water, Haha”. The tiger swims, looks around a bit and clambers back onto the land, and walks away. We look like idiots. Since then he has been going around telling all and sundry the story of his bravery, and how his wife deserted him in the face of danger. The BIL explains to him that it was in fact a good idea to do so, considering someone had to be around to use all the money made from that awesome picture he would have captured when the tiger leapt at him. Haha, very funny. Whatever.

I leave you with the two pictures he ‘risked’ his life for.

What? You want more? Oh, there is actually nothing left. But yes, if all goes well, there will be plenty of time in the next few days, and more time means more posts hopefully? Till then, manage with this? Please, pretty please?

Oh and if you’re seeing this right next to picture instead of under it , where it was meant to be, it is WordPress acting funny, as usual. Kindly Adjust. Danke.

68 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

    1. Loved the life risking pic 🙂 🙂

      Is Bones good? Have been seeing a lot of ads, haven’t tried it yet.. And Whose line is it anyway is amazing.. Hats off to the participants.. it take a lot of creativity to come up with the stuff they do!

      1. Bones is super-cute! You should try it!
        And yes, WLIIA, needs real talent, they are so awesome and impromptu, love Colin and Ryan the most!

      1. and now me off to ‘Milenge Milenge’…I know the reviews are not that great…but there is this keeda in me to watch movies 🙂 Ya ya movie buff that is called in your language 😉

      1. Hey though IHLS is a typical love story there but I thought it had some kind of freshness in it..Imran rocked 🙂 and Kevin Dave was cracker 🙂

        1. Oh you already recommended it to Ums! Yes, I thought it was pretty cute, very fresh, and I liked the pair! Kevin Dave? Who is that? Do u mean Ketki Dave? Anyway, that dude from sprite ads was really funny too! The first half was awesome, and I love Bahara!
          But Milenge Milenge? Oh you bet my record of high tolerance for weird movies! 😮

      1. That tiger’s sprint is really so scary….How he stood there clicking pics ????

        What one word review for movies !!! 😉 IHLS not that good, huh ???? My girls are pestering me to take them…

        I dont watch any serials, neither do anyone of us !!! But my little one watches Castle, when she finds time – she loves murder / mystery and that stuff – so she makes me sit thru some episodes !!! 🙂

        1. No clue! He either is braver than I thought, or just smarter than me 🙂 I was pretty scared!
          Oh no, IHLS is a sweet movie! I would totally recommend for a one time timepass watch!
          And Castle is pretty cute no? Mystery with some comedy?

    1. You’re talking to a girl 😉 What did the better half say?
      Udaan’s worth it? I love the music, Amit Trivedi rocks! Hehe, will pass the compliments to The Dude!

      1. better half wanted to see it desperately for that dude called Imran khan, so from the start I didn’t like the idea 😛

        but once the reviews came she wasn’t much excited to watch it either. thank god for that 🙂

  1. Fifth Fifth

    … and i thought i was going to be first….Hmmmmph to u Piyu and Nu!!

    What an awesome pic…! What a brave Dude we have here! So u recommend seeing IHLS for its freshness or is recommend too strong a word??

    Btw ..WTF…it’s still wednesday???

    1. No, I totally recommend IHLS for some total timepass, mindless mush and comedy! 🙂
      Will pass the compliments to him, afterall ‘jaan pe khel ke’ he took these pics!
      Oh yes, wtf? 😀

  2. Lucky Seven!!!

    See.. Even after so long, I have still managed to be the 7th.. Your readership has gone down!

    Tch Tch… I commend the logic of the Dude 😀

    It is new for you, but not for the Tiger…
    So, the Zoo authorities must have taken enough safety to ensure the Tiger doesn’t spoil its appetite

    But then, there is a point of Accounts & Logic not going too well together. Add to that the fairer sex & things r self explanatory on ur post.

    Could have been summarised :
    Zoo, Tiger, Saw, Ran, “I am a Lady, Accountatnt”. 😛

    Hahaha…. Btw, lets meet on Sunday …

    1. Thanks Titaxy! 😀
      Oh, I like you even more, for loving Shutter Island, have been recommending to all and sundry since I saw it! 😀

  3. Wow! The Dude is literally the “Dude”, huh? Brave and all? Wow again! 😀
    Oh and White Collar is quite okay, much better than Glee! Have you seen it? God only knows why it’s so popular in US! And while talking about movies, nobody mentioned Inception!!!! What is wrong with you people?! 9.6 on IMDB, it is going to be the GOD of all movies. Maybe not. Either way, worth a watch, huh? 8)

    1. Oh yes! Inception is definitely being watched! I saw the posters, looked totally worth giving a shot! 😀
      Hehe, will pass on the’compliments’! Oh and I do NOT understand Glee at all! I tried just one episode and gave up!

    2. Arrrrrrey! Everytime I open your site to tell you this very cool thing, the IT guy comes and does something and the history goes boink. 😐 Third time I am typing this. It better work out. x-(
      So I came here to tell you, I came across this very cool post and it totally reminded me of your post on your blog’s birthday! Here’s to your blog:
      Oh and just a reminder – Don’t let the 7 year hitch get to you! Bwahahahha! *Devilish grin*

      1. Nice! 😀 Oh man, so basically me AND the blog are ageing simultaneously! Koi nahi, we’ll give each other company *cough-cough* and wish that we last! 😀

        Oh yes, someone said that to me already, erm, been ok so far, I have only gotten even more attached to it in the past 3 months! Also, I think this year has been my busiest when it comes to blogging and blog hopping! So cheers to that! 😀

  4. I LOVED shutter island too!

    and that pic was totally worth risking the dude’s life for 😀 *prays that The Dude doesn’t scroll this far*

    really, it looks like a competition worthy pic.

    and much happy with the update 😀 i kind of get cranky when my regular read blog divas do the disappearing act * hint hint*

    1. Yay, you are on my fave list too! Only people who LOVE Shutter Island make it to here! 😀
      The Dude only gets to read what is shown (or so I think!)
      I totally understand, it bugs me too, not getting my daily dose of blah! 😛

  5. Big pat on the back for the Dude..but I can see where he is coming from..D and I were hiking in Alaska..came across a fence no nothing.. while I reached for the Bear spray..D reached for the camera..

    These guys are nuts I tell you.

  6. DilOnTheRocks

    Hahha..Funny. Will take your word and watch and like Shutter island.

    I have been to this zoo some time back. Being peak of summer, the white tiger was so lazy. We waited and waited. We finally decided to have lunch and continue out tour. And guess what, as soon as we opened our lunch packets (I think it was pulihora made by mom), the tiger came out. 🙂

    1. Seriously? Wow! The tiger went by the name of the dish! It is ‘tiger-food’ afterall 😀 (Puli = tiger in tam) The animals were pretty energetic this time, and the white tiger was roaring to its heart’s content the whole time we were there 😀
      Oh, ok, now you’re on my reader, so no way will I miss updates!

  7. The pics are almost worth it…well, I said almost 😀 But the first one is brilliant!

    PS. What’s with the blog template change? WP problems again? I thought I’d wandered into Nuittie’s blog by mistake!

    1. Yes yes! WP is not letting me live 😦 I put this one just before going to sleep, because nothing else was working! Ugh!
      Oh, will pass the compliments! 😀
      About the hair, hmm, good point! I had the issue once when I was dreaming about something and the lady chopped of all my hair, and with the frizz I had back then I was left with an unflattering nest! Eep! 😮

        1. Ah, Chinkurli said it! And you scolded poor Piyu! 😦
          I know, I know, I am trying other templates, hopefully will find one that suits soon! 😀

  8. Oh and make sure you know what you’re doing before you cut your hair short. I got it done, and the parlour woman made it shorter than I wanted it to be…and now I am trying all sorts of tricks to get my hair grow long quickly!

    1. Good idea hai, next time I am in B’lore will pakka let you know so that we can fix an appointment at the salon you love! 😀
      Abhi, temporary fix ke liye good old Lakme chalega! 😉

    1. I know, very neat! And some 20 people have googled Colin Mochire Hyderabad and landed on the blog yesterday! I googled it, and it is in fact the second link, too funny 😀
      Yes yes, Nehru only! I went in class 5, then 10 and now! Was fun 🙂
      Oh about the pic, with all that went into clicking it , I guess it’s got its due!

  9. Candid Chitchats

    Wow! Hats off to the Dude for his “bravery”. The first pic is awesome. Second one is good but the splash is more prominent than the tiger! 🙂 (Of course, I do understand that it couldn’t have turned out the other way)
    And yeah, I liked Shutter Island but hated IHLS. It was like 240 bucks down the drain.

    1. Hehe!Compliments duly passed! 😀
      Oh yes, I know, but considering I am surprised he even stayed for that, erm, like I said, I ran far far away! 😀
      I like youfor liking Shutter Island 😀 But IHLS wasn’t that bad no? And whoa! 240 bucks, where did you watch it?

  10. W-O-W! Totally loved the pic !!!! What a perfect shot! The Dude should totally narrate that story with masala 😀 Can imagine you running away….hahahhahaha 😀

    *goes and stands beside The Dude and sticks tongue out at DI*

    1. 😦 *becomes all sad and walks away*
      Hehe,very funny! Enough with The Dude brigade! Hello, this is my blog afterall! And trust me, he does narrate the story with some new twists and turns now! 😀

  11. ajay

    OMG! The first pic of the tiger walloping, looking majestic and royal is so beautiful. Awesome photography. Really, really awesome. Do pass my compliments to the dude 🙂 I remember once I went to the zoo and got fascinated with the lioness. I was hoping to hear her roar and went near the enclosure, real close and when she did roar, the whole zoo echoed and shook with fear. I then understood why do we call lion the king!

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