And the countdown begins – and ends

Did you know that pasting from Google docs to WP kills all the formatting? Did you? I did not. So I had sweetly italicised my answers, boldened the headings, and Bam! All is gone.
Anyway, enough of the complaining, not that I am doing anything useful right now anyway. And lunch is a half hour away, so I will fix this.
This tag, passed on to me by Nu, and then Nuttie, who knew it was already passed, but wanted to re-tag everyone anyway, has saved my blog from becoming extinct. Because a huge wave of laziness has taken over my life, and I am unable to post, and I am even delaying comments, which is pure sad. So this is like a come-back of sorts. Hopefully! So let’s start, shall we?
Ten hows:
  1. How did you get one of your scars? From an accident! A real one! The latest one I can tell. So I was at this concert last Saturday, and I was doing this pretty skirt wearing, high heeled walking around with a glass of wine, when, all of a sudden, I realised that I hadn’t been me for a while, and so promptly tripped and fell. Yes. And scraped my right knee on the carpeted floor. And trust me, going by the size of the wound, the scar is going to be bad!
  2. How did you celebrate your last birthday? At home, recouping after a long visit to Switzerland for work, followed by an awesome week at home with the parents, and then again getting ready to go back to God forsaken Switzerland the next day. Life is unfair at times, I tell ya.
  3. How are you feeling at this moment? I have changed this answer three times, because I started this on Friday, tried doing it on Monday, and now it is Wednesday. Anyway, to answer your question, I am hurting all over thanks to a short stint at the Gym, and I am having an extremely bad hair day, no, make that week. So, in short, I am feeling lousy.
  4. How did your night go last night? Whatchya wanna know ? No, seriously.
  5. How did you do in high school? Geekily well, I must admit
  6. How did you get the shirt you’re wearing? Max Sale, Jan 2010. I wrote some 3 answers to this one also. Damn. Why are these questions so day specific?
  7. How often do you see your best friend(s)? Not that often, all of them have ditched Swades and proceeded to Videsh. Oh, but the one Best friend I live with, all the time!
  8. How much money did you spend last month? Wrong timing to ask this, the answer will be, ‘A LOT’, hello, too many Sales happening!
  9. How old do you want to be when you get married? I wanted to be as old I was when I was married. And you get no more information.
  10. How old will you be at your next birthday? Ha, this I mentioned in the last post. Go check. And then you can probably also let me know what you think of that post. Thank you.
Nine whats:
  1. Your mothers name? What is this bias? Why do you not want my father’s or sister’s name? Why? Tell me now.
  2. What did you do last weekend? I got incepted, and then injured. Actually this was last-to-last weekend, but I started the tag on Friday and today is Monday. But I will keep it this way. Anyway, this weekend, I met up with a friend and his wife, and then met up one of Dude’s colleagues. The rest of the time was spent lazing around.
  3. What is the most important part of your life? Every part of my life is important. Hello. Ok, honestly there are some elements we can scrape off, but we’ll ignore their existance for now
  4. What would you rather be doing? I would actually be doing the exact same thing, doing this tag, but I would have loved it if it was back home, with my feet under a blanket and the TV playing some random music or a weird movie from the 90s.
  5. What did you last cry over? Wow, I am actually having to think. This is a first. I think I really cried-cried when that knee was hurting real bad last week. Yes, that should be it.
  6. What always makes you feel better when you’re upset? Chocolate. A call from The Dude abusing all those who bugged me. And yes, some good music.
  7. What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other? The ability to handle me. Oh that’s one big thing to ask for!
  8. What are you worried about? Let me list this. The fact that The Dude might travel for work soon. How our timings at work will get sorted out. Whether the steps in the right direction that were taken recently will in fact yield positive results
  9. What did you have for breakfast? Today, Oats. And I got macroni for brunch. Yes, I am a pig.
Eight yous:
  1. Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend? Assuming you mean ‘like-like’ nope. That was always a veto factor, unavailability.
  2. Have you ever had your heartbroken? I guess yes!
  3. Have you ever been out of the country? Yes, yes. Quite a lot of times. On vacation and on work. Been lucky that way!
  4. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? Do you even need to ask! Gah!
  5. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend? Well, once backstabbed I wouldn’t really name them as a friend would I? But no, not by anyone who I would call a true friend. Touch wood.
  6. Have you ever had sex on the beach? *Rolling my eyes* Even if I did, I really doubt I would announce it here.
  7. Have you ever dated someone younger than you? Nope.Remember the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode ‘TOW the ick factor’. Well turns out that the ick factor is pretty strong in my case.
  8. Have you ever read an entire book in one day? Yes. A number of times. Out of the top of my mind, Harry Potter 6 and The Da Vinci Code.
Seven whos:
  1. Who was the last person you saw? Saw? I can see my whole team in front of me.
  2. Who was the last person you texted? Mom. Asking her to pray for me.
  3. Who was the last person you hung out with? A couple of guys from the team, if you call a tea break hanging out.
  4. Who was the last person to call you? The Dude, to tell him that he had a good workout at the gym, and that he is trying chocolate powder and tea , and that I should try it too, because it tastes ‘weird’.
  5. Who did you last hug? The Dude, awwww!
  6. Who is the last person who texted you? Mom, saying that she will pray for things to work out the way I want them too. If you’re reading this, you too pray no?
  7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? The Dude again, but the number of people I tell ‘I love you’ is pretty limited.
Six wheres:
  1. Where does your best friend(s) live? I answered this already
  2. Where did you last go? To the breakout area, I am trying to forcefeed myself some water you see.
  3. Where did you last hang out? Timbuktoo
  4. Where do you go to school? Where ‘do I’ or ‘did I’. I don’t go to school anymore. I did go to school at a lot of places.
  5. Where is your favorite place to be? Home
  6. Where did you sleep last night? On my bed. Yes, I know, unbelievable

Five dos:

  1. Do you think anyone likes you? I am very modest, can’t answer such questions, really.
  2. Do you ever wish you were someone else? Nope! Oh I do wish I was the head of the site, so that I could fire certain people! Yeah!
  3. Do you know the muffin man? Yeah, we are good friends.
  4. Does the future scare you? No, I look forward to it, so much to do!
  5. Do your parents know about your blog? Yep. My mom reads it too. So.

Four whys:

  1. Why are you best friends with your best friend? I am just glad I am. So I am not analysing this.
  2. Why did you get into Blogging? Because everyone around me was, and I thought it was a good way to ‘keep in touch’ with the batch mates. Seriously.
  3. Why did your parents give you the name you have? Because it was short and nice and went well with my last name. I think.
  4. Why are you doing this survey? So that the world is enriched by getting to know someone so awesome. Oh freak, too much of Barney Stinson.

Three ifs:

  1. If you could have one super power what would it be? To eradicate the world of pests. And also get to define ‘pests’.
  2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?I Actually, nothing. Which is very surprising. This tag is making me realise things I never knew, man, I am enlightened.
  3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would you bring? The Dude. Then we will make Toddy off the coconuts there, catch fish, fry them, and have a life long party!

Two would you evers:

  1. Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you? Nope. I love my life the way it is right now.
  2. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love? If it saves them, then yes! Plus, I have come to realise that one can look uber-cool with a shaved head. You just need the right attitude.

One last question:

  1. Are you happy with your life right now? Such a philosophical end t0 this tag. Happiness is but, a state of mind. I can go on and on like this, but my point is, I seriously doubt someone would sit through this whole tag, write all this stuff, and then say, he or she is unhappy with his life. I mean, if I were, I would be passing trollish comments on others blogs, saying they have nothing better to do in life than these long tags. So yes, I am happy, very happy, thank you very much. And yes, Touch wood.

I doubt there is anyone left who hasn’t been tagged by these super taggers! 😮 So I am not re-tagging. Take it up guys, if you have the time and patience!

Edited to add : So apparently, Toddy is not made of coconuts, but of palm tree extract or something. While this little point does not render any change to my party plans on the deserted island, The Dude does not like such gross misrepresentation of facts. Hence, please ignore the coconut bit above, and assume that we did manage to get some sort of toddy/pheni/whatever made out of the ingredients available. Thank you.


57 thoughts on “And the countdown begins – and ends

    1. Skirt? Wine?? High Heel ???? You’re sooperb !

      gym-shym aha !! Glam DI in making 😉

      Bad hair day ? Go take a hair spa..pamper yourself 🙂

      weird movie from 90s..yeah me too like watching movies which I didn’t watch then…now they appear so funny and cool 😉

      When you define pests…please consult me too 🙂

      LOL@ Toddy of coconut and life long party ..that’s the spirit 🙂

      Yes right attitude is what matters..shaved head or styled hair…just do it 🙂

      so you’re enlightened by doing this tag !!! wow 🙂 the one and only reaction 🙂

      1. Sooperb ka pata nahi, but seriously made a joke out of myself! 😀
        Heheh, tryin really, need some fitness 😉 Lekin i don’t trust myself!
        I am I am so enlightened, thanks Nu for introducing this aspect of life to me! 😀

        And yes, First!

    1. DI, I went to have lunch…I needed more strength to read one more of the monster tag and tremendous patience to go through the answers….

      Seriously, you guys have more patience than me…so patiently answered to every single question…

      Thank God you didn’t tag anyone… 😉

      Loved your version of the tag… 🙂

      1. Hehe, It is long, but it is total timepass, and helpful to someone who had no clue what to write otherwise! 🙂
        Thanks for taking the extra effort of having lunch before reading this 😉

        1. Haan aapki hi tareef ho rahi hai! Aur aapke monster tag ki!
          Ums, you’re tagged apparently, do it now! Till then we’ll have tea and gather enough energy to read it too 😀

  1. Wow! I am seriously loving this tag, for it tells a lot about the writer 🙂
    Don’t you know why we all (including Google,Yahoo, banks) are interested in only your mum’s name?? 😉 😉 😉

    You didn’t tell what you did last night..;) 😉 😉

    Very right, indeed happiness is the state of mind 😀 😀 😀

    Wonderfully done tag 🙂

    1. Thanks CB 😀
      It took me 4 days to do this tag, started last Friday! Today is a dull day at work, so got all the time and patience to do it!
      Oh, btw, it didn’t strike me, I think the maker wanted all the Moms names because that is what the secret question to get your password usually is :o! Evil!
      Do it CB, I am sure a 100 people would have tagged you 😀

      1. Ahem sooo am bk 😛

        honestly there are some elements we can scrape off, but we’ll ignore their existence for now – LOLzzz! Gud one 😉

        Home, blanket, TV, Music – sigh! Me too 😦 😦

        The ability to handle me – U r sooo sweet and funny 😉

        Woww! U r gud friends with the MuffinMan – cool no 8) We cn get freeee stuff from him 😉

        Sigh! PLsss eradicate those pests.

        Woww Stranded island sounds fun if it means life-long party 😉 So much fun really 😛 😛

        Oh btw, me gonna pray too and hope ur knee is better nw 😀

        1. Hehe, thanks for the elaborate comment!
          What to do, when you can’t fix them, ignore them!
          Thankie for all the compliments 😉 And the muffinman is pretty business minded, won’t give anything for free to me also 😦
          About the party, what to do, when in tough times, party?
          Thanks Swaram 🙂 And yes the knee is much better now!

  2. I am sorry Di…i put u thru all this torture…but i lvoe the fact that someone else struggled too 😀

    I started the tag in the morning and ended late night and was too fed up and bored to change answers…- considering u did change answers – u get patient person of the day award!

    1. Thanks you Nuttie! 😀
      But I am little worried, I notice that as each day passes, I am being labelled as patient more and more. I think apna asli rang dikhana padega! *Evil look*

    1. Don’t ask me. Actually I told him that adding chocolate powder to the vending machine cappucino is a good idea. But I stopped there, he can’t seem to stop experimenting!
      Thanks Divz, really need it! 🙂

  3. Wow! Someone had a LOT against the world to actually make up this tag!
    Really laughed on your answers! Gym shim huh? Massst hai!
    Oh and “would have loved it if it was back home, with my feet under a blanket and the TV playing some random music or a weird movie from the 90s” is precisely what I am doing! 🙂 What a wonderful Wednesday!
    And I haven’t been tagged yet! Yayy! 😀

    1. I know! But in their defense, they called it a ‘survey’!
      Trying to gym, lekin knowing me, won’t last! 😦
      What? Lucky you! 😦 Hmmm, high time I take some time off!
      Oh yes, you will, be. Thanks Chinkurli! 😀

  4. smartassbride

    ah. i hope the wound is better now.

    and man, such a long tag, i don’t know how this tag creator did this! i mean, someone is even more jobless than we guys are 😛

    feels good to know that 😀

  5. This tag is a marathon.. I really wonder how you guys did it!

    Gymshim good hai.. don’t heed you dietitians advice though.. you might just disappear :P.. your life on the island.. totally awesome 😀

    1. 😀 I know, like I said, kaam ka mood nahi tha!
      Yes yes, no dieting at all! Infact, the whole idea behind the gym is to be able to pig out, like I do! 🙂
      About the Island, make the best out of what you have eh? 😉

  6. I read and read and get the answer of life truth in the end. That made all the reading worth it..

    And all this after hurting yourself and spending moeny on various sales and sleeping on your own bed..

    Aap dhanya hein Mata DI 😛 😛

    1. I am always for spreading the facts of life. How else would you know what the essence of a good life. *Bows humbly*
      Hehehe, Sales are called happiness sales for a reason no! Plus Wine and pretty shoes and parties make you ‘happy’ too! So it all points to the same things really 😀

  7. ajay

    This tag is so long that khatm hone ka naam hi nahi leta. So many question! We should name this tag as ‘CBI Interrogation Tag’ 😀 😀

    1. Hehe, true. You can write a thesis on the person (complete with mother’s names) once you read this tag by someone. Ah, I love the name!

    1. Awww, Now you’re making me blush 🙂
      Hehe, thanks! my knee is much better. And I repeat, Switzerland without company is as bad as hmmm, I am thinking, hmmm, being at home alone with no work and a power cut in the middle of summer. Wah! That was the perfect analogy! 😀

  8. rechristened

    Ok, I tagged myself, and then gave up midway through. All I can say to you is “Bravo!” for this loooooooooooong tag post 😀

    1. We can also call this post ‘ the heights of joblessness’. In my defense , I took from Friday to yesterday to do it 😀 which makes me think I should get ‘most persistant’ award rather than the ‘most patient’ award 😀

  9. Hey I hope your knee is better now. Oh dear you got to celebarte your bday in Swiss that’s so great ! and you are complaining abt it?? 😉

    This tag is really the long one and must be difficult to complete..No wonder you did it in 3 sittings 😀

    1. Thanks! The knee is better 😀
      No no, i came back just for the borthday week, celebrated and left, which is why I am not compalining! What good is Swiss when people who matter are not around 🙂
      I know, I know, are you planning to take it up?;)

  10. Tamanna

    I almost roared when I read the first one. Wine and heels and not being you. I can imagine 😛

    Hilarious this was. Totally loved it 🙂

    1. 😦 Yeah, now laugh at my sad plight! Man I sweat, it was a day i thought I would be one of those super-cool, ultra glam, so comfortably floating around in heels kid, and plonk I went. Fortunately I was told that it looked like I kneeled down for something, but I suspect the BIL was trying to be kind. Anyway, the kneeling did no good to my knee 🙂

    1. Hehe, have you not noticed how awesomely PG-13 rated my blog is? No controversies, no bad bad stuff :P!
      I won’t blame the poor tag, if not for it, I would have shut shop 😦

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