The workouter

I have nothing to write about. It is indeed very sad. And I have all the time in the world. Then from tomorrow I won’t have time because it is the close week, and I will be all busy, and bugged. But if it helps, I have been very regularly reading and commenting on others’ blogs, so much so that my reader has unread items in single digits. And most of those are from Highheelconfidential, because I can’t check that at work. Too many pictures.

Having said that, the only two new developments in my otherwise routine life have been 1) The Dude is in fact travelling the whole of the next month and the rest of this month starting next week, which by the way, sucks. 2) The gym.

Point 1  we wont talk about because it only makes even more depressed if that is possible. Point 2, I did not want to talk about because whenever I talk about such things, they get jinxed. So crossing fingers, touching wood, and putting kala-teekas or whatever it takes to keep this one thing unjinxed, I am going to talk about it, for the sake of the blog.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it  before (ok, I am sure I have, I only started it that way because it sounded nice. To me) but I belong to this team of super-geeks who do super geeky stuff with numbers et al and try to present the same old numbers in different ways, forms and colors, to ensure it pleases the biggies spread across the world. Now this work, though sounds interesting (or doesn’t, actually it doesn’t), can actually get mind-numbingly monotonous. Anyhoo, considering I have been doing this for over 5 years now, the brain is somehow tuned to it, and as long as we are in companies that are relatively liberal with their Internet usage rules, I know I will survive.

So the past month or so, I realised that my daily routine provided some sort of exercise to only one part of my body, my fingers. Which helped me press lift buttons, or otherwise, typed away the whole day. And as was expected, this was met with an extremely stiff protest by the neck (notice the pun? Stiff protest? Stiff neck? Haha, I crack myself up).. So I revived the little bit of Yoga I claim to know and meticulously did it for a whole month, leading to good results. All was well, especially the timings, because I would always reach home in time to do Yoga and then proceed on to dinner and some household chores (aka cutting truckloads of veggies, which deserves a separate post, I swear).

However, The Dude decided that he was bored with his work and so shifted to another role, which needs him to be at work till 7:30 PM. Sad. I know. Now to travel with him, I would need to be at work till 7:30 too, which is totally against my basic ‘overtime does not mean hard work’ principle. And I do not want to give wrong impressions you see. So I decided to use the additional hours productively, and well, decided to join the office gym

Everything has its share of pros and cons and substantially inconsequential bits, and this does too. So I will tell you what these were

The Pros;

– It. Is. Free. And you know that is a huge plus especially when you have a history of paying and not turning up and having truckloads of guilt along with the junk food and extra weight.
– It is at work. So there are no’ Oh, who will go till there’, ‘too much traffic’, ‘can’t wake up’ excuses. It is right next to the cafeteria, so if you can go for a snack, you can totally go to the gym.
– It is good. Well equipped. And I know I don’t use most of the equipment there, or for that matter even know the right names (I have my alternative ones though)  but it feels nice to have them around. Very professional.
– My team guys are already part of the gym. Which translates to non-stop entertainment.
– And the most important. Hello, I’m working out!

The Cons;

– The day seems to revolve around ‘When will I go to the gym’. No meeting requests post 5:30 PM are even considered.
– Too many acquaintances. Ok, team people is a plus, but having people I usually maintain a hi-hello professional distance from watch me do ab-crunches, er, not so much.
– The pain. The pain. Oh my God the pain. Ok this is temporary, but right now, it is there. And how.
– The dietitian’s expectations of me. So she suggests that I have oats (2 tablespoons), one egg white, 4 almonds, and a glass of carrot juice for dinner. Aww, how kind eh? Oh, and before you worry, we have completely ignored her existence.

The inconsequential details;

– I am in awe of the regulars. Dude, 15 minutes of running on the tread mill, 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and then 15 minutes of rowing? What are you? A machine?
– I am this (imagine index finger and thumb stuck to each other, ‘this’ referring to the space between them) close to throwing my 2 kg, purple colored dumbbell on some people’s heads. Said people spend 2 hours at the gym, of which more than one is spent walking around, commenting on others routines, or in general proclaiming how exhausted they are. In extremely, loud voices.
– The grunters. Oh the grunters. There are a couple of heavy weight champions who only come to pick 25 Kg barbells, lifting them some 10 times, and leaving, albeit grunting everytime they do it. A grunt here will be defined as Wiki does. Anyway, the issue is, invariably these ‘sounds’ take me by surprise. And I am afraid that if I miss a heart beat when the heart rate is at the highest, the results might be irreversible.
– Oh, and of course, my awesome capability for destruction. I had gone a whole week and a half without destroying anything, so yesterday, I happened to ‘adjust’ the seat of the cycling machine in the gym for the first time, and somehow managed to raise it to the highest level instead of getting it down. Then, I was told that it operated on a ‘hydraulic jack’ and would take a long time and effort to get it down again. Sad. In my defense why do they make such user-unfriendly devices at all?
– I like green tea. And people think that is weird. Is it?

Today it is a week and 3 days since I joined the gym, and I haven’t bunked yet. Tomorrow, I have to, because I have my month close and I kinda think that I should really show that my priority at work is actually work, and not the gym at work. Doesn’t look good, and if there is no work, there won’t be any gym either right? In terms of evolution, we have improved from walking on the treadmill to running on it, albeit for short durations, increased the resistance on the elliptical trainer from 7 to 8 to 13(!) yesterday, and have also started weight training. Good, yes?

And till things get even better, I will continue. Towards my endeavour to get fit, get strong and get more food to feed my blog. Stay tuned!

53 thoughts on “The workouter

    1. Wow, Gymming !!! Good job 😀

      Looks like I’m the only lazy one around here 😦 Even my office has a gym.. but alas. no shower! Can you imagine? Why would they wanna build a gym without a shower 😦

      1. Thanks! No ya, all of us are useless! I was always paying and not going, this free one is useful!
        Oh no shower will be tough! I can’t imagine stepping out with that crazy amount of sweat 😦 But can’t you work out at the end of the day and whiz away on the bike before anyone notices? 🙂

  1. ROFL at the descriptions Di…Good job ignoring the dietician…they are just jealous that they can’t eat coz then they wont earn money to give others silly advice like dont eat mangos…i almost told the woman – :Mad or what

    What a good girl u are Di…but seriously working out in office is the best way to be regular. we have mickey mehta’s gym guys train us in the office thrice a week and that seems to be going well

    1. Heheh! I know man! She was a total sadist! One biscuit, one pear, one roti, one egg! Blah!
      You’re a good girl too Nuttie! That must be awesome, being trained by the super professionals! Hope we continue 😀

    1. Oh ho! I keep accepting your excuses considering the new change in life :D, but now it is high time to get back I guess! I really really hope I continue this time 😦 * Fingers crossed*
      Oh, and what ‘like’? 😮 Where is the like option on my blog?!

  2. momofrs

    Good luck with the Gym DI.
    Brought back memories of the time I used to hit the office gym at 6:30 AM (yup, thats right!!) and stay there till 7:45. A quick shower, change and report to desk for work at 8AM.
    Aaahh…those were the days.

    Anyhow, loved the comment on the grunters. I hated them too!!
    Keep up the good job.
    You shall surely succeed, or lose weight, or tone up or whatever it is that you want to achieve by joining that gym 😀

    1. Thanks Momofrs! Oh btw, I used to pronounce your name as momofurs till recently too 😀
      Wow that was some schedule! Man, 6:30 AM at the office gym, awesome!
      Thanks for the wishes, I am still unsure about what I want to achieve, but I hope whatever I do is worth it! 😀

  3. And we thought you had nothing to write about! 😉
    I like your dietitian! Wicked she is! I am thinking, gym toh waise bhi I won’t go. Instead, I should just become a dietitian. Problem solved. Ha. 😀
    One huge pro of your going to gym is that you end up writing such hilarious posts! History stands evidence to that! 😀

    1. I know man! I don’t know how much it will help my fitness or health, but I am hoping it helps the blog 😀
      Thank you thank you!
      I said na, I don’t WANT to write about this and jinx it, but I have nothing else, so have to :P!
      I have also decided to become a dietitian. I even tweeted about it no! It is a very noble profession.

  4. Candid Chitchats

    Hilarious! May you continue with the gymming so that we get more posts like this.
    Btw, why don’t you let us know the alternate names you have thought up for the equipments? Saving it for another post, eh?

    1. Heheh! Thanks! 😀
      Yes yes, fitness or no fitness, we will have more posts for sure!
      Er, you caught me! I am running out of ideas for posts you see, so need to save stuff for later!

  5. Wow..that is awesome girl.. keep at it and I bet things will get better..

    Psk: The pain never goes away..because we pushing ourselves to do more.. What Just saying.. you remind me that I need to go hit the gym too.. 😐

    1. 😀
      😦 Ok the first smiley was for the ‘wow’ and the second was for the pain never going away:( :(!
      I really hope it does, I can’t take 3 mins to get up from the bean bag forever! 😀

  6. Oh…lady, I am terribly late here, I guess… 😉 😉 But still I made it. 🙂

    Love ur yoga workouts – thats the perfect way to live…try and do them and avoid the gym is my friendly advice. 🙂

    And dont u go on that diet, you’ll reduce like crazy and gain like mad, once u stop all this or atleast take a break.

    All is good, but yoga is the best…plzzz revive ur yoga sessions…I also need to….you start and blog abt it…that’ll inspire me to do it. 🙂 😉

    1. 😀 Aha! A yoga supporter! I love yoga too, I used to think it is all hype, but it does really calm one down 🙂 And the pains just vanish!
      Anyway, the idea is to tone a bit through gym for now and then retain it through yoga! I will definitely put up the amazing realizations up here 🙂
      Today you’re almost like the 15th or 16th! Why Ums Why? 😦

  7. I am so glad you wrote this post! You wouldn’t believe it if I say I have been reading books like ‘Prevention’, “Health’, ‘How to lose weight by worrying’ (okay, that doesn’t exist as of now, but I am going to write it). And I LOVE all these books. I have come to like people who work out. I have become shallow also, but let’s now not go there. My target is a mean, obstinate 7 kilos to lose.

    1. Hehe. I like the sound of the book, can you write it please? Because if it works, I would be a size zero really!

      I always liked people who work out, I think that needs some level of determination really, and the sense of satisfaction post the workout is totally worth it! 🙂 I have a similar number in mind, but I really doubt I will reach that. Esp cause I was more than the target weight even 10 years ago !

  8. rechristened

    Aww, I hope this time around you find enough motivation to stick to the gym longer than all previous attempts 😛

    1. I REALLY hope so! Only issue is , the Dude is travelling for a whole month and a half which means bus, which means bad traffic and weird timings, which means gym will need even more determination than usual! Praying hard! 😦

  9. A week and 3 congratualtions. You know I dont want to jinx it either..but I have been regularily/jogging ..And I think I lost some wt..:)
    Green tea 😦 not sure..
    Keep up the great job..and keep us updated 🙂

    1. To fitness! 😀
      Great going for you too! I have not noticed any weight loss, but it’s ok, I am no hurry! 🙂
      Will definitely keep all updated!

  10. Hey..good luck with the gymming!

    There is a gym in my apartment premises and i am too lazy to go there..the only things i am doing are eating methi and have switched to Sugarfree….as per Bipasha’s first step to fitness!!!;)

    1. Hey Sri! Long long time! Where have you been? 🙂
      The first step is taken, the next ones will follow I am sure! All the best! And we need more Oviya tales, been long!

  11. ajay

    Nice and witty. *I was this close to throwing my dumbbell* 😀 😀 Spare the poor fellas 😀 Good luck with your fitness DI. Oh and remember the story-writing? Don’t forget ok 😀

      1. ajay

        hehe,yes I remember. Aapki violent streak bahut dangerous hai!! *a menacing look on your face* 😀 😀 I too have tried to emulate this to get irritating people away from me 😀

        1. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work! It always does for me! The look, and sometime subtle statements like ‘ You utter one more word and I will poke this in your eye” while brandishing a tooth pick at said victim 😉

  12. You’re lucky to have an office gym. I think I should add that in my resume – ‘will join company only if it has a gym’. I need to lose calories and I need FREE SERVICE ! Lol @ dinner suggestion… Wonder if anyone actually followed it? Freaks ! 😀

    1. No! Both are here no? 😀
      I know, it is lucky yes! I doubt anyone actually follows this stuff, but you’ve got to be mad to do anything like that!
      I am not sure, but going by the few pics you put up, I REALLY doubt your need to lose calories!

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