Playing the Glad game

Today is the day of positivity, because God knows I need a lot of it.

I am personally incapable of finding the silver lining in the dark clouds, or seeing the half full bit of the very obviously half empty glass, so I would never dream of embarking on a 7 days of positivity sort of a journey. But I need the positivity, to keep me sane. So right now, I am going to make some serious effort at seeing the brighter side of things. However, knowing me, that ain’t an easy task, so instead, if I am unable to be all cheerful and sunny and Pollyanna like, I will find solutions to fix the issues. That should work?

Starting with the element which I claim is only 5% of my life, but saps 95% of the little amount of patience and tolerance I have. Work. I have decided that I need a whole attitude change at work. I have been ranting about way too many issues and people and more issues at work, while I actually think all that was needed was an attitude change. On my part.

Current status is that I am the most vocal when it comes to denying certain ways of work, or opposing the POVs of the biggies, or stating exactly what I feel about things. However, that is not useful, because in the end, I do exactly what I refused, in exactly the way that I had earlier proclaimed was stupid, and all this after I have worried for a long time about the repercussions of speaking up. The new me is going to be different. I am going to nod, and say ok to every dumb suggestion made, and then, not do it. Then we’ll see who has the last laugh. And no, I have not thought of the repercussions of the said action, but that’s the whole point. I don’t care. Or I do. Just a bit. Whatever.

Secondly, I think it is time to put the paper shredder to use. Have I mentioned that I find the paper shredder very therapeutic? If not, I am saying it now. Lately, I have had immensely graphic visions of me indulging in certain violent actions, with the victims being, well let’s say, totally deserving of the treatment. So instead of fretting and fuming and wanting to bang their heads on their desks, I will just write their names on the tonnes of prints we have to take because the ‘process says so’ and shred it. Muhahahaha. Even the thought of it makes me feel very good.

Next, I need to not bite back the cutting retorts at the tip of my tongue to certain comments. First of all, it is a miracle, if I can think of the perfect retort on time. And then, when I do, I act as if I am totally shocked by the fact, and stop myself from saying it. Then the moment passes. And saying it after that just seems desperate. And silly. And then I die for the next hour wishing I had said it. It is stupid really. And then I tell it to totally unrelated people, and they will nod, and that will make like .0005% of the dying feeling go away. But the 99.9995% stays as is.

I also need to roll my eyes more effectively. I do, a lot, but I have these small, invisible eyes, so it is not very apparent to the on-looker. It is so much easier to write it. In fact, there are times I feel like saying “Star rolling my eyes star” to the person so that he understands. Writing is actually the best form of communication. Gives you just the needed amount  of time to word your statement perfectly. Anyway, back to the eye rolling, I should practice it in front of the mirror, because if I end up over doing it, the said person might think I am having a seizure or something. Which, come to think of it,  is also ok, because he will know that’s the impact his statement made on me.

I need to start stating how busy I am at work, loudly, more often. This I think is the perfect example of ingraining a point in a person’s brain. The more you say it, the more they believe it. Inception, sort of. In fact, if you have your eyes glued to the screen the whole day, because there is in fact so much work, they will just think you’re surfing or something. You see, general theory. But if once in a while while surfing if you lift your head and nod , and click your tongue saying ‘ Very exhausted ya, too much work’ and then put your head down and seriously check for new updates on your reader, people will think you’re working very hard. Tried and tested and observed.

Lastly, I need a new backpack. Ok. That is not related, but I thought of telling you all anyway. It is very embarrassing when I carry that free backpack I got when my sister bought me a watch, in which the zip for the biggest compartment has stopped working, so I stitched it up, and then I stuff my gym clothes and shoes in the second one, and it looks very very awkward. And now that The ditcher Dude is off to the US, and taking my semi-dead personal laptop with him, I will need to lug this 500 kg Laptop home everyday to chat with him. Then carrying this Just-in-vogue bag looking like our press-wala’s gathri/mootai/sack (pick your language), and that 500 Kg laptop in its 200 Kg bag, will be tough. And ugly. More tough, less ugly. Or equal. Anyway, it will be bad.

So have you had enough of my positivity? And my super solutions to my super problems? Very uplifting no? I feel light and happy already. And the Friday feels like a Friday once more. Nirvana. Pretty much. Should call The Dude and tell him this. Oh I forgot ‘ditcher’. Two months, ditcher. Seriously, I think I should call and bawl once again. That will make him miserable. Like me. Ha.

Oh wait, that’s not positive. Not at all. Damn, where did it all disappear?!

Oh well.

You folks have a great weekend!

64 thoughts on “Playing the Glad game

    1. Cheer up DI, it IS a Friday after all!

      The paper shredder idea is awesome. I think the visual of cutting those papers in tiny tiny stripes is going to have a very calming effect.. I wish I had one in my office.. there are a few names I’d like to be shredded 😉

      @Rolling, does it really work, I mean in real life.. not TV/movies?? Hasn’t worked for me yet, either..

      1. It is awesome, that sound and the those shreds of paper, bliss!
        And I am hoping there is some reason behind the phrase 😀 Must have worked, sometime! And it is so needed, people do things that only deserve eye rolling!

  1. Wah wah! What an uplifting post 😉
    Actually I need a back-pack too 😛 Bcoz the robber took away mine boohooo 😦 😦
    Paper shredder – Woww! I burst those bubbles on the bubble wrap and feel good 😉 😉
    LOL @ learning to roll ur eyes 😛 Do put up a video when u do it effectively ahem 😛 😛

    Yay to ur positive attitude 😀 Positivity begins @ blogs 😉

    1. Heheh! I am glad to be of help 😀

      Robber took your backpack also? Wow, he has a classy taste! 🙂
      And yes, I speak out of experience when I say the shredder works! Lovely feeling ;)!
      Ofcourse, I need to make more fun of myself after all 😉
      Yay to positivity!

  2. Candid Chitchats

    Er.. see I was commenting on your last post, asking you to come up with a more positive Friday post without realising you have already posted today! I’m getting smarter and greater day by day…
    Anyway, here you are ranting and here I’m laughing like mad… Am trying to empathize and all but still giggling uncontrollably…
    Hope your new resolutions reg work, works well. May you get a super cool backpack soon and a new laptop too(Am I reading too much between the lines?)
    Go, have a worry free and happy weekend 🙂

    1. Ah! I should have guessed, I thought you got bored of my Fab-friday attempts! 😀
      Anyway, atleast someone somewhere is laughing, Sigh.
      Too much drama ho gaya! Thanks for the wishes, and no you’re not reading between the lines, I want a Laptop, and only a Mac will do. Yes.
      You too have a great time!

  3. Lol! Thank you for the awesomeness filled advice! Especially the paper shredder idea. I have also stopped giving my valuable opinion, because EOD, I end up doing work their style and then go home and cry about it.
    I think my eyes are not mine. Period. I cannot do anything exciting with them. I cannot raise a single eyebrow. I cannot roll my eyes dramatically. All I can do is see. How boring! 😦
    Have a rocking weekend! 🙂 😀

    1. I’s totally propagate the Paper shredder idea!
      And yes, we are those kinds, all words and no guts to actually go against the ‘process’ Hmph. Might as well save the precious opinions.
      Uh oh, I can totally lift one brow. But only one, the right one. Rolling of eyes I do often, but the size doesn’t guarantee visibility, hence the practice.
      You have a great one too!

      1. Oh me too…i mean the opinion bit…Coz an opinion is usually followed by work if u are not top management types!

        and i love love the paper shredder office…

        and yes proclaiming loudly about “bandwidth” ideas is great…but somehow the most jobless ppl do it the best!

        1. True true so true! Argh, I am actually reminded of the not so happy moments! Sigh, when will things actually happen our way 😦 But I am sure then people will complain about us the way we are right now! 😀

  4. ajay

    Paper shredder is a good idea. Oh and ditto with me on the retort thing. I can never think of a fitting retort when it comes to the crunch and then later, I regret it. Has happened with me many a times 😦 500 kg laptop!! This would beat a jumbo desktop or even a server. Which laptop is that 😀 😀 You too have a nice, fun-filled weekend 😀

    1. We all face the retort issue, but my problem is, the few times I do come up with something, I don’t say it. Argh! :S
      The laptop is the huge ironbox from DELL that all these companies distribute for free. Again, Ugh!
      Have fun :)!

  5. Tamanna

    Hahahahaha!!! You are HILARIOUS!! Now woman in my first job I never agreed to anything and never took suggestions and did everything my way. So between shooting off the email and the reply making its way to my inbox, there would be loud bawlign and screaming in my boss’ cabin (don’t wait – it was an agency. This sort of this was common and I LOVED my boss for not holding grudges against a fresher bawling at someone with over 20 yrs of agency experience :P). Thankfully most of the time our collective screams turned to collective squeals once the reply came in 😛

    But with time I have learnt that not all bosses are like that. So now I maintain a non committal expression and then do my own thing. And always “forget” to mark the boss on my emails if I don’t follow their suggestion 😛 Ant bhala toh sab bhala after all 😀 😀

    Stop bawling!! Just look at the goddamned weather.. It is possible to have fun without the husband around too! Go book shopping. Or just go shopping. And come back with a big dabba of pastry and a party pack of Coke and a nice movie and mazze lo!! Watch Indian Idol.. It is the final week! The Dude doesn’t like it remember? The TV Gods are only doing you a favour. USE IT!!

    Have a super duper weekend!!

    1. 😀 I like that you find it funny, esp since I am gritting my teeth!
      I hate conflict, I hate arguments, I want everything to be peaceful, and, I want everything to be my way 😦 Hence the difficulty!
      I have been unlucky in terms of bosses, and this is my worst phase ever, so, I have to fix things at my end.
      And yes, methods to overcome the Dude’s absence are being worked upon! Also, I already mentioned the Indian Idol thing to him!

      1. 🙂

        About wanting things my way and very peacefully at that, I can only say that I know what you mean. But I saw someone behave SO WEIRDLY in her old age after being like you and me all her life that I have now decided to give turning over a new life, a chance. I don’t want to end up like her dude!! Scary it is!! Just posted about it too 😛

        1. Oh, today? Need to check it then. You’re right, if that is the case , and the end result of being this way can be called ‘weird’ sometime, er, not worth it! 🙂

        1. Hehe! Please do! I have a huge bunch to shred myself today! The Dude left, so I am kinda depressed, not angry, but I am hoping the shredder helps that also!

  6. Coming here after a long time and what do I see? You are so oooooozing with positivity and all !!! 😀 Yay to you, sweets 🙂

    Paper shredder – great idea! Only I’m against printing too many items. I used to have that soft ball to knead!

    Eye rolling – totally works! And if you’re able to get that person to REALLY see you rolling your eyes, nothing like it!

    500kg laptop – Please get rid of it! We have one at home and I have a feeling my neck pain started because of it !!

    And yes, you deserve an awesome backpack for starting off on the positivity thing 🙂 You go girl 🙂

    1. SnS! I missed you!Too long girl! I HATE printing, the ‘process’ needs me to 😦
      Got to master the art of obvious eye rolling!
      And that’s it, I need a Macbook, and an awesome backpack to carry it 😀 Wot say?

  7. Well…the most positive thing about this was it made me laugh all the way 😀 (sorry!)

    Call The Dude, say you miss him, how dare he ditch you etc etc…and make him buy you a Macbook 😉

    1. 😦 Like I mentioned, y misery, your entertainment!
      Hehe, drama aside, glad you had a laugh! Hmmm, and that is exactly the path I intend to follow, with The Dude 😉

  8. Even though everyone one calls me optimism personified, I actually have days like you when thinking positive sounds like the most difficult task in the entire universe 🙂

    Sorry, but I too had been giggling all the way through your post 😉

    Stitching up the bag is so like me 😉 I hope it’ll make you feel little better 😀 😀

    Fight with him for that 700 kg load you carry every day to be able to fight with him 😉 😉

    You’ve earned yourself every right to DEMAND a Macbook…go for it girl 😉 🙂

    Hugs 😀

    1. *Hugs*
      I have noticed that being all ranty and sarcastic about misery makes me feel better!So in short, this can become my Glad game!
      Oh the bag looks closed now atleast, about better, no comments!
      And I am all enthu about getting the Mac as a bribe now, for all the pain I am being put through 😦

    1. Ooooh! I will take it a step further and draw pictures of the ‘mean ones’ and chop off their heads on paper at least! Hahahaha! I like these ideas! 😀

  9. momofrs

    LOVED this one DI.
    How come we all face the same stuff in office??!!

    Anyhow, I guess its been some time since I dropped by .The first thing I saw was the changed theme 🙂
    This one’s very pretty. Loved it the instance your page loaded.

    1. Thanks MomofRS! 🙂
      I have been playing with the themes since the morning, so don’t be surprised if it changes some 10 times today!

      And yes, Office does offer you a lot of entertainment, only it can be an overload at times!

  10. momofrs

    LOVED this one DI.
    How come we all face the same stuff in office??!!

    Anyhow, I guess its been some time since I dropped by .The first thing I saw was the changed theme 🙂
    This one’s very pretty. Loved it the instant your page loaded.

      1. Thanks Chinkurli 🙂 Did a lot of internet search today! The basic theme is the latest one from WP, and since it has the customisable background option, I tried a 100! It is awesome how many people make templates for public!

    1. I do I do! I have you on my reader too :o! It’s just that you did not update recently, did you? 😮 I am off to check RIGHT now! I am the most addicted blog hopper, I cannot not visit 😀

  11. @DI: I know that rocks…but you know what sucks? That WP is not like blogger, and won’t allow you to use outside free templates without shelling out $$$. Grr. One good reason to shift. Lucky for them I’m very lazy 😛

    1. True true! I shifted to WP because I thought it was very customisable, but it didn’t work. I am NEVER shifting though, once in enough!
      Oh, and I don’t mind at all! Spread the cheer! You’re one person who loves changing themes like I do, so go ahead experiment! If I have the energy, I am thinking of creating backgrounds in fact 😛

    1. Sigh. I know man, I guess the best way to get rid of frustrations is to laugh at them! 😀
      Er, yes yes, I am a mean person who makes him feel guilty all the time! 😀

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