My routine has becomes extremely disgusting lately. And the sad part is that (no, the disgusting bit was not the sad part, that was the obvious part)  this is going to last till The Dude returns. The week so far has gone by like this;

5:45 AM – Alarm rings. And to ensure that I do wake up, the cell phone is kept far away on the Chest of drawers. That, and because the charging point at the head of bed is used by God’s (or Karamchand Appliances Pvt. Ltd’s) gift to mankind, the All-out mosquito repellent. And the alarm tone set is called , wait, Morning Raga (yes, I checked my phone for the name), and sounds like music for some very shady Belly dancing performance, where everyone is in those Arabian costumes that women in Alif-Laila used to wear.

5:50 AM – Login to Gtalk. Actually I am logged in the whole night, because my office Laptop (the 500 Kg machine I wrote about) is very choosy about connecting through Wi-fi. And I cannot spend 15 precious minutes in my half asleep state trying to connect it in the morning. So, I connect in the night, turn of the Monitor, and go to sleep. Another plus can be that the damn thing will die out soon, and I will get the awesome Lenovo Laptop as a replacement.

5:50 AM – 6:20 AM – Awww, Lots of voice chat of Gtalk. I love Gtalk. And a download of what happened in the last 14 hours we did not chat. Yes, I know I was sleeping half of that time, but we still have a lot tell, always. If not, there is always space for some mushy miss you-me toos?

6:20 AM – 6:30 AM – Er, another attempt to sleep. Yes for those 10 minutes. I have mentioned my Subodh-ness once, and that does not allow me to start getting ready a minute before the stipulated time, 6:30 AM.

6:30 AM – 7:20 AM – Eh, the usual. Freshen up, have a bath, have a mini-breakfast, get dressed, stuff gym clothes into the laptop bag (I still don’t have a decent Backpack), all the while watching Zoom TV, which has decided to kill me by showing the same set of songs very morning. And this includes songs from 36 China Town. Seriously?

7:25 AM – Step out, and look for an auto. These are the worst 10 minutes ever, because I never find an auto willing to go where I want to, at the fair price. Or even double. By the way, those who were vehemently opposing the Meter-jam initiative, in defense of the ‘poor autowalas’, I hereby curse you to have to travel by autos every single day, and wish you get the worst of the lot. Then we’ll see.

7:45 AM – 8:45 AM – Bus. Window seat. Earphones. Sleep. Ah, bliss.

8:45 AM – 3:00 PM – Same old, same old. Yes yes, there is a lot of blog reading, tea breaks, attempts at Black magic, looking busy, lunch, etc, but that is not new. Let’s make this a bit more ‘The Ditcher Dude’ specific, yes?

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM – Chat. Work (or look like you’re working). Chat. Work. Chat. Chat. Chat. Ofcourse with The Dude. Who else will tolerate me for that long?

4:15 PM- 5:15 PM- Wait for the clock to show 5:15 PM. May be another tea break in between, but this is pretty much waiting time. Oh, and this also includes mass messages on Sametime to everyone in the team, announcing ‘Seconds to go’. Yes. We’re that jobless.

5:15 PM – Pack up! The Gym beckons! Yes, I know I sound happy, and I know it might be temporary, but the fact that the gym means getting to leave you workstation will always make it something that is looked forward to.

5:30 PM – 6:45 PM – Treadmill. Elliptical trainer. Weights. Or Abs. Some comments. Giggling. Complaining. Chatting. 3 sets? No more. How many calories? Just 200? Ugh. Stretch. Change. Pack. And we’re done.

7:00 PM – Run to the bus. Of course, it is not there. Hello! It is our bus.

7:20 PM – If all is well, the bus leaves. The day before it did not. Till 8:15 PM. So, you can just hope. But once in, it is back to Window seat, earphones, sleep. Ah, bliss. Oh wait. I forgot Traffic jam, pollution, loud honking, glares from the drivers of vehicles overtaken wrongly ( glares for the bus driver, I’m only watching). And in between, in bits and pieces, well, sleep.

8:45 PM – Reach bus stop. I know. Finally! Time for some haggling with autowalas again.

9:00 PM – Reach home. All is well.

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Dinner, cut vegetables et al for the next day, watch TV, logon to the internet, switch the monitor off.

11:00 PM – Oh My God I’m tired. And sleepy. And I am hoping I fall asleep on time. I have only 6 hours and 45 minutes. I should not forget to tell the Dude about…what…who…huh…zzzzzzz.

5:45 AM – Alarm rings.

Ah well, another day.


71 thoughts on “B.O.R.E.D.

  1. My alarm tone is Morning Raga too.. Yayyyyy! And only for the name btw 😛

    And you leave at 7:30 am, come back at 9 pm and STILL cut vegetables? Move closer to work girl!! The one time I had to do so much commuting, we switched to dabba food 😛

    Btw big hug!! Lots of really unknowingly cute things in this post.. Know what I mean? 🙂

    1. Hehe, how’re you so sure? If it is a Samsung phone, same hi hoga! 😀
      Er, actually, I did one of the last 4 days, but I somehow don’t mind it, one, because it’s only cutting veggies, and can be done in front of the TV, and two, makes me feel less guilty about not doing anything at home! Hehe!
      Hugs 🙂 Thanks!

        1. Hehe! Seems to be a favorite, I attribute it to it’s actual waking up powers, it does its job!
          Oh cool, you travel too? Then I have company! And I am buying a food processor to do the job in future, I have decided 😛
          Sigh, there is time. This is just the beginning.

  2. Such a pretty template DI :).. love it!

    Aww @waking up a 5:45 to chat with the ditcher 😀

    You cut vegetables after reaching home at 9.. haw! that is inhuman :(.. agree with Tamanna.. you need to shift closer to office

    1. Thank you! Took a lot of effort (googling) to find! 😀
      😦 I do I do wake up to chat! Sigh, things you do for love!
      I do intend to shift closer to office soon! Till then, will manage I guess 😉

  3. Aww I cud write a lot abt this horrible problem to get auto and reach home.
    The best thing that hs happened to me in life is probably finding this place 2 min away from work 😛 Thankfully, it hs not back-fired till now *touch a lot of wood* 😉 😉

    I should go listen to this Samsung Morning Raga nw 😛

    1. 😦 I need it for the 2 kms distance between the bus stop and home! Seriously, very unfortunate!
      Touch wood for your resolution! 😀
      Er, trust me, it will wake up even Kumbhakaran!

  4. 5.45 ? 😯
    what’s that attempt to learn black magic ? :-O
    I was about to look for the alarm tune when read the name ; but the mention of Alif-laila put me off. 😛

    1. Oh! You need to check my twitter updates on the right column to know 😉 Er, I am looking for some black magic solution which will make some peole jump off the 10th floor. Voluntarily. 😀
      Hehe, you remember Alif Laila? The music would be perfect for Morgiana’s dance in Alibaba!

      1. Are you on twitter ? and this template does not allow any widgets ? I can not spot any 😦

        I had almost forgotten alif-laila. thanks to you ; now that song “alif-laila alif laila” is coming back to me 😐

        and alibaba was part of alif-laila ? 😛

        When is dude coming back ? Without him around you are getting all violent 😆

        1. Heheh! It is there! On the right! Under the heading where I proclaim I never shut up? See see!
          😛 Yes Ali baba was one of the stories! It’s supposed to be Arabian nights remember 😉
          Oh, and he is coming only in October 😦 So you will have a lot of violent me to face!

      2. Bus kya ! Now Chandrakanta ? Kroor Singh ;

        “Chandra kanta ki kahani hain ..something something ” 😀 😀

        and babe you need to increase the comment threading in settings ..just saying ! 😛

        1. Will you believe it if I say I have no clue how that’s done? I thought it came with the theme? Can we change it? If yes, please tell me how! 😀
          Oh, I love long winding conversations out here, sometimes ruling me out completely and only between others! Sigh!
          Oh ya, that song, ‘Navgadh Vijaygadh me thee takraar, Navgadh ka tha jo rajkumar, Chandrakanta se karta tha pyaar’ wah wah, what poetry :)))

  5. I remember Kroor Singh. Even now I am scared if I don’t go for my once-in-three-weeks threading, I’ll end up looking like him!

    Abt the comments: Go to Discussion Settings> Other comment settings> and then select where it looks like this:

    Enable threaded (nested) comments X levels deep


    1. Hehe 😀 He was something huh? I am now for googling and trying to remember how each of them looked!
      Thanks for the comments bit, fixed it, and made it some 10! Now we can all talk here 😀 and make it look like I have a LOT of comments! 😛

  6. Wohoo!! I love people who wake up early 😀 😀
    That was one cute post and I simply love the smart way you tackle the 500 kg laptop, may your company get you the lenovo one soon 🙂

    I can so very understand how difficult it is to work when the workplace is so far from work 😦

    Take care dear and I hope your TV channel airs new songs soon 😉 😉

    1. CB! I am not a moning person at all! 😦 I am being made to wake up early due to circumstances! Things you do for love 😀
      Thanks, and I wish I get a new laptop soon too!

  7. You could almost be writing my routine!

    U know the DH in his bleedy 20 mins on the treadmill burns 220 cals. In the same 20 mins I burn about 85 cals. Right now, even the gym is the happiest hour for me!!

    I dunno wat I would do with the DH traveling. I would be pathetic and spend the entire 30 mins on g-talk crying and asking him to come back!

    1. 220 Cals in 20 mins! 😮 What does he do?
      Btw, The Dude happened to lose 2 kgs in 4 days of gymming, ang the needle hasn’t moved for me in 4 weeks! Life is unfair 😦
      About Gtalk, that is exactly what I do too :((

      1. he runs like an insane human being at some 15 kms/hr or something.. I do a pathetic 5.8km/hr or something.. not even half! Apparently, its part of his marathon training!

        I hate men and their ability to lose weight! we are supposed to be the one’s losing na 😦

        1. 15kms/hr :o! Eeep! Ok, it is all explained! The Dude does 12 kmph, and I gag even thinking about it!
          Hmmm, I true to keep it between 6.5 and 8, but I realise that I start wheezing like a 80 year old when I run for 2 mins! Damn the stamina (or the lack of it)
          And WE are the ones supposed to be losing it, and I guess that’s why we don’t 😦

  8. subbulakshmistoned

    Interesting schedule, DI. Ya, all I have been doing is college-home-yoga-chips-cribAboutweight-sleep. Sigh.
    And I like this template, although this girl towards my left is tad creepy. 😀

    1. Awww! You didn’t like ‘only eyes’ girl! I thought she was cute!
      The Dude looks at the template and says ‘ I like the hello kitty template you put’ . And I was the one who introduced him to Hello Kitty last week, when he called it, ‘some weird cat’.!
      We all have the super-busy routine I guess 😉

  9. Oh my how do you manage to wake up that early in the morning. I can’t do it even if my life depended on it 😦 And believe it or not, your day actually sounds much more interesting than mine. 😀

  10. Candid Chitchats

    E.N.O.U.G.H. of polambufying.
    Cheer up girl. Don’t become a lady Devdas now.
    You must have had a hep n happening life b4 marriage too, dincha?

    1. Sigh. Anyway it was different then. Had SO many friends, and of course the flatmates! Now everyone is GONE! I might be exaggerating a tad bit too , but still!

  11. LOL @ you taking all the stares from the auto-wallahs 🙂
    Poor you. Your day starts so early. In my last job, I used to travel 1n hour and 15 minutes too . But fortunately trains were only seldom late. No I remember all those traffic days back in hyd. Gosh.

    The last time Murali said he is going to canada for 2 yrs (yeah..2 yrs), I cried for the first two days and then partied later :))

    And then he cancelled his plan..LOL..Thank God..

    1. 2 years? TWO years? Was it a joke? I am sure it was!
      Yes yes, the traffic is bad, otherwise won’t take more than 40 minutes! God only save me 🙂

  12. I stopped reading and had to do breathing exercise after reading ‘Get up at 5:45’ Then I read to chat with Dude..Now THAT makes perfect sense 😛 😛

    So from what I see work is where you relax and get energy to go on with rest of your day 😀 Atta girl 😀 😀

    1. 😛 Ohh otherwise 5:45 is like midnight for me! And yes, Work is actually the place where all seems ok, the same and , well, even fun! 😀

  13. Masst schedule hai! Same story with Autos! Had to take 1 in sharing with an Aunty today because of lack of time. *shudder*
    I can understand the long travel parts! I do that everyday, for 1.5 hours. Thankfully I don’t have to cut vegetables and all too!
    Hang in there, girl. The Dude returns soon I hope! 🙂

  14. ajay

    You’ve got a busy schedule. I too love Gtalk but the voice chat doesn’t work properly sometimes. Oh and the theme looks nice! 🙂

  15. smartassbride

    di, take the laptop to the gym too. and put it on treadmill. it shud hopefully lose weight. okay, no tears of gratitude now 😀

    and i like the template too!

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