What to do, what not to do

Before people start worrying that I probably died of depression, or boredom (which I swear I will, if I do one more of these reports today), I thought I will prakatofy and give darshan.

So right now, it is 4:19 PM and I have another hour to go before I head to the gym. I miss the gym, considering I missed gym quite a bit during last week. To add to the blasphemy, I also injected preposterous amounts of high-in-taste-and-calorific value items into my system. What to do? Mom was here, and I was depressed, and I am sure you all know what Moms do to cure their daughters of depression. Feed them. And then feed them some more. Result; a very unfit feeling me.

But I am going to the gym today. And I hope to duck from the glares the instructor is sure to pass towards me, and rush into the changing room, get out and quickly get on to the elliptical trainer or the treadmill or whichever is available, and huff and puff away for the the next 20 minutes. It will do me good, hopefully. And burn away at least one of the tiniest squares of the 3  Bournville bars I consumed in the past one week. Let’s see.

In other news, I have found extremely useful ventures to keep myself busy during weekends. Like I am a lot into social work these days. And I have started entrepreneurial ventures too. To give a little more insight, I have now taken upon myself to provide the 320 souls on my Facebook account, their daily dose of laughter, by sharing all and sundry videos, which I suddenly have all the time in the world to watch. Either that, or at least I give their eyes good exercise. You know, rolling your eyes keeps them healthy? Yes, that way.

On the entrepreneurial front, I have started another game on Facebook, very similar to Farmville. Now before you go ‘ Oh God! Not again!’ or ‘like’ the ‘If you send me another Farmville request I will set fire to your farms and kill your cattle’ group, let me clarify, I do not add neighbours, or send gifts, or request gifts, or publish my achievements. I only play. Yes, so this game is called Retail Therapy. Ah, now you know. So here I have this boutique sorta thing and I basically order and sell clothes and shoes and bags. Yes. And of course, I decorate my store, and hire people and do all kinds of fancy business stuff  which is definitely not what I am doing at my real job. It helps me while away time.

Only, I have this one issue with it.  See, in Farmville, if you don’t harvest your crops on time, they wither away. In Cafe World, if you don’t serve your food on time, it gets spoilt. So guess what happens when you don’t unpack clothes you ordered on time in this game? Well. I would have guessed, nothing. But here, they catch flies. Seriously. If I go an hour later than the stipulated time to see if my order has arrived, I see dirty boxes, and flies swarming all over them. What nonsense. Seriously. Now I am without money, without clothes to sell, and a half done wall, the other half of which I can’t afford. Bugging.

I also am watching a lot of random movies on TV, which would not have seen the light (darkness?) of my room, if The Dude hadn’t been away. I was last watching Pardes, followed by Kuch Kuch Hota hai. And I have some new realizations. There is a reason Mahima Chaudhary did not make it in Bollywood. She has the most irritating voice ever. She can compete with Aishwarya Rai, when it comes to shrieking shrill voices. The only scene where her voice made sense is when she is talking on the phone from US with her Dad in India, because there, you are allowed to shriek, ISD calls were quite unclear back then.

Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Oh My God. I have kinda gone through phases regarding this movie. See, when I saw it first, I was in Class 11, and I was super-bugged that Kajol leaves Salman for SRK, who along with his daughter ( excruciatingly painful to watch that kid, expecially in the scene where she prays for Kajol’s wedding to be cancelled, Ugh!) should be given Selfish characters of the century award. I hated it. And then, all my friend convinced me that it was the right thing, because he was her true love, blah blah. A few years later, I was kinda ok with the concept. And now, I am again back to hating the whole story with all vengeance because, accept it, it sucks. Totally. One tight slap.

Anyway, I have no clue why I gave you a synopsis of age old Bollywood movies. Explains my state of mind. But like I said, I am well. And I’m alive. For all the concern and love and affection you guys gave through the sad phase, there is some bit of good news at the end of this very very disconnected post. So The Dude returns in a week. Wait. WAIT. He returns, but only for a week. Then he travels to London for a month. So that is not that great, but I get to see him, no?

Ok. Part two of good news. Hold your breath. No, I am not pregnant. So yes.  A week after he goes to London, guess what? I join him for a week! Yes! Yay! I have been dying to tell this, but I am a very superstitious person, so I was waiting to get the visa, tickets et al. So Touch wood, Touch wood, Touch more wood. And that’s the week of his birthday too, so yay me! I have something to look forward to in life after all! Ok, now I am grinning at my screen and that is not good for my professional reputation.

That’s that. It is now 4:51 PM, and I am all set to work that flab off! Be back soon! Happy week y’all, Monday’s almost over, so smile already!

P.S. Please excuse the title of the post. I have just been humming the song from Rangeela all this while, and for the lack of anything better, translated it for my very original title. Thanks for understanding.

97 thoughts on “What to do, what not to do

    1. Hell yeah, I am first!! 😀
      *Once again runs around shouting in circles*
      Your social work sounds good. Can I too take it up or are there some pre-requisites to the amount of “vella” you have to be in order to embrace this? *serious question*
      Oh and I have always hated Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. So much, that I never finished watching the movie! 😛
      Lastly, *many many hugs* for getting to go to London! 🙂
      So cool! 8)
      Yenjjay and full post on the trip, huh? 🙂

      1. Technically, I should not be commenting on your blog, considering you did not comment on my last post. But now that I have made you feel guilty about that by commenting here in full public glare, I feel better. So maaf kar diya! 😛

      2. Thankie! 😀 You are always as vella as you want to be girl, trust me on that :P!

        Been to London before, but that was for work, so this time should be fun! Yay! 😀
        Oh, and ok, I have serious issues with my reader. This is not the first time I missed a post! Off to check right now! 😮

    1. Yay! on the London trip.. Have a fab time, and burn those calories away this week so that you are ready for some lovely photos on the trip 😉

      Retail Therapy – sounds like fun, but flies, really? what were they thinking?

      1. 😀 Yes yes! That’s the plan 😉 I did work out quite a bit today!
        I know man, The Dude said they should say something like they went out of fashion because I delayed the unpacking :)) Good idea no?

  1. 😆 I so agree mums always cook irresistible foods whenever your sole aim is to loose weight 🙂
    Clothes getting flies in one hour flat?? I guess Farmville was better in that 😀

    But gave it all up so doesn’t bother me, only that now I am curious to go n watch this bit out for fun 😉 😉

    Wow! on the fact that you are going to London…have a blast dear and I love reading your rant posts for the fantastic dose of daily humor you serve 😀 😀

    Have a fantastic week ahead 🙂

    1. I know, I know! I think I gained all that I lost in the last month 😦
      Try the game, it is quite a good timepass!
      Thanks, though I should be all sad and say ; Yeah, my misery, your laughs’. but then that’s the idea! 😉
      You too have a great week!

  2. ok advice from the guru of cafe world: the food spoils in the time taken to cook the food. For example if chips take 3 mins – u need to serve it within 3 mins after cooking!

    Ok now i read the rest of the blog…love the theme

    1. Thanks! 😀 Oh ya, I remember, need to work out the details of this game though!

      Hehe, I know man, I keep watching that movie and getting bugged , everytime! Sorority life? Need to go check it out!

  3. oOohhh lucky lucky Di…going to london.

    and i can’t stop laughing at your vehemant opinion on Kuch Kuch hota hai…almost seems like a national issue 😛

    on an aside note – u can try sorority life on facebook…it’s quite fun!

  4. Yay, you have a great time in London! and id you’re still trying to pass time, I can give you the link to this awesome source of chick-lit. Best thing to read at work 😀

            1. 😀 😀 Danke! No, I haven’t checked it yet, off to! Done, fraanshipz is totally granted!
              @Piyu Will send it over to you too, and don’t blame me if Chinkurli already has and you have two copies in your inbox!

    1. Thanks babe! 😀 For the wishes, and for clarifying my doubt 😉
      Have you been writing too? I seem to be missing on a lot of updates on blogs on my reader 😦

  5. Ok bullet point replies:

    Gym – after all my gloating I missed a whole week of gym. Bad Dee. I thought I’d go today, but I missed today also 😦 Tomorrow I will go!!

    Dude coming back – Yay

    U going to London – Double YAY!!

    Kuch kuch hota hai – SRK is the only human I would seriously consider murdering for wearing that disgusting COOL chain!!

    1. Hehehe! I did miss most of last week too, but I got back today! You to do Dee! We can’t give in to any excuse!
      😀 Thanks and thanks!
      Oh yes, the clothes, THE clothes! Even Rani Mukherjee’s make up! Oh God!

  6. Me too bulleting 😀

    Dude coming back – Super!
    You going to London – Awesome!!
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai little girl – I dont know why no grown up in that movie told her “Shut up; dont talk too much” like I got told a million times when I was a kid! Hmph!!
    3 Bournville bars – Atleast a 100 calories more for you to lose :P:P:P
    Facebook games – NO IDEA!
    Oh, and I hate flies !

    1. Hehe, Thanks!
      And Thanks!
      Yes, yes totally agree!
      Sweetheart, it is a minimum of 500 calories! 😦 😦 I did burn some 300 yesterday though 😉
      Oh FB games are addictive, if you are vella ofcourse!
      My virtual clothes hate flies too!

  7. ajay

    Funny post 😀 I liked the title. That best explains the state of mind I’m in 😀 We are dhanya jo appne prakat ho ke darshan diya 😀 Lol @ prakatofy. Interesting Bollywood tidbits! I totally agree. And I am so sorry for my depressing story, even I was depressed while writing so didn’t read it to see how it felt. Anyway,forget it. All the best for your London trip. Have lotsa fun 😀

    1. No No! Ajay, dude, being able to write a sad story which actually moves the reader, and impacts his mood is actually a compliment to the style of the writer 🙂 You meant it to be sad, and it worked. Totally!
      Thanks! I avoid hindi words, but there was no alternative english word which had the same punch in the meaning 😉

  8. Facebook game.. don’t play them..don’t want to play them..
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hei..Too many flaws in that one..and the whole ‘hum eak baar pyaar karte hei’..krap..but that is my opinion about all Karon Johar movies.. oh and KKHH was the last movie directed by him that I saw so if there are any good ones after..too bad.. 😛 😛
    Yay for the Dude coming back..bunk work me say 😉
    London for a week with the Dude on his birthday..yipe yay.. (PS: Don’t you dare meet up with Ms Rays.. I am warning you.. Mind it 👿 )

    1. No Comfy, you really have missed nothing! I saw a bit of MNIK, and I thought I might as well lie down on a bed of nails or something, if torture is what I was looking at!
      It is close week, if I bunk, I will be trashed by the company 😦 Some timing this guy has! But I get to see him, that’s enough!
      Ooh, I totally forgot about Ms Rays! Thanks for the idea, chalo, will go and plan something 😉

  9. subbulakshistoned

    Ayyy DI! Every time you say good news and I imagine I am going to be a Maasi (he he, yes) and then you burst the bubble yourself. Not good, not good at all. I want to shop for baby clothes. Please? *melts DI with her eyes*
    Yay for the London trip! It is going to be superfun! Enjoy!! 🙂

    1. Oh ho. Sorry to disappoint you so many times! But what to do, I say ‘good’ and people start staring at my stomach. So, I have started clarifying beforehand! Don’t worry, when the actual good news happens, will let you know beforehand! 😛
      Thanks Thank! 😀 I hope so too!

    1. Thanks! 😀 And pray for me! There are people at every stage who want me to be sad 😦 Ok not every stage, but right here, around me , right now 😦

  10. hahaha… the title is nothing but ‘kya karein kya na karein’??? Tu na DI total LOL hai 😉

    KKHH and Pardes..I’m sure you’ve all the time in the world 😀 haha shrieking voice allowed on ISD…so you gonna do that when you reach the queens land shortly,eh ? 🙂

    Superstitious?? Me too..so I too have to let the cat in the bag only until it’s THE right time 🙂 So touching all the possible wood in my house for you 😀 good luck…

    I just hope you don’t bug people on that long flight with your LOL stories 😉

    Loved,Loved..totally loved the post girlie 🙂

    1. Nu! Tu waapas aa gayi! 😀
      I do, I do, all the time, and nothing to do. No ya, I remember that’s how calls used to be back then, abhi to Gtalk hai na, sasta and kifaayti! 😀
      Oh yes, I am totally, so thanks!
      And no no, will keep mum, and stay all serious on the flight, promise 😉
      Thanks, always there, to make you laugh! 😀

        1. What? You became a total lurker from first commenter! Hehe, I hope Sags doesn’t hear this too, though I am sure she won’t mind, no Sags? 😛

          1. *what have I done to deserve this look* … ek chutki friendship ki kimat tum kya jaano Nu.. tumne toh hume apna banane se pehle hi apraya kar diya!!1

            And DI.. now wait!! am not giving u any leads about new posts now.. i thoght u were my friedn!!!

  11. oh forgot to mention your template is wow and I’ve scratched my head upside down and haven’t yet understood how to get this fab look…now if you can have some mercy on me and let me know..will you ?

    1. Oh, missed this. Very simple ya. See, I changed my theme to the latest one that was added, ‘Oulipo’ or something. Then, that has a customizable background option, and the internet is full of free blog backgrounds! So take your pick and upload 😀 Let me know if it works!

    1. 😛 I am a hardcore DDLJ fan! So I wont say all SRK movies 😀
      Hehe, thanks thanks, will try to keep things as they are till The Dude returns 😉

  12. DI, first this template is damn good…I sort of like that girl on the left side…feels like its you and you are talking to me… 🙂 Special hugs.

    Oh, these FB games – I run a mile from them – quite addictive. 🙂

    So happy abt ur vacation…enjoy and have loads of fun…take awesome pics and put on FB for me… 😉

    Oh, KKHH – it came last week right ??? I too watched it for a while surfing channels…now that I’ve seen it so many times, its sort of stale.

    And dear lady in blue jeans, I am so glad that I know you thru your blog…it was awesome sweet of you to do such a surprise thing alongwith the other sweet girls. I sure had lots of fun. 🙂

    1. Thanks! 😀 I am so glad you liked the surprise! Hugs!
      Will definitely take pics, and put them up on FB!
      KKHH comes all the time, and I dislike it, but I always end up watching it, God knows why!
      I am sure you don’t have the vetti time I do, so you might as well stay away from FB Games! Gah, the day just flies by!

    1. Wah wah! What a title 🙂 I take that note of thanks for understanding 😛 😛
      I lovved ur bit abt those movies – Sigh! I hate such selfish and even these sacrificing fools too 😉

      Woww! London and for the Dude’s bday is niceeee 😀
      Hv a gr8 time 😀

      Sigh! u so make me wanna eat chocolate now 😦 Bad DI 😦

      1. I don’t know about cool Swaru, but when I don’t have anything to post about, I change the look! 😛 Explains how busy I am!
        Thanks for the wishes! Bournville is good chocolate, dark choc no, so I tell myself it is not that bad for health!
        Oh and SRK and his sacrificial face, barf!

    1. Comfy scared me, and asked me not to meet you :o!
      Hehe, travelling on the 17th September, the plan regarding what I will be doing there is not finalised yet! But I am there for sure! More on mail! 😀

    1. 😀 Thankieee!
      Oh yes, That’s become a regular part of my daily schedule now 😉 What will you do when I stop being online for such long hours Sags! Who will you bug then? 😀

      1. lolz.. u sound straght out of Kal ho na Ho scne when Priety Zinta asks this to her friend – shaadi karogi , phir woh tumhe chorke chala jayga .. phir kya karogi bolo” and she replies.. kya karungi doosri shaadi kar lungi 😉 .. added swaram yest … got it? 🙂

  13. I liked only one movie of Kjo and that’s KKHT . 😀

    Good to know abt your travel plans with the dude 🙂

    Btw didn’t like this template at all :|difficult to read text on either sides.

    1. KKHT? Now which is that movie? 😐
      Thanks! And no thanks for not liking the template 😦 Ok, now I have to change it! Ooh, that means more timepass! 😛

  14. Hoi DI! happy journey and happy reunion with The Dude! and touch wood(i really did touch the wood thing this keyboard rests on. that counts right?)

    and flies thing is super fun, who would have thought, huh? 😀 but im glad it’s not fungus. in this house i used to share with the best friend, the house was always damp. so if we left a wet towel inside, it would be fungus infested in the evening! ugh!

    1. Thankie! And I really meant the touching wood thing, so thanks again, and yes that thing counts, totally! 🙂
      I know man, THAT might have been gross, though I do know what you’re talking about! Hyd ain’t that humid, but there have been mossy, fungussy days sometimes!

  15. Stumbled upon your blog. I must try Retail Therapy on FB. Clearly it is made for women like me. I recently downloaded a spa-game on my husband’s iphone where you have to cut hair and give facials to customers. Silly, I know, but soothing after a long day of sitting in front of a computer. Totally agree on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. My favorite part is Dadi going off to summer camp with the kid and of course, the dad follows and pretty soon the entire family is camping there. But I used to have a huge crush on SRK during my teen years so I looked past all that back then. Now it would be intolerable to watch that movie I think. Nice blog!

    1. Thanks Padma! 😀
      Oh these games are such timepass! I like the idea of giving a haircut, that should be fun! Hehe!
      Oh yes, the KKHH was ok in parts, the music too was pretty nice, but I just got bugged with the injustice to Kajol!
      Thanks for leaving a link! And keep visiting!

    1. Hehe, I think this is just a starting phase thing, being concerned about how bad missing gym looks! 😀 So not sure how long it will last!
      Oh, and yes, Retail Therapy is goood fun! Check it out for sure!

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