Learnings from the future

Yet another reason why such movies should not be scorned! Hello, this one has made it to the Tuesday Tangy picks!
I always feel that my posts are too much of a ramble to actually give any sort of information or insights, which will actually help mankind, or in other words, the kind who read this blog.

So, despite the fact that I am in fact having an extremely busy Sunday, filled with watching movies on Zee Cinema, reruns of FRIENDS and How I met your mother, eating, sleeping, surfing the net, sleeping and eating some more, I am here to write a post. Such is my sincerity.

Anyway, I already mentioned that I have been watching random movies on TV yes. So this is just one of them. Love Story 2050. Yes, I know this movie faced a lot of flak from critics and audiences alike, but when I finally watched it, or rather an hour of it, I fail to understand why it was treated in such an unfair manner. It teaches a lot of things, which cynical minds like ours fail to see, but I , have made note of. And I am determined to share this with the rest of my readers too.

You’re totally uncool if you have never shoplifted – You read? Bleh. You like poetry? Double Bleh! Dude, you’ve not lived your life yet. Oh, so what should we do to be cool, and ensure that we have lived life to the fullest. Aha! Let’s shoplift! And let’s pick this cute little pink hand puppet like thingie, with five heads, which we name Winky Dinks as soon as we step put of the shop. Wow! See, now we’re cool! Yay!

When you have love, you don’t need luck – Whenever our hero is out to embark on a challenge, be it telling the love of her life that he does in fact, love her, or when he sets out in the time machine to find her, and his supporting stars wish him ‘Best of luck’ he retorts with a very strong;
‘I don’t need luck, I have love’
I am so impressed by this line, that I am thinking of writing a Self-help book with this as the underlying theme. It will sell, I can see it, it will be a hit.

When in doubt, look at the butterfly – So many times, we reach crossroads, where we know one of the routes is right, but we are unable to decide which. The same happens here too. The love of our hero’s life  leaves him, and he does not know to where. However, he does know it has to be one of 4 trains that just left the station. But how will he know which? Enter butterfly. An animated one, but still. It flies and sits on one of the names on the screen. And yes, that is where she went. Same butterfly will later ( 42 years later) fly and sit on a hoarding showing his love, when he does not know where to look for her. Yes, very dependable.

One should not want ice cream when the weather is cold, and your driver refuses to step out of the car – Er, poor girl, think of it. She is all ‘Oh I love you, I am so happy, I want ice cream right now’ and then this guy refuses to get out of the car, and she has to cross the road on foot. And she waves, and smiles, and blows him kisses from the other end, and is practically skipping and hopping across the street. When she is hit by a bus. And dies. I am totally reminded of Tamil movie scripts where they just have to kill someone somehow. Fortunately (or unfortunately) this is not the end.

The theory of rebirth – The theory of rebirth states that if you die in your sleep, or rather die a peaceful death, you will be born in a different form in the next birth, like a horse, or a donkey , or a dog or something. But if you die violently, you’ll be born looking exactly the way you look now. Your hair color may change, from black to red, but you’ll look the same. Which brings us to our next point.

You can’t change the past, but you can influence the future – So the movie is called Love story 2050. Obviously you’ve got to get the future here. But there has to be a reason right? There is, the theory of rebirth I just explained? So, basically, since Lady love has died, and the hero wants her back at all costs, he travels to the future to get her, where he is sure she is reborn and looks the same. How does he choose the year? Let me think. Oh yes, once when they were tinkering around in the Time machine , she closes her eyes and presses 2050. That’s how. Yes, yes, he finds her there, with red hair? Why he can’t go to the past, and stop her from crying for ice-cream, we don’t want to know.

Robots have emotions too – If you do end up travelling into 2050, we would have a lot of robots with feelings et al to do all our work. They will be called Cutie/Sweetie and all, plus they will name you as per the ‘section of their heart in which they store you’. So if you’re lucky, the robot will store you in Section C and call you SecC (SecC, Sexy, you get it? Huh? Huh?). Our hero is. Lucky, I mean.

Reach for the skies – This one is inevitable. The way we have jammed our roads with traffic, we really need to take over the skies. And the movie says, we’ll. Only , the skies will be as packed. Hello, we have stage shows being done in the sky, and of course, all our vehicles zoom around in the skies. Yes, so the world will start looking a little animated, but that’s ok, we’ll deal with it?

Gambling is wrong – Ok, this one is not from the movie really, but it is an offshoot. The point is, there is no other explanation for Priyanka Chopra actually having done this movie, except that she gambled and lost some $40000 million, and this was the way she was asked to repay. Cruel, inhuman, I know, but that’s what happens when you indulge in such wrong doings.And then, I switched the TV off. I know, I know, there was so much more scope, especially since a pink colored stuffed bear, with blue ears, and a baby voice had just entered the scene.But I had work the next day, and there is only so much learning my little brain can take in a day, yes? And I  am sure you’ve had enough too. I will leave it here for now.

Next chapter, Learnings from Karzzzz. Have an inspired week!

72 thoughts on “Learnings from the future

    1. Am so glad Dude is coming back 😀 .. no gald for all of us more than u 😉 *runs* .. but u know what this is actually an insighful post. But guess u missed one heading – you are not a girl if you don’t talk to your soft toys!!!! .. how could u miss that esp after 2050???? 😉

  1. First ain’t first when the post is informed about! However, if I hadn’t told ya, poor post would have stayed unread the whole night, so Yay, first!

    And yeah yeah, don’t worry, I will be back with such awesome insightful posts once he deserts me again! 😛 So you spoke too fast! * Evil laughter *

      1. It’s all about you sweetie, I am telling you, you got all the luck ;)!
        Will be back to reading and commenting tomorrow, you been busy with posting right? 😉

  2. Wow! now if you gained so much insight in one hour flat, I can’t even come to imagine what all you would have learned had you watched the full movie 😉 😉
    I have never learned so much stuff from any movie ever.
    The maximum morals I can draw from a book or a movie almost always stick to one 😀 😀
    You are a pretty cool reviewer for sure 😀

    Enjoy your week ahead 😀 😀

    1. Ooh, I am sure there would have been a LOT more if only I had watched more, that’s why I stopped 😉 That movie is a treasure hole of insights! 😀

      1. Hehe, yes to gain full enlightenment, the subtitles are necessary! 😉
        And DW ; Karzzz? I also liked it baba, just like I liked this. Very inspiring these movies. Wow.

          1. Hehehe, ok this is confusing me. Wanted is actually super hilarious, for that matter Salman’s presence makes any movie that way! 😉
            But I aspire to review that too, ooh, and Maine Pyaar Kiya, wow, I am all enthu now. But why are you calling this a review? This was insights, please, this was all about learnings. 😉

            1. Ok, no review. Just the learnings coz I was so busy lauging hard throughout the movie that I missed all the teachings. Hence the request, O Intelligent one 😀

  3. Sigh. Very very insightful. I am sooper impressed! Lol on the gambling bit! 😀
    I am now actually interested in Karzzzz, that ought to have been even more educational! 😉
    I like your background, especially the part where you that pic of yours and The Dude’s, it jells so well!

    1. Thank you Thank you. Always aiming at providing you enlightenment.
      Erm, Yes, Karzzz will follow, except I might miss out on bits where I actually went zzzzz.
      And thanks about the background too! 😀 I am such a technically challenged person, this was an accomplishment 😀

  4. why do I get the feeling that reading this post is way more entertaining that watching that movie 😀

    Also, love the template, the blog is looking lovely 🙂

    1. No no, I refuse to hear anything less than ‘awesome’ when we talk of this movie. You have to watch it to understand it’s awesomeness Piyu 😉 My post was a mere reflection of what the movie is actually about!
      (You can also read this as, if you found the post funny, you will probably faint laughing while watching the movie)

      1. 😀 Thank you Swaram, always there to help you live your life better! Hehehehe! yes you will get an autographed copy, and if you gimme more food for thought, I will credit you too! 😀
        No no, I repeat, you gotta see the movie, each perspective will give us more enlightenment! 😀 Or perhaps you can watch the second half, and let me know your thoughts. Peace.

  5. you girls learn and dig out so much from anything and everything.. there Sags is hooked to that item song and here you to this movie which I never planned to watch and certainly didn’t 😉

    But your learnings are wow 😀 But did these arouse the feelings in me to watch the movie…nah ! Now that I’ve learned everything here only why bang my head there 😉

      1. 😀 Thanks! I am telling you, this is the maximum I have worked on the blog’s look! And I am always there to help ya! Just let me know what you want help with! * does a happy dance cos someone thought the blog design was good!*

        1. what help ??? I emailed you for asking help for buying that Remington Iron and you haven’t responded yet 😐

          I’m so low on priority for you…sob sob sob !!!

    1. Oh, actually I think I am subconsciously impacted by Sags’ sense of gyan these days! 😮 OMG, now I am worried!
      But trust me, you’ve got to watch this movie! 😀

  6. LOL DI. U r a very noble soul to share ur findings with all of us 😛 God bless u 🙂

    And do write that book on love and luck 😀 Cn I get an autographed copy 😉

    1. You COULDN’T read? You don’t know what you’re missing! 😮 Tsk Tsk, today’s youth!
      I made the background on powerpoint, with all pics, made it transparent and then added it as the background

      1. Okies..read this one 🙂

        ‘I don’t need luck, I have love’..LOL,

        I saw that movie for 5 minutes and changed the channel. Nice take.

        Any congo for blogadda thing 🙂

        1. Finally! I am telling you, you kids these days don’t know the right place to look for enlightenment 😀
          The guy says that line something like a 100 times in the movie. No wonder luck deserted him when the movie was released 😉
          Thanks! 🙂

  7. and by the time the Dude is back…Di shall be a full time gyaani with all the inputs the world is providing her…Ummmm come back Dude…she is watching Love story 2050…this has to be a crisis…come back come back

    1. He is sitting right next to me as I type this :P! Your prayers have been answered! Hahaha, but he leaves again after a week, so expect more gyan. Choose the movie. I already recommended Karzzzz! 😀

  8. Congrats on the Tangy Tuesday pick !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    But DI, how did I miss this post ??? This one didnt show in my reader !!!! 😦 😦 😦

    1. I don’t know! 😦 No one seems to have read my super insightful post! And I didn’t even see the pick! How did you know??
      Thanks a tonne!

  9. Thank you DI, for this insightful journey into that movie, which I avoided like plague. ha ha ha…totally funny take on all the serious matters I guess…

    But how can they make such dumb movies ??? Thats why ppl cant understand Inception – becos the mind is needed to work while watching that movie.

    Good analysis – Congrats once again on the Tangy Tuesday pick by Blogadda. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Noo, I am all inspired to watch it though, I have a feeling it will not fail me in the insights department! 😀
      Thanks for the compliment on the background! 😀 😀 and the pick, which only I did not seem to know about! 😮

  10. DI, that second butterfly is the great-great-so many greats- grand daughter of the first butterfly. theirs is a helpful family.

    loved this post! the recent posts have been so good!

    1. Ahh, now that explains. That seems to be one helluva generous family of animated butterflies, fluttering around, doing good to mankind!
      Thanks Abi, life is just giving me too many opportunities! 😉

  11. My first thoughts…How could you continue watching the movie after the scene where Priyanka wears that stupid white outfit.

    Secondly, thanks for making it fun. 🙂

    And yayy! Tangy tuesday pick..awesome..

    1. Hehe, trust me, the outfits made it even better! Like the fact that in 2050, all outfits will have only metal and leather in them, ugh!
      Glad you enjoyed, and thanks! 😀
      Yes, karzzz is the way to go! 😉

  12. This is a completely ROFL post di 😀 You have explained it so well that I don’t need to see the movie. So much gyaan 😀 It had the Sec C joke?! I thought we’d left them in school long back. Can’t get lamer than this. But kudos to you for braving the torture for an hour. Cool template and congrats on the Tangy Tuesday Pick. We want more such insightful posts now 😀

    1. Thanks Ajay! 😀
      Btw, Sec C thing was not a joke, and I am not being sarcy, the robot actually said it in all seriousness, it was supposed to be very touching!
      I will give you more insights, not to worry, since The Dude has decided to ditch me for a month again!

  13. Thanks for reminding me about what Love Story 2050 is all about. Really. Because I blocked the whole experience of watching that movie out of my mind. Now it’s all coming back to me. Aaargh!!!

    Nice post! 🙂

  14. Just 1 line… Havin 2 words…7 letters…a space…and loads of “!”
    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps your blog is my best timepass

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