Good examples

Optimism –
The London Underground announcement system. Which oozes positivity while making announcements regarding closed lines during the weekend. Sample this. “ This is X (random station). For maintenance purposes this weekend, lines A,B and C are not operating. Lines D & E will have limited service, and will not operate between Blah-blah and blah-blah. There is good service on all other lines’ Oh, wait. Clincher. There are only 5 lines A B C D E at X. Optimism? I think so!

Good Luck –
The English weather’s decision to be so, so kind to me, and be grey and gloomy for just 2 of the 9 days I spent there. And that too, on non-weekend days.

Bad Luck –
Not being able to meet people I was sure I would, with all the time in hand, just because of super-silly Gmail. Sad. Next time hopefully?

Gluttony –
The consumption of a whole portion Fish n Chips. Only, I did not know that would mean a foot long Cod, covered in batter and deep fried, and a half Kg of fries to go with it. Seriously. Two words. Over. Ate.

Pretty –
The Thames at night, those lights, and the nip in the air. And the two pints of beer inside. Ah. Bliss.

Sigh –
Location – Home
Time – 6:50 PM, yesterday
Setting – The Dude and I have been on Voice chat on Google for the past few hours, and are sending each other videos/songs which we then watch together. Yeah. I know, weird. But that’s not the mush bit. Anyway, so I am in a major B/W mood, so I am sending him all old gems like ‘Bekaraar kar ke hume’ and ‘ Yaad Kiya dil ne’ and stuff. When I say “ I actually like the Amitabh-Rajesh Khanna songs more, you know, 70s-80s” The Dude replies with a “ Yeah, they were a few very good ones”. And I say “ I love this” and I ping this.
And simultaneously he says “ I like this one a lot” and pings,  yes you guessed it right, this
Yes, yes, the same song. If this is not sigh, seriously, what is. Sigh.

This weekend. I watched ‘De Dana Dan’ on TV people. You need more proof?

Laziness –

PS – I am back, really, and no, this is not my Holiday post at all. You need to look at it more like one of those “So” “What else” and “Then”s which usually fill the gaps in conversations? Till of course I come back with more to say, and you know, then it’s tough to stop me really, so enjoy the time off, yes?


39 thoughts on “Good examples

    1. We hv hd enuf time off already 😉 So u better get to posting all the holiday updates err whatz allowed I mean 😛
      Lovely post, loved the Sigh part the most 😉

      1. I did nt c who ws linked to ‘people’ during my first read 😉 Aww u missed 😦 😦
        But my evil side says ‘See she hd it 😉 She hs nt met the one in Hyderabad, even while she has so much time @ hands without the Dude 😉 and she wants to go meet ppl elsewhere’ LOL 😆

    1. 😛 That’s why I wrote, but ofcourse it was the same song! But cool eh, you’re getting trained for the future!
      I really hope I do the holiday update, I am SO lazy, and so out of ideas 😦

    1. 😦 Only you understood me so far Nuttie! Everybody thinks I should be happy abt the holiday, but I am only upset about getting back! And don’t be mean to me, else I will subject to you a full fledged review of De Dana Dan! :S

        1. Muhahaha! That will be for Nuttie’s eyes only! Infact, I think I should venture into more movies with deeper meanings for the sake of the blog and my enlightenment!

  1. ajay

    Ah! finally you’re back. So a hearty welcome back 😀 That’d be the height of optimism, no? 😀 But you summed it up so briefly, ekdum saste me! We want a full travelogue 🙂 And that song – O sathi re…it’s a big tear-jerker. Every time I listen to it, I get all emotional and weepy type. Now let me shed some tears in memoriam of lost love 😀 😀

    1. Thanks Ajay! 😀
      Like I said this is just the ‘so’, ‘what else’ in the conversation that is my blog! 😀
      No no, it’s not sad! Write happy love stories right now :S!

  2. Looks like London was fun, with good weather (gasp!) and greasy, English food (yumm!). Remember, holiday calories DO NOT COUNT (or rather must not be counted, samll difference really..). And an ‘awwww’ for all the sweet songs you guys are sharing. My boyfriend and I were in a super-long-distance relationship for two years. We used to play multi-player word-games, dominoes, etc. on yahoo games (there may be cooler ones now). Good for the long-distance, those games, I tell you.

    1. Oh ya ! And I forgot to mention the greasy cheesy burger from Borough market! I am hoping I worked out those calories with ALL the walking we did 😀 And I am back to gym, so phew! And games is so much fun yes! The Dude and I used to do a lot of that on yahoo too, total fun, esp when you’re out of stuff to talk about! 🙂

  3. He haaa haaaa haaa.. he haaa haaa haaa.. you two did not get to meet.. buuhaaa haaa haaa.. I told you not even to try 😛 😛

    Aww honey..hope the dude is back soon..and all these endless gmail chats are done with..


  4. Me like the “Sigh” part the best….its not mushy huh ??? But I love the strong telepathy between both of u… 🙂 🙂

    So, ur trip was good ??? Wheres the pics ????

    Aaahhh, u missed meeting CelestialRays ??? Oh dear…I too hate it when I miss meeting with a fellow blogger…

    Like all the tit bits – including that 2 pints of beer…fish and chips…everything that made ur trip good…. 🙂 🙂 Glad to see u back. 🙂

    1. 😀 I love the jinx moments too!
      Er, up soon! You can check some on FB though!
      Oh, and yes I missed meeting her 😦 And somehow, I have noted that I like having the finer detail, and the bigger picture is all hotch potch! 😀
      Thanks Ums, I am glad to be back too!

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