Why-why, itna cry, karte hain kaiku?*

I started writing a post under this title yesterday, one of those very few cases where I actually thought of the title before the post. Good going. Else you’ll be subjected to random titles like ‘ Blue and Yellow’ and ‘ Whatever’ and ‘So’ and all that. The reason of choosing the title yesterday and today are totally different though.

Anyway, this post is the result of the stupendous failure of Plan A , that was thought of a couple of months ago. You know, the whole, let’s find out the best way to deal with the situation idea? Yeah, that. Didn’t work. I am not sure how much I expected it to, but seriously, this level of failure, was a shock to me too.

Yeah, so back to the title, have you heard this song? If not, you might find it a tad funny. And if you have, you will definitely find it funny. It is a funny song, and John Abraham looks seriously funny (oxymoron alert, in fact if you see John, you might have a moron alert too . Haha, I am so hilarious, I know), while doing the ‘Fly-fly’ bit. Anyway, so my latest theory, Anyway, so I am back on track doing what I vehemently opposed in Plan A? Yes, I am going to ask myself precisely what the song asks, and then go ahead, and spot my silver lining, or one silver spot, or at least, one  relatively less dark bit in my super dark cloud.

– The long commute torture
My point is, if not for the commute, and the route, I would not know of every sale in town would I? I mean, I end up spending enough time stuck in traffic to actually look through the windows and even select what I should buy for myself. I chose a pair of high-heeled pumps from Woodland like that. Sad, I could not read the price tag, or it would have saved us the drive to the place.

– Dislike for certain species at work
Ok, these are obviously the same breed that I mentioned in my Plan A. So, they exist. So, they cannot be avoided. So, I have no choice but to see them all the time. And that, really, really is not good for me, or my nerves, or in general for my health or for the health of those around me. So, what do we do? This one is simple, think about it. If not for these people, we would so totally run out of things to complain and discuss about during lunch/coffee breaks! The best times at work, these would be totally lifeless if all was happy and rosy and pretty! Imagine smiling all the time, talking in sweet tones, no hyper reactions, no nicknames, no hush-hush conversations, and that is so very bleh.

– The constant body pain
Yeah yeah, the pain from all the gymming. In my gym post, someone mentioned the pain never goes, because we push ourselves more and more, and seriously, I didn’t believe it then. Right now, I could not agree more. I mean, I am not happy about it, but it is true. So what is so good about the pain, especially when the weighing scale pin stands still and refuses to budge? I am thinking. I am thinking while typing. And after 5 minutes of deep thought, the only positive thing about the pain I could come up with is, that you no longer feel the pain from small bumps, slips, etc, which are like a norm in my life. You’re always in so much pain, that these things, well, disappear under the blanket of the over-all pain. Good enough?

– The bad bad weather
Let me start by saying that never in my life did I expect to call grey, cloudy, rainy weather bad. Bad-bad, that’s twice  as bad (not Bad minus bad = zero, in case you were confused). But right now, I am only worried that this rain is some sorta preview to the 2012 disaster. But what is good about it? Ok, one, electricity bills are low, no need for air-conditioning, and there are always the power cuts to break even. Ok, and forced two would be, it kinda motivates me to go to gym, because it usually rains around the time the 5:45 bus leaves, and that means major traffic jam, so I am all like, ‘good thing I am going to the gym, it will get better when I step out at 7’. Whether it works or not is another story, but I end up going to the gym, so.

– The closing of Subway at office
I am a Sub sandwich maniac. When I had just started working, I used to live at this place which had a Subway outlet between the drop point and the house. So I would pick a sandwich and a cookie, once in a while. However, the usage of ‘once in a while’ was proved to be incorrect in the context the day the counter opened in our office. The guy at the stall said, ‘Veggie delite, with cheese, mayo & mustard, and no onions? Oh, and a double chocolate chip cookie?’’ with a smile as soon as he spotted me. Point to note, I moved from that house 4 years ago. Anyway, so they closed the counter, It hurts, because that is the one healthy (do NOT bring up the cheese and mayo, I swear) thing I love. And the good thing about it is, hmmm, well, it reminded me to put this incident up on my blog, I had totally forgotten about it. Yes, that’s the best thing about it.

– The Dude’s travel
Oh, well, accept it, there is nothing good about this one. No, even the vacation doesn’t justify it. It sucks, period. And I totally am allowed to wallow in self-pity for this one.

That being said, I will repeat that the common awesome thing about all the cry-worthy things in my life, is the fact that it gives me so much to think about, and then so much more to put on the blog too. It is not just like that the ‘Whiney-me’’ tag shows in such a large font on the sidebar. So, I guess, I might as well enjoy the misery while it lasts?

*CB, that translates to “Why, why do we cry so much?” Kinda obvious, I know but I like the star and reference thing, so.

48 thoughts on “Why-why, itna cry, karte hain kaiku?*

    1. Ok, Nu, Sags are out at lunch I guess… 😉 😛

      First explain, if the title is the song where John looks like a moron !!! I just dont know abt all these songs, until u or Sags take the time to explain all abt them in ur posts… 😉

      Hugs to you, DI…for finding positive things in every act which u didnt like first…not everyone can do it…even if u have done it for the post, this writing will inspire u to look at the brighter side of things !!! 🙂

      Hey, you can read books too, in ur long commute…when I worked, I had to travel for 1 hr up and 1 hr down…so, I’ll always board the bus with a book… 😉 But I like looking at things on display tooo. 🙂 When the bus crosses T.Nagar, I’ll naturally close the book. 😉

      Oh dear..when u shifted, probably Subway went into heavy losses and they closed down… 😉 Were u the sole customer over there… 😉

      Oh…not again…is he going for a short time or what ???

      Hugs to you…keep blogging, it helps to keep the mind busy. 🙂

      1. Yeah yeah, that song only! See, first of all the lyrics are funny, plus John looks hilarious! Hehe, check it out!
        Books is an option, I listen to music all the way! It’s too dark when I leave, I think I should get an Ipad/Kindle 😉
        Oh, and I am trying to be positive 😀 Also, aiyyo, the Subway in my office closed now 😦 Not the old one
        And The Dude did not return from the first trip Ums! That’s still going on! He came for 4-5 days and left again 😦 But he is back for good on Sunday!
        Hugs to you too! Blogging is therapeutic totally! 😀

  1. Lol…2 funny Di…for us the silver lining of your cribs and rants is this brilliant post!!

    Yes my child u are allowed to wallow in self pity…i still can’t believe u are not allowed to sue for such situations!

    1. Argh, I should have put it in the marriage agreement ! :S I did not expect this, what to do? 😦
      Oh, and yet another silver lining for me too! The fact that you found it funny 😀 😀

    1. Mental health 😀 I am going mad, and growing violent I feel 😉
      Err, contorversies apart, I have a lovely team, and the place is awesome! The two people I cant deal with are not exactly important enough (personally) to spoil the other stuff! 😀
      Thanks btw! 🙂

  2. I have to visit you-tube for the song now 😛
    You are still sticking to the gym!! I am proud of you :). Results will come.. Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai 😀

    I heart sub-ways too.. and the best part we have a sandwich counter in office that makes em, very much similar to subway 😀

    @ Dude’s travel – hugs.

    1. How come no one’s seen this song? 😮 Rehman’s music, Abbas Tyrewala’s movie, ‘Jhootha hi sahi’?
      And yes, I am still going to the gym, yay me 😀 Thank you Thank you!
      You’re lucky, actually if you have the right ingredients Subs can be whipped up at home! We did it once in a super enthu mood!
      Oh and I am being all greedy and gathering so many hugs, The Dud’e travel being a reason 😀 Another silver lining? 😉

  3. kay kay itna kay karte kayko hum 🙂

    I love your writing DI !! And you touch every corner of the mood that one can relate to it very easily !

    There are so many LOL liners in the post ki maja aa gaya padh ke 🙂

    Oh I’m SUBWAY maniac too…I can survive on that solely !! And I’ve written to them to open up an outlet here in Indore too..and yes they responded saying that its on radar,YAY !

    Gyming is tedious and boring and you’re still at it,bravo ! I must learn some tips from you !!!

    1. 😀 Heheh! You know the song, thankfully! Phew!
      Thanks Nu 🙂 Total dil-se post 😉 Glad you liked!
      And subway totally rocks, especially when it comes to food that can be tasty and healthy! Not many in the category right?
      Gym has been good so far, and my tip would be join with a group of people, and never in the morning, if you’re not a morning person! The group usually helps in motivating you on lazy days by going themselves!

      1. oh so which group are you with ?? Something like Alcohol Anonymous sorts…Fitness Freaks 😉

        I know it’s not that tough too..but gym sucks big time 😦

        SUBWAY is totally healthy and filling,no doubt 🙂 so what if not lot of people in the ‘me like’ category…hum hain toh kya ghum hai 😉

        I love these ‘dil-se’ posts a lot..keep them coming brainy 🙂

        1. oh by the way did you mean that not many foods lie in this category of healthy and tasty ?? I guess yes and I took it as not many people in the category who like subway 😉

        2. Yeah yeah, Fitness freaks, nahi ‘any reason to escape from the workstation’ group bolo!
          Yeah, your second funda was correct, Subway is awesome, and I personally judge people who don’t think it is. And worse, if they dislike it.
          And bana lo mazaak! 😛

  4. rechristened

    The guy at the stall said, ‘Veggie delite, with cheese, mayo & mustard, and no onions? Oh, and a double chocolate chip cookie?’’ with a smile as soon as he spotted me.

    soooooooooooooooo filmyyyyyy hehee

    1. Oh it was! Totally! In fact, I did not add it, because that was out of context, but he said, “How’s your friend? She used to buy the chicken ham sub all the time?” Basically the guy had an AWESOME memory! But ofcourse, the Dude felt it was my loyalty that showed 😛

  5. Me..me..I told you the pain never goes..you keep pushing yourself. 😀 😀

    But since I said that..I will also say the weight does come off. As you work out, you build muscles, which keeps your weight stable for a while..and then the muscle help burn more fat. One day you will stand on the scale and see a lot of weight gone. That day is coming soon, so remember me then OK 🙂

    Hugs DI, hope things turn for the better soon.. 🙂

  6. Wow! Optimism is overflowing here! 😀
    Good for you! And goodd for us, because you come up with such ROFL posts! 😀
    “Dislike for certain species at work” – Aiyyo. Please help me out here. I am this close to writing an entire book on some people out here! But then I think why waste even taht much effort on them!

    1. 😛 Too much ho gaya? 😉
      And thanks! I think I am the happiest when the posts are found funny! 😀 Oh and seriously, if you do come up with some ideas, share, i will too, these kinds have to be eradicated! Ugh!
      Oh, and when I said moronic, I meant in a cute sorta way 😉 That’s all the guy has to his name afterall, how he looks good all the time?

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOoo i lovvvve that song .. and trust me I think John looks so naturally and cutrely stupid … anyway the one who gets his butt insured for USD 25 million i natually stupuid 😉

    Ya crying started the day we stepped out of the womb right.. infact bet many of us like me were forced to cry by being pinched.. then why do people crib now … I mean what was mandatory once why isn’t a wince now?
    I have a right to cry n crib anout the BEST buses having bum pokers .. the right to crib that the cute guy at work is waayyyy to cute for me to go for a coffeee with him, that the food at the canteen sucks and then gorge on McD citing innumerable reasons..

    I think Dude coming back and u having a vent is all that is needed 😉 .. and yes if this makes you fel better >>> i once spotted a damn nice chair in a shp on those Bus trips .. 15 kms from the city.. made people drive down to get me that chair .. only to realise that it was a wholesale shop and they did not sell a single piece … and yes I forgot to pay attention to the sign board courtsey the chair … the gumps followed.. but chalta hai yaar.. memory toh ban gaya 😉 😉

    1. Heheh! Ok, John is cutely stupid I agree! 🙂
      And you have a good list yourself! 😀 I though Bum pokers was non-existent species in Bombay, no clue why! 😛
      15 kms? Weren’t you like totally cursed? Sigh, they should really market the products better, have larger price tags, disclaimers etc!

  8. Swaram

    I hv one and only one solution. Come and stay with us till Dude returns 😉 😉

    LOL @ liking the star and reference part 😛 😛

  9. long commute – TORTURE to the power of TORTURE!

    colleagues – assoles.. less said the better!

    gymming – sigh 😦 .. I don get this upset even when my mother is angry with me as compared to when the trainer expresses disappointment in me for missing gym for a week & then telling me that I don do a good job.. Waaaaaaaaaaaah

    subway – LOVE!! I actually eat healthy. I pick the less than 6 gms of fat, but I do add cheese 😀

    travel – the DH is in a job that requires absolutely NO travel. So, win-win for both of us!

    And I am still waiting for the email and number to contact u at… We’l be there next Saturday!!!

    1. Hehe, I am glad you agree! Also, Cheese just exponentially improves the taste huh?
      And lucky you, for the no travel job 😦 Eh, you can’t win ’em all!
      Oh, and mail sent before responding to the comment 😀 I do not trust my memory at all!

  10. You know what, that song somehow reminds me of one of the songs in What’s your Rashee, the one where Priyanka chopra acts all weird and mad 😀

    Hmmmmmmm……. you make me jealous jealous and more jealous… there is gym right across my home and I haven’t stepped into it.. waiting for the right day, right hour, minute, second..:P 😛

    Super Huggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggs

    1. Suche Suche? Thats the one she acts mad in, have to revisit to note the common notes! 😀
      Oh, and get up, and go! I am personally unsure of how long this will last, but I think that since I managed it when The Dude was not around, I should in future too! Finger Crossed!
      Thanks Pinoo! 😀 😀

  11. You know, I am at my active best only when the husband is not around for some reason. I have come to believe that its all his fault that I don’t exercise as regularly as I should, his lazy vibes are too powerful to ignore. Hrumph.

    This commute thingy is hard, I used to face the same problem when in Bangalore except that I had no choice but to use the office transportation. The alternative was even worse. I hope you find a solution soon!

    1. Hey!!!! You’re back, after SO long, what is this? :S
      Well, for me it is kinda the opposite, the husband is way more active than I am, I am the one who would bunk gym and demotivate the poor guy too! So, once again, fingers crossed!
      Commute sucks, I have a long term solution, we have bought a house nearby, but it will take a little while to get done! 🙂 Waiting!

  12. 🙂 LOved the title and the post. Finally you found your way to look at the silver lining (I typed silverlight first 😦 Damn you…my work life). Commute I can understand…Thats the only way to look at it. 🙂
    And you can also demand for super sweet service from family when you are in pain. 🙂 Of course, assuming that there is nobody like mom, who would ask you to stop going to gym. 🙂

    1. Hey DoTR! Thanks! 😀
      Oh, and your mom would tell you to stop gymming too? Oh God! It’s a mom thing, I thought it was ‘my mom’ thing! But we will not quit! 😀

  13. ajay

    I thought why such a weird title until I saw the song 😀 John looks like a moron with his funny dance steps. Anyway, finally you found your silver lining. 😀

  14. t? Ok, one, electricity bills are low, no need for air-conditioning, and there are always the power cuts to break eve

    Hahaa..So many truths in the post..
    good work !

  15. You are good…

    Kind of my life except I don’t have to commute to work since I work from home most of the time. Also, since I WFH so much, I just have to hear those species.. And also, I don’t go to gym, I hate subway and I don’t hate travelling..

    But kind of my life.. 🙂

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