Tum aa gaye ho

On Sunday, in front of the television, watching Terminator for the nth time

Me – Now this feels like the normal Sunday I love, watching random stuff on TV.
The Dude – Hmm
Me – The alcohol effect has not worn out yet, I will go get me some of that pudina churan mom brought, it really works.
The Dude – Hmm

Back, and after a few minutes
Me – Seriously, I am so glad you’re back
The Dude – Hmm
Me – No, I missed you so much you know, it was just so boring!
The Dude – Hmm

Again, a few minutes later
The Dude – What were you saying just now?
Me – Pah, You don’t even listen to me. I was saying I was bored without you.
The Dude – No, before that
Me – I am glad you’re back?
The Dude – No, no.
Me – Then?
The Dude – Ah, yes. Now I remember. Pudina Churan. Get me some nuh? I feel like having it.
Me – !!!!

Oh yes, The Dude is back. For real.


70 thoughts on “Tum aa gaye ho

    1. ROFL convo !!! So he is really back..that we any ways know 😉 You were missing from that FB comments riot for so many hours 😀

      Dance to the tunes of “Mera Piya Ghar Aaya” so that he’ll listen to you 😉 He won’t miss that,right ? 🙂

      Hey but does that mean DI-more of a wife than a blogger now ???? 😐

    2. 😀 Yay first!
      Hehe, I know man, I was all sigh, and sentimental, and here is this guy was all about pudina churan and Terminator!
      Yeah yeah, please the FB status has to be ignored, I was not exactly conscious :P!
      And don’t worry, I am most active at work, so the blog should not suffer technically!

    1. 😀 😀 Ouch! You know me too well 😉
      That will take effort! This is so simple, just random stuff to say 🙂
      But I won’t cheat and not do it, promise!

  1. I can so relate to that Hmmm and Hmmm….thats the only sound I hear from him, sometimes… 😉 😉 LOL !!! Men na…

    Anyway, u have fun with your dude…. 🙂 🙂

    1. 😀 Yay! Touchwood touchwood! Had a normal weekend after a long time!
      Oh, and I forgot to mention how The Dude surprised me by coming a day earlier 😀

  2. My fellow’s fav answer to all questions intelligent and stupid… I don’t know.. So I’m wishing my fairy godmother appears soon and I can wish for my fellow without ‘I don’t know’ phrase in his vocab 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Interesting! I think you should do a test and randomly ask some question where the ‘I don’t know’ can actually cause him a ‘damn’ moment! 😉

    1. Not really for hangover, more for a bleh, pukish feeling I had! Hangovers always need the dependable Disprin and lots of sleep! 😀
      Hmmm – so many meanings! :))

  3. ajay

    A ROFL conversation 😀 😀 I can identify with it, though I myself find this word hmm so annoying…god knows whether it means yes or no, it just hangs in between but it comes in so handy sometimes you know 😀 Keeps the speaker in doubt about whether they are being listened to and we of course get the benefit of doubt 😀 Oh and the travelogue please? See, we haven’t forgotten 😀

  4. Sigh..>What can i say except…did u really think that distance would make the attention giving abilities go stronger…


    p.s. u think it just takes them that much time to process the information and hence they pretend not to hear while the process??

  5. The Dude is back! Yay!
    The thing that annoys me the most is selective hearing. Its not like they don’t pay attention, they just choose which parts of the conversation requires the least bit of talking!

    1. 😀 Finally, phew! Bsck to regular programming 🙂
      Er, it stops people like me , who mix drinks on Saturday night, from puking their guts out the next day. Gross, I know.

  6. momofrs

    Looks like the Dude is the BF’s soul-brother 😀
    Did they go the same marriage-skills school??

    Anyway, sorry for the loooong absence.
    Now I gotta rush back to catch up on your posts 😀

    1. Ah, men, they all seem to have it taught to them somehow! 😀
      Oh, btw, I was jussssst reading your post with the kiddie pics in the park! 😮 Now I am going back!

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