Wordless Wednesday – not so much!

I Wonder why Wednesdays are wordless,
Woeful they are and will be
There shouldn’t be any days with no words at all,
That’s my perspective you see

Pictures I like, but words more so
Come on, there’s so much to be said!
‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say
But can I have a hundred words instead?

So to make up for all the WWs out there
I thought I will make my own rhyme
It won’t be as fun as reading posts
But at least it will bide some time

To those with the cams, one small plea,
I love your pics, I do
But just for me, and my happiness’ sake
Add some words, will you?


70 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – not so much!

  1. I am bad at understanding poetics posts. But let me reply in same tone.

    To those with the blogs, one small plea,
    I love your posts, I do
    But just for me, and my happiness’ sake
    Add a pic to all these words, will you?

    So add a pic, na?

    (I know My sense of humor sucks 😐 )

  2. WOW !!! Even your poem made me wordless with awe !!! LOL !!! 🙂 So, what do I comment ????

    Wednesdays are Wordless
    For many reasons
    But the reasons dont matter
    When you get to see a good picture.

    Photographic skills are appreciated
    Landscapes and nature are awed
    New trips are planned to those places
    All in all, more info to all.

    The need to talk is more
    I do agree on that part
    Thats why the comments galore
    Take part in that na…. 😉

    Love and hugs DI !!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Guess what ???? My post may be wanting words, but I write max comments, on Wednesdays only…he he he…So many WWs have sprung up now, that it can never be Wordless for me… 😉

        1. Actually, going by that, it’s got to be ‘commentful’ Wednesdays for you 😉 In a way, it’s perfect, a day set aside to sit and comment to your heart’s content!

  3. Lol! 😀
    That was awesome, DI! I loved it. Lemme try too:

    When you are jobless,
    And bored out of your mind,
    Do you take it upon yourself,
    To humour us with posts of this kind?

    No complains, I love this stuff!
    As long as you write more and more,
    But like I said before,
    It’s all a trick to avoid,
    The tales of London yore! 😀

    Can’t believe I just wrote that. Sheeesh.

      1. CB, here I would like to say,
        These girls just stole my thunder away
        With great pains, this one poem I do
        And they respond in cool poetry too! 😀

          1. Thanks Ums, this has been good
            And helped better my woeful mood
            This kinda session should be a regular thing
            Just for the laughter and cheer they bring!

            I officially declare I have lost it! 🙂

            1. LOL baby…thats the thing abt blogging…am glad u feel that ur mood is better. 🙂 🙂

              Actually you are a winner, for making so many of us write so well… 😉 😛

              1. I am shameless Ums, I will totally take credit for such undeserved compliments too 😉 And yep, thanks to you all, I am actually smiling on a Wednesday! 🙂 🙂
                Heheh, here’s to poetic days like this! 😀

                  1. @ Piyu
                    Try it once and you’ll see
                    it’s not as tough as it’s made to be
                    Now I’ll stop though, or you’ll laugh
                    Or worse still think I’m showing off ;)!

                    I keep sending The Dude duh limericks and couplets, sometimes with no sense at all, hence the practice 😀 Try it, seriously, it’s cakewalk!

      1. What? You thought you were the only vella person at 5 in the evening, that too on a Wednesday? 😀 😛

        This should totally be termed Wordy Wednesday!
        Oh and I also loved your reply to CB! Man, you are good at this stuff! 😀

    1. I like Verse Wednesday! 🙂 I can’t think of anything else at all too! 😀 So this is actually good!
      Thanks Su, and feel free to add your own verses! 😀

  4. i am so impressed with all of u…!!Wow preeti, uma, Di …too much

    Di – my sentiments on WW …ok now am

    So Off i go, to start my prose
    on words that will not be as sweet as rose
    my lack of talent it shows
    This has to be one of my new lows!

    Shucks…off to hide my face in a blanket

    1. Ok, I loved it Nuttie! What are you saying! You rhymed all four lines! That’s awesome! 😀 😀
      As far as the rhyming goes
      I think I loved these lines the most!
      :)) Ooh, this is fun!

  5. ajay

    Wow di! Awesome. Loved reading it. Since everyone is replying in verse, let me add my own lines too 😀

    Pretty pictures, nice colors!
    But they blur in the haze of stillness
    So deafening that my ear hurts.
    So add some words but with finesse
    To clear the haze and scare away the chillness.

    So much for poetry 😀 I wanted to add more but too many words and you’ll all get bored 😀

    1. Ok, now aren’t you the well known poet of the lot? 😀 So we will never get bored!
      *Clap Clap*
      Here’s to adding some words with finesse! 🙂 🙂

  6. Uh oh, looks like the anti-wordless movement is here! 🙂 I did my first wordless post last Wednesday, and this Wednesday I’m out of wordless-ideas already 😦 So went with a extra-wordy post this time to compensate.

    1. We are all being creative, who says Wednesdays are only for photographic creativity, we can have some fun with rhymes too now 😉
      And Thanks Harini! Any contribution will be awesome 😉

  7. See, that’s the issue, I never know who the comment refers too 😉 So I am assuming it’s for me! 😀 And as a return, you’re awesome too Swaru, but you have become soooo irregular! Not good!

    1. Don’t blame the poor lil poem for your laziness! 😛
      Hehe, thanks anyway! And I am waiting for more posts, though I did check the mail 🙂

  8. so what if the people with camera are posting pictures,
    you are free to write a thousand words like scriptures !!
    the writers,this one day,want a break from typing,
    but you say that he pictures on the blogs keeps you sigh-ing !!

    But I love your idea and the rhyme,
    it also inspired me to create one of mine 🙂
    I’ve an idea- pick one picture every week,
    and let your brain cells sprout err blog about it in streak !

    We would love to read your version about the picture,
    We ask nothing than the appreciation in the form of a scripture 😀

    LOL..just read what I have written here and could not stop laughing 😀

    But honestly I loved your rhyme..you do it so so well DI 🙂

    1. LOL! Oh I love yours too! :))
      I am all set to write scriptures about the pictures :))
      Too funny Nu, I am surprised you didn’t comment and participate in the kavi-sammelan before :S

  9. Wow…. poetry running into your blog…. shows Dude has been away for long 😉 😉 … but Ahme Ahme … if I recollelct colectly not long back there was a teaser on my blog for me putting up a few words with my pics 😉 😉 .. u do remmber her .. she too had straight her and counted songs on her way to work 😉 😉 … she claled those posts not so wordless wednesday .. any recolections 😈

    1. 😀 The teasing was for the incorrect naming convention, and not at all for the concept 😉 I love the not-so-wordless wednesdays! 😉
      Hee, this was the most timepass post ever, which took 2 mins to write, and culminated into this totally fun series of poetic comments! I should make evry wednesday a rhyming one, any suggestions for names ? 😉

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