The one with all the Appreciation

Going by historical evidence, it is hereby concluded that an average blogger spends more time thinking of whether to blog, and if yes, what to blog, than on the actual act of posting something. In fact, the posts that actually see the light of the day, or in this case, the face of the reader of the blog from the screen of the computer, take not more than *insert random number which suits you and your posting time here* minutes.

Anyway, you get the idea? This should technically also explain why I am not as regular these days. Because, I think. Yes, sentence over. I think way too much about whether it makes any sense at all to post when all I have to say is blah. Much too high expectations from myself, I think.

That being said, I miss the space, and not everyday do you get time to actually go ahead and post something, while you’re actually working simultaneously. Such is the miracle of IT. You spend two hours on a report, which in the true sense took 30 minutes to open, 45 minutes to save, and the remaining 45 minutes to actually work on. So, this is a good way of utilising those 30+45 minutes.

Today, I am in a generous mood. Today, I intend to acknowledge and appreciate and in general thank those who have made my life happy in the recent times.

First and foremost, I would like to thank The Dude, for returning from his God-awful trip, which I still believe was inhuman, and unacceptable, and hence  ensuring that my life is now back to what I call, normal. I am not one who is too fond of ‘something new’, ‘change in routine’. I like stating them as what drives me when I am interviewing for a job (which is not much, because you get it, that would mean a change again), but I believe in letting things be, especially when I have settled down in the state. Some might call this sheer laziness, I think it is cool. And more importantly, comfortable.

Next, I would like to express my overwhelming gratitude to Sameer , The Radio Jockey for the show ‘Recharge with Sameer’ on Red FM, Hyderabad. The detail is to ensure, that in case he does google his name and details in a sudden bout of narcissism, he reaches this place (what, you think that’s not possible? You just wait for my second round of Search items post!), he gets to know that there are some people who thank him for doing what I have been praying for all this while; playing an all Hindi music programme, at a time which is not when only owls, watchmen, and Insomniacs are up at. And at the very time, when I, start my horrendous 1 hour journey through traffic every evening. Sameer, I thank you, Hyderabad Radio thanks you, Bollywood thanks you, The Dude, er, not so much.

I would also like to thank my office people, for diligently distributing, awesome sweets for every festival. I really like the chocolates you guys gave for the last Christmas , and I also liked the dry fruits you gave for Diwali last year. And the sweets for Ramzaan were awesome too. And I am very curious to know what is in the sparkly golden box from Dadu’s, lying next to me, which I will open only when I get home.*

Then, I would like to appreciate The Dude’s trip to London, ok strike that, it doesn’t make sense. Ok, so I would like to appreciate the awesome organic tea that The Dude brought back from London. Seriously, it has taken my liking for weird tasting substances to the next level. I mean, who would have thunk that I would actually drink something that tastes like a perfume, every afternoon, and love it! Well, here it is, I am very happily sipping on my White tea, Elderflower and Apricot flavored tea, and loving it.

Lastly, I would like to thank Andhra Pradesh, for having been formed on November 1st, hence ensuring that we have the day off. Also, considering I have taken tomorrow off as well, this accounts for, a whoop of joy, and a lot of prancing around, and by all that, a long weekend!

With that, I would like to conclude my appreciation and ceremony, and expect special notice of the very non-complaining, and positive, in a not-at-all sarcastic-way tone of this post. Thanks for being part of my happiness, and wish you all a very Happy Weekend. See you on the other side.
* It is dry fruits, my team-mate opened his box, so I know.


72 thoughts on “The one with all the Appreciation

    1. Completely agree on the opening statement! We think too much about what to post!
      Lol@ thanking Sameer! I heard Hyd radio this time, and I have to say, for once I thought Delhi’s FM was so much better! What’s with all the dhinkchak Telugu songs!
      And aaaarrgggh. Long weekend. You get. Me no. Meh. Depression taking over. Now.
      You have a nice weekend too. Sniff. Or not. *Bawling*

      1. Thank you hai jee!
        Oh, I know man, very silly, all that time wondering! It doesn’t hurt to write it anyway 😉
        Delhi FM totally rocks man! I love it, you don’t need CDs! Sameer is a life saver 🙂
        Awww, you want to feel better? Well, I am working on Diwali 😦 Now? Bawling over?

  1. Ok…agree with a big nod…Hyd Rocks, AP is fantastic….RJ Sameer is too good….and Dadu’s Moti choor laddu is delicious…. 😛 😛 😛

    Glad to know that your dude is back !!! 🙂 Enjoy your moments of togetherness…. 😉

    I dont like those flavored tea – which smells like perfumes….plz….I like the Indian strong tea…. 😛 😛

    Glad u ranted on something…. 🙂 🙂

    Like this new template… 🙂

    1. Thanks Ums 😀 For reiterating! Hehe!
      For the record, I love my cup of ginger chai every morning too, can’t do without it! The tea is a day thing, when I want to feel all anti-oxidised!
      And thanks, i am just playing around with the template options!

  2. Whhhhaaaattt?? u get Monday off??? Hmmmmph now why did Maharashtra forget about being formed??? …sorry i lost focus of all the other points with the holiday point…


    Ok give me badge also…why i dont know…but am sure u will figure it out 😀

  3. Hehehe! Oye, I am sure Maharashtra has its set of holidays!
    What about best Grumbler award/Badge? Considering I did not grumble in this post at all? 😀

  4. Oh so someones having total fun these days,ah !! 🙂 Glad for you DI

    And yeah such kind of a post coming from you is a kind know what 😉 So once in a while is okay but get back to your sarcastic,not-so-appreciative post 😉

    White tea eh ? Must taste it I guess 🙂

    1. Thankieee Nu! 😀
      I am all Friday mood today, hence the positivity, er, albeit the real one 🙂 🙂
      Try it, it actually gives you a psychological sense of detoxification!
      And like I said, still playing around, so expect some weird backgrounds, headers and all for a while!

      1. but trust me whenever you apply a theme it looks good to me..not when I’m surfing for them myself and check the blog preview 🙂 So,whatever you do,shall look good,I’m sure 🙂

        *being all good today in commenting as per your mood ;)*

  5. No No .. am still not in for this Oh hell I am confused:

    1. Whhhyyyyyyy does my company not go about distributing sweets?? or Dadu’s dry fruits???
    2. Whyyyyyy do the hindi songs on radio not enduring

    and YES lastly .. what’s the use of having SHIV SENA if there’s no NATIONAL holiday on MAHARASTRA DAY!!!!’

    But tom is Friday na.. why r u not on tom .. am confused 😐 .. no in fact I was a bit happy thinking about my salsa classes .. but since u having a 4 day weekend.. am so J that its making me look like the yucky monster Brat makes out of me …

    And yes then there’s the brood that we were typing posts together and so I missed yours .. so the bnedge went to Pinoo 😦 ….

    Life is so not fair!!!!!

    1. Hehe, Pah! Drama queen!
      I am taking tomorrow off just like that. Because all my leave is lapsing otherwise!
      Oye, I did not get the point on Hindi songs, Mumbai me that’s all you have no? Or is that the problem?
      Aaand, Salsa classes are sooo cool, and so much fun! Hmph! I have been pestering The Dude to join me, but it ain’t happening. I think I should join and make him jealous. Oh wait, you suggested this long ago no? Ah, your evilness is staying with me!
      Life is not fair indeedy, I missed yours too 😦 😦

  6. Cool new look to the blog 😛
    😆 @ thunk 😆
    That was one sweet appreciation post. Your work-mates are sweet for they bring in variety of sweets every festival unlike my work mates who simply bring in variety of cakes (well I too am one of them 😆 😉 )
    So glad to learn you are loving the aromatic tea and spending time with Dude for he is finally back 😀 😀
    Me too love those fragrant varieties of tea…awesome!!
    Have a great time this long weekend 😛

    1. Thanks CB! 😀
      Ooooh, I love love love cakes! Sigh! Oh, and this the work management that gets us all sweets 😀
      Great to know you like such as well, I think they are very refreshing, no?
      You have a great weekend too! 🙂

  7. nice change to the template, DI. like it! 🙂

    and so with you on the blogging part…I do tend to think too much, at times, about what to blog and all that… 😀

    i want to try some new tea, gonna see if i find the flavor you are talking about 🙂

    1. Heee, and let me know what you think of the tea when you try it!
      I am getting too busy changing templates nuh? Have to find something I really like and then stick to it!

  8. I do a lot of thinking before posting. I constantly think about what posts should I post which gets on someone people nerves a lot. Thats why i came up with recent series to keep my mind occupied :P. You live in Hyd… we guys should plan a Hyd bloggers meet or something like that :). And I like this template :).

    1. Makes sense you know! Having this series sorta thing? Something to write at all times 🙂 And I am glad to know everyone ends up giving so much thought to posts!
      Oh, you are in Hyderabad too? We sure should, Swaram is already here! Lets find out more!

  9. ajay

    That’s an apt observation, di. I spend days on thinking what to write next where as the actual work takes around half an hour. We can term this as Blogger’s Dilemma! Wow, I just coined a term 😀 Have a nice weekend and carry the good vibes for days and and weeks and months to come 😀

  10. Nowadays, I just think, no blog :(. And my company doesn’t believe in diwali gifts or bonus 😦 😦

    On the positive note I’m taking the next monday off, so yay 😀

    1. Hehe, you make up for it by getting into a posting spree! But get back soon, stop thinking!
      Oh, and no bonus and all for us also, sweets yes 🙂 And good for you! Cheers to more days off 😉

  11. Woww! Holiday on 1st and an off today too! U r so lucky! Heading towards Begumpet by any chance 😛 😛
    Waise, am on leave the whole of next week too 😀
    Going to Blr after 1 yr and 2 mths! Man, am so bad amn’t I 😉

    Shud listen to this Sameer sometime 😛 😛
    Enjoy ur tea. Somehw, I feel I will like it too 😉

    1. Wow, enjoy the time off! 🙂 Such a long time since you went to your parents? Ok, its almost a year since I did, and I feel less guilty 😦
      I was in Begumpet till an hour ago! :))
      Listen to Sameer, he’s a little annoying, but the music is good 🙂
      Have a great holiday!

  12. Dil On The Rocks

    LOL on the state formation joke. 🙂
    And I also thanks people and entities you mentioned in the post. For keeping you happy and therefore giving us a sweet post.
    P.s: Save the dry fruits box.:)

        1. Yeah 😦 Actually it’s a choice now. Take Friday off, and work on Saturday, which is bleh, or work on Friday, and go home, celebrate Diwali and have the weekend to yourself! So opted for the latter option 🙂

  13. RK

    Woo… Is the title a Friends inspired one???

    Anyway, Just out of boredom, am posting your facebook analysis which I saw today:

    I had though you would be Monica though.. No logical reason to back that, so back off !!

    Which Friends Character Are You?
    Divya got Rachel Green.
    Stuck up? That doesn’t begin to describe you…but eventually you will/have grown out of it. You will never grow out of thinking that the world revolves around you. Material possessions make your world turn and you are a chronic gift-returner. People think that you are not sentimental but you have a closet of old concert ticket-stubs and ratty t-shirts that say otherwise. You were probably one of the most popular people in school and the most concerned with image. You are a “daddy’s girl” for sure!

    1. Heheh! Good for you! Explains the holidaying! 🙂
      Ooh, I love dry fruits, how much ever! Pass them on! 😉
      Thanks and wish you the same too!

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  15. aaa.. i totally understand the *happiness* when bhule bhatke the radio plays hindi songs.. n not kannada numbers..
    Loved the way u’ve written it 🙂 all perky!

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