A year Older, none the wiser, but so much happier!

I am bad at Birthday posts. Or for that matter, any day-specific post. Simply because when I feel that I have to write, I can’t. Some issues I have in life.

But I did turn 28 yesterday (Gasp!), and considering I was not expecting anything surprising this birthday, I think it deserves a special mention, and especially on the blog, because, well, it is all thanks to this page.  Starting with a call  bang at midnight from the one who, well, is known to stay up at weird hours, followed by a message at 5:53 AM, from someone who ‘happened’ to be up at that time, to the beautiful bunch of orchids delivered to my work place (and got me suspicious looks from the people on the floor, and also gave me fodder to bug The Dude), and sent in by these guys I wouldn’t have known if not for the blog, and the amazing posts (which still make me very very sentimental, guys, what have you done to me?) it was one big, awesome day!

And of course, I also had my 24 hours of brattiness (I am usually angelic, really), being waited upon hand and foot by The Dude, having a meal prepared at home comprising solely of what I like, receiving gifts and flowers and chocolates from Mom and Lil Sis, receving all those calls and messages from people who matter, and in short, making a huge deal about turning 28, which actually is not even a cool age to be. And amidst all this, I even forgot for a while that I was at work during the day (No, I didn’t, some sympathy please?). But I did go to sleep, as one happy person. And getting back to work today seemed much easier than usual!

Thanks for all the wishes people, in a very unbelievably short time, you’ve all become part of my life, and I sincerely am very thankful for that! And before I get teary eyed, and soppy out here (which will definitely not suit the general tone of this blog!), I will leave, and return with a post soon.


44 thoughts on “A year Older, none the wiser, but so much happier!

  1. Is there any snap of you going all senti …. oh I’d do anything for that smug look capture 😉

    You are most welcome darling … am glad could make your day a bit special 😀

    U remember my bday don’t ya 😈 …. and Ahem did I tell u that I still have “TIME” before I turn 28 😈

    1. Er, no, thanks. I am not giving you that happiness 😛 😛
      Thanks again to you 😀
      Egad! I need to recheck to confirm your Budday now! 😮 😉

  2. secondddddddddddddd 🙂 yayyyyyyyyyy Sag’s I am getting nearer to first he hhe

    DI :- Happy birthday to you ..
    and you are not supposed to cry on the D day you are supposed to laughinggggggggggg and hey wheres the CAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as such i can bet Daviantwave wont be sending me any ….


  3. Hey Sweetie….you are most welcome….thats a wonderful surprise na….would’ve loved to see ur face, when u received that bouquet… 🙂 🙂

    Every day you are born new and a birthday is all the more special, as u jump numbers… 😉 But rest assured, that its wonderful to be part of this blogo-friends circle !!! 🙂

    Happy Bday to you, again. 🙂 🙂

      1. LOL! I’m known to do that. I wish people 8624687 times on their birthday, until they threaten to shoot me and shut me up.

        Anyway, the earlier wishes were for your birthday. This was for the ones to come 😀

  4. Wish u a very happy birthday DI, belated though 😛
    Did I tell u I ws waiting for ur call that day 😉 LOL kidding, but hope u hd a gr8 day 🙂
    Send me ur number pls.

  5. RK

    Happy budday belated… That would make this the third time I wish you..
    No response yet!!

    Hope 3rd time is lucky !! 😛

    Btw, The Dude, has a witty humour… Was checkin his pics on FB… As much wit as in your full POST 😛

  6. Vijay

    Wish you a belated happy birthday! Have a great and wonderful year ahead!

    I know this is so weird….. anyways Happy B’Day

    Maybe, next time i’ll wish you on time. Keep smiling 🙂

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