Look, Snowflakes!

Nobody liked my last post.


One of you guys told me, and the others gave me the silent treatment. Hello! Look at the comment number! Egad! So much for putting in all the effort of setting my Itunes to shuffle, and then painstakingly noting down each song it played. Seriously, I am offended. I am seriously offended.

Anyway, I am back to writing about the more relevant things in my life, in other words, nothing.  Life’s been busy. My weekdays seem to have a pretty routine schedule, I wake up, I drag myself to work, I work, I pretend to work, I work some more, I work-out, I wait for The Dude to come pick me up, I go home, I watch the Mentalist, on days The Mentalist does not air I curse the television, I watch Modern Family, and I sleep.

This is Monday to Friday. And I am used to it. And ok with it too. Ofcourse except on days when The Dude takes his new workaholic image to unimaginable levels and makes me wait till 11 PM. Ok, this happened only once, but it did. And it was not good. And on days, when my work-out is impacted because of a poorly schedule call, mainly due to this day-light saving nonsense, which I fail to understand. Or, when Mentalist does not air, you know, on Thursdays and Fridays, but I already mentioned that. Otherwise, I am ok with it.

Modern Family is good. Actually, it’s pretty awesome. I got curious when I saw the trailers, and decided to give it a shot, and man, I was in for an awesome surprise. The series is hilarious. I would totally recommend it to everyone. You don’t realise how the 30 minutes go by. My favorite characters would be Gloria – for that accent and that attitude, and Phil – for his priorities, and related statements. Very different from anything I have watched so far, this one’s a sure shot winner.

Mentalist is ok. I have this addiction towards having a regular series to follow on TV, and preferably one which lasts an hour. For a while now, Star World and Zee Cafe have been kind to me and providing me a dose of the kind of Crime related, investigative series. Starting with Bones (Good), and then Castle(Very good), and the White Collar (Okay), to Flashforward (Good), and now Mentalist. My only grudge is that on Thursday and Friday they have Vampire Diaries on in the same slot, and that is downright sucky, and brings out that Twilight loathing, ‘Pyaar ki yeh ek Kahaani’ unbelieving side of me. I cannot stand these fictional stories. Except Harry Potter. And X-Men. Pretty much.

I also happened to catch two movies this weekend. Break ke baad, which I pre-booked, so that The Dude would not not let me watch the movie once the review was out, which has been the case for a long time now. And ok, I regret it, but at least the colors and clothes in the movie were nice. I also watched HP 7.1, and it was pretty well made, the fact they split the book into two helping. I did not like certain deviations from the book in terms of screenplay, and while I agree that there has to be some bit of imagination and originality involved, I am a fan of the book, and I would rather stick to exactly what it states. That would make me give it more points.

Anyhow, this portion of the post is being a written a good 3 hours after the former bit was, because my fate is that way, and so right now there is a variation in my usual plan, and I am currently waiting for some firang counterparts to tell me that I can leave. Yes, that’s how sad my life has become. This also means that I am being made to miss gym, which makes me very sad. But sh** happens, and this is one such case.

So, where was I? I am desperate for the weekend, and before you say ‘What’s new’, let me tell you that this current state of despair is much higher in intensity than usual. For this time, I am not awaiting the weekend for the joy it brings , but for the automatic repercussion that the week would be over. This week is tough, in more than one way, and I shudder even to think of the next couple of days. Tomorrow in specific. Most of it is my own doing, but one doesn’t have much choice, when one’s work people all decide in coalition to have all their meeting on that one day. Add to it the fact that US closes its books on the same day, and that would mean serious work. And add to that the fact that the security people decide to have a Mock Fire drill too, and  I am now member of the Emergency Response Team, as a Fire Marshall, which sounds pretty ok, but actually means that once every few months I am part of a major drama of fake fire, and getting everyone down safely, while wearing a bright orange reflective Jacket, and a white helmet, and carrying a big red bag with important things like first aid kits, and batons, and headlights, and masks and stuff. Fun, but not on a day when there is so much more to do.

That was a lot of information in one paragraph, I know, but then what to do, I have such a happening life. That, and then I also have the end of the year to look forward to, because I always look forward to new beginnings and all, and though I am not so much the resolution kind, I do feel that there is hope, for the first month each year. Which is then of course faded by the fact that the first month is quite a tough time in the life of a person who has a lot of reports to make, considering everyone wants to start their new year with new things, and new things in this world mean new reports and that means more work.

I am sure that my current state of mind, or blah, as it can be called is pretty obvious from the content, tone and sentence construction in this post. So I am pretty keen to out a stop to it, before all of you escape, and conveniently blame me for it. Just a disclaimer though, I never intended for this one to be entertaining in any way, unlike the last post, which failed to meet expectations.

So considering you have read this so far, I take it as a favor and thank you wholeheartedly. Have a nice rest of the week, and see you on the other side, if we survive.


83 thoughts on “Look, Snowflakes!

    1. oye wake up !! this is so not you !! tsk tsk..not acceptable..we want our original DI back and now! Do you hear this stranger ?

      Okay okay…just this while you’re allowed to be in this state and talk like ‘see you at the other end if we survive’ types…

      we all have days and this type is just one of the kinds we can’t avoid 😦 [I know now I’m in the giving gyan mode ;)]

      thank you for recommending the series..I’ll try to watch the tele for these…and yeh BKB was duh ! But I loved DP and everything about her 🙂

      1. Poor poor me! 😦 No mood to be Happy-happy!
        Hehe, about the survival bit, thoda Sag effect hai, drama and all 😉
        Anyhoo, thanks for being there 😀
        And DP was awesome, wasn’t she?

        1. DP, is not a what, it’s a who, and that is Deepika Padukone!
          I was going to say display Picture, then I thought of referring to the comment!

  1. Rama Krishna

    Btw, the touch of snowflakes is good.. Gettin the festive spirit out.

    Also, your creativity seems to be taking a beating, Take some classes from the Dude.. His pics are way humorous..

    PS: We all understand.. work pressure & all…huh?? 😛

      1. 😮 😮 Pinnoo! Hehehe, what was this , a shower of comments? You did this just to see the comments like stairs didn’t you? :)) You’re crazy!
        Yes, please come back, and I am sure I will be back to normal by then, and then we can catch up! About snowfall, real, and the one in my blog!

  2. Loooooooooooooooooooooong post… I read in bits and pieces… Modern Family eh 🙂 😀 I love the Masterchef series and Lie to me 🙂 For the rest of it, I’ll come back in leisure and spam you

    it’s snowing in here 🙂 snowflakes, my pretty little snowflakes… change in the weather has made it better for me….

    1. I know, I am in such a Blah mood! 😦
      Hey, i thot you were disappearing from Blogdom for a while, so pleasantly surprised with this comment! 🙂
      Oh, and where exactly are you? I am jealous! 😀 It’s snowing on my blog too, that’s all the snow I get!

  3. I read your last post and commented too :P. Havent seen modern family yet. Actually I dont watch much of TV. I catch all my shows online. Thats how I work :P. Havent seen Mentalist either. I love star world actually. It was my best friend for a while :P. Aww… poor you I hope the work pressure decreases soon.

    1. Oh Star world and Zee cafe are so dependable, even their re runs are awesome fun!
      And Modern Family is must see! Oh, I hope work decreases too 😦

  4. DI, I like this post – see, I clicked on that button too….I love rants…one thing is it makes u feel better after typing it all out and it gives me pleasure to know that I have company – I am not the only one to rant… 🙂

    Just take care, look forward to a new year, full of good things happening to you !!! 🙂 🙂 Hugs. 🙂

  5. snippetsnscribbles

    Modern Family is really good! Its a hit show here! Especially Gloria is so famous; thanks to her accent. And she says its getting worse by the day 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, you must be getting the latest season! We are on Season 1, but I never miss it. She is too good! I am suddenly so happy to find so many Modern Family fans! 😀

        1. The baton is to make people see me through fake smoke, when I wake it green or red, and protect them against danger. See, I would be this brave person wading through fire, seeing if all is well, and then waving a green light baton to ask the others to move. Wow, I am living my Enid Blyton dream!

  6. Lol! You reminded me of the entire deal of performing a mock fire drama and evacuating the place safely. This was when I was having a part time job at Marks & Spencer. I know its a sensible arrangement to have in place, but the mock performances seem crazy to me 😀 Especially when we had to memorise random details like the location of the nearest fire hydrand, which emergency exits to use and what place to gather at..

    1. Hehehe, exactly. And if people know it’s a ‘mock’ drill, they walk around at a leisurely pace, and in general have a gala break off work! 😦 I am usually part of that but this time I have to be the annoying one shunting them out!

  7. Wonder how long your posts are and that was the thing that came to my notice when i entered this blog almost a month ago, my longest posts are not more than 1000 words, not like i dont write longer than that, the thing is when i reach to 1000 words there is nothing to write, i just stop, i want to write longer and more longer but my mind gets empty… your posts show how good is your educational qualifications and you must be cox ur 28, unlike us 19teeny students…

    and about your previous post, i did comment on that but not based on your ipod shuffle, as i said you are good writer and if you write crap than also i wont say anything hehe … yours Crap, might be interesting …

    all the way your blog inspires me alot and i just love your blog name “Forever in blue Jeans”
    Hats off to Divya ….

    1. Hehehe, that was way too much for even me to digest! 😉 I am extremely verbose, while talking, and even while writing, I cannot stop. Unless I force myself to. Plus, I am not too specific about people getting bored, so I just go on and on. And I am hoping it has nothing to do with my education, or the institute will issue a a disclaimer disowning me!

      Thanks anyway, I am glad you like the blog, and it is always nice to know new bloggers! The name is thanks to The Dude, he introduced me to that song!

      1. hehe … Btw i dont get bored by the long post just got surprised… and i mean your english is good…

        Do you live in Coimbatore, starange name hehe… well i have been there several times, on my way to Bangalore ..

  8. Not fair I read the whole article the previous one and commented .. and you put all in the same bracket awwww …

    You a fire marshall. .thats cool.. Me too I am the first aider tooo yayyy I thought let me show off a bit …

    havenot seen any of the serials that u meantioned..

    and i never prebook tickets cause hindi films cant be trusted majority are crap so y waste time…


  9. Oh I did read it fully 😉 See, I atleast answered ur qs. The last post of mine, no one even answered that qs which means nobody read it fully 😛 😛 Nw u know this is so much better 😉 😉
    Haa u do hv a happening life by the way! Hope u hv a relaxed day 2mrw 😉

    1. Heheh, Swaru, I am sure people read your entire posts, especially the travel ones, so even if they didn’t mention if the reached the end, I am sure they all did! 😀
      😦 Bhagwaanji, ab aur excitement mat do is din me!

  10. Yaaawnnnnn .. I liked the last post .. in fact luvvvvveeed it .. but coment crazy ppl will barely understand :roll; … n yes ofcourse.. no use of my gyaan here 😦

    Btw .. how many breaks did u take for this post ? 😉

    1. 😮 :o! Dare not yawn at me, young, er, whatever lady!
      No use , you’re right! :p 😛 Bhaago!
      Oh, and this was written with one break, and with no thinking at all. Shows na ;)?

  11. Gosh! don even get me started on DST!

    I am so bloody addicted to “Lie to Me”.. I am actually sitting and passing judgment on every body. The DH is beyond annoyed with me, coz every 2 mins, while talking, I’ll scream “ur lying.. Ur facial muscles are telling me everything”


  12. ajay

    Break ke Badd was not good? Have you seen Numb3rs? It’s a crime series in which the main detective’s younger brother helps solve different cases with his exceptional mathematical skills! I am hooked to it for now. Something’s wrong with my Reader and I missed your last two posts. Anyway, have a happy weekend, di 😀

  13. Ohhhh! Such a stressful job! What do you do now DI? I mean your work…never saw such a saaaadd post from you..

    And, how was your weekend? Hope you have enjoyed it and are back in a ‘happy’ mood. 🙂 🙂

    And yeah.. I loved those snow flakes. Xmas special?

  14. Rant. That’s what my comeback post should have been! *Facepalm*
    We had our fire-drill last week too, and the best joke was that everyone forgot about the emergency exit! We walked out through the normal exit, beat this, swiping our IDs on the way out! Hilarious it was! But then, the purpose of the fire drill was completely lost when most people got stuck outside in the sun, drinking chai and refused to come in to work even when the drill was over! 😀 😛
    And with that, I finish my backlog of comments on your blog. Done. Ha.
    Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Also, can I make a small suggestion? Do add the title of your blog in the header, and to that add a link to the homepage. Or just add a link to the homepage through the header pic. It’s very tedious to enter a post to comment and then search for the home button!

    2. Heheh! I finally managed the evacuation, though I was dressed like a clown in the orange reflective jacket alright!
      Had a great one, thanks, hope u did too, and please, please watch Greys!
      Oh, I am technically challenged 😦 But I will try to do that!

  15. So i guess this is not the right time to tell u that i have been on two weeks of leave = no work and no suckiness 😛

    and yay i love modern family too..can’t wait for today’s episode…trailer v tempting…but it’s the season finale 😦

      1. GC

        Any other interesting-not-too-far-away-from-normalcy blogs one can gloss over? (I will admit I deleted “girl” before normalcy there, but duh, so be it! :-P)

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