Much ado about nothing

I hate paneer. Hate it. I think it is tasteless, and it’s milky, and rubbery, and chewy, and thinking that it will make sense if it is mixed in a plethora of spices is a plain joke. Yes, it tastes different that way. But the only way to describe that taste  would be milky, chewy substance soaked in spices. I will never understand how it is made out to be the grandest of all vegetarian dishes. I was a vegetarian till a few years ago, and even then, paneer would be my last choice on any menu. There is so much more to vegetarian food, and paneer is just way too hyped for my liking. And no, paneer tikkas are in no way the unquestionable vegetarian starter. Baby corn, potatoes, even our very desi ‘Gobhi manchurian’ tastes so much better. So ask, next time!

And then there is Cheese cake. Ok, the minor difference here would be, I do not dislike cheese cake, in fact I think it is nice. But it is not awesome. When I first watched the FRIENDS episode, TOW the cheese cake, I was all in awe of it, and I could feel my mouth watering the very same way it would when I would read about scones with jam and cream in my beloved Enid Blyton’s. But when I did  finally get to taste the thing, man, I was disappointed. And I am sure if it hadn’t been for all the exaggerated awesomeness of the thing, I would have atleast liked it more than I did. But I didn’t, it was ok, good to taste, nice, like any other sweet. But nothing more. Tiramisu, I understand, Cheese cake, no siree.

And it’s not only about food. Switzerland. Where do I even begin. Some of the world may argue saying Basel isn’t Switzerland, but Lucerne is. It is what Switzerland is made to be. The Alps, and the cold weather, and the snow, and the greenery. It is beautiful, it is lovely, and I might even spend a good 10 minutes each morning staring at the awesome-ness in front of me. But that’s where it ends. The awe. I cannot see why Switzerland is even a teensy weensy bit better than any of the hill-stations in India. And Ladakh, I think no place with mountains et al beats that place! But thanks to DDLJ, Switzerland was always my dream destination. And after being there, now I would not even consider shelling out all that moolah just to see something that is right there in my country, in far more awesome glory. Just like I would never shell out cash to go to a beach abroad to chill out, when we have our super amazing Goa.

Then there was Stone Henge. Egad! The hype! The preparation, the stories, the whole sales and marketing effort that goes into making a big deal about the place,that, I give full credit to. I even give some credit to how green that place is, and how clean, and how general public can’t come within 200 metres of the said place. But the actual thing? The Stone Henge? The 15-20 stones, lying around in the randomest order, eh, not so much. I mean seriously, a whole 60 minute monologue on the ‘possible’ ways the stones might have landed at the place? Giants? Magic? Seriously? Dude, Gachibowli has to be a preserved historical site that way, considering the gigantic stones lying around, balanced precariously one over the other, all over the place. We just don’t sell it saying Martians might have dropped it from their space crafts.

And before I forget, The Alchemist. It is one thing to read self-help books. It’s another to quote this very slow, mediocre, and downright boring book as life changing. Here’s the thing. If it were just another book, I might still have read it, and found it ok. But the hype! The whole quoting and re-quoting the ‘ if you want it enough, the universe conspires to get it to you’ line, *gag*. Really. If you want it enough, you end up working hard enough to get it. Give yourself credit. Universe conspires indeed. That being said, I have liked other books by said author, a couple of them atleast, especially Veronika decides to die, I thought that book was one which would give hope, and some like me who is totally cynical about this genre of books saying this, means something. The other one, not so much. In fact, not at all.

And why this post? No reason really. I was at this lunch Buffet yesterday, when I had this bit of a cheese cake, among some 10 other desserts, and I realised that it was not so great after all, not even in the top 5. It might have been this one instance, but the other day, I ordered it off a menu at a dependable place, and it wasn’t so great there either. The other stuff was much better. And that got me thinking about all those things that are made out to be so awesome, that they end up disappointing. Poor things, it is so unfair to them, but so is it to us. And hence the post.

Do you have such a list too? Things that have made you go “Eh? Seriously? This?”. Let me know, I’m listening!


85 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing

  1. I laughed out so loud DI! 😀
    (a) I hate paneer too!
    (b) The only good cheesecake I ever had was in Japan. The rest I hate too!
    (c) I hate Alchemist! I thought the book was like a kindergarten reading. Everything in life has a lesson/moral!

    Thanks for this post! A devastating headache just got better! 😀

      1. Nooooo not sadooo 😦
        its so nice! makes a hole in the pocket but I love eet! I love Scotland even more, so much that I feel I have connections to it from my past birth 😀
        When I’ll go and see Ladakh, I’ll love it too, but Swiss is a sweetheart of a country 🙂

  2. Hahaha! I hate Paneer too. I always wonder why the hell people love it so much. I ask people suggest something awesome and they say paneer this paneer that. I m a vegetarian and I swear that there are more yummier stuff than paneer. Never had cheese cakes actually. Yeah, I had water in my mouth while watching friends. I like Alchemist :P. Here i differ 😛

  3. ajay

    I loved loved loved this post. Everything! I hate paneer too. And am so glad you wrote about it. I can’t understand why it’s the sole substitute for vegetarians? As if there was nothing better to taste! I would trade it for any other veg. dish. And those hype about Stonehenge! 😀 The Alchemist was the most boring book ever and the hype only made it worse. Oh and those lines about our India made me happy. At least someone is not criticizing or saying all negative things about the country! 😀 And when I’m so busy with studies, all my favorite blogger are writing awesome posts. Tough times I tell you! 😀 😀

    1. 😀 Hey! I am just glad you took time off to comment, that’s nice 🙂 🙂
      Actually I am super happy that vegetarians support my cause against paneer! Yay!
      Oh, and I think we can see every natural scenic beauty in our country without burning a hole in the pocket! 😀

  4. OMG! We should totally start a group of paneer haters! I hate it too! Somehow it still remains bland no matter what you mix it in!

    Swiss – I havent been there but I think I’ll love it 😀

    Alchemist – Not sure. Sometimes I cant decide if I love or hate a book.

    Sooper post this 😀

    1. 😀 Thanks! Ok, now I am actually worried! Do you think its some sort of a conspiracy this, making paneer the king of all things vegetarian., because no one seems to like it! :O
      Hehe, I think Swiss is all about the company 😉

  5. hmmm .. seems like your very keen about foods.. hehe
    i heard the name of paneer that also from films, so never had to face it. Indian foods are usually good like masala and all those vageraa’s but i really hate Pani Puri…i know your favorites are different then mine so divya you better not comment on my disliked pani puri story …

    I remember watching a Hollywood movie long time ago… in that movie hero rushes and jumps over the wall without checking whether the door is open or not, the door was open but he just took the hard work of climbing a wall .. hehe, its just same as your Switzerland story, you didn’t check around India when there was too too beautiful places over there… 😀

    and when you mentioned about Goa, its just a awesome place to go but dont forget to check on us… as Geologist’s agree you dont find a country like Maldives…

    1. Heheh, good you warned me, because it takes me a lot of effort to not comment on someone disliking pani puri! 😮 That’s a gift to mankind!
      And work took me to Switzerland, I didn’t spend on it, thankfully! Ooh, and Maldives is for sure a beautiful place, any country with all those beaches would be! 😀

  6. Totally with you on Stone Henge and the Alchemist.

    Another thing that I found ridiculously over hyped was the White House. The amount people talk about it! And what did I see there? Just a forlorn white building. The Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi is palatial in comparison!

    1. Ah! I haven’t seen that yet, but I can assume it’s big deal about nothing too 😦 That way, atleast the Buckingham palace is a palace! So much hype, I do not understand!

  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for writing about Alchemist. I have no idea what that book has that could be quoted, actually not just that book, Zahir, Brida. Ugh 😐

    Please do have cheese cake in America and no where else. Its a very American thing. The renditions of it found in Hyderabad (I am from hyderabad) are just plain sad. Cheese cake is really good. My favorite would be White Chocolate Raspberry from Cheesecake factory! (Delicious!!)

    Swiss, only for The Fedex!! and Lindt chocolates 😛

    The others, I dont have an opinion about. I dont mind them. Although I do agree, Ladakh and Goa kick behind anyday!!

    (have been reading you blog for a while. Just had to comment today 😀 )

    1. Hmmm, I stopped reading Coelho! Veronika was a decent read! Though I am incapable of spotting life changing quotes 😦
      And I will take your advise about Cheesecakes, in their defense I only ate this in India 😦 Should try the American version, because it appalls me that I dislike any sweet! Oh, and I do bow to the Swiss for their chocolates, totally, OMG they are awesome! And so many kinds!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your blog link too! 😀

  8. Paneer I like.. not love, but like..

    Cheesecake..ugh..I don’t know what makes it so special since I don’t like it at all..

    Swiss would love to visit sometime, but not sure I would go with ‘I will fall in love with it’ in mind.

    1. Sigh. Ok, fine 😦
      Once again I think Swiss is more about company! And I being a Beach person can never find it all that great, but do try it! 😀

  9. subbulakshmistoned

    Agree. I tend to hate hyped things. The only thing I changed my mind about are the Harry Potter movies.
    I do not discriminate food. So no comments there.
    When you come to B’lore, call me, I will take you to a superb paratha place. I am not a fan of Paneer but the Paneer paratha there is to die for. 🙂

    1. Hehehe. Harry Potter movies are not cool at all! The books are awesome! 😀
      I will do that, in paneer’s defense, I love paneer parathas that mommy makes!

  10. Paneer – well, i used to not like it- until i entered the kitchen and realized that it is the only “vegetable” that i can cut easily…so EGAD and paneer has been appointed MFVF(Most favoured vegetarian food).

    Cheesecake i didn’t like until i entered “Out of the Blue” and had their baked cheese cake…that is to die for…p.s. i dont get the hype on Tiramisu..makes me puky

    Hated alchemist, Swizzerland is the only land that has ever shown me snow in my life, so it b all special and all…but swiss chocolates – Nope dont get the hype!

    Damn i should have just done a post myself

    1. 😛 Lazy bum! You cant constitute taste with laziness! I should not speak cos I am a master vegetable cutter! 😀
      Hmm, another recommendation noted , I have to go to a good place and have good cheese cake.
      Suisseland introduced me to awesome Tiramisu, so much so I had it every day of my stay, and put on 3 kgs 😦
      Oh, thanks for not liking alchemist!
      Do a post, I am sure there is more of that hyped stuff you can’t understand!

  11. Where do I start?!?

    -The butter & ghee factor. It always steals the original taste of the dish!

    -Sushi. One word. YUCK.

    -Mumbai. Its hot, crowded and I swear I went every year from 0 to 18 and a couple of times after that. I am still to see even 1 celebrity!!

    -Hill stations. They make progressively pukey. And they are all small places that can be covered in half a day. A beach would be welcome any day!!

    1. Ah! I am a butter fan, ghee not so much! 😀
      Sushi, yes! Oh God! Bleh!
      Hmm, that is unlucky! Whenever I even went as far as just Mumbai airport, I spotted someone or the other 😉
      And beaches rule! 😀 😀

  12. LOL! What an awesome style of writing khichdi posts hv u got 😉 Me luvs it 😀
    I hate hate paneer. My choice of starter would def. be something with babycorn 😉
    And so agree with u abt all that India has to offer 🙂

  13. Ok am thinking … u see I don’t know how will u react if I differ .. I eman will u make it a point to never serve me paneer n cheesecake if I say I gorge on both 😉 😉 or do a haaaawwwwww .. ok so i won’t tell ya that i lvoe thme! 😉 😉

    As for Swiss .. do u think I need to tell u how much I HATE it the moment 2 days are over in that land … I mean of those 1 month of yearly visits I crave to run out of that country every few hours … and now I hate it when I talk of family there and ppl go weak in their knees… Siggghhhh it’s not DDLJ pl its plain simple BORING, COLD, LONELY, SHITTILY EXPENSIVE and BORING!!!!

    As for Alchemist … ahem u got the meaning of the book .. wow .. as for me .. ahem … errr of course I got it .. jsut that I don’t feel like commenting about it here 🙄

    1. :p I really need to get myself some good quality cheese cake!
      Thanks, for agreeing, I won’t downgrade the place anymore, it’s quite mean to it 😐
      Ooh, and tell tell, tell me what meaning you got of the Alchemist 😀 Or do a post on it! Yay!

  14. Sahi baat! I am ok with paneer, but the rest was so true. And I think even Goa is overrated. Other konkan coast beaches – Harihareshwar, Devbagh, Murud – WAY BETTER!

    1. Heheh! Well, I agree there are way prettier beaches, esp Kovalam, which was so beautiful! But the atmosphere of Goa is kinda incomparable! The party feel that you have all the time 🙂

  15. Confession…
    I hate paneer!
    *ducks to avoid all the lousy paneer tikkas of the world being thrown at her by all the other commenters*

    However, here’s my list:

    1. Aishwarya Rai.
    2. Airconditioning in non-Chennai-type cities. Bah, keep breathing the stale air and your brain might just die.
    3. Harry Potter. Fun, but not worth the big deal they make of it!
    4. iPods. I mean, they’re decent music players and all, but why only *that* brand? Why not something else half decent? Mine stopped working and the apple store “genius” didn’t take a look at it; he just asked me to throw it away, or return it to him for a discount of Rs 500 for a nano that costs at least 10k.
    5. Paulo Coelho – total agreement.

    More to come soon 😛

    1. You are surrounded by Paneer haters here, with a few exceptions here and there, so chill 😉
      Agree with Aishwarya Rai, though Frieda Pinto gets my goat.
      AC, er, I need it during summers! 😦 I am not in Chennai, but Hyd is hot! You b’lore walas should not say anything, hmph!
      HP is fun, I think so too!
      Ipods, are nice looking! Their earphones are useless, I use Sony there! But apple ka kuch charm hai 😛
      Paulo Coelho, I have given up!
      Come up with more, and more importantly, come back to blogging! :S

  16. snippetsnscribbles

    On a totally related note (‘totally unrelated note’ is hyped:P) DDLJ is hyped too :P:P It was just another love story that Bollywood churned out and the songs were good. And there were many other movies too in the same genre, but why only *this*? 😛

    Happy Potter too – never will read maybe.

    Oh and like Dee pointed out “Mumbai” – never been there, not interested too!

    Maybe I will start wearing gold now bcos all the artificial jewellery is sooooooooo hyped everywhere! 😛

    1. Correction. It was the FIRST love story that was that cute. And it came at the perfect time 😀
      One has to be involved in HP from the beginning to be mad about it :P. Thankfully, I was. 😉
      Mumbai, don’t care!
      And artificial jewelery rocks because it is pretty and not expensive 😀 😀

  17. well na when it comes food , its ANYTHING .. I am a foodoholic.. but I do prefer meat to paneer , and i dont like it that much, i will eat if nothing else otherwise i will just avoid it …

    I hate a few things Brinjals, Teende types yukkk just cant have them and i dont like sea food eaither aree jab chicken , goat etc hain to sea food kya karna …

    cant think of anything that is so hyped up in food is alcohol etc allowed cause i can give a few names which are hyped up so much .. thats my department he he heeheh 🙂


    1. I love seafood! 😛 I am freshly converted non vegetarian, and I LOVE fish, prawns etc!
      And yes yes, please let us know what alcohol is hyped too, this is a PG-13 blog, so there is no issue 😉

  18. I neither hate paneer nor I love it! I am not a foodie and never LOVED anything except Aloo and chocolate.

    And The Alchemist! Yeah I have read it too. I agree it is just too much of hype. The universe never conspires to get anything to you. I badly want many things…what is the universe doing? Nthng! I am working for them. Hehehehh 😀 😀 Nice post! Had few laughs while reading the alchemist part.

  19. I wish to add something! Paradise ka biryani!(Veg Biryani) Hype, hype and hype! God knows what makes it sooooooo special. I just hate it. And every time I had it, my stomach was upset. 😦

    1. Oh yes, The dude agrees too! Thebiryani from Pride and Garden are so much better!
      I should have mentioned haleem, but The Dude will be very sad then 😦
      Sue the universe, for being unfavorable to you 😀

  20. I hate paneer too…. I just don’t understand why are we vegetarians always served with paneer…. Look at patato, that’s way better… We need to promote it… 😀

  21. rechristened

    Cheesecake and Alchemist – I am with you.
    Paneer – I am mostly indifferent toward.
    But you spoiled it for me as far as Swiss goes 😦 heheh, j/k

  22. You are truly a life saver !!

    For years now I have wondered whether I was a freak vegetarian or a vegetarian freak… for thinking that paneer is not too gr8. Today finally is redemption day.

    The same goes for Alchemist.. Having read Richard Bach it felt like a distant copy..

    What marketing i tell you !!

    Switzrlnd, I have wondered about many a times, but I hear what you say and that saves me many a day (hmmm rhyming..)

    cheesecakes.. well sitcoms are a great media for marketing pizza, coffee, coffee house hangouts.. and FOOD..
    and well cheesecakes have been orbiting in my mind, now the suspense is only greater, so is the want… but my guess is .. it wont be gr8 either..

    Ditto on the stonehenge too… we r a country where bridges are built by writing a name on the stones, what r these guys trying to market ??

    Mumbai’s on my list too and so is driving.. sitting in a place and coordinating limbs to control a vehicle..

    sorry this is slightly political, but I dont get whats gr8 abt Rahul Gandhi either (scratch ! scratch !)

    riding bikes is different.

    1. Ah, finally someone who agrees with almost everything! 😀
      I am not sure Mumbaikars will be very happy with what you say, though I have hardly been there to comment! And about stone henge et al, the lesser said the better! The Dude loves driving, so no comments, and I love drives per se, so 🙂
      I think Rahul Gandhi is , well, useless! Especially after reading through his credentials and history, totally hyped!
      Welcome to the blog!

  23. I like paneer :(. I like it home-made, and my saas loves it!
    I just had cheescake in Goa, and I liked it.. Not as amazing as chocolate mouse :P, but quite good !
    The only point where our (dis) tastes match is at Alchemist :D. I hated it and could not understand the hype either 🙂

  24. I loved this post 🙂 its strange, so many things appeal but eventually after trying…experiencing… they dont live up to our expectations… !!! 🙂

  25. If I see this post for one more day I swear I’ll start chanting “i hate paneer too” .. coz that’s become the most read line for the past few days .. post something new will ya!!! 👿

  26. Ugly Shoelace

    I agree with you when it comes to The Alchemist. The most over-rated book ever.

    And paneer, em, it’s okay. Not that bad, really. One of those tastes that you acquire, I guess 😀

  27. Awesome post, that I had to de-lurk and comment 😀
    I hate paneer with a vengeance.
    Cheesecake: The cheesecake factory ones are ok-ish.. but not worth the calories. Rest other sweets are totally worth the calories 😉

    Alchemist: Good to see so many people disliking the book. After I read it, I didnt like it and thought that maybe i didnt understand it because it was so hyped and applauded everywhere!!

    swiss: It is on my list of places to visit .. and i have feeling that i will like it. 😀 Will like it for the chocolates, if nothing else 😀

    1. Glad you did! 😀 And even gladder you left your link!
      One thing I have to re-agree with it is only eating those high calorie things that make sense! As in I always choose a chocolate over say fried chicken, because I am clear about which gives me more happiness! 😀

  28. hate..hate.. HATE paneer
    but loooove cheese cake 🙂 the first time i had it.. I didn’t like it, but then I had the really good ones 🙂 n am just at it now! you need to find your “the one” 😛 to fall in love with it 😀

    coming back to paneer..
    i hate it the way all non-veg delicacies are converted into veg by this moron called paneer.. How else in the world can u explain, veg kabab??!!!! Like seriously?????!!!! Phew..!!! THERE IS NO “VEG” KABAB.. it is just not a kabab, dimwits!!!

    1. Oh God! You sound like The Dude :)) I was a vegetarian till a couple of years ago, and I always found these substitutes very bugging 😀
      And I really need to try some ‘good’ cheesecake soon!

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