Then we came to the end

Ahem, so how did I bring in the New Year? Just when we finally decided to remove all details of our identity from our blog page, finally change our url and move to a new blog host, they go ahead and publish this, something I took part in when blogger interviews were the ‘in’ thing! What maketh a blog post? Guess who played hooky from the blogosphere for more than two weeks? Saturday afternoon. Every day, I feel sorry for myself. So once again it is the Fundamentally Fantastic Friday (Ok, don’t kill me), and so I decide to pay the new post section of my blog a visit. I have nothing to write about. I always feel that my posts are too much of a ramble to actually give any sort of information or insights, which will actually help mankind, or in other words, the kind who read this blog. Good examples of optimism. Fantastic Friday is here, and of course it is a holiday for all of us in India. Nobody liked my last post.

Hey! Wait, wait. Don’t go away already! That was not the post, come on! Am I not allowed some reminiscing? No, I am not high, this is 3:00 PM on a Wednesday afternoon! Jeez! Ok, so that was in short 2010 in the blogosphere. Yeah, yeah, I went the not-so-original way and plucked sentences off my first post each month and made it into the mash above. So sue me. Though it does make some sort of weird sense to me, the whole paragraph? Does it to you?

Ok, don’t answer that. I am back from a much fun, short vacation to Pondicherry. That place has the makings of a mini-Goa, they really should try. It’s got everything, the beaches, the alcohol, and the yummilicious food. Seriously, I think every place with a beach has the ingredients to make it big as a holiday spot. That being said, I think that was a good thing to do, the holiday, it marks the perfect end to a pretty good year. Now going by how I started, I think I had a smooth sailing time. 2010 was the year of growing up. I mean, we bought the house, and then the lil Sis got married. That’s pretty grown-up stuff right? Eh, who am I kidding.

And for the blog, 2010 was the year it arrived. I think it proved it’s purpose of existence this year. This is my 55th post this year, and that is way above average considering the 280 odd posts I managed to put up in 6 and a half years! And this, considering the one liner updates regarding placements, summers, K  (and ‘A’s in Supply chain, like someone helpfully pointed out. Hmph. ) which flooded my blog when it had started. By that standard, this was a hyper-active year. That, and the number of people I came to know (and even met one of them!) through this. I really could not have asked for more. And of course, the blog couldn’t have asked for more either.

2010 was ok. And now it’s almost over. And I like that. Because I always look forward to new beginnings with a lot of hope, and excitement. It’s the same happiness that I used to feel when I would carry my brand new notebooks, covered with crisp brown paper, and with the bright labels,  on the first day of school. And I would use my best, most awesome handwriting in each class, because that’s how I would want the books to be through the year. Awesome.  As time would pass by, there would be doodles in the margins, smudged inky portions thanks to the sweaty individual after an hour of running around in the games hour, and rounds of Hollywood, and Naughts and crosses on the last page. But the beginning was always perfect. Fresh. And that’s how I begin each year. That’s how I would want to begin 2011. Start afresh. Clean slate. New calendars, new diaries, new resolutions, if you must.

So fingers crossed (and toes too), I am all set to step into the next year (which sadly is not a cool year in itself – no new decade, no new last single digit year of the century, no nothing, like my boring birthday), gingerly, to begin with, but with a  hope that I can hop and skip across to the other side, wiser, happier and content.

See you all on the other side!

PS My Macbook (aka Macky, I cannot get  more original than this) is here! That is one HUGE thing off my wish-list!

PS2 No, I am not writing this post on it.  I wish I was though. I miss Macky

PS3 I wish I had one. Or a Nintendo Wii.  Or an XBox. Anything will do. (Ok, that was flicked from the The Dude, who wrote this in one of his mails to me, and I found it super-funny)

Ok, now seriously, see you in 2011! Adios!


74 thoughts on “Then we came to the end

    1. Time to wish is here again, I hate making resolutions and forgetting I made any in the first place and then breaking them unconsciously…

      Have a wonderful year around… and meet more blog mates… fingers pointing to moi of course course…

      Hugs babes … enjoy
      and who’s that little sweet doggie right on the top of the page.. Cute fellow..

      1. I don’t make any too, atleast not consciously 😦
        Wish the same to you too Pinoo! and I really hope we meet 😀
        And that’s my dream doggie, a pretty labrador! Sigh! Some day! That will be another thing off the wishlist!

        1. OK, I am hijacking this thread, I wanna meet you guys too.. Mumbai meet has to be planned!

          Now back to the post :P, happy new year DI. Have a awesome start and a lovely year ahead 🙂

    1. Hehe! Yeah we did! And that makes it even more important that we meet! Argh, once again, we are in the same city! Let me start with, can you send me your number as a message? 😀
      Wish you a wonderful 2011 too!

        1. I repeat, The Dude doesn’t take me there because they charge a lot for parking, so there was no way of knowing that the food court was gone, Gah! :S

  1. I love fresh beginning…lvoe the freshness of new resolutions which as the year goes by – will have smudges, tears and ultimately breaks and full stops to it.

    Happy new year babe…here’s to growing up and more

    1. Hehe, thanks! It was amusing when it sorta added up!
      Hmm, I do not know about Iranian beaches, so I will go by what you and restrict myself to the more ‘friendly’ beaches around the world 🙂

  2. Let us meet in 2011. We live in the same city… so we have to :P. I wish that 2011 reduces the wish list. Good that atlest Macky is off the list (really that innovative). Have an awesome 2011 Di :).

    1. Thanks Harini! 😀 Wish the same to you!
      And yes, we are having a Hyderabad bloggers meet in 2011 for sure 😀 This comment btw is coming straight from Macky!

    1. 😀 Thanks Thanks! Oh, I am kinda sticking to this background till I make another one on Macky 😉
      And yeah, some of these themes take crazy long to load, must be that 😀 Have a great new year!

  3. Ok where do i start:
    1. ummmm welll it was not only abot striaght A’s – it was also about mafggi … fughts with friends and errr a lot of ‘internship’ updats 😉 😉 … dig up old posts woman .. they r a riot!! :mrgreen:

    2. i have never had so much fun with a “never” met before person in my life!!! i totally understood Dude’s concern as to whether ‘it was safe’ to meet people from the net 😉 .. coz the way we struck in the car .. the poor fellow was totally shooed up
    !!! 😛

    3. A particular mall in Hyd has the most awesome Food Court and is the only Cookie Man with a seating arrangement 😛 *ok ya i know u reaching for the screen to slap me .. i just hope its Macckyy*.

    In short am glad for 2010 only flor 2 things – blog world and Charulata and yes for a small trip too that made me bond with a wonderful person who’s as cracked up as me! Amen!

    1. I should do that really. Oh God, I am embarassed! :))
      I agree, that was instant! I did not feel that we hadn’t met before, and that says it more than anything else 😀 Poor Dude indeed!
      And lady, 2010 was all about good things, you probably would realise it better later 🙂

      1. Oh yaaa .. like how I discovered that there’s someone who can rant more than me 😉 … who can make people drive up to shops just to check out stuff beyond budget :p .. or a crack pot who like me measures distance by the number of siongs the Ipod can squuze in 😛

        Ok addd this disclimer to your post:

        DW says that the next rant about my hair … n she has the right to chop it off!


        1. Hello! 😮 😮
          I need to send you some of my old snaps! These ‘gorgeous’ tresses are thanks to all the pain I go through to transform them each year 😦 😦 *Sniff*, no one understands me, *sniff* 😦

  4. I dont know how i missed this post something wrong with my my blogroll again..

    anyway I read the whole article and came to the last part Ps’s and saw PS3 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I treated myself to a ps3 this year and it shud be arriving tommorrow and hopefully the next three days weekend and bank holiday i can spend on it …

    dont know why i thought i shud mention that ah well now that i have mentioned no use deleting it 🙂

    Wishing you a very veyr happy new year and a prosperous 2011…

    Take care and have funnnnnnnnnnnnn


    1. 😀 Wow! Have fun with your PS3, I can totally imagine you glued to it, especially since you have all the time in world to do so! 😮 And yes, yes, these are totally worth mentioning and showing off 😉
      Have a great New year, and may there be many more blog posts 😀

  5. 2011 a big year … well i remember the first day of school, i will write with my best handwriting though in the end of the year the book will be a old book with thousand year old (some misunderstanding) languages lols … in the end of the year i don even recognize my own handwriting keke ….

  6. Hey DI,

    first time here and just loved ur ramblings 🙂
    55 posts in a year haahn, thts pretty cool i say !!
    Keep writing and increase this count in 2011 🙂

    Have a lovely new year!!


  7. Happy new year DI! Here’s wishing you more fun and laughter this year, just so you keep writing these awesome posts and we get our dose of happiness on this side of the monitor. Love!

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