Superstar Sunday

The second half of my day today is quite sad. You know, meetings, calls, VCs, and most of them well within the scope of my analysis in the last post. Anyhow, we are not here to complain. We are here to rejoice.

Let me elaborate.

When : Sunday evening
Where : In the bedroom
What: Ah, see now that will take some explaining

The Dude and I are watching Saving Private Ryan on the television. Ok. Strike that. The Dude wants me to watch Saving Private Ryan. Now this movie is big for The Dude. Because this apparently the only movie ever that got some sort of emotion out of him. Which in Dude terminology would mean , he actually felt for the characters on screen. This is big for his wife, who is slightly more obvious when it comes to display of emotions in general. Ok, way more obvious. Ok, so she cries while watching exceptionally emotional scenes in movies, or books, or Grey’s anatomy. Ok, she cried when one of the Splitsvilla contestants left the show, and her ‘love’ of 2 weeks was very upset about it. Can we get back to the point now?

Yeah, so The Dude was totally into the movie, and I was watching it with quite some interest too. Somewhere in between I decided that my back and shoulders  were hurting, so I quietly slid down the bed and plonked myself on the ground near the edge of the bed where The Dude was sitting, and asked him for a shoulder massage. He obliged, since he was watching the movie, and in all probability, does not remember this happening.

In about 3 minutes, my phone rang. I refused to look at it, clearly enjoying the attention to the poor back. Then I looked anyway. It was the Drama Queen. Hmm, what could it be? Is any of the gang’s birthday up anytime soon? Or has she found out the true identity of yet another secretive anonymous blogger?

That was enough motivation, and I picked up her call.

‘Hey, you didn’t tell me, your krrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrr
‘Huh? I can’t hear anything! Let me get out of the room. Yeah, tell me now.’
‘Can you hear me?’
‘Yes, now I can’
‘You didn’t tell me krrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrr
‘ Ok, I really can’t hear you’
‘Can you hear me now?’
‘I don’t know why, but I can only hear you when you ask me that?’
‘Ok, You. Didn’t. Tell. Me.That. Your. Blog. Got. Pictioned.’
‘Huh? Pictioned?’
‘Featured. Featured. Featured in Femina’
‘What shit!’

Ok, yes that was my exact reaction. I have noticed I say that quite often in fact.

‘Ya! I am in the parlor, and I was flipping through the magazine, and I saw this! Congrats, and go pick it up!’ (this is out of a hazy memory, but I am unsure of the exact words used)

This was followed by a short conversation, clarifying the edition, and the cover page, and what it said, and who was on it (which by the way, madame didn’t know, she doesn’t know Miss India Sarah Jane Something, fine, I don’t know her as well either, I guess).

And that was followed by me making The Dude miss some important bits of Saving Private Ryan to drive me to the Magazine stand to pick up an issue. And then of course, me roaming around the house the rest of the evening with a massive grin plastered over my face, trying to click a decent shot of the page and send it to my mom. Some sight it was. It was good. And for once, Sunday evening was a happy time.

So here it is, in all this glory! Our first brush with fame! I am thinking of changing my name from DI to SDI for the sake of this. Oh, and my MIL’s reaction was ‘ Wow! They wrote about you! That’s awesome! But why didn’t you send a nicer picture?’ If only they’d asked for it! Oh well, I am not complaining!

Yay! we're phamous!

P.S. Ooh, and for those who are interested, it is the March 5th 2011 edition of Femina, on page 131. Under the column ‘Fastest Blogger in the East’. That, I think is the ironic bit, but the rest of it, ah well, I am one happy person.


92 thoughts on “Superstar Sunday

  1. Congratulations DI it is indeed a moment of glory and I am sooooooo glad to see you featured 😛 😛

    I see so you girls have been busy tracking down the identity of anonymous bloggers 😯 😯 I better get scared now 😉 😉


    1. {{{Hugs}}}
      Thanks so much CB! 😀 Yeah, that’s one of our mottos, to rid the blog world of anonymity, and find out the ‘real’ bloggers! :)) You should be scared. Be very scared.

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyy I know s celebrity wow excellent and congrats ..
    March 5th we are in feb or is it yet to come.
    Hmmm I am glad I am not anonymous

    Lovely news and well done

    1. 😛 😛
      Oh, they release their editions with the date of the fortnight end! So well in advance 😉
      And yes, good you are not anonymous, else you would have a trail of PIs behind you!

  3. Wah..Now I can probably write a post saying that this famous blogger had a shady past as she used to comment on my thakela blog 😛

    Jokes aside, Good going DI. Congrats. 😀

    Btw ‘Saving The Private Ryan’ is not a ‘great’ movie as it made out to be. My friends loved it though.

    1. Yeah yeah! And I will soon know who you are too * evil grin* You have managed the anonymity well I have to say, though I remember your name from some odd reference in your earlier blog, investigation’s on!

  4. Congratulations! I know a celeb blogger. Yay. Btw, they featured you and you weren’t even informed? What if this big moment of fame had passed without your knowledge? What a waste that would be!

    PS – Since I personally met the ‘drama queen’ I suppose my identity is no longer a secret to you? 😛 I should stay under covers 😛

    1. Yeah, Drama Queen has been generous enough to let me know about you , even before you guys met and were planning to 😛 So no investigations there!
      And you are so right about not knowing bit 😦 What if? Or what if I came to know months later and had to buy this issue from some raddi wala? Thank God for parlors! 🙂

  5. Hey was away for some time…
    Congrats on ur “two minutes: of fame…

    Btw what is SDI?? DIN is more like it… 😀

    Oh! and tell the ‘Dude’ , I appreciate his Sacrifice..

    ps: After the first 2-3 paras, Was’nt sure where this post was going… >:)

    1. 😛 Thanks!
      I know, they shoud have asked me for the name 😉 I am guessing it is ‘shrimati’ 😉
      Oh, and ok, will convey 😛
      and whatever!:P

  6. surly divya is a celebrity… cant believe you was on femina, wow
    hatts of to great bloggers like divya 🙂 im happy cox ur my blog frnd and i can say to everyone one of my blog buddies was on femina 🙂

    1. Heheh 😀 If he chooses rewatching that movie over what could be my kodak blogger moment, I will be the one gnashing my teeth 😮

  7. Think you will be happy to know this too…

    I did a google search for ‘Best Indian Blogs’ and landed on your blog site..And what do I read… This landmark post- Your high point. Its like the world has converged for once to tell me that indeed this is a FAMOUS BLOGGER here..

    Haven’t read any of your other posts yet…but your page is sure marked to my favourites now and you will hear from me again…

    Remember Me..

    1. Thanks 😀 That’s big! And kind words are always nice to hear!
      The name you have signed reminds me of a very good friend from College, do we know each other?

  8. Well…I don’t know. I would have made it loud and clear that am not the one, had you mentioned that name reminding you of someone you hated or sorts. It doesn’t hurt to be assumed a good friend after all… So lets leave that at a ‘May Be’ state.

    Ain’t you addicted to your own blog?? Hehe… I noticed that you managed to reply to every comment left… While that is awesome in itself, the timelines you managed to do that by makes it even better.


    1. Hahaha! Ok!
      Er, I am totally flattered now. About the comments, honestly, I respond to them because I love the comments 😀 Infact the day I write a post, this page is refreshed more number of times than office mail 😉

  9. Oh, I love your writing! I too, like many others, happened to discover your awesome blog through Femina! And I must say, your blog is awesomeness 🙂

  10. Whoaaa! I get on to blogger after so long to catch up, and this is what I find. Brilliant, well done, yayyyy, party chahiye! 🙂

    How have you been?

  11. Impressive…….Three cheers to Femina and me….we both found your blog……feel that it deserves all the attention 🙂


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