The 7 year itch

It’s been 2 months. Two. Whole. Months. And a little bit more. And I totally take the blame for being missing all this while. What? There could be other reasons yes? Not in this case really, here it’s just me, but there could be. That’s all I am saying.

But I am not back empty-handed, I am here in a new avatar. Lots of new learnings, lots of it, which I am here to share. Well, you didn’t think I wasted all of the two months now, did you?

– So apparently, it is possible to spend 7-odd hours each day without really realising it, when your daily activity list includes refreshing your FB page every 5 minutes, realising that not everyone is as job-less so moving on to Twitter and doing the same, realising 67 is not a decent number to follow, and so look for more people to follow, lurk around blogs, all the time wondering how in the world people come up with so much to say. Go for a chai break. Repeat.

– Regular tweeters, who insist on tweeting links which lead you to paid sites, top my ‘annoying persons of the decade’ list. Yes, they exist, and I seem to have knack of following them.

– It is possible for a chocoholic to give it up completely. Give it up, not out of choice or as a test of will, but just give it up, not want it. In short, dislike it. Oh, but it also doesn’t very long  to get back to your senses especially if someone from Switzerland gets you a box of Lindt’s assorted chocolates. In all probability, you will end up eating your way through half the box.

– There is something about kairi. Haha. Come on, that was clever. Anyway, Mangoes rule. Raw and ripe. They just do. And yes, kairi with some namak-mirch combination can soothe all pains. Chocolate’s got some competition.

– 2011 is an awesome year. I said that before, I say that again. Hello, we won the World Cup! Do you need any other explanation?

– Apparently Afridi does have a big big heart. Why else would he make us all roll with laughter with his ‘Aman ki aasha’ statements, followed by his amazing discoveries in biology? Laughter is the best gift one can give anyone, and no one’s made me laugh  as much as him and his comments for a while now. Oh, that, and those FB status messages asking us ‘Indians to learn something from him’. Thanks all, I am obliged.

– While chatting with a fellow blogger, she asked me who my favorite blogger was. And I realised that I never thought of it. So in these 2 months of lurking, I think I have finally decided my list of top 10 blogs or something which I will name when I am interviewed by BBC. You guys make my days at work so much more bearable. *Sniff*

– Oh, and to all those who asked why I was not blogging anymore, and asked me to get back soon, *Bawl*,  you have to make me cry don’t you? Just note that by doing this, you have earned yourself a comment for each day, asking you get back, anytime you go missing. You wait.

– That being said, this post is dedicated to my pretty pretty blog, which has never seen such a dry period ( I mean, no posts is one thing, but no theme changes too?), but has valiantly stuck to my side for, wait for it, 7 WHOLE YEARS. Yep, today marks the 7th anniversary of the blog. Wish it people, wish me, and do wish that I do not go all lazy again. For my sake of course, ‘cos it is  good to be back!


59 thoughts on “The 7 year itch

    1. Ouch! It’s true! You are back! 😀

      Happy happy seventh to your dear blog! Seriously, it deserves a huge birthday bash considering how mean you have been to it! 😀

      And I *absolutely* relate with you on the first point! My schedule is quite similar! 😛

        1. and i join a close second.,..the only reason i am second is that i was gossiping with someone..though i had opened the post sometime agoo.

          P.s. please share your blog lists…i am seriously running out of people to read 🙂

        2. 😀 Hopefully yes! See , I just CPRed my blog and Twitter accounts, because, well, just like that! 🙂
          Thank you thank you. Also, you can afford to have that schedule, I sure cannot, but kya jaata hai! 🙂

  1. Congratulations Di’s blog. 1 slap for Di…u reading blogs…then how come i dont see you on mine…ok now that we are done with the shameless begging.

    No Chocolates – are u mad?????
    Kairi – Yummm!

    2011 caused my toe to almost fall off…am still not sure it has gained credibility in my eyes.

    Ok now please blog…u have fallen off the face of FB, mails everything…!!

    1. 😦 No mail-wail also, atleast that used to ensure I was around! DQ will kill me one of these days 😐 She’s off the radar pretty much!
      And lady, I very obviously always read your blog too, I just don’t comment, because apparently, I never had the words to say anything at all! 😦 Anyhoo, next target, FB! 😀

    1. Wow 7 years and here’s me feeling on top of world after the first year, WOWOW long way to go .. Congratulations and all the best and yeah do be regular 🙂

      looking forward to the interview on the BBC and the 10 top blogs he he he 🙂
      and yayyyyyyyyyyy to the world cup win tooo 🙂

      yes mangoes definitely rule , 2011 well it has been great so far and I am happy 🙂 end of the day thats what matter …

      Twitter 67 wow.. well i dont have that many too 🙂

      1. 😀 Yay! Bikram sir, I am just glad all of you are still around! I am hoping I get into the comment race soon too, that was fun!
        Hehe, will definitely let you know when the interview is aired 😉 And 7 years makes me feel old!
        Glad you have been happy in 2011 too, hope the rest is even better!
        Pray that I stick around! 😀

  2. 7 years ???? Really ???? Thats a really long time…..Congrats DI !!! 🙂 🙂 Hugs and love, to make u write more and more. 🙂

    Mangoes – I am crazy too… them ripe or raw… 🙂 🙂 Actually I made manga pachadi – raw mango + jaggery and of course mango milk shake – the girls at home make me do this and that. 😛

    Dont take such long breaks…. 🙂

    1. Hehe, I know, sounds crazy huh? 😀
      Thanks Ums! I really hope I do not run out of ideas again!
      Oh, and mango pachadi is so YUM! Man, I want some now!

  3. 7yrs!!! WOW! Congrats to your blog!! I just completed 4 and went missing for a few days to bask in its glory 😛 Your absence for 2months is hence justified 😀

    And dont go now. Just stay put here and write 😛 😀

    1. Thanks SnS! Another I have to fix is my lurking habit, I have become one of the those silently follow blogs and leave no traces of having been there 😉

  4. 7 years and still going strong. Go DI go.

    Tell me it made you want to blog more often 😀

    Eat mangoes. They are the best thing ever and you don’t get them year round. Chocolates you can get any odd time.

    Congratulations and great to have you back.

    1. I know, I managed! Though the number will have a different story to tell 😉
      Thanks for the nice words, those pics are like a synopsis of what makes me up I guess!

  5. Janhavi

    Congrats D 🙂
    I must admit, I kept coming back to your blog everyday to check if there were new posts, and today when I saw a new one, it made my day! 😀

    1. Thank you Eva! You know, I hopped over to your blog and saw you have a section where you answer questions people ask, and so patiently so 🙂
      So, I decided to answer too. 7 years of blogging gave me; a lot of entertainment, a lot of views to read, a lot of styles of writing of different people to see, and a lot of friends 🙂
      About learning something, I learnt that I actually had quite a lot of views about things I thought I did not care abt before, and apparently pretty strong ones at that. All in all, blogging gives me a lot of food for thought! 😀

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