Just like that

I decided that I would write today, come what may, because I feel like writing. Sadly, feelings do not always coincide with what eventually happens. So while I do really want to write I have no clue what I could write about.Which again does not been that I do not have anything write about. I do. I could write what a pain the last 3 days have been, when each day stretched longer than the road leading to my home from work, and that is saying something. I could write about how I missed my 5:30 bus today, just to ensure I was around when big people left the premises, only to step out for a cup of coffee exactly when they decided to drop in, say goodbye and leave. I could write about how it is 7:17 PM in the computer’s clock right now, and I still do not know when I will leave tonight.

Or I could write about new blogs I have been reading these days, via the recommendations on Google Reader. Or how I always seem to get totally hooked to ones the Reader never suggests, but I fortunately find on the Blogrolls of the others it does. I could write about this one blog in particular, which in my opinion is one of the best I have ever read, and how reading it for the past two days made me want to log in to my little space, and make an attempt at updating it.

Or I could just write about the change in my bus route and how awesome it is to walk back home from the stop, while there is sunlight. Or about Rover, the tiny Labrador puppy whose walk time coincides my walk time every evening. Or how the food menu in our office cafeteria changed to actually good tasting food. And how the shop in the cafeteria has started stocking ice cream again.

It could also be a rant about how I always wake up with a headache, and how no amount of sleep ever suffices, Or how unfit I feel now that I quit gym. About how I disagree to the hilt with the opinions on a number of blogs I read, but how I never comment, and continue reading anyway. Or how I have to wait right now, for The Dude, just to call to get an idea as to when I might leave after all.

There is a lot to write about. But instead, I choose to look out through the massive windows I sit facing, at the traffic moving at snail’s pace, and think how pretty the lights look. And how I would perhaps not be feeling the same way if I were out there. Once in a while, I glance at my phone to see if I have missed a call, which would eventually get me out for the day. Because I am tired, and sleepy.

But till then I have to wait. With a cup of coffee and a pack of Good day Choco-nut biscuits, which by the way are awesome, to give me company. Be patient. While away time. Type an incoherent post about what I could be doing.

And apparently, it’s not that bad after all.

60 thoughts on “Just like that

    1. 🙂 🙂 Nice to read from u 😀 And what a super-cool update post this is! Loved it 😀

      Err so u hv started reading new ones, and forgotten as old-timers 😦 😛

    1. ah ha now i know why you dont read me, you are busy with recommended articles booooooooo hoooooo mine are not good enough to be recommended 🙂

      Long time , good you wrote something .. inspite of all those decisions on what to write .. would like ot read so as and when you get time do tell us ..

      1. Not true!!! Dont be mean :)) I mentioned below, but once again, I need my Reader completely clean before I sleep each night 😉
        And thanks! And thanks also for updating regularly 🙂

  1. I could have written a comment that How I also skip commenting to all non-wordpress awesome blogs fater reading the post as Its such a pain. But will just read your entry and close the browser. 😀

    1. 😀 I share the pain! But these days I just have the fill-form option turned on I guess, so it logs in with my initials and url everytime! 🙂
      As long as wordpress blogs are not missed out 😉

        1. Ya, actually it does. I use chrome, so it when I go to a blogspot blog, I see the ‘Name/url’ option and all my details filled, all I have to do is click! 🙂

  2. You could have written about this one thing or that, but it would not provide the complete picture of a day in DI’s like. This is just perfect.

    PS: Seems like something is weighing heavily on your mind. Hope all good. Hugs.

    1. Yeah, I guess it served the purpose! 🙂
      Thanks Comfy All’s ok, not to worry! Just settling down amidst a spate of new things I guess!

            1. Hello! Have u not noticed my spiritual attitude recently? When I am not busy discussing other bloggers? Huh? Huh?
              Anyhow, all is fair when you are on holiday! 😀

    1. CC, WRITE, will ya? Am glad it sounded DI! These days half my worry is what if the post is un-me 🙂 and the confirmation helps!

    1. Ok, you are actually the nicest bunch of people, always saying nice stuff 😀
      I will, I will, and I am waiting for you to land there and stand writing. I have realised some of the funnest posts are by people on campus in B-schools! 😀

  3. This is a feel good post. In spite of the few, far between rants 😛 Rev3 is awesome 🙂 And I hope you are planning to be more regular. I miss you!

    About the disagreeing and commenting, I used to do it a lot earlier. Then I became a sage. But cricket drove me nuts and I am back to square one 😛

    1. 😀 I did feel good after writing it! I should be more regular you’re right * hangs head in shame *
      Oh, and hello! You became a sage? 😮 When? 😮 I enjoy your outbursts, mainly cos I am too pansy to have them myself!

  4. Ahem…what about my lame attempts at entertaining you??? hmmmph now deal without me for a week….!!

    P.s. enjoyed the post…ummmm, i am one to talk but if u are feeling unfit after quitting the job, start walking – might help the headaches also 🙂

    1. Seeeeee, this post was about what I could write about, do you really want me to make public all your deep dark secrets that did keep me entertained 😉
      Yenjoi the time off and return 😀 Oh, yeah, advise take, lemme just finish that jar of Nutella and then I’m off! 😛

  5. This post has too many things in it and I don’t know what to comment on. I love such a random, dreamy mix of emotions. Come, share some coffee and biscuits with me and we can have a nice conversation?

    1. They are some how they easiest to write too nuh? When you dont have to bother about sticking to the topic 🙂
      Oh yes, would love to , been a long time since we had one over chat too!

  6. hei divya
    haven’t checked on your blog for a while… but finally checked 🙂

    Good Knowledege of English is one of the best qualities in Divya…

    keep going on
    a huge huge huge fan of your blog

  7. That’s how it is – just start writing about writing, or feeling like writing, and the post unfolds in an almost carpet like fashion. Nice blog. But I loved your comment on your profile page (chuckles)..take care.

      1. Aiyyo..no big deal that – it’s just the way you wrote ‘go go, read my blog’ that made me chuckle. ‘t was more like pushing a child out of the kitchen ‘nothing here, go back to the living room, go go…’ types.. 😉

        1. Ah, that-aa! No no, I just wanted to know, it makes me happy, that 😀 btw! Perhaps because I personally love reading stuff that makes me laugh! Thanks again!

  8. Candid Chitchats

    Hey DI, be more regular na. Have been reading all your posts (starting from the 2004 ones) and am done with it. Now go and write something for us, Ms Phemina Phame 🙂 after all we are your ardent fans and cant let you off for long.

    1. Thanks Candid 😀 That s sweet! What is sweeter is that you are not teasing for my posts from the yesteryear 😉 Should be back soon!

  9. Isnt it wonderful to put in words, what goes on our mind really – as this post does !!! 🙂 Love it….keep writing !!! 🙂

    Special Hugs to ward off ur tiredness and make u feel all refreshed !!! 🙂

    1. Hey! 😀 Yeah, I hope it gets back soon! Btw, you just called the template ‘new’, hence proving how long you’ve been away! 😉

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