You were on my mind, at least 9/10ths of yesterday

It’s 2:47 PM on a Wednesday afternoon, and I am listening to Juno’s soundtrack, and at the same time alternating between typing this post, and gazing out of the windows at the skies, which have turned a very lovely shade of grey.

So this post is going to be pretty much about Juno. There is something about this movie, that makes me watch it over and over again, every time it is aired on TV. That thing which makes me all warm and gooey on the inside, and tear up towards the end almost every single time. Ok, make that every single time by default.

There is a lot of love in the movie I feel. It’s there in so many frames. The story is simple, it is actually a tad worrisome, if you consider that it is about a 16 year old who gets pregnant. It’s scary, because though movie deals with it very lightly, in reality, this might be the toughest thing ever. So this girl, decides to give up the baby for adoption, because that’s the best thing for her and the child, and picks a couple from a Penny saver advertisement. The months that follow, till the baby’s birth, is what make the movie.

Back to the fact that this movie shows warmth and love at so many levels. My favorite scenes are pretty well laid out, I never miss out on those. There is friendship, between Juno and her best friend, who she is able to talk to and tell her worries knowing very well that she’ll always be around. Then there is father-daughter bit, when the father gets all angry and protective as soon as he comes to know of the latest development in his daughter’s life. Or the bit in the end when Juno has delivered the child and the father says something to the effect of‘ Someday you will be back here, and doing the same thing on your own terms’. It’s lovely.

Then I also love the relationship as depicted between Juno and her step-mom, who is definitely one of the cooler characters in the movie. When the ultrasound technician makes a derogatory comment about her step-daughter, she immediately jumps in to shut her up.

Of course, there is Paul Bleaker, the father of the baby. The guy appeals to you, and looks like the softer one in the relationship, considering Juno is quite the toughie. He never hides his appreciation for the girl, who rarely bothers to acknowledge, but does depend on him for a sense of security. When Juno tells him she loves somewhere before the movie ends, it’s cute, in a way teen love can be. Also, when the baby’s born, and the narrative says ‘ He just knew’ , and that he decided not to see the baby, because it was not theirs , and they lie on the bed while Juno is crying, man, tears, every time.

There is of course the adoptive mother and the baby bit. Jennifer Garner as the woman who was always a mother, but just needed a child was heartbreaking. When she is all worried every time she bumps into Juno. When she speaks to the baby in the womb and it kicks. When she asks in the end ‘How do I look?’ while holding her son for the first time, once again, warmth is all one can feel.

Also, Juno and Jennifer Garner, though not very often in the same frame, had their bit, when Juno leaves the note saying ‘If you’re in, I’m in’ and when she follows up her statement that the baby was never theirs, with ‘It was always hers’.

The music, with and without the movie, is awesome. How the most simple dialogues in the simplest of sequences make you smile is what the makes the movie even better. There is no in your face comedy, but there is a lot of humour. II doubt if there  was any scene where I laughed out loud, but every scene touched a chord.

I don’t know if the post made much sense to anyone who has seen the movie, let alone someone who hasn’t, but the last time I watched it, I made a mental note to write about how wonderful it made me feel. So here it is. And if you have not seen the movie, do give it a shot! Oh and the title is from one of my favorite tracks in the movie, so check that out too.


54 thoughts on “You were on my mind, at least 9/10ths of yesterday

  1. well first of all its not that late its only 11:22AM 🙂

    havenot seen the movie.. Hopefully will do sometime as and when … reading ur article makes me want to see it now ..

  2. It’s an awesome movie! I love it and end up watching everytime I see it on TV. In Nuttie’s words, as mentioned above, “I am sad like that.” 😉
    I love the song Anyone Else But You, the last song, I think.

    Oh and PS: I sent you a mail. And a message on Twitter saying I sent you a mail, because I thought you weren’t planning to post anytime soon. 😛

    Pliss to reply. 🙂

    1. Yay! Glad to know! Actually, it is tough not to like this movie, I guess! So you either haven’t watched it, or you have liked it!
      Oh, the last song is awesome, love it too, was my ringtone for a while for The Dude 😉
      Will check mail immediately!

  3. juno is one of my favourites too. i love the title sequence, LOVE the witty dialogues and the music fits so perfectly. and my favourite scene from the movie is juno and her father talking about love and couples sticking together.
    nice post. i’m going to go home and watch it again 🙂

    1. 😀 Yeah, that is a very nice scene too! I love how simple all of it seems in the movie, no one being bad really, just human.
      The dialogues are awesome! Like I said subtle humour in every bit! Juno did a wonderful job herself!

    1. Exactly! One could have taken up this kinda topic and made it a long stretched sermon of sorts! This wasn’t. Perfect editing, and it was just about right in length too!

  4. I liked it too! have watched it thrice 🙂

    I loved that scan room retorts too! “my five year old can do that and she’s not the brightest bulb..” ROFL!

    and one more thing I loved was the comic book with a pregnant heroine(gifted to Juno, by Jennifer’s husband)

    1. 😀
      Jennifer’s husband was perhaps the closest they got to someone with a negative shade in the movie, but some of their talks about music et al were also very prominent in terms of dialogues! 😀 And yeah, that comic book was noteworthy!

    1. Hehe, some of the best scenes those! 🙂 I am sure I have missed a lot of them, but then there is SO much! Glad you’re happy 😉

  5. For such a sensitive topic, I loved how happy the movie was. As you said, there was love in the movie and so much of it.

    Love it, but how can you not with a movie as beautifully made as Juno 🙂

  6. I know I sound dumb, but I havent heard of this movie..thanks for the reco I sure am watching it *rushes to yell at RD to download the movie NOW*

    1. Ya? Honestly I saw it well before the accolades, so perhaps the expectations were more toned. Also, if I think about it The Dude also thinks it was just nice, and not great, like I do 🙂

  7. Vallari

    I had been wanting to watch this movie since a very long time…guess what, I watched it, and the next moment, I bumped into this blog of yours!! Co-incidence!!
    I loved the movie, and could immediately connect with what you had described in your post…that in fact made me wonder…that people do pay attention to the subtle nuances!!
    Great job DI…will wait for the next co-incidence to happen 🙂
    And yes, the song’s addictive…I’m listening to it even while typing it! 🙂

  8. Divya

    Hey, am a first-time visitor here… absolutely loved this post. Lot of similarities – I am also Divya ( yes, Iyer) and I cry every time I watch this movie. And yes, I love the soundtrack – makes me happy and sad at the same time!

    1. Hi namesake! 😀
      That is a lot of similarities yes 😀 The soundtrack is perfect and apt for the movie and what’s happening isn’t it? Makes me totally emotional too!

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