Dont ask

I believe that I deserve to be banished from blogdom. Yes, I really do. Such long sabbaticals and so many times, can only be punished with some severe banishment. I think.

But you can’t! Nobody can! Actually, WordPress can, but it won’t. So here I am. Shamefaced, but nonetheless, back. Unless I lose my password or something, which will catastrophic, but then there is always a ‘forgot password’ option to get me back on track, except, what if I forget the password to the email account linked to this blog as well, in which case I am royally screwed. There is this secret question thing I know, which by the way is a total sham and will not work, because very recently, when I tried resetting my ‘My Vodafone’ password after 6 years (yes 6 years, cos I am suddenly in need of my bills, because work makes me call Godforsaken Basel, and that costs quite a bit, so cost means reimbursement, which means need for a bill, which means an account , because the hard copies go to my first ever office address, and fixing that needs faxing some docs, or visiting a store or something, which is much more painful. You get the idea.), I realised that I the registered email id was from my old workplace. Pshaw. So no password, no email id. Yeah, so I tried the secret question thing, and as always it was my mother’s name. Simple eh? Only, no it isn’t! Because when I punched in her name , it refused to accept it. Finally it said, it would send me the answer to my phone. Yes, there was a ‘forgot secret answer’ option as well. And when I clicked that, I got an SMS saying my mother’s name was ‘Arpitha’. Only, it is not. And also, I do not know any other Arpitha, and even if I did, I would not randomly change my mom’s name to that, or name said person as my mom, and I would definitely not add the ‘h’ after the ‘t’ because, well, I think it is wrong. Arpita comes with a ‘chota t’ and not a ‘bada th’ and don’t ask me why I am telling you all this.

Actually, ask. I will tell you. You see, it is 11 PM on Saturday night, and The Dude has fallen asleep. Actually, he is not totally asleep. He keeps waking up every few minutes and saying that he in fact, is wide awake. There is thing about me and The Dude. This is our anniversary month, and we would have been married for four whole years in a couple of weeks time. Ok, so the point is that our sleeping habits are extremely different. While The Dude is a through and through morning person, I am an owl. The very typical ‘can stay awake till the wee hours of the morning to witness the sunrise, but can never wake up the see a sunrise kind’. He on the other hand, is wide awake at 6 AM, irrespective of when he went to sleep. So the thing is, he has this whole ‘time for himself’ bit each morning. You know, between six, and when I am forced to wake up (which would be around 8 on weekdays, and 9 or 10 on weekends). But the issue is, by default we go to bed at the same time. Now this in essence kills the chances of there being any hours where he is asleep and I am awake. So this is one of those few times, mainly because I think it is blasphemous to sleep so early on a Saturday, and he is drunk on a couple of beers. But like I said, it is somehow unacceptable to him, the whole theory, so he is now loitering around claiming he was always wide awake, though the fact is he has been asleep for a good one hour. That being said, this is the reason why I am online at this hour and typing this post. And no, I did not consume any alcohol. Only some really cheesy pasta.

Ok, had to take a short break there to locate The Dude. He was sleeping in the living room, because, well, apparently he was wide awake and enjoying the breeze and view from the balcony. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I guess it means I am going to bed now. I really wanted to also write about the awesome movie we were watching till sometime ago, which I believe is partly responsible for his sleepy state, but that will be the topic for another post. Till then, bear with the ramble, will ya? Oh, there he is. Gotta go. before he wanders off to sleep in the kitchen or something and then claim he was saving the world.

You guys enjoy the rest of the weekend!


32 thoughts on “Dont ask

  1. LOl…yup as is evident by my response at close to 12…i am the owl and the other one is well just pure uncooperative. He believes that if his head touches the pillow, he needs to sleep…So like today, his nephews stayed over and we went to pretend sleep with his nephews at 9:15 and the man sleeps on a sat night…looser!!!

    p.s. are u sure ur mom’s name isn’t arpitha 😛

    1. I understand that in fact! Even I should not ‘pretend’ sleep, because then I might as well sleep 😦 but seriously, sleeping early on Saturday night is SO unacceptable :S, we did end up sleeping at 11:30.
      And no, my mom’s name is not arpitha, and she was mighty offended when I told her about this. Hehe.

  2. girl you are like me…just like me 🙂

    so many same pinches here:
    >this is our anniversary month too 🙂
    >H is also out an out a morning person no matter what time he sleeps,6 am is the time to wake up!!! duh
    >Me an owl since I don’t remember when and can’t wake up to witness the sun rise…

    yay yay 🙂 and there is another same pinch…may be I’ll sms you 😉

    1. Why am I not surprised :P! These guys, ‘tsk tsk’! How would they ever understand the wonders and awesomeness of nightouts, when the mind is at the sharpest 😉

  3. Here’s a fun fact. All your posts are comeback posts! 😀
    Because you write something, then disappear for a while and make your comeback! 😉
    I was laughing so hard at the whole Arpitha thing! How typical Vodafone is that! 😀
    Have a fun weekend and sleep till late! 🙂

    1. 😦 I know man, saaaad, I am! And lazy 😉
      I know, that was the limit! Ok you reset passwords, but resetting my mom’s name! 😮 Unimaginable!

  4. And welcome back again.
    I thought I might as well startvwith the typical comment for the last couple of posts.
    Hmmmm thankfully I am a idiot so I write down the passwords in my book. Else I will have a few incidents like you have.

    Made me laugh the post no no actualy made me smile uffff laugh or smile now I cant make up my mind damn.

    Hmm well by the time you post next I am sure I ill figure it out what it is laugh or smile…..

    have a great weekend…

    1. Hey Bikram! I envy your regularity 😦
      In a book? 😮 That’s a tad dangerous you don’t think? I once tried putting them all in an excel and protecting it, but then the comp crashed and I realised how undependable technology is!
      Glad it made you smile, no laugh, no smile, oh, either way! 😀

  5. Glad to see you back 😀
    without the forgot password , my virtual world would have totally died 😛
    seems the population of nocturnal creatures are increasing 😛 including me 😀

    1. 😀
      i know! I started this post wanting to state that one would know the true me only by reading my drafts which are in my docs, so my password is essential, but never mentioned that, cos u see, I has a wandering soul to take care of 😦
      Night life is awesome! 🙂

    1. Thanks, now you’re being kind 😀
      Sabbaticals are good as long as they don’t become a way of life like in my case, sigh! 😦

  6. Oh My God! there is so much to a password *Furiously thinking what was the password to RD’s Vodafone bill – What I use his phone na*

    These phone guys are really crazy hehehe 🙂

    and I am like The Dude…can wake up in the morning but night outs nah..impossible 🙂 Though R did ensure through her first year that I try and change that habit asking me for about 10 feeds in the night at the rate of 1 feed/ hour!

    1. Awwww! 🙂 I am hoping my baby doesn’t turn out to be the kind who wants her/his mom up and awake in the wee hours of the morning!
      Hmm, The Dude will be useful then 🙂

  7. I so wish I was like The Dude. I just CANT wake up in the mornings. I could do night outs very easily earlier, but these days, even those seem difficult. 😐

    1. Ask me! Pah! And the xtent of work he seems to get done just because he wakes up early and has all facilities to himself! It’s immense! I do not do nightouts now either, though I blame it on him :S

  8. hey there….

    This is my first time in ur blog… I guess its kinda convenient tht u guys are more comfy at different timing.. Iam a nocturnal too.. And hate any conversation or chore in the morning. So imagine two people being all grumpy and lazy in the morning. The way I see it, once can make breakfast and pack lunch in the morning, while the other takes care of dinner 🙂

    1. Honestly, that’s exactly how we function! 🙂 The Dude is responsible for breakfast, and I, for the dinner and final clean up each night! Works perfectly well 🙂
      Welcome! 😀

  9. ajay

    I am ‘can stay awake till the wee hours of the morning to witness the sunrise, but can never wake up to see a sunrise kind’. 🙂 I can have like 2 complete night-outs on a row easily but to get up early in the morning is a tough job. And welcome back once again. Like others said, all your posts are comeback posts recently so better post write once in a while. 😀

    1. 😛 Hehe! Agree! I have gone 48+ hours plus without sleeping, with a few winks during the day, but never woken up ‘on time’!
      Oh man, now I feel all guilty, next post is going to come real soon 😉

  10. RK

    Hahaha… Nice one !!
    After a few ‘bores’ 😛

    Btw, that day was incidentally my Anniversary.. Which u forgot..

    Not that I remember urs.. 😛

    Cheers !!!

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