Because sometimes, there’s nothing else you can say

Life is full of little ironies. The latest one I came across in mine, was when I realised that most of my all time favorite food items are breakfast related. Right from the South Indian Idli-vada-Dosa sambar, to the north Indian parathas and puri-aaloo, to the amazing Western spread with the typical Enid Blyton menu including Egg-sausages-waffles-pancakes and assorted pastries, I love it all.  And (here is the bit I was trying to highlight, if you’re lost dreaming about all the food), that is the one meal of the day I either don’t wake up for, or have to rush through, hence , enjoying it the least. Not cool.

Why am I saying all this? Well, can’t you guess? Umm, only to avoid saying ‘I’m back!’ yet again. And no, this doesn’t count. So back to the ironies of life. Right when I have all the time in the world to return to the blog world and bug everyone with the minute details of my life (yeah, because I was so busy and neck deep in work till now – Sarcasm alert), I might in all probability lose all access to the internet for a while. Sigh. So, you can imagine, just when I decide to mend my ways and make myself a little less elusive, this happens. Not cool at all, I tell you.

While we are at it, some encouragement will be highly appreciated. Please people, do not desert me just because I have been missing. Honestly, I have been reading all the blogs I did before, but never got around to commenting, in fact not never, I did leave little notes once in a while. But yes, I haven’t been the kind who used to go ‘Firssssst!’ like before. But like I said, this comeback was supposed to fix that as well, but currently all depends on a hope that I am not refused my lifeline, the internet, for long!

Things have been happening otherwise, and all of a sudden I find myself with much more time on hand than I have had for a long time. That is both good and bad. Good, because who doesn’t like more time, there is just so much more scope to do so much more stuff. Bad, because though I know this fact, my brain has decided that it needs to fill in all the additional time with an incessant need to sleep. And so, that’s all I do. Sleep. But I have just shaken myself awake, and hopefully will stay awake long enough each day to put up a post once in a while.

Another issue I am facing is that , all of a sudden, I find myself wondering more and more about the intricacies of life and such (False Sarcasm alert). I mean seriously, about important things like ‘what have I achieved in these 28+ years of my life and what would I have achieved by the time I hit the big 30’, or ‘what do I really want to do in life’, or ‘Why can’t I have Internet when I really need it’ etc. Ok, jokes apart, I really have become the contemplating kind, and I did not want to subject my readers to this phase, so I refrained from writing and publishing any such life-changing posts.

So,for now, I will leave you with a goodbye (albeit a short one, hopefully), and a request that you pray that I am not alienated from my lifeline, I repeat, the Internet for very long, and I promise i will return with a lot more to say. Coherent stuff this time, for all you know. So keep me in your thoughts till then, will ya?

42 thoughts on “Because sometimes, there’s nothing else you can say

  1. Great to have you back…it happened both with you and Nuttie that as soon as I started reading you people, your blogs became rarer 🙂

    Come back are missed 🙂 I LOVE reading you (is that incentive enough :))

    and why not post life changing posts…will be an interesting read na 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks RM! Btw, where are you these days? I hardly used to see a day without an update from you! 😮
      And yes, that is the BIGGEST incentive ever! Makes me want to write another post right now!
      You asked for it, if this page becomes an Art of Living course, we know who to who to blame! 😉

        1. Uh oh, looks like I have not updated my reader with the new url in all this mess! But now that I am back, I am going to set it all up and be back for good! 😀
          Oh and there is never anything like too many posts 😉

  2. Aiyyyo what’s going on with you? No internet, why on earth? Or you renouncing the world as we know it and going to become a sadhu in the mountains? Because ads like Idea and Docomo have taught me that there is internet everywhere, and you can never escape.

    Ok, I am rambling. It is Friday and I am allowed to, ok? Hugs! Have fun doing whatever it is that you are up to.

    1. 😦 Hmm I guess I needn’t have been so cryptic for this! We are moving houses, and this new place is like brand new and till there is a common broadband set up, no access!
      That being said, I sure can invest in one of those dongle thingies I guess! But lets see 😀
      And no no, not renouncing the world and all, in fact I am getting more and more the ghar grihasti kind :P! More updates soon! Enjoy the friday and weekend!

  3. Ayyo! No internet….how does one survive? Unless, of course, one is paying a bomb to go to an exclusive eco-resort to ‘get away from it all’ :p

    Anyway, come back soon with more posts!

    1. No No! I will be in the melee and mess of regular life without internet, and actually without even TV 😮 So those prayers I asked for, are extremely important! Thanks for leaving a link!

  4. Now what do i say good to see you back .,, or looking forward for you to come back again 🙂

    But I guess we are all here waiting …. Take care and Dont work tooo much .. all work and no play makes a person Dull 🙂

    1. Thanks Swaru! 😀 Like I said, things have been happening and I have been caught in it all! Now I have time, and I hope I have all the accesses to bug everyone in the web world! 😀

  5. Umm. I am confused. Was this a comeback post or a goodbye post? 😮
    Either way, Welcome back and come back soon! 🙂

    1st post on your comeback should be about life without internet. I am dying to know how that feels. 😀

    PS: Was nice to see your comment on my blog after so long (obviously discounting the fact that I posted after so long! :P)!

    1. I am confused myself 😛 I guess you could call it a BRB post!
      Hehe, most of the bloggers I read seem to have lesser and lesser time and enthusiasm to blog! So I guess, that kills some of the guilt 😉

  6. No internet and no TV seems like a perfect time to catch up on some book reading. no? Congratulations on the new house. I am sure that will keep you busy. But do take some time off from all that and rest up and sleep. Sleep is very important as I tell anyone who listens well because I don’t remember the last time I had a full night sleep. 😐

    Great to have you back, don’t go away for too long. Stay infact. 🙂

  7. hey………………..and here i was thinking a post a fortnight is better than the posts i have seen in my reader from you as compared to a post a month of earlier……… :P………………….will love to read about your experiences without internet………………………………………will wait for that

    1. 😀 Hehe, wonsaponatime I was regular too, honest! 🙂
      Anyway, for all you know I will become a post a week kinda person, which would be blogging nirvana!

  8. 😦 i don’t know if that statement should make me happy, or that smiley make me guilty :/ but i will take it positively and avois shocked reactions in future!

  9. You have been in my thoughts for some time now. I read your blog few days back and waiting for a new post so that I could come and say a Hi.. Love your blog.. So you are back or not…And do write about the life changing things know.. Would love to read it 🙂

  10. Hey..nice to cu back..super start to the post…even i love breakfast items and even i skip it so many times..i remember when i was pregnant,we went to Pondy on a holiday and i didnt get up from the breakfast buffet for almost an hour!!;)

    Take care..enjoy ur free time!

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