The Secret of the Nagas – Book Review

Seldom does it happen that I like a sequel to any book for movie more than the first part itself. Equally good, perhaps, but better, very rarely, because by the end of the first book, you are used to the way the story progresses, the little quirks of the author, the kind of twists that you anticipate, and so even if part 1 wows you, part 2 can at most maintain the same level of wow, and that itself is extremely credit-worthy.
That, is definitely not the case here. The Secret of the Nagas, which is the second in the Shiva Trilogy, if anything, ups the expectations that you have from the author. In one simple line, I loved the book. Much more than its precedent.

When I was reading the views of others with regards the Immortals of Meluha, most of them had an issue with the kind of language that was used to present the story. Apt point, if you really look at the book as set so long in the past, you wouldn’t expect The Shiva to use the slang he does. But I also felt that, this was what made it such an easy read.

The same style of writing is maintained in Part 2, only I found this part much more mysterious, and even faster than Part 1. A bevy of new characters are introduced, and you are taken on a joyride, where you are not in the same situation for more than a couple of chapters. The best part was the fact that, the degree of suspense that the book maintains to justify it’s title having the word ‘Secret’ is immense. Once again, nothing is unpredictable, but you are definitely awed by the on-goings and the sudden twists in the tale.

That being said, I love how the author weaves in the real Shiva story that we all know into this fictional set up. So much so, that one who has some idea of mythology would start putting the pieces of the puzzle together by themselves. One particular bit, which I had a hunch about right from when I started the book, was proved right, but instead of feeling ‘Eh, I already guessed that’, I was marvelling at how the author managed to get in such small details of history in this form.

The characterization, the visuals all seem larger than life, in a good way, the way the setting of a mythological story should be. One can actually imagine an extravagant movie being made, with all the sets that the story describes. And once again you sail through the story with such ease, that when I was  in the last few pages of the book, all I wished was Part 3 was already there for me to continue.

Fortunately, the ending is not as abrupt as Part 1. Though it is not the classic way you would want any book to end ,which in my opinion should end lilke the season of a series on TV does, it does end like how an episode of a good sitcom on TV does. And not in the K-serial episode way that Part 1 did. So for that, a few additional points to the second part!

In any case, for those who liked Part 1, this is a must. For those who were underwhelmed by Part 1, this is still recommended, because trust me, it is a fun read, if nothing else. Totally recommended, and a sincere request to the author to publish Part 3 as soon as possible!

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23 thoughts on “The Secret of the Nagas – Book Review

    1. I want B school stories! Then you can read these, hmph! Anyway after passing out and starting work, you will have all the time and money in the world to indulge in books! 😀

        1. 😀 Eagerly waiting the stories! trust me, you have your whole life for work and online time and blogs in future! Enjoy these 2 years , and WRITE about it!

  1. I read both of ur reviews part I and part II of shiva triology, in fact the other day i was thinking whether to read the set or not, though my brother, who is not a regular reader had recommended it. I like books with details, but at the same time the pace should be fast, and of late i been reading history books both fiction and non fiction, so i think i will book my copy on flipcart 🙂

  2. I wanted to say it in last post itself but forgot to post. Don’t make it a review blog for books, I mean its fine to have free books for reading ( I would love to review some) but it doesn’t mean you post back to back reviews boss, At least have two post or for that matter one post between reviews.

    Keep writing 🙂

    1. Hehehe! I had the exact same worry! I didn’t want to post back to back reviews, but knowing my laziness and the fact that these had deadlines, I just had to! Will ensure some of the older blah posts to break monotony in future, what say?

  3. Btw awesome theme…but when I tried to see the preview I get to see only ‘Archive’ and ‘login’ section on the right, How did you maintained all the sidebars intact? 😐

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