This Game called Life

Life is full of surprises. Never, ever do things work out exactly as you think they would, and in the rare cases they do, you tend to be surprised even more than you would have been otherwise. It is that simple. And obvious.

What in the world otherwise would explain the way life has treating me recently. I mean, think about it. I wrote about having all the time in the world about a month ago, and I also mentioned how, right when I had all that I wanted to bombard this blog with new posts every other day, I would be losing what is a pre-requisite to blogging. The Internet. And I ranted and cried and complained for 2 whole weeks where I claimed (to myself) that my otherwise not so wise brain was suddenly full of the awesomest ideas ever.And then, here it was, 24 hours of pure, unadulterated wifi (ok with a few hitches now and then), my pristine white Mac (again, with a few yellow patches, which take a little Colin and a lot of muscle effort to remove, only to reappear within a span of a day or two. If you have any suggestions about how this can be fixed, I will be obliged), and ofcourse the thing that started it all, a lot of time.

But no. I would not budge. Every morning, I would relegiously log into the www first thing and stay hooked till late night, but not one blog post left Google docs. And I never got to hit the publish button. Except ofcourse when I did a couple of time bound book reviews. Shameful indeed. Unfair, some of us would say.

But like I said, when is the world fair? With the world, it is all about those annoying little things that together spell out ‘ Nananananana, I get to decide how things work, not you!’ It doesn’t strike you initially, but eventually it does. It can happen anytime. Say one fine day, when you say you’re having aloo-parathas for breakfast, and watching newly released music on MTV, and you hear a sound that has always scared you. You close your eyes, wishing for it to go away, not be true, be a figment of your imagination (like Kajol in DDLJ remember, with the mandolin, right before ‘Tujhe dekha to’ starts? I mean there it was a pleasant sound and all, and that was a very romantic scene I think, but the analogy is more about imaginary sounds and not at all about the wihing for it to disappear bit).

But there it is, it exists, right there, a nasal voice calling out something to the effect of ‘ Zara nazare milao Umrao Jaaaaaan’.  You disbelievingly stare at the screen , and very slowly, your brain accepts what your eyes had already seen, but refused to believe. Yes. A Himesh Reshammiya movie. Again. He is back, for real. And it is shocks like these that prove that there is something controlling your fate, way above everything else.

That is just one example, fresh out of memory. There are others too. Things you notice when you are well on the Internet for a bigger part of your day, not doing anything remotely interesting or useful, but generally staring at your Facebook page, waiting for a new Status Update from one of your listed ‘friends’ (it is a different matter that you might have to actually click on said ‘friend’s’ name to see why he/she is on your list, going by the ‘mutual friends’ list). And there they are. Status updates, with words right out of those Archies and Hallmark cards we used to exchange back in school. Complete with a set of ‘dots’, exclamation marks, and hearts(?!), telling you how lucky you are to have that brother/sister/mother/father/husband in your life, and to re-share the same if you truly believed so. Yes, things that make you understand your place in this world.

And when there are repeated things like this in your life, how does a minor sabbatical from the Blogging world feature anywhere at all? I mean seriously. You, a minuscule being in this gigantic blogosphere with a zillion blogs, each more interesting than the others, going missing for a couple of weeks, how does it even matter? It doesn’t. You accept the fact, concede defeat. You are humbled. Beyond belief.

And just like that, life changes, for the better. Enlightenment descends upon you, like pleasant rays of the sun, golden, warm (preferably not in the scorching summer, not good for your skin, those). And you start looking at it all with a different view, a view which will change your very definition of the perfect way of life.

Yes people, I am back. Say hello, won’t you?


32 thoughts on “This Game called Life

  1. Yayaayyayay! you are back :):)

    arey whats wrong with examples of Himesh Reshmeiya *I dont even want to spell his name correct* and DDLJ (Sab theek hai na?)

  2. Hell-O, Good to see blog is back to normal posts, Regarding being busy, I read somewhere ‘a busy man has time for everything’ . And making a difference in this huge blog sphere you must read ‘The butterfly effect’ .

    1. Hehehe, I was terribly inspired by what you said, and effected too. I relaised the blog was taking itself too lightly, and so decided to do one of my serious life-changing posts 😉
      Hmmm, haven’t read it, but saw a movie with the same name and man, was it weird!

      1. I liked that movie. I am not talking about the book I was asking you to google the concept which is “The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location”

    1. Sure! However, I have gone the route of delegation and leave my spell check to google docs 😉 Let me know if you find its job unsatisfactory, and I will take it to task 😉

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