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I want this to be big. This post. I want it to be worded brilliantly. I want it to sound poetic. I want it to be fun. And I want it to be funny. Basically, I want it to be every good thing a post can be, since it has waited a whole, long, 8 and a half months to make it’s way here.But I simply have no words. There is nothing that can in anyway justify, to any extent, something this big I guess. Or some this small. 48 cms, to be exact.So, to make it all simpler, why don’t all of us just put our hands together to welcome the newest entrant to the land of Blue Jeans – Baby Zo!

Yep. We have stepped into Mommyhood people. And that is big isn’t it? Big and tough to not talk about. Imagine this. I think I started writing introductory posts in my head for the little one in the making right from that early morning on the 9th of Feb, 2011, when my blurry, half asleep eyes grew wide at a tremendous rate, as they saw a faint pink second line, slowly appear on the pregnancy test.

And write I did. A few lines here. A few lines there. I couldn’t put anything coherent together, but was always in a way determined to journal every bit of the 9 months that were to ensue. But then things started happening. Some psychological. When I heard comments from people, saying I might as well keep this news to myself for atleast the first 3 months. Some physical. Because once I was beyond the first trimester phase, I could hardly keep the food down, and the only time I was not throwing up was when I was fast asleep, which was like almost all the time while not at work. Forget regular food, for once I could not stand the sight, smell or taste of chocolate, and that perhaps was the most depressing thing ever that could have happened.

Month 5 was when things turned for the better, and all of a sudden, instead of being repulsed by food, all I could think of , was food. Blogging be damned, I needed my chocolates, and chaats, and everything junk. The glutton in me woke up with such a vengeance, that I could do nothing to control it, and ended up, well, not getting into any numerical details right now, let’s just say, much much heavier than we would have anticipated?

Work was still on, though much lighter, and weekends were all about shopping. Either for the new house, or for the baby. A lot of stuff in bright yellow, which was the cheeriest neutral colour we could think of. Stroller, crib, bedding, all the basics were worked around. Around week 32, a little complication happened. Little Zo gave us all a little fright by showing signs of arriving way earlier than expected. So I decided to take time off work and sit at home, so as to not stress the little one, and give her time to arrive.

But ofcourse, Zo, being Zo, i.e. mine, decided that now that we had stopped her from stepping out early, she would take her own sweet time to bless us with her presence. A long month and a half at home was spent, encompassing the move to the new house, the no internet phase, the joblessness and the wake up-watch TV-go online-sleep-wake up-go online-watch TV-sleep routine. And finally, in the morning on the 13th of October, 39 weeks and 2 days into the pregnancy,  Zo made us rush to the hospital once more. But of course we were sent back, saying false alarm. But by 12 in the night, the false alarm did not seem as false. And once again, we rushed to the hospital, hoping that at least now, Zo had had enough of inside time!

And it looked like she did! What followed was, well, a painful 22 hours, and an emergency C-sec, where The Dude and I waited to hear the first cry of the baby. And as we did, the doctor said ‘It’s a baby girl!’

The next few minutes were a daze. Honestly, a huge surprise. For some reason, everyone kept guessing that I would be having a boy, and I had come to believe that. I would not answer when someone would ask what I wanted, because I believed it was just unfair for the mom to choose when it could be either way. But when we knew it was a girl, I think both of us had a grin plastered to our faces for the longest time after that.

The Dude got to see her properly before me, and I had to wait a few minutes before the got a tiny little creature, still smeared with stuff, wrapped in the hospital sheets, and said ‘ Do you want to see your baby?’.

That was a week ago, and this is today. Life is a vicious cycle of feeding, putting to sleep, cleaning, changing, and cooing at the baby. It is tough, it is tiring, it is different, it is awesome. And we are still getting used to it. And in a while, when we are up to it, and ofcourse, ready for it, perhaps we’ll do some mommy blogging too. Till then, lets just hope that there is enough time to update once in a while.

That’s pretty much what we’ve been up to. What about you?


74 thoughts on “About Zo

  1. Congratulations to both the Dude and you. Welcome to our world sweet little Zo. We are all super excited to have you here.

    Do take care DI and rest up as much as you can. Hugs.

  2. Welcome welcome baby doll 🙂 and awww I am luving this baby-girl season around. Just so sweet 🙂 🙂

    When when can I come and meet u both! Plss tell me 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks Swaru!
      We can meet up anytime! Just gimme a call/message. I am home all the time for a while, plus the schedule is all per Zo, so any time is equally ok!

  3. Hey Congrats!!:)

    Welcome to the world of mommyhood..its tough but u can manage!!!!

    Honestly, i somehow had a hunch that u were going to give some good news..i dont know how and why!!;)

    1. 😀 Thanks Sri!
      Really hoping everything works out well! Mommyhood is tough alright!
      Would love to know what made you have such a hunch! 😉

    1. Thanks a tonne! 🙂
      Actually, Zo is the short for the names I had in mind for either a baby boy or a girl, long before we got close to having one! The names changed, but the pseudonym remained. I intend to do a post on that! 😀

    1. Phew! Like i said, you were one of the reasons I decided to do an update soon, because I was not sure about how long the secret would last! FB being an example 😉 You and DQensured I got back on fast!

  4. Cocktail Party

    Congrats! I could totally relate to what you wrote. My daughter is 2 years and 9 months now. Raising daughters nowadays is a herculean task as they are naughtier than boys but it’s an awesome feeling.

  5. OMG! You are mommy now!

    A very hearty and a very BIG Congratulations !!

    I agree when you say that we want the announcement post to be huge, poetic, funny and much more…but the mind is too blurred and emotional to be coherent. You still did a great job. Awesome post! 🙂

    Congratulations again…and lots of love to the little Zo ( love that blog name BTW)

    1. Hey AHK! Thank you so much for all the wishes and the nice things 😀
      You are right, you can plan all you want, but an announcement like this comes the way you feel at the moment!
      Yep, am a mommy now, and still getting used to the fact! 😀 I hope baby Zo gives me a lot of food for blog!

  6. Bharath

    Many Congrats to you on your promotion to mommy! I have been reading your blogs regulary for quite a while now.. you managed to pull off this big a surprise! Congratulations again… On your new bundle of Joy.

  7. Hey! Congratulations. Though late here… I have been lurking here for quite sometime before and suddenly I see this today 🙂 No better post to de-lurk and wish you good luck! 🙂

  8. Brought tears in my eyes, DI and huge huge big hugs to you and zo 🙂 🙂
    And what a coincidence, the two days you mention here, are so close to my heart – our birthdays ABs and mine 🙂

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