Together, we learn!

Welcome to Zokipedia! Your one stop shop for a peek into what little Zo believes in, and believes in so strongly, that Mumma Papa have kinda started wondering if all that they have known and learnt so far, could actually be incomplete? If there are things in this world that they never knew of really, but which were otherwise very very obvious. But thanks to Zo, they can learn again! So while we work at compiling the never-ending list of Zo-facts, here’s what we have so far.

– All things cloth produce milk. If the Cafeteria committee, aka Mumma, takes more than 10 seconds to rush, sterilize her hands, before picking you up for your feed, you will turn to this alternative source of nourishment, which is usually in the form of her blanket, or pillow. So much for all the sterilization.

– It is perfectly normal to generally scratch your own face when there is nothing better to do. Or tug at your own hair. Also, it is essential that these acts are followed by high decibel screeching, while Mumma wonders what she did wrong this time around.

– Bye-bye ‘Rock-a-by’ babies. Those days are over. Now all we want is an elevation of about 5 feet, and someone to keep is mobile all the time. Now the elevation requirement can only be met by the 6 feet tall Papa, so unless he walks around carrying us, we will not stay still.

– You know what diapers are for, don’t you? Ofcourse, to soak all the pee and poop. And the rule of thumb is, if Mumma or Papa decide to change the diaper after a few rounds, ensure that you retain some of the stuff inside. This is to be ejected either when a) They are making an attempt at cleaning you up b) If they have left you on the bare bed for a minute while they get the diaper, in that case, right then or c) As soon as the fresh diaper is fixed in place.

– Food supply has to be uninterrupted. In case of any interruption, one should cry, and at a decibel level that, now you should be used to it, makes Mumma and Papa feel super guilty. And ofcourse, these interruptions would always be caused by you yourself, but that, doesn’t change a thing. Crying is a norm.

– Blankets are a strict no-no. Anything that restricts our movements is evil. So swaddles are our enemies. We will not sleep, our stop crying until we are left to freeze in our crib, with not one piece of cloth, except our own clothes (thankfully), and in case these are the tie-up kinds, erm, those are not welcome too.

– Sleeping straight on your back is for wusses. Sleep on your side, with your legs and arms splayed around. Or arch your neck and back to an angle that the back of the head touches your bum. Almost.

– Life is about expressing yourself. And the way to  go about doing that is changing your facial expressions about 20 times in a minute. Of course, while doing this, open one eye to check out the two individuals sitting with their mouths open, trying to decipher each expression as you move on to the next. This exercise can also be treated as a source of entertainment.

– It is also perfectly normal to make a variety of noises of different kinds and decibel levels, while awake, while feeding, and even while sleeping. These noises can be classified as per Mumma and Papa’s whims and fancies. Zokipaedia has currently recorded Peacock call, balloon deflation, and in general, animal sounds.

– One should not assume that a month old baby would be incapable of handling her own cutlery. So when we try to grab the feeding spoon, it is because we can manage it on our own, and for that matter, better. If the milk spills, that’s, well, just pure, ill luck.

That would be the end of Zokipedia Chapter 1 for you. This has been specially brought to you, on the awesome occasion of Baby Zo’s completion of a month on this planet. Going by Zo’s standards, in all probability, Chapter 2 should be here sooner than Month 2. Till then, Happy Learning!


38 thoughts on “Together, we learn!

  1. You girl should write for a magazine and get the Zokipedia printed as a book or something…I LOVED THIS…can I be honest and add that I am so jealous of the way you write..

    oh happy first month Zo! and keep going with the diapers, eating everything in sight and screaming..and of course expecting your lullaby to be Amma or Appa’s hands 🙂

    Muah to you 🙂

    1. 😀 RM, you are a sweetheart for being so nice!
      I am not sure about the writing bit, but a book might come up, thanks to the extent of new things we come across each day!
      And will pass on all of the wishes and ideas to Lil Zo who will be more than happy to oblige! Muah!

  2. To Zo-Mumma: Welcome to mommyhood. This is just the start so gear up for all the fun to come. 🙂

    To Zo-Baby: You are awesome, see all you have already learned. Keep at it sweetheart and teach these clueless parents what you are all about. Much love and hugs 😀

    1. From Zo Mumma – Once again, Phew! And thanks! I can kinda see where this is going 😀
      From Zo Baby – Have no fear, when Zo is here, these guys are in for some serious fun! 😉

      1. Have no fear, when Zo is here, these guys are in for some serious cheer ???

        I know I know I’m kind of jumping in almost all the comments I’m reading here…can’t help it DI…Zo’s effect 😀

  3. Amazing lessons. Baby Zo seems to be one enlightened soul. What’s a babyhood for if you don’t make sure Mamma and Pappa don’t get a good night’s sleep? 😀
    I am looking forward to Chapter 2. Hope it arrives soon!

  4. I LOVE your blog, it’s definitely one of the best I’ve read so far!! 🙂 I just started blogging myself, and reading your posts was nothing short of inspiring (don’t worry, no plagiarism ideas :P). Waiting for your next post 🙂

    1. Hey N! Thanks for the nice words 🙂
      Blogging has definitely been one of the more fun things I have ever gotten into! Ofcourse, depending on how much I stick to it 🙂 Would love to check out your blog! new blogs are so much fun!

      1. I am what one would call a newbie to blogging..i just kinda whine and ramble 😛 but it would be great if u check it out 🙂
        I love your style of writing, it has a brilliant connect! No wonder you’re like a blogging idol.

  5. She is The Little Di-va – u really expected to play by “your” rules. ZO baby – way to go – call me for more tips on how to hassle them 😀

    p.s. i think you should quit scratching yourself though

    1. Oh man, that’s all I need, blog aunts to goad Zo onto the path of parent harassment 😉
      Yeah, will pss the message on, last seen, she had two new red lines on her cheek 😦

  6. I loved loved loved this post 😀
    And your writing.
    And baby Zo(which is by the way a very cool name for a very cool baby)

    I insist- you have to write more once you find the time, but you must. You are too good 🙂

    1. Thank Divz 🙂
      Oh, which reminds me, a post on why Zo is pending. Though it isn’t enough material for a whole post, but still!
      Would love to write more, and when you guys post comments like these, well, I am totally motivated! 😀

  7. Chandni

    Hi Di,

    I have been following your Blog for a while now.. Was a pleasant surprise to discover Baby Zo just when I was getting a hang of your adventures with the Dude!
    Keep up the writing.. it is relaxing to read your blog in the middle of a hectic day. Looking forward to several more chapters in the Zokipedia 🙂

    1. Thanks Chandni! Well I should say you’re here in good time, cos Zo is giving me good material to keep posting 😀
      Hope you like it around here!

  8. Zokipedia? hahahahah how cute!

    lol @ changing expression 20 times in a minute 😀 mommy you’re exaggerating….mind you nothing of this sort about baby Zo! She is my darling please not forget 😀 [yeah yeah take it as a warning!!!!]

    how sweet is this post!!! I’m so waiting for the chapter two and you know what? March 2012 to arrive soon 😉

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