Bittersweet Symphony

Before you wonder, there is absolutely no connect between what I am about to write and the title of this post. Heck, I don’t even have a clue as yet as to what I intend to write about as of now. Just that the track is playing full blast right now, and little Zo is sleeping through it. Very fair, I have to say. This, she will sleep through, like she hasn’t slept in years, and in the night, a mere turn from one side to another by either Mumma or Papa, and she will have her eyes all shiny and awake. Life, I tell ya.

Anyway, this isn’t about Zo. So those looking forward to updates about the little one, you’ve gotta wait, not happening today. If you’re still interested in an incoherent babble, well, stay on.

This year wasn’t only about my upgrade to mommy status. Yes ofcourse, that was a big thing, ok , strike that, that was a huge thing, but even otherwise, this is the year, I make a grand entry into the last of my twenties. Yep, good old (groan!) me turned twenty nine 2 weeks ago. And for once, unlike the last two years, when I went on and on about how uncool my age was, with nothing going for it, this year is big. This is the last year that I can call myself a twenty something, and that is something I have been doing for the last decade, so trust me, it won’t be easy to let go of.

It is a scary thought, this. That in one year, I would reach the age, I would be thirty years old. If I look back at my ‘things to do before thirty list’, I realise that, er, I never made one? I mean, who is so laid back and useless these days so as to not have in mind what they plan to achieve before hitting thirty! Apparently I am.

In any case, I do not see myself as the ‘make lists and follow them through‘ kinda person at all. Which would mean that I see myself as the ‘go ahead and do it anyway kind’. Heh. Ok, that’s way too much nonsense I am sure, so honestly, if there were a category for me, I would call it, hmmm, let me think, the ‘Huh? What just happened’ kind.

So just like that, a decade will be over. The last time that happened, I was lying watching ‘Yaadein’ on TV till 1 in the night (BIG frigging mistake I have to admit, that movie is hauntingly annoying), despite the fact, or rather, because of the fact that I had to write CAT the next day. That was a big day, marking a big change. And I have no clue as to how the same day next year would be, so far.

In any case, the end is not near as yet, that is, I still have like a whole year to go. And that’s a long time. I mean, I would have been a mom for than a year, and been married for more than five, and working for more than seven! All of them big numbers in a way. So if I want, I can now set things right by utilising this year to do what I did not in the last decade. It is totally possible I think. All I need to do is start with making a list of things I want to do, then categorize them by their level of doability, and lastly, actually do them.

Or, I can party hard, get drunk, dance all night long, and enter my thirties with a bang, hopefully in my senses.

Either way, can’t wait.

48 thoughts on “Bittersweet Symphony

  1. Yessssssssssssssss thats what to do Party hard enjoy the day and have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    and hey invite me toooooooooooooooo he he hehe 🙂

    happy birthday in advance and
    blesssssssssss the little one sound asleeep nice one

    I dont think there is anything in Digits or numbers .. how can a number change a person and that too in split second 🙂 today one is 29 and tomorrow 30 what changes nothing 🙂

    Heart shud be young .. let the child out

    1. Haha! Sure, a year more to go, and we’ll be there 😀 The birthday was 2 weeks ago, so the advance wishes are for the next year I assume! 😀
      I agree, its just a number, but man, that number sounds super-powerful huh! 🙂

      1. well you did not tell it was 2 weeks back.. fine wish you a bealted happy birthday and a happy birthday in advance tooo 🙂

        its better then TWENTY NINE .. and this is jsut THIRTY .. cool and simple easy peasy 🙂

      1. I will I will! And hello, mommy is allowed a day off right 😮
        And no, I am not dreading the thirties, actually look forward to it, lemme enjoy the last pf the twenties for now! 🙂

  2. Hmmmph at least you still have a year to go..i have a little more than 2 monhts…sob sob and i dont remember what i did when i turned 20 and it makes me feel so “unchronicled”…

    You are a meanie for rubbing it in and not giving us zo updates…hmmmph!

    1. Seeee, that’s why blogging helps! Anyway, I don’t have it chronicled too, except in my head, because it was an important date at that time!
      And no, Zo has taken over life anyway, so now why the blog too :o?

  3. What no Zo updates..what DI…I always get excited seeing your blog updated to read about Zo..Gah!

    and you are lamenting about turning 29! babes…I turned THIRTY this year..but I had no list as I was pretty cool about it *I so miss the 20s*

  4. Belated wishes DI. I hope you had a good one.

    I also don’t have any list, I am in the category of ‘Too lazy to do anything in life’.

    *Still waiting for Zo’s pics’ *

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  6. I am as laid back. I have no enthu in life to make lists, especially if they involve ambitions, achievements or accomplishments.

    And now thanks to you I am watching a movie I hated. Yaadein 😐

    1. At some point of time in life I actually thought I was the go getter kind, who would love putting those lists together, and actually following them through! But right now, bleh!

  7. An old timer who shut her blog

    Next year I will turn 30 and I have jitters every time I think about it. Though as an afterthought I make sure not to make such a big deal out of it. But my first thought always is HTF or whenTF did it happen! Ok now I am again telling myself its nothing. And my list remains too. I totally get ya!

    1. Exactly! Honestly, it is not a big deal. But seriously, HTF! And I think I am going to have this feeling throughout this last year of my twenties! Well, since I dont feel it, perhaps I will make myself happy thinking how cool it is to be 30 but not feel it! 😀 Right now, I am still 20 something 😉

    1. Yes you have! How’ve you been? 🙂
      Thanks for the wishes! Yep, looking forward to them 30s, and trying to enjoy the last of my twenties as much as possible! 😀

  8. Belated birthday wishes ..Sigh.. you are still in your twenties ,girl ! I crossed that milestone two years back .. and you are right about finding it difficult to let go of the 20’s tag.. I made a few lists ,only to find myself never following them..oh, i remember yaadein.. one of the crappiest movies I’ve ever watched in my life.. thankfully my end-of-the-decade-memories is not immortalized with images of me watching that movie.. Have a super year!

    1. Thanks a lot! 😀 Will be joining the likes of you very soon!
      Sadly, the end of my teens will forever be etched in my memory with ghostly images of 3 women dancing to Eli re Eli. Do you remember that song?

    1. There are like buttons on wordpress! But I think you can click them only if you’re logged in to a wordpress account or something! 😀
      Once again, no Zo updates for those who ask for it!

  9. Ugh. I read all posts late!

    (1) Happy happy birthday! 19, 29, 30 or otherwise, you have to celebrate! 🙂
    (2) I never made lists either. But I am 24. You think I should make a list and follow it up on my blog when I turn 30? Its not a bad idea for someone like me who has run out of things to write on the blog! 😛
    (3) Party when you turn 30!! Of course!! Its a big deal and you have to make it bigger by partying! Duh!
    (4) Zo tales?? Publish karo na? 😀

    1. I agree actually, I have celebrated all my birthdays so far, if not in a big way, definitely something everytime!
      Hehe, try making a list, you have 6 whole years! Even if you add one thing each year, you will have enough to do 🙂
      Totally going to party next year, pakka!
      Sigh, fine, Zo tales, coming soon!

  10. Nice post! Whether or not turning thirty makes you feel bad, one thing is for sure…half of life time is over…interestingly the most energetic half is definitely over! I am sure this body would start making a call every now and then post 40.

    Whats good about the later half is, you are well prepared, have gained the knowledge and understanding of the World you live in. Then you make the full use of it. Naturally what one achieved in 1-30 should be achieved in 31-40. The key point is to stay young orelse the brain might go to sleep!!

    No wonder I share the same feeling. Its been 2 years since I became a father. 3 years since I got married. 7 years since I started working and I turned 29 quite recently!!

    Do check in when you find time. Started writing along with buddies and your suggestions / inputs are most welcome!! Would be happy to see you there!

    1. I am sure you totally get my predicament, sailing in the same boat!
      But you’ve got a LOT of clarity already, me on the other hand, am still floundering.
      Will hop over to check out the site 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Santy

        floundering? Come on buddy! I am sure you would have achieved quite a lot in this 29 years. Happiest is one who is grateful for what he is 🙂

        1. Hahaha! Ok sane one 🙂 I agree I am dramatizing the situation more than required 😉
          I would totally agree that I am one happy soul *touchwood*

  11. 11coins1cidence

    To believe in The Big Bang Theory, you have to accept the concept that something can come from nothing.

    I can appreciate that as I feel like I have been making something from nothing for the past 48 hours plus 31 years.

  12. 11coins1cidence

    Look I’m sorry, As I typed that last night, I distinctly remember getting a feeling of pride that I came up with a well thought out, deep message. Looking at it now, in this light, clearly its one of those embarrassing ‘had to be there’ moments.

    The gist is, that after what seemed like days (was 1 day) working out what is going on with my pc, thinking i was getting hacked or something. I came across your site, and well, just got stuck in acoke induced web of paranoia.

    Took me hours getting the bottle to write that as well, first blog and last I reckon. Ha

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby the way.

    Sorry again. I will leave you alone all alone now.


    1. Helloes! No need to apologize really 😮 I really did not get the point, and that might be attributed to my power of understanding as well! 🙂
      In any case, welcome out here, and my ‘Huh’ really did not mean anything negative.
      Would you judge me if I said i am still kinda lost about the comment ;)?

      1. 11coins1cidence

        Who am I to judge?
        Like I mentioned I had been on the bag for far too long, I hadn’t slept for a couple of days and I was certain my computer was hacked. I was on a mission to find out what was going on and but seemed every site I went on, what was being said was about me. I googled what’s it all about and got on your site and things you wrote seemed too coincidental. For example you said would I judge you. I have a tattoo that says Only God Can Judge Me. Now I know now that I was just making things fit like someone who reads their horoscopes. You can convince yourself anything if you want to, but at the time I was certain. That’s why I wrote I making something from nothing but I thought I had to be ambiguous.
        I am 31 have kids, 1 on the way, my own business and I really shouldn’t be thinking that I am in the Matrix. But I can laugh at it now, there is nothing wrong with losing your marbles every now and then as long as you can find then later.
        I hope I have explained myself better. I think unless you have had a pranged out coke session its hard to understand.

        1. Finally! I am so glad I finally got what you were saying! Thanks for simplifying it, and ensuring that I did not have to resort to coke for actually getting it 😉 even the earlier comments make sense now!
          Any place you blog? :d Should be fun to read! Especially if written when you’re in the Matrix!
          Thanks for dropping by, feel free to let me know if there any other coincidences you spot!

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