Two to Tango

Hello, Hello. Check Check. 1 2 3 blog testing.Oh there you are, all of you. Hi there. Er, I know I was supposed to be here yesterday, but kinda got caught up with stuff. Random stuff, you know. Like sleeping, and watching endless episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Yeah, I never said, I was proud of the stuff I did. Anyway, that was followed by a frantic search online about some other stuff, of course about baby Zo, as always. I mean that’s all we search for these days you see. So much so, that Google automatically throws up baby related information these days whenever either I or The Dude login. Seriously.

So, said deadline was missed. But here I am now. So first of all, all those of you out there are to wish little Zo for having completed 2 whole months in the Big Bad World! <Insert Applause>

Now moving on to the most requested item on our blog these days. On popular demand, we’re back with Zokipedia – Chapter 2

– A tantrum can be defined as crying extremely loudly, when we are not hungry, or sleepy, have been burped, and don’t even have a stuffed nose. It usually means, we want to to be picked up when on the bed, kept on the bed when we have been picked up, walked around with if Mumma or Papa are sitting, and immediately be seated if they are walking around with us.

– While we continue our peeing and pooping routine as mentioned in Chapter 1, another important thing to remember is that one needs to always pee when Mumma is feeding us. Also, if aimed correctly, it is totally possible to be wearing a diaper and still wet all of Mumma’s clothes and bed every time. That in fact is the right way of doing it.

– If you want the full attention of the adults and ensure that they leave all that they are doing and coo at you, while making really funny faces and sounds, all you have to do is give them your patent gummy, toothless smile. That’s all. If you want them to swoon altogether, give this smile along with a sighing sound. Always works.

– The right way of wearing body suits is curling your legs up, so that the pants of the outfit dangle separately. For making the whole experience fun, curl them up when Mumma tries to put the clothes on as well, so that it would be like a game for her. You can keep score of the number of attempts.

– The above game method can also be adapted while Mumma and Papa try putting on your socks. Move your legs as if cycling. Once again keep score of the number of times they try to lunge at your foot, with a sock in hand. Guaranteed laugh riot, this one.

– Whenever Mumma or Papa try to dance with you in their arms, or take you for a walk, fall asleep immediately. However, when they sing you lullabies and try to rock you to sleep, DO NOT fall asleep. it doesn’t make sense at all. Stay bright eyed and awake then.

– When Grandmom tries tricks on you to make you fall asleep, and closes her eyes to fool you into thinking that she is asleep, laugh at her brightly. Eventually, she will give up, and accept that you’re not falling asleep anytime soon. Of course, unless you’re taken for a walk outside to see the world.

– It is possible to have a conversation with anything, if you’ve made up your mind. So the humans aside, the lucky ones are Jiffy the Girraffe, Torty the tortoise, and the funny red parrot like thing that squeaks. Oh, and there is also the curtains, the fan, and the Egyptian paintings.

That’s all we have for now. It is almost the next day and if this is not posted right away, well, Mumma will have to change the beginning of the post again. So we’ll stop for now? Hope you found this chapter as informative and entertaining. Do look out for Chapter 3!

33 thoughts on “Two to Tango

      1. I know what you are love more 😉 , hehe!
        Zo baby’s taken this advise very seriously, we all know who the boss is now 😐
        But she is also super inspiring for all the writing! So Thanks! 😀

    1. Yep The Diva is growing up! Two months passed real fast huh?
      Lady, trust me, she needs no advise anymore, she’s taken it upon herself to do just that!

  1. Roh

    After our son was born in Feb 2011, I have had a very strong urge to write about the various emotions, – the extreme love you feel for you little one, the extreme exhaustion you feel and so on… But I never got myself to sit down and put my thoughts together. When I read your posts about Zo, I am nodding my head and saying same here, yes done that 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts. You are so good at writing!
    So keep ’em coming. And all the best to you folks!

    1. Hi Roh!
      I know what you mean, I wanted to journal the whole pregnancy too, but that was way too hard. This on the other hand, I am making it a point to do! Thanks a lot for all the nice words 🙂 All the best to you too!

    1. Wow! That’s a compliment! 😀 ‘Zo chickie’ sounds super-sweet! I might start calling her that for a while now! 🙂
      Good luck with the baby making 😉

  2. Awww….this is so cute! I have a little niece at home, she just completed five months, so I kind of get all that you’re saying and nodding along.

    And congratulation to Baby Zo and the proud parents on completing two months!

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