The Dirty Picture

Its 2 and a half months (almost) since I had baby Zo. And I stopped going to work a month and half before that. So technically, I haven’t been working for a whole four months. And this probably is the longest time off I’ve had since, well, forever considering none of my school/college vacations were for more than 2 months.

So the thing is, I had been looking forward to my maternity leave since I got married. No, wait, even before that, when I saw the maternity leave option in the Leave Management System at work. I was all like, whoa, that should be fun! So much time off! So much time to myself! It’s a huge vacation!

And vacation it is. Agreed, babies aren’t easy, and even if you have help from family, you’re always alert and ready, because the baby might need you anytime. But still, you’ve no where to go, no deadlines, no bosses, no meetings. Like I said, vacation. And I always thought that towards the end of the vacation, I would feel really depressed, like always.

But turns out, not really. I am actually looking forward to get back to my 9 to 5 routine. Ok, here I am calling out for some really judgmental comments. I know, I have already heard them. As in, people saying ‘ Are you sure you want to go to work?’, ‘How can you feel like working when you have such a small baby back home!’, ‘You’re a mom first, work can wait!’. But fact is, I need to work. I need to step out. I need my 9 to 5 routine.

And no one knows this better than Baby Zo herself. I mean, she is the one who spends most of her time with Mumma right? And I have no clue how. Thing is, I have really really, let go of myself. While I never was the chic kind, I was never totally gross either. I couldn’t be, I worked. So come what may, I had to have a bath each morning, wear clothes that made sense, control my hair, and head out each morning at a particular time.

Now that that’s not the case, I seem to have totally given up. I can’t believe I am putting this up here, but frankly, I stink. I know it. Horrible. Of milk and sweat and what not. And ofcourse it is gross. I have a bath when I have time, which I would like to believe is not as much, though frankly, it’s all about priorities. I can totally have a long bath and freshen up whenever Zo is asleep, since her Grandmom takes care of her, but I choose to surf, blog, or veg out in front of the TV, because I know she’ll be up in another hour. So I don’t. The last time I visited the parlor  was before Zo was born! So technically, I look like an ogre. And I tell myself that it’s ok, since I’m not going anywhere anyway.

Then there is my hair. I have mentioned how it is when not straightened, and since that couldn’t be done when I was pregnant, it is in the saddest state ever. Curly on top, straight at the ends. Seriously, it is not funny. It would take me a half hour to use the iron and put the hair in place, but apparently I choose not to. I comb it once a week , or it stays as a messy bun, and not sexy messy, sick messy. And the *beep* kilos I have retained from the pregnancy gain do not help matters at all!

If you think I can cut myself some slack, considering ‘it’s just been two months’ think again, it’s not that I do not step out. Hell, I’ve gone for two movies, and an awesome dinner already. So if I have time for all that, you’d think I would take some time to look better?

Apparently not. But I know what will cure that. Getting back to work, when frankly, more than The Dude and Zo will get to see me, and I doubt those people will be as understanding. So for now, I am enjoying the remaining month and a half of my unkempt state, and look forward to boring, bad work in February. For the sake of my own good health. And that of everyone around.


44 thoughts on “The Dirty Picture

    1. Lord you are looking forward to work…Sigh…Di after all the convos we have had abt our boring boring jobs……..Sigh Di!

      but i get you – i would so totally be like you. I fear if and when i stop working, i will be a slob!!

      Btw i dont know abt the stinking – but you aint got Beep kilos on you babe!!! In fact just the other day i was admiring how fit you look in your snaps!!

        1. You took four comments to say all this, Pah woman! 😐
          Anyway, I know , I was thinking of our convos too! And yes, that is the perfect word, I am a super slob! And no lady, I have retained double digit kilos, *Sob*

  1. Hmm I love working and I think its theworking that is keeping me SANE .. else I will go mad ..

    All the best and god bless litte Zo..
    enjoy and merry christmas to you and litte zo and the Dude 🙂

  2. Hehehe..nice post..reminded me of my first few months with Oviya!

    Enjoy ur time with Zoe and dont worry about anything else..i was always in loose nighties whenever anyone dropped in to see Oviya..even i piled on lots of kilos which i lost only recently..

    Getting back to work is all about what ur heart feels not what anyone says…thats what i have learnt over these 2 years..i took a break as i didnt have any support system to help me out…at that time, i just didnt feel right leaving Oviya with a maid or at a after 26 months, i feel like getting back to work and so we have shifted to a place close to office, hired a maid for Oviya and i am going back to work from i feel comfortable leaving Oviya as she can speak and express whatever problems she may have…

    1. 🙂 I understand the loose nighty bit, ugh! 😀
      I know, I am pretty sure about what I want, it’s just that sometimes people choose to comment 🙂
      Good for you to take this call now! I am sure things will be perfect! Cant believe Oviya is 2 years old! 😮

  3. I hear you. I stink and that is a fact. I am looking forward to going back to work, that is the other fact. Weight gain we will not even talk about after two kids 😐

    1. You have no clue how much better I feel on hearing you say that , seriously! 🙂 And mainly, I mean the work bit, because sometimes, I do feel guilty 😦

  4. I can so understand what you are feeling…I felt EXACTLY the same after 2 months with R..and I toh was working till the last day :):) Forget the ‘judgemental’ statements…I think at times, R will go crazy if I were with her 24 by 7 🙂

    Hugs and Happy new year!!

    Errr…where is the Zo update?

    1. You were lucky! I had to take a month and a half before, and it is 4 months 😮 😮
      Hehe, I love that everyone of you feels this way! Just makes me less guilty like I said. But you’re right, I am SURE Zo will be bugged if I am around 24×7 too!

  5. I have been at home for the past 5 months. I think Vijesh works longer hours these days because office is better than what he finds at home these days – a sorely pissed off and a listless me.

    Judgmental comments, here’s a big boo to them. Whatever floats our boats, right!

    it’s okay, we love you, frizzy hair and all 😉

    1. Sometimes I feel that way too! The Dude must be getting bugged with me for being all bleh and short tempered 😦
      In any case, it’s a way of life we chose!
      Hehe, and thanks fot confirming it, I need that!

  6. Tee hee what? Only new mothers are supposed to be like that? Then work is my new baby, and I am in that state most of the times too 😛 I pity the husband who has to see a rakshasi-me welcoming him home after work 😛

    And u r telling a lie! I saw a recent pic, u dnt look like that! Hmmpf!

    1. Heheh, i agree, your work does seem to be your baby! 🙂
      And lady, I swear that pic was taken BECAUSE I actually had a bath after a long time 😉 so you can imagine!

    1. Aiyyo, you have to see me each day! I don’t post ogre pics anyway! 😮 I cannot possible do that 😛 I know, work does seem to be an important thing, sigh!

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