Letter to a 3 month and 6 day old

Dear Zoey (What, I totally get to tweak my baby’s name however I want!)

Mumma is one lazy lady. This you’ll know as you grow up, but if I put it down here, atleast you will not be able to say that I didn’t warn you. And honestly, Mumma does hope that she changes for the better as time passes by. Till then we’ll adjust with what we have, ok?

So this would be my first official letter to you. I thought of adding another chapter to Zokipedia, but I thought I would give that a break. You see baby, you turned 3 months old on the 14th. A huge milestone this is. In fact in the line your Mumma and Papa are, closing a quarter is a serious deal, and you just did that. Kudos to you for it!

A lot has changed in the past 3 months. From being a tiny, helpless, squealing little thing I had no clue what to do with, you’re now a not so tiny, pretty much still helpless, screaming little thing, that I still don’t know exactly what to do with. But I try, and you know it more than anyone else, and I am guessing this will take us somewhere eventually.

You are slowly sinking into a schedule of your own. How much does it work for us, well, it is too early to say that. From sleeping through half the day, and pretty much most of the night, as long as you have been fed, you’ve graduated to a whole new system now. You feed for half an hour, play for the next hour, sleep for about 15 minutes, and then you’re ready to be fed again! In short you have taken after Papa in your sleeping patterns, and that my dear baby is super tough for Mumma.

In the night, the understanding that the crib is something evil has somehow descended upon you. And you take to wailing till you’re picked up and placed on either Mumma or Papa’s tummy, which is when you magically fall asleep. Oh, and the bed doesn’t work for you either. I mean, why would one want a bed or a crib when they have customised beds in the form of Mumma-Papa?

You have taken to trying to eat the whole of your palm, even if your mouth is too tiny to fit it. So you try putting in finger after finger, till you gag on your own finger, make choking noises, sound like you’re about to throw up, and eventually spit up some of the milk on Mumma as soon as you’re picked up. But like a very sane person who’s been there done that, and is still doing it said, Mumma has accepted ‘The Stink’ as her signature perfume too.

All these tiny details aside, you’re a joy to be with now. It is surprising how much you seem to want to say. Ok strike that. It is no surprise at all. Going by how your Mumma has been all your life, this is perhaps the most obvious thing. You love your rattlers and musical toys, and spend hours cooing at everything that moves, and smiling in a manner which is getting more and more adorable with each passing day.

You obviously love the TV, and even more obviously, you’re not allowed to watch it as yet, so when Mumma Papa try watching something with you around, you crane your neck in ways I wouldn’t have deemed were humanly possible, just to catch a glimpse of the idiot box. For now, we make do with the rocker facing away from the TV, or a cushion in front of your tiny little head.

This is turning out to be Zokipedia again. But what is one to do, when there is so much happening, and I wouldn’t want to miss any of it! And I would have wanted this letter to be more of me giving you some life related gyan. So here goes;

– Eat well. There will always come a time when you will want to watch what you eat and how much, but that time isn’t now. Plus your monthly weight checks have become a nightmare for Mumma

– Sleep well. Ofcourse for yourself. Sleeping is a luxury, which will you will realise later in life. And also, since you love Mumma, you can also think of this as a favour to her right, knowing how much she loves sleeping?

– DO NOT eat your hands. There is no milk in them, and they are not clean, and no one eats hands for heavens sake!( What? It is a different matter that I keep saying I would love to eat your hands, but that’s a privilege Mumma has earned, being Mumma. Stop arguing with your mother!)

– Don’t stop smiling when you see the camera. I know it is fascinating, but it is terribly mean when to choose to stare at it open mouthed, and forget that you were cracking up a few seconds ago, when the huge camera has been brought out and set, just so that the moment can be captured. Did I mention how adorable your smile is?

– Oh, and ofcourse, now that you roll over from your tummy to your back (applause everyone!), ensure you do it only when you’re in the middle of the bed. Ok, fine, too much to expect is it? Fine, that will be a point to note for Mumma instead. Whatever.

– And yes, continue being you. You’re super cute, and I fall more and more in love with you every day. Sigh. There are troughs when you wail for no reason in the middle of the night, but once you smile, the love peaks again. So you know what to do right?

Anyway, that’s enough gyan for today. Now that you’re up after your 15 minute nap, and are vigorously sucking at your fingers, I can expect a gag anytime. So I will go pick you up. You ensure you remember all that Mumma tells you, ok young lady? She’s one helluva sane woman, and her friends will vouch for that.

In any case, no one can love you as much as I do. You know it.

Lots of Squashy hugs,

29 thoughts on “Letter to a 3 month and 6 day old

  1. Those of directive principles something similar to the constitution LoL!!!
    So on customized bed for Zo..Having plus sizes around the tummy invariably helps in Zo’s customizability, luxury and choices. Plus sizes are not bad yeah- Just a thought

  2. Oh baby Zo! I can so see how your mom turns to mush when you smile. Remember it is you best tool to thaw Mumma. It works no matter what.

    Loads of kisses to you sweetheart. Just be super careful as you rollover ok? OK.

    1. Mumma has come to accept that! Especially its effect when I wake her up for no reason at 3 in the night? Awesome!
      Will be careful 😀 Thanks a lot!

  3. saisanty

    Nice one Di! Blessed Zoey to have such a wonderful mom……My girl is 1.8 and my wife looses patience with her at nights already…not sure how she will turn as she grows…….Adjustable girl in all aspects otherwise except for eating……no one can ever make her eat!

    Inspiring and good write up….my girl would get one soon from Papa!

  4. jsramakrishna

    Sooper Nice !!

    Do ensure you save these offline for the kid to read.. Would luv to catch her expressions when shez in her teens.. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! You’re right! I need to be able to check out her expressions too, so will keep all this safe! Just hope WP has no plans of discontinuing service anytime soon!

  5. the sign off with squashy hugs..was the bestest 🙂

    She is really really cute…errr…I still eat my hands read as bit my nails..so guess cant really tell you anything about that 🙂

    1. Hehehe 😀 Babies are so squashable, aren’t they?
      Keep this little secret of you biting nails away from her, lest she uses it against me in future! 😮

  6. Awwww look at you Di – all grown up and mommy types :-)!!! Awww awww and more awwww…

    And Zoey baby aint you a little doll – do let us glimpse this cute little smile mumma is talking abt by obliging and smiling for the camera!

    But Di – Sane you aint – So baby Zoey Do not believe that – remember the words of the sanest Maasi (me!!!)!!

    1. ‘Mommy type’! Mommy I am! 😮
      She just won’t smile at the cam 😦 I think I should keep her on a 24×7 surveillance camera or something!
      And shoo – Zo’s mommy sanest! 😐

  7. Wow! I really had to stumble upon your blog….!!!!
    And this is something so awesome 🙂 I am going to keep it, for when we are ready with ours!!

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