My tea’s gone cold, I’m wondering why

I am writing this while in my senses, but at any point if you see incoherent strings of letters of the alphabet  in this post, it’s because I have fallen asleep and my head is on the keyboard. I am so sleepy, I am looking at the screen through my eyelashes, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, this is a good time I thought for a long pending acknowledgement. Bhargavi, of the Bedazzled fame (who by the way has just had her first book published as well, so head over to check it out!) awarded me with this wonderful title of the ‘Versatile Blogger’  that was doing the rounds on the blogosphere for a while. Thanks Bhargavi!

That, was yesterday, and this is today. Yep, I wrote the above 8 lines, and decided to do something more interesting, like you know, wander around, check what the others were up to, and then wander around some more.

So I was saying, I am supposed to award the same title to 15 bloggers I think deserve it, and then write 7 random things about myself. And I am too lazy to do it. Plus I think all the bloggers I like have already received this numerous times, and acknowledging it yet again would be somewhat painful for them, so I will be nice to them, and refrain.

And the second part is redundant. It asks me for 7 random things about myself, while this blog is all about is random things about myself only. I mean, apart from the guest appearances by those who matter, and those who annoy, I am like the star of this place, aren’t I? So I think you know a lot about me already; random, specific and everything in between.

Now moving on to other things. I have been back at work for like 5 days now. It’s been quite bleh, except there are meetings day and night this week (talk about timing), which kinda reminded me why I wanted my long maternity leave in the first place. In any case, Zo is taking it ok, atleast as ok as a 4 month old can, and I seem to be the one with all the issues instead. So, there are tiring days, starting with getting up and getting her ready, before getting ready myself and leaving for work, and then rushing back to spend time with her in the evening, and as of now, an additional visit home squeezed in during lunch, because one has got to make use of the proximity of the work place from home. Which by the way, I can’t thank my stars (and our planning, and the EMIs we pay) enough for.

It was strange getting back to work, one thing is the team has really changed, as in it is like thrice the size it was when I left. Then the seating has changed, so I am like in this far flung area, which is nice otherwise, with a view et al, but feels like really far. Then, some of my close friends (ok, one close friend) has left, and so I am left squandering for people to go on breaks with. Oh, and my role is still in the decision phase, so that doesn’t help matters either. I am just waiting, and watching.

We went on our first weekend road trip after Zo was born last weekend. You can close your mouths now, I know she’s just 4 months old. But she’s got to get used to the ways of our life yes? But she was a sweetheart throughout, and apparently loves the car. So the only issue we had was when the car stopped, else she couldn’t have enough of the sights and the sounds! I am not doing a review here, but just for the record we went to Bidar, which is like 150 kms from Hyderabad, and stayed in this wonderful place (Blackbuck Jungle Lodges). It’s right by the lake (which is good considering my fascination for water bodies) and next to a jungle. It was kind of a weird choice for a first trip with a baby, because we were busy like all the time! Coracle ride on the lake, Nature walk into the jungle (with baby in tow ofcourse), a bonfire and a barbecue, an early morning (5:45 AM, in case you’re curious) jungle safari to sight Blackbucks, and then a visit to the Bidar fort (which is quite massive, as we realised when we got there). All this pretty much made up for the whole weekend.

Zo was either asleep, or being her curious self for the whole trip. And except for some uncharacteristic bawling and clinging (to me, yes, to me!) once back, she pretty much was a wonderful traveller. Good for Mumma-Papa, I’ve got to say! The Dude is already planning the next trip, since this was, and I quote ‘ Too short a drive, and too straightforward, so I don’t even get to check the maps and decide on the route to take!’ Seriously! * Eye Roll *

And now I am hungry. Looks like pregnancy has left behind this gaping hole in my stomach which needs to be stuffed with food all the time, and I really cannot afford it. The weighing scales can’t too. But with all the hard work I put in each day (sarcasm alert), the least bit I can do is feed my hungry self. So I will go ahead and make arrangements for lunch. In any case I did not have a relevant conclusion planned for this post.

Instead I will just say, over and out.


29 thoughts on “My tea’s gone cold, I’m wondering why

  1. Good to know Baby Zo is getting used to you being away at work..even i felt strange getting back to work but mine was a 2yr break and it was expected!!

    Keep going on short trips now and then with the baby,,it will be tough but u will get used to it and be better prepared next time..i know a girl who never goes out with her baby as she doesnt want to disturb the baby’s feeding schedule! I really dont understand how she can be at home the whole day just feeding the baby!

  2. Oh tell me about it! The first two months and I needed time out, and I am sure the babies do too, after a little while 🙂 We would definitely try doing short trips! Makes the kids stronger too!
    How’s your work going? The schedule settled better?

    1. Work is fine..its about 2 months and we have a routine which we try to stick to..Oviya loves her school as of now(Touchwood!) and so doesnt make much fuss!

  3. Congos on the award! 🙂
    And such a sweetheart Zo is! 🙂
    I’m so inspired everytime I see a post from you. I mean, come on. You are a mom, a working one at that and you still manage to squeeze out time to write. I’m a student. And I can’t? Lazedom i tell you, Sucks. 😛

  4. Congrats on the award. More importantly, congrats for Baby Zo being such a wonderful traveller. I went to the Black Buck Resort last month and I thought it was fabulous. And the food was SO good, I must have put on a few kilos in that weekend alone!

  5. you took her out !!*Falls at the feet of DI and the Dude* you have loads and loads of guts baap rey…R is 3.5 and I still dread trips with her!!

    Hope things settle in soon rey 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks R!
      Aiyyo, this was an experimental tiny trip, plus I think what made it easier was that she just 3.5 (ok 4) months, and not years old! Thats when they have opinions and choices right?
      Abt the guts, I think more than the trip, the tougher bit was explaining to the Mas that we would be ok! And I get to do that, since the Dude has this ignore policy for everyone 😐

    1. 🙂 She is not fuss-free fuss-free, but she is manageable so far, plus she is so little, it is easier to get her used to these things I feel ! 😉 She might not cooperate as much when she knows what we’re doing with her!
      It totally does 😦 Not good. Damn.

  6. Getting back to work is strange after a long break, is it not? And to leave baby Zo behind is a sad feeling I bet. I went through the crazy phase after Buzz was born. And am sure will do the same soon.

    I am glad Zo did well on the trip. Here is wishing many many more 🙂

    1. It is! Totally. 🙂 Getting used to it will take a lil while I guess!
      Now that u know how it feels, am hoping it would be a bit easier, or rather expected this time around 🙂
      Fingers crossed hoping the traveller in Zo stays! 🙂

    1. Oh yes! You gotta talk to my BIL then, Hyd to Ladhak on the bike, crazy people eh? not 100 CC though, a 350 CC bullet! 😀
      Also, hello, i know you as the other DI a couple of people confused me with in the past!

  7. But I think all you bloggers come with an inbuilt ‘awesome’ gene. I didn’t have to close my mouth on hearing you took your 4 month old doll on a trip. 4 months seemed big enough. I think I have lived in blogville long enough to have seen it all. My mouth fell open in the beginning once, when I read about AHK taking her 6 WEEK old baby on a long hike! But after I picked up my jaw from the floor that day, nothing comes as a surprise 😀 You guys rock. All your babies are bound to rock too!

    1. 6 week old on a hike? Now this is something The Dude should not be allowed to see! He already feels I am being too careful 😦
      I feel so much better now though! Baby Zo has a lot to see :)!

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