The return of the Friday

Every day, while at work, I think to myself that I wish I had a free hour with no work, or meetings, and that would be the perfect time to update the blog. But I don’t, because when I finally am free, I wander, literally around the office, or virtually, across blogs.

Then I go home, and I play with Zo, and entertain her with all possible funny faces and weird sounds, and then I am exhausted, and wish that she would fall asleep, all the while thinking that this would be the perfect time to update the blog. When she does fall asleep, I still don’t, and instead  I watch episodes from Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy and The Lying Game.

Then The Dude returns, and Zo is asleep, so he takes the Mac for some mindless surfing and I think to myself, if only I had the Mac to myself right now, this would be the prefect time update the blog, and this time,  I can’t. So instead I play Slice Ice on my useless phone, and wait for him to shut the system down, so that we can sleep for whatever time remains before Her Highness wakes up again.

That would be the story of why I do not blog as much, and as much as I would want to be blame it on the circumstances, that would just be haha funny. Not that it matters. Let’s move on to more important things now. It is a Friday afternoon, very close to the end of the day, and that should make me jubilant. Jubilant is what I am at the moment too. Fridays, I have realised, have this intoxicating effect on me. What I have also realised is that for a Friday to seem awesome, it is essential that one has endured an excruciating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Erm, Thursday perhaps not so excruciating (way too extreme a term for a day that precedes the baap of all days),  instead we will stick to painful. Yeah, so moral of the story was that a weekend’s awesomeness is directly proportionate to the week’s painfulness. Experience speaks.

Deviating from the topic, or the lack of one thereof, I wanted to make a note of a very apparent fact out here before I forget. The fact that I tend to use long winding sentences, almost all the time. There are a multitude of commas, semi colons, sentence connectors etc. I also seem to love the words ‘technically’, ‘apparently’, ‘literally’, ‘honestly’, ‘actually’, ‘absolutely’ etc. Not only while blogging, but also while speaking in general. While I cannot really do this comma thing while speaking, like right now when I seem to be adding in this bit just to make the sentence longer, I do make up for it by randomly inserting above mentioned words in my statements. Also, you can’t really say ‘above-mentioned words’ while speaking, that is plain silly. Imagine, everyone you’re talking to would look up at the ceiling to see what you’re blabbering about; yeah, like I said, silly.

While we are on the topic of long winding sentences, let us not forget the long blog posts I seem to have this awesome knack to churn out at a moment’s notice, and within like 10 minutes of starting time, unless of course I decide that a tea break bang in the middle of the type fest is an absolute necessity. There is no rhyme or reason to these posts, but they are there. Just like those  numerous tiny square shaped holes in the blue and yellow building I can see from the window here.

The problem with these kind of posts I think is that you can make them go on forever, and no conclusion whatsoever makes any sense. On the brighter side, you can just conclude them whenever, and not bother about a concluding line or some sort of an end to it.

Like this.

Ha ha, fooled ya. That would be so lame! And before you say (or even think) ‘As opposed to what? This post?’ , let me clarify that these sort of judgements are deemed unacceptable out here. I really really need an official disclaimer for this blog, I tell you. That would help me defend myself.

Very honestly, I am bored now. I think I have accomplished what I came for. This whole blogging extravaganza has been fun. I have always enjoyed visiting the page, updating it, reading comments, replying to them, looking at my stats and gloating (or sulking), changing the themes, so many things. I have spent an innocuous amount of time on this page, and I feel like a literary genius. So once and for all, I think I will put an end to this whole blogging shenanigan.

For today, obviously. Tomorrow (or next week, you know how I’m only inspired at work), I’ll be back. Enjoy your Friday and the glorious weekend that follows!


26 thoughts on “The return of the Friday

  1. Santosh

    This post was again a completely random post, but your randomness never seems boring though. How do you manage that?
    Anyways, the title of the post made my day and just like you, I am just waiting for the clock to strike 6:30!

    Happy weekend 🙂

    1. Is that a compliment or a disguised comment 😉
      I love rambling! Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes not so much! 😀
      Happy weekend to you too, mine started sharp at 5:30!

  2. HAhah, Once upon a time even i used to churn out such long random post. Frankly it feels real nice to write (at least to me ) such a long post without saying anything.

  3. Hahahaaa! 😀
    Total total randomness! Loved it! 🙂 😀
    Technically, this was a very typical DI post, the kind that makes your blog so lovable, except that, this particular time was even better than everytime, thanks to the awesomely long sentences! 😀

  4. I love Friday for another reason all togther. It comes before the weekend, which is when D gets to deal with both the kids while I get to catch up on my sleep 😀

    Have a great weekend DI 🙂

    1. Hehehe, Fridays are fridays, whatever the case I guess! But the earning bit earned more relevance thanks to my recent break! 😀

  5. Vijay Sundeep

    hehehe…!!! A good read though…!!! Awesomeness defined in Randomness.!! Its an Art seen very rarely… A good read to have when u are at work having post lunch jitters….!!! Nice work… 🙂

  6. Jayashree Padmanabhan

    Putting down random thoughts in a riveting manner is no mean task. You have a natural flair in expressing the most trivial things in a hilarious manner and that makes your blogs all the more endearing ! Looking forward to read your next blog .:)

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