Judgement day

Have I ever mentioned that I always type out my blog posts on Google Docs and then copy-paste it here? Not the smartest thing to do that, because when you copy paste from anywhere into WP, all the format is lost. The Boldened (Bolded? Bold?) words, the italicized words, all of it. And when your Blog thrives on exaggeration (which by the way in the written word is all about boldening (Aaaargh!) or italicization), the whole purpose of the post is lost in translation. Oh, more accurately in transit. So, today I am typing this out on the WP drafts page itself. It is weird, but it will work.

I am tired of being judged by random people around me. I mean, it is highly unacceptable, the kind of opinions people form about you, without knowing  you at all. Sample this , apparently I do not look like a bike person. Huh? Excuse me? Oh, and there’s more, I look like a bus/car person, and definitely not the one driving it. Haha funny. I am so lazy, and it is so obvious. Thank you so much.  Not.

Oh, and then, I was told that I do not come across like someone who likes traditional South Indian food. Gah. I love my rasam, sambaar, thayir saadam people! I love appalaams, and vadams. Sigh. So I cant stand kootu, or avial, but that doesn’t say anything. And ok, so I do not like ordering Indian food when out, except perhaps at a dhaba, but then I refuse to see the point in spending 750 bucks on a tiny katori sized kadhai (or perhaps kadhai shaped katori) of navratan korma. I would rather spend it on an even tinier portion of quesadillas or some other similarly exotically named item. And on an unrelated note, my it gladdens my heart to note that WP does not recognise quesadillas, like it doesn’t recognise Navratan. Korma, it does. Surprising.

To continue, us colleagues were reminiscing the good old days when we studies Sanskrit, and I realised that I actually remember ‘Ram’ dhatu and ‘Phal’ dhatu even now. I would recite it here, but I don’t want to scare the few generous souls who still have me on their reader away. But I do not care so much for the sentiments of my colleagues, so I was merrily  reciting away, when this one person says, “Somehow I cannot imagine you knowing all this.” This stumped me. So much so, that if I were the kind who used emoticons in their posts, I would post a gigantic colon followed by that straight line which is on the same key as back slash. What do you mean missy? I don’t look the kind who studied Sanskrit in school, and why would that be? How do people who study Sanskrit in school look, please tell me? Anyway, I was only stumped, not offended, so I let it be. ‘Cause hell hath no fury like a DI offended. And I was not, like I said, so no fury, no hell, nothing.

And it is not to do only with me alone. One of the most amusing comments in the recent times was when we broke the news of my pregnancy to this close friend, who immediately went “Whaaaa! I would have never guessed you two to be the baby kind!” Here however, there was some background. Apparently, as a couple, the two of us gave out this extremely bindaas (which I am assuming to be a nicer way of saying irresponsible) air, what with all our partying, pubbing, road-trips, movie marathons et al, that she never thought we would venture into something as big as having a baby. It seemed unbelievable to her, the thought of it.

Anyway long story short, I have decided to document all the interesting observations people have about me, and the resulting opinions they form about me , which they then lovingly convey to me. Because, I am pretty sure I will find some striking contradictions eventually. And then I will look at those, and laugh. To myself of course, because I am not sure the ones who contribute to this treasure would be necessarily around or more importantly, interested.

And till the time that happens, I will get my lazy, bus riding, only Italian cuisine consuming, non-Sanskrit knowing self to mind that little thing squirming next to me, bum in the air, which, by the way, is quite unbelievable. Unbelievably cute, i.e. , when not bratty.  Ok, even when bratty, but the cuteness does get overshadowed by the brattiness at times, and then , you’re all ‘Argh!’ instead of ‘Awww’, but we’ll stop that for now, and do a Zo post for y’all soon. Deal? Deal.

Till then, please don’t judge me?


33 thoughts on “Judgement day

  1. ok first reactions – i hate avial too…!!!

    second reaction (and only because it came way down in the post) – we wanna know more abt the squiggly unbelievably cute thing with the bum in the air!

    Thirdly – i am first!!!

    Fourthly- i wanna know what was the :no offense” statement

    ok on being judged – i hate it too – protest and then just call the person dumb 🙂

    1. I know man! Why is it a delicacy again? 😮
      Yeah, yeah, Zo post soon, promise, she’s been on a roll, surprising us with a new thing each day!
      Yes you are, also, if it helps you are one of those I refused to scare away reciting my Sanskrit dhatus!
      Hehehehe, random observation that was, it is SO obviously a precursor to making an obviously offensive statement. Hmph.
      I like the suggestion 😀

  2. 1. Please do the Zo post..we love you and all that..but I think we all love Zo more 🙂
    2. Why would anyone judge you?
    3. I learnt Sanskrit in school and I get comments like ‘seriously, you learnt Sanskrit, we thought you know only Gujarati’ Gah!
    4. I dont understand when people say you dont look the having baby types..I mean who LOOKS like having baby types..I am still to understand that..

    now woman, go ahead and write that Zo post will ya?

    1. *EYE ROLL* Oh God, some celeb this Zo creature’s become! :S
      Generally, timepass ke liye I guess 🙂 And hehe, then they should ask me how I speak English because UP wale are so hindi only! 😉
      I KNOW right! 😀 But like I said, I am assuming that’s got to do with our pre baby lifestyle!

  3. Some people, I tell you. They pass judgement and impressions like they know you inside-out when they actually know zilch! I dislike it too when people judge me like that. Little things, even. For instance, I don’t eat fish. To some people, that is a sacrilege considering I am Bengali. Then they say, “but of course, you young people today…” They never finish. Never mind how I speak, read, understand Bengali very well, attend all Pujas with complete red and white fervour, feast on other Bengali food like a glutton and wake myself early to listen to Mahalaya before Durga Puja begins. Like I said, some people! Sigh.

  4. Aye aye. I am with you on the being judged thing.

    1. Autodrivers always talk to me in Hindi. I look North Indian because I am very fair it seems. Yes, right. Same for other general working-type people I interact with.

    2. I didn’t think you would get married, that too a love marriage, it seems. Because I didn’t spend my childhood and teenage years mooning over every single random boy/actor/whatever.

    3. Also when men assume I know nothing about sports (well, now I can’t be bothered to keep in touch and watch what with myd ecreasing attention span, but back then I was an avid follower) so I stunned two colleagues by narrating scores and instances when the tail-end rescued the Indian team while chasing targets. Hah. Such joy it was I tell you.

    4. I think I like the sound of “emboldened.” like you’re infusing such courage into your words and posts 😀

    1. Oh God, the fair thing! Ok, I have not faced it, but my sis gets it all the time, people have actually asked her, how is it that she’s so fair, considering she is a ‘madrasi’? 😐
      ROFL about the marriage bit, really? I like the funda behind deciding who gets married and who doesn’t!
      And sports HAS to be big deal, esp since it is funny how even saying that you like Action movies can be a surprise to some! :O
      I like emboldened too, hmmmm.

  5. Waiting for the Zo post ofcos, but nonetheless this one is a cute post too 😛
    Apparently, people think Su and I don’t have time to make a baby ahem 😉 since we are always busy going on trips, roaming with friends or doing social work 🙄 Can u beat that!!

    1. 😛 Danke for being considerate!
      I totally get your point, I wouldn’t be surprised of that is the general theory! 🙂 It is quite amusing right?

  6. See, this , is the other side! 😉 And this could be so useful too! If only the evil laugh were visible in some sorta thought bubble over the halo! 😀

  7. Oh I have to do a post on similar lines. A few months ago I tried making ‘molaga podi’ at home. It was a success and I couldn’t be more proud. I went and told all my friends and almost all of them were shocked. They told me I “didn’t seem like the molaga podi making types”. Err.. whatever that meant.

    1. Hey Pepper, I am the ‘molaga podi making type’ rey…big fat body, mother of one, has hair like crow’s nest, wears soda bottle kanadi and always is making molaga podi every 3rd weekend…so there, now you know how a molagapodi making person should look like..tell me which one of the above qualities do you have ha! :):)

      1. Oh man, I fit most of those qualities too, except the glasses bit, sigh! I am sure people will assume I make molaga podi, though I have never ever tried it!

    1. Bikram! You might get into some serious trouble for judging me so 😉
      Hehehe, I didn’t even think of the fact that I was listing out so many food items! 😀 Hope you get your hunger fix soon!

  8. So recently, my sister spoke to the watchman in her flat in Telugu. And he looked surprised. And then mumbled to himself “She speaks Telugu! But she dresses like a Hindi person”. I still laugh when I recall that!

    I have friends who get upset when they are judged. To be honest, I don’t understand it, and I keep telling them ‘Why do you care?”, which makes them mad at me. But that’s because I largely don’t care if people judge me. I wonder if it’s because I’m essentially a very inward looking (euphemism for self-centred) person by nature. Also, I think it’s great that I can surprise people, that they can discover an unexpected side to me. Like recently I was telling my SIL some mythological story and she was surprised that I knew so much obscure Hindu mythology given I am agnostic – and I was just pleased that I could surprise her like that.

    Anyway, I’ll end before I turn this comment into a post. And seconding the request for a Zo post. It’s been a while!

    1. Hehe. I think you’re right. Like I mentioned I am more amused than annoyed or angry, definitely not upset. In the very ‘self centred’ manner you mention, at times even I bask in the glory of being able to be so unpredictable! But nevertheless, I am definitely intrigued about what fuels opinions as such 🙂

  9. The one I get usually is – Oh you cook?? you don’t look like someone who knows cooking. All this just because I don’t indulge in usual habit of recipe exchange or discussing recipes while having lunch together with colleagues. 😐

    1. 😀 I am sure! I was even told I dont look like someobe who would know hindi music, and that, is OFFENSIVE, cos I am like a Bollywood music guru! 😦

  10. I came back because I remembered something.
    I used to hate avial. But then I came up with my own version. The veggies I use are cauliflower, potato, peas, beans, carrots, broccoli, baby/sweet corn and slit green chillies. The sauce or gravy is very thick with yoghurt, coconut and jeera paste. No tadka. And, the veggies are medium sized chopped and firmly cooked, not gooey, big and yucky. The avial is like a thick subzi. I love it now!

    1. Hmm, come to think of it, it IS the large , gooey pieces which make it unpalatable! I think I should try this version, with all nice veggies only, and then it might actually work!

      1. Heheh, I think the key is the size of the veggies, and the amount they are cooked! If I think avial, I think huge chunks of bottle guard, and I can only imagine them getting stuck in the throat. That and the gravy, it is usually watery no? I dont want to talk about it honestly. But I do assume that the small variations will help! And RM, I am dead sure you would altered the recipe to suit RD’s,R’s and your own taste already! So everyone has a version! I am only referring to the stuff they serve at weddings!

  11. Ye… have you tried the Window’s Live Writer? So on WLW you ‘can’ keep the format and publish it too 🙂

    And people will always judge, especially colleagues, as if it is their moral responsibility!

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