Zo what?

You would think that once you say something seemingly innocent like ‘I’m having a comfortable time at work’, that would continue to be true for atleast a month? Ok, a week? You would think? Don’t. It doesn’t make sense, it is downright hilarious.

So yes, I am at work. Much against my wishes, and of course, much to the annoyance of that mommy in me. I miss being home, and playing with a bratty little Zo, who in all probability will want to be carried around, or more possibly on her stomach, flailing around like she’s practicing for a sky-dive, and making whiny noises, so that we can flip her over, only for her to get back on the stomach again, and restart the whole process. I miss that. Plus I am hungry, and that doesn’t gel well with an annoyed mommy.

So, yes. Zo. Who all were waiting for a Zo update? Raise your hands? Ok, don’t. My little blob turned a whole 6 months old on the 14th. Sigh. I know, I feel she’s all grown up. She was so tiny, tinier than the bolsters in her crib she now flings around for fun. So tiny, her head was tinier than the stuffed Tortoise’s head. And now she chews on it whenever she has the chance. Or when we don’t give her favorite piggy to her to chew upon. In that aspect, this one’s totally like her father, eat whatever you can lay our hands on!

Anyway, once again, all that was yesterday, and this is today. There seems to be this slight chance that work would run into tomorrow, and that is a horrible, horrible thing. Weekends are sacred territory, and one is not to come into their vicinity and malign them ever. If only anyone took this threat  seriously.

Back to Zo, so she’s in this semi-crawl phase, where, well, she can crawl backwards, and attempt to move forward, and use her head as a propeller. Only, this, usually results in her plonking flat on her stomach. So now, there is method two, where is is on all fours, and continuously rocks back and forth, perhaps hoping that somehow this would lead to a move forward at some point, and surprisingly, it does. As in, I doubt if any of us have actually seen it, but at one moment she would be harmlessly rocking in the middle of the bed, and another moment, she will right in the corner, with that packet of wipes in her mouth. Yep, now we know that our hand is actually useful to pick up stuff, and that it can then be used to guide said stuff into the mouth. Provided stuff = anything other than what was originally bought for chewing, or brought for eating.

Oh, and while I am at it, let me also mention the one time, before her back-move was known to poor me. So I leave her in the middle of the bed, and turn to get her a fresh diaper, when I hear a laugh. Her laugh. And when I turn to see what was so amusing, there was my little one, half on the bed, and half dangling on the side, kinda holding on for dear life, but looking like she could slide off and start walking to me any moment, grin on face. And people, I think that was the closest to a cardiac arrest I have had, ever. That was it, there is no leaving the room she’s in any more. Pillows and bolsters are like those thermocol dummies they use in Ramayana, Mahabharata and all, which she just flings around , before proceeding to the corners for more exploration.

Anyway, here’s another interesting story. So one fine morning, I wake up, cuddle the blob, and proceed to get ready for the day. One of the steps is giving her a bath, and this was hair wash day for her. So, I get into the bath, and get the water, shampoo, towel and all ready, because the way it works is, I give her a bath, and then call out to The Dude, who wraps her in a towel and proceeds for the next steps of drying, moisturising, and dressing her up, and then waiting for her to bawl, so that he can rock her to sleep. So yes, where was I? Yeah, I am supposed to however keep everything ready and in place for him to do the job. So I step out to take her inside for her bath, and what do I see? Once again, Zo on all fours, looking up at me, with a grin nevertheless, but with a HUGE chunk of her lovely lovely locks missing from her forehead! More so, in a very uneven way! And obviously, there was The Dude, smug look on his face, with a pair of scissors in one hand, and the said lock of hair in the other! And he calmly says “It was going into her eyes, so I cut it.” All of it? Really?  I am serious, it is a surprise that I did not faint then and there. (Oh, and the icing on the cake was him saying ” Don’t make her bald” when I tried to even out some of the disaster! Seriously! Men!)

Zo also recognises food from miles away now. And needs to eat everything we are having. So though her official solids comprising of Nestum, Cerelac and fruits started just 2 weeks ago, she’s already tasted, subway sandwiches, cookies, chocolate, icecream, beef(!), chicken, egg, dal, rice, cakes (which by the way I baked!), cake batter, and what not. I know, we are bad parents.

She’s also done her second road-trip, this time a much longer one to Bangalore, wherein she was the sweetheart she always is, and enjoyed it as much as her Mumma-Papa. She also managed to sleep through parts of it, much like her Mumma, and we have some really unflattering pics (of me, she is anyway cute. Hmph) that have been clicked and posted on FB as proof (Double Hmph).

She is still someone who craves attention, and draws it to herself all the time, much to the embarrassment of her parents, who kinds try to merge in the crowd atleast in public places. But no, not our blob. If some one coos and goes ‘awwwww’ she rewards them with a smile so bright, that she gets more of it. And if someone doesn’t, she stares at them hard enough to make them come and coo anyway. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, my daughter, needs no training in ‘ensuring visibility’. Oh, and thanks to her she also ensures ‘visibility’ to The Dude, who is like forever thronged by women asking him how old she is, or commenting how cute she is, when he carries her around in her bag. The Dude obviously soaks in all the reflected glory. Also, please note here, that none of them care to do that when I am around, and actually disperse when I appear. Good, let them all be scared. That is my baby, and my guy. Bah.

Zo also uttered her first syllables, she went ‘thathathathatha’, much to amusement of poor Mumma and Papa, who in their constant bickering about whether she would say Ma or Pa first, forgot that she could have other priorities. So Dad, you win. She also scrunches her nose in this super adorable way and makes sniffy sounds. It is cute. I tell ya.

On her 6th month birthday, Mumma and Papa cooked this elaborate 4 course meal, yes, appetizers (my contribution -stuffed mushrooms), two main courses (The Dude – chicken and fish, mashed potatoes, french fries), and dessert (me again – coffee cheese cake). Only we started at 6, and finished at 11, by which time the lil one was  fast asleep, which was highly anticipated, so I ensured she got a good lick of the cheese cake batter before hand. And Mumma and Papa set up this nice table in the balcony, candle lights and all, and gorged on the food with wine after 11. Yes, I know, I already said it, we are bad parents.

And this is where I stop. You couldn’t have asked for a more elaborate Zo update, right? But I was making up for the 2 months she was missing from here, so soak it all up. And yes, do not pester me for more updates for some time.



28 thoughts on “Zo what?

  1. loved loved loved loved it..thank you DI..you are the most adorable mother I ever know and all that..okie? happy?

    She is pretty much like R in the eating aspect I think…even R had tasted quite a bit by the time she was 7 months or so (Err…keep this to yourself!)

    and oh all first time mothers have that mini heart attack…R in our case managed to roll over the pillows kept as barricade and wham fell down from the bed!!!

    LOL on her saying thaththathhatha 🙂 how adorable 🙂

    and oh my God! you made so much for her half year birthday..you guys are the best parents ever..RD and I had a major fight on R’s six month birthday over some stupid payments..so who are better parents bolo bolo

    and while we are at it..when are we getting the next update?

    1. Awwww, you read and commented also! And you’re really nice to make me feel nice, but I am kinda seeing through this. Sigh.
      Hehe, done this secret’s with me. I am just glad there are other kids who’ve been ‘subjected’ to stuff like this at such a young age! And 😮 on rolling and falling down! Yabba! I have heard it happens with everyone, but this is one thing I am hoping doesn’t :(, I am so so scared!
      Hahah, see we are mean parents, who decided to do a cooking marathon, and it was done on her 6th month birthday! Cake however, was for her originally itself 🙂 But like I said, we ended up hogging it all once she fell asleep, so!
      And grrrrrrrrrr, no updates for some time, let me rant about other things, will ya!

  2. santosh

    “There seems to be this slight chance that work would run into tomorrow, and that is a horrible, horrible thing.” Thats indeed horrible!! For Zo…and for a beautiful post….wishing you don’t have to work on a Saturday. And by the way, was the Dude spared for cutting off her locks, or is there a statue of the Dude in the bathroom with scissors in hand??

    1. Oh God! What a funny funny image! No no, I spared him, he claimed his 50% ownership in Zo as a reasoning 😉
      Things are better now though, the hair’s grown quite a bit again 🙂

  3. I did raise my hand u know! U hv made us wait so long to know what she has been upto 🙂

    Blr pics? Did I miss out on some? or are they the new additions in her album?

    Luvvv this post 🙂

    1. You dont think I would put my weird sleeping pics on FB no? It is The Dude! The only one I did was the profile pic, so no, u dint miss anything :)!
      Phew, glad u liked it, it is tough to make u people happy man!

  4. I have been reading kiddo-updates on various blogs all of this morning. It makes me think there is some truth to all those theories about womanhood. Or else, how come everyone decided to write about their kids all at once? Anyhow, I am one of those who had been longing for a Zo update but didn’t pester you much. I am good, no?

    Zo is such a darling. The party sounds nice, nicer for the parents, eh? 🙂 Hahaha about the girlies thronging the Daddy. Good they vanish when you’re there. Okie, this should last out a while but don’t be too long! Super post. 😀

    1. I don’t know about that! 😀 But yes you are a good person for not pestering much! So you will get Zo update soon! 🙂 Thanks a tonne!

  5. This was such a fun read. Zo sounds adorable. I love babies who smile easily. But what I love most about Zo is what a trooper she is when you guys travel. Happy 6th month to her. And congrats to you and The Dude. 😉

    1. 😀 Thanks Ramya! It was also much easier to write because I practically just throwing around details 🙂 She is a sweetie, touchwood, and we had decided to get her used to the travel bit, and also love it long before she arrived! Its worked so far, so touchwood again! 🙂

    1. Hehe, 😀 I am glad you liked it! May be you should see her sometime! Next time India aao to batana, we will try to get her to meet you!

  6. I loved this post! 😀 Because it went on like a really funny episode on tele with background laughters and awws and hooting 😀

    One, for the father giving the daughter a hair cut. I mean, I know mums like to doll up their babies but this was the cherry on the cake!

    Then for Zo making people notice her and her dad.

    Then for you to scare away the women.

    And then finally, the dinner. Something tells me that when Zo is all grown up and wants to celebrate her birthdays wildly with her friends, you two would still celebrate it amongst yourselves, your style 😀

    1. Er, glad we made you laugh! 😀
      I know man, she is an entertainment show kinda , on her own, and we are like the side kicks being kicked around 🙂

  7. Zoey updates are my favourite.. I could actually picture a piece of your everyday life. So much fun with that little one involved!

    Err yes, before you say it to me, i know it involves a lot of work too. Just saying, you are so blessed to have so much of sunshine in your life. Big kisses to her..

    1. And sunshine she is 🙂 No, I won’t mention the work. But very honestly, when she wakes up at 6 every morning (which if you remember , was like midnight for mumma), and then turns her head towards you and gives you her rockstar toothless smile, life does get a whole lot brighter. You couldn’t have said it better, she is sunshine alright! 🙂

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