Weight (and) watch

Did I mention that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight?

That was a rhetorical question, by the way. I will nonetheless answer it. So yes, I am. And honestly, it is not as spectacular a feeling as I always thought it would be. Not even close. It is just run of the mill, regular. I guess that’s what motherhood and maturity does to you. You discover so many more important, and deeper things in life, that such small things, which once seemed so important,  cease to matter at all.

Yeah. Right.

If I was not concerned about the fact that what the 100 odd people sitting around think about me has a direct repercussion on that x-digit number that gets credited to my account every month end, trust me, I would dramatically throw up a bunch of papers a-la Pehla Nasha (only here we need to really search for papers, you see we are going green) and then follow it with Aamir’s swirling routine in the song, slow motion and all.

I know, I know, shallowness personified. But what to do, we are like that only. And trust me, it hasn’t been easy. I mean, I look back upon myself, the last time I was working out and all, and I am like, ‘Ah, look at that lucky girl man! All the time in the world to work out, all the liberty to choose what she wants to eat, and at the end of the day, she will go home, plonk her ass on the Beanbag, and watch Sitcoms till it’s time to sleep.’

And look at now. Anyone who knows me even a little bit would also know that I, cannot wake up early. I , cannot work out in the mornings because mornings = sleep. And I, after a tiring day of work, working out etc, need my time off, and more importantly, my sleep.

What do I have instead? I have a maximum of 7 hours of sleep each night, punctuated a minimum of three times, each break lasting between 5 and 30 mins. After all that, now that I stay closer to work and have the liberty of leaving 5 minutes before I need to be in office ( which in the past would have read as an additional hour of sleep), for no particular reason, my hyperactive little Zo , who seems to live by the thought that ‘Sleeping is a waste of time’, chooses to sit right next to my head at 6 in the morning, and bang it till I am up. On other days, she chooses to wander around the bed, and then fall off it, and then I am all bright eyed and up. So either way, I am up at an ungodly hour each morning. But since I am solely responsible for the night-time breaks, the Dude entertains her in the morning, so I sometimes catch an additional hour of sleep.

Secondly, earlier, the evenings were mine.  And now, the ownership has shifted in totality to Zo. From the moment I reach home from work, to when she falls asleep ( for that matter even after that, until I hand her over to The Dude in the morning to get ready for work), I belong to Zo. She demands, rather commands each moment. So my evenings are all about the kids play area, feeding Zo, getting her ready for bed, entertaining  her till she wants to sleep, and then finally making her sleep. After which, I sit guard next to her, with the laptop, or a book (I have a booklight, yay!) till I decide to sleep myself. Also, if I took out yet another hour from my Zo time, after spending 7 hours at work, well, I think I would generally die of guilt.

So, the conclusion is that there just wasn’t enough time to workout. Till one sane person at work, who is an eerily similar situation as mine (and is as shallow) mentioned that there was time to do everything, all we need to do is; no, not re-prioritizing, or discipline, or any such jargon; all we need to do is give up on sleep.

Bad as it sounds, I gave up on that. You see, that extra hour in the morning I could have? Well, I started using that for dragging myself to the gym. The plus here being, that my current alarm has no snooze button I can hit. So, yep, for the past month and a half, that’s been the routine. The aim is 4 days a week.

The food is a whole different ball game. Given a choice, I would do the unhealthy thing of skipping meals in exchange for junk. You see, that’s my other love. Junk, and sleep. An unfit person’s lifeline. But since I am feeding Zo, er, that’s not a choice at all. So what do I have to do? Yep, cut down on the crap. Yes, poor me had to limit my intake of all things delicious, and by default harmful, to Saturdays only. The rest of the days are all about healthy (read bleh) meals. There is an occasional slip of the will-power, but if not for that, how would I be me?

But the bottomline is, it worked. And it worked better than I thought it would. If we want to talk numbers, let’s just say that last year, we gained weight in double digits, and though we lost almost half of it when Zo was born, what was left was still in double digits. You do the math. Or don’t. Seriously, don’t. No, no, not proud of it, but come on, all those chocolates, and ice creams, and mangoes had to go somewhere.

Anyway, it is still not all done. I know it is tougher to ‘keep things this way’ than it was to ‘bring it to this level’. And I am not even making any of those kinda promises to myself. For now, I am happy, really really happy. And I want to enjoy the moment, celebrate it. So all you guys reading this are welcome to go have a piece of chocolate to rejoice my accomplishment.

You see, it’s a Wednesday, so I can’t.


35 thoughts on “Weight (and) watch

  1. Awesome. You are one of the few people I know who is back to their pre pregnancy weight this soon! You accomplished this by giving up on sleep? * Bows * That is something I cannot imagine doing. I am the kinds who cuts down on my shower time just to get 5 extra minutes of sleep. But then, who knows how things will be in the future? I’ve learnt to not speak too soon.

    I’ll go and rejoice on your behalf with huge chunks of gooey chocolate cake 😀

    1. 😀 😀
      Well, in my defence, actually offence, this pre-pregnancy weight isn’t even close to what I should be aiming at, but then I was never slim! That being said, I did manage to shed all those 20 kgs, so like I said, I am a happy person 😀
      On sweetheart, babies make you do things you really did not know you were remotely capable of. I swear.
      Go on, have the cake, you have those enviable genes on your side! 😀

  2. subbulakshmistoned

    I had Sabudana Mango Payasam in your honour. Awesome work DI! You look great! Can’t wait for the most recent pictures!

    1. Wow, that sounds awesome. Just to clarify, when I asked you guys to binge on my behalf, I did not mean for you to make me want to forget all this and jump on those Swiss chocolates I know are lying in the desk next to me. Not mine, but still.
      Oh, and pics will be up soon, only not sure how obvious it would be. I hope it is though 😀

  3. Awesome! Very impressed with your discipline and will-power and your ability to give up on sleep to reach your goal. And to do it with all those commitments. Wow! Me…I will quit my job but not get up early. My goal for June is to get up before 8.30am every day of the week.

    1. Thank you! 😀
      I think the most surprised is me, and a close second is my mom!
      Also, I think it’s got to do with the scenario overall. I mean, when you are THOSE many kgs over weight, sleep takes a back bench, and I KNOW how much I love my sleep! 🙂
      You lucky girl! Hmph. Wait till you have your own Zo!

  4. Can I just say Gah! and further say I AM JEALOUS!!

    Damn, why not me…and no I still get up at 4.30 in the morning…now the question to myself
    Can I get up earlier than that? no
    Can I afford to weight 15 kgs overweight? yes

    okay, got my priorities clear…Thanks DI, your post made me understand my priorities 🙂

    and after all that, on a very serious note, I congragulate you very much for getting back that weight 🙂 Muah to you and Zo 🙂

    1. 😀 RM, as long as your priorities are THAT clear, all is well.
      However, waking up earlier than 4:30 is madness, and impossible and unfair and plain scary. After all this drama I am up by 6 30 and I am crying for that 😐
      Also, I do not cook, and we have a maid to cut vegetables and get things ready! So, do not make any comparisons!
      Oh, and my travel time is 5 mins to work. I make a trip even mid-day, so u can imagine 😀
      Thank you for the wishes!

    1. Hello, no pressure whatsoever! 😮
      You’re right, it is supposed to take a year, but did you not hear how much I gained! I HAD to start early. I was aiming at my budday as the deadline, which is way more realistic.
      That being said, I omitted the tinier details about how I am still over weight, how getting back the weight getting back to shape really etc. So shoo. Enjoy your time off. The work needs to start only when its been 6 months!

  5. Hey Di, nice to know that you achieved your goal so early. Also somehow I am also (trying to be ) on ‘Healhy’ diet for couple of month or so and i walk 4 kms (6 days a week) in the morning. Cheers for healthy living.

  6. Bhavani

    I was one of those lucky ones who got back to my pre-pregs weight in a month. And no I did not do anything specific..I have to mention I would gain only about 20 LBs and lose 14 Lbs immediately the day the baby would be born. And BFing helped to shed the remaining. When I got back to work after 12 wks my colleagues were stunned..they were like did you have a pillow in your tummy like in the movies and pulled it out:)) It was the same trend for both my kids…maybe my genes…my lil one is 2 yrs now and I have been doing small things to keep myself active and still maintaining the pre-preg weight…Good job on achieving your goal…keep it up..


    1. Whoa! Lucky you. I on the other hand am an expert at gaining, and a loser at losing 🙂 I envy you! For that matter I know it will take me 10 times the effort to reach that idea weight, or even maintain this!

  7. Garima

    Wow DI, u do look gr8….and trust me, ppl who don’t know u, wont say that u are a mommy to eight month old dear ZO 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Wow, congratulations!!! you lost all the baby weight!!!
    In my case i lost all the baby weight in the 1st year of my daughter’s life. but then put on half of it back once i stopped feeding her & continued eating the way i used to during my pregnancy 😦
    Waiting for her to start her playschool and i’ll start gymming, i am inspired!!!

    1. Thanks! I keep reading mixed views about gaining weight after feeding. In any case, I hear it is when you stop abruptly. I am thankfully taking the gradual course.
      I gym when The Dude manages her and vice versa. It’s a deal! 🙂

      1. Oh i didn’t stop abruptly, i actually stopped one feed by one feed…
        Actually, you are supposed to gradually decrease the food intake also, which i didn’t, you see 🙂
        My hubby travels a lot, so can’t be regular with gymming, but do try leave Zini with him and go for a walk 🙂

    1. I am glad 🙂 I know it is tough, ask me, I HATE waking up to do this in the mornings, when the alternative is to snuggle with little Zo and go back to sleep! Honestly, the fact that the dude also took up a fitness routine also helped 🙂 And food, don’t even ask me how BAD it is when all my team is hell bent upon tempting me with Swiss chocolates they keep bringing, Gah!

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