High Five

“Hey, Good Morning!”

“Hmmm, already? What’s the time? Oh Come on, it’s just 8! How is that morning?”

“How can you be so lazy? Get up, read the newspaper or something?”

“Forget it! Slept well?”

“Yeah, I did. And you?”

“Pretty ok. Till you woke me up. Hmph.”

“Hehe, get used to it!”

“No way! Anyway, listen, now that you called, we need to talk about the date.”

“What is there to talk about? We decided right, sometime in June, July?”

“That’s very vague, need a date.”



“Yeah, I am thinking.”

“Think, I will go back to sleep.”

“No, no, let’s decide now.”


“Why not? Hmm, how about the last Saturday of June?”

“That’s what date? Wait. Let me check the calendar. 30th, that is the 30th of June.”


“Not really. See I send out these pre-close reports in the last week of the month ok, so I will have to do those anyway. What’s the point of taking a 3 week leave, and not missing the close!”

“3 weeks? Wow! You’re taking 3 weeks off?”

“Definitely! You?”

“I will go to work till the date and then take a week off after that for Egypt.”

“Whatever. I need time to prepare.”

“So what, no 30th?”

“No. How about 23rd? That will be perfect. I will take off from the 17th onwards till the 7th. That way I really get time off work.”

“23rd makes sense. For me all that matters is that it is a Saturday. That way, people can come on the same morning and leave on Sunday to get back to work on Monday. No hassles for anyone.”

“Cool, 23rd it is then.”

“Yep! Also, my work is mostly in the first week of the month, and we’ll back by then.”

“Ok, confirmed then. I am telling Ma and Daddy.”


“Dude, can you believe it, we just fixed our wedding date. We are totally grown up now!”

“Oh Man! We totally are!”

Chalo, I will tell them and go back to sleep.”

“Hehe, I will get back to the newspaper.”

“See you next week!”

“Yep! Bye!”


And that was how, we made today The Big day.

5 years later, it is just as big, if not even bigger.

Happy Anniversary Dude. Someday we’ll look back at this post and laugh about how I made such a big deal of having completed (just) 5 years of  being a married couple.

Like I always say, this is just the beginning. And there is so much more to go.

P.S. No, I don’t remember the exact words of our conversation, but you get the drift , don’t you?


38 thoughts on “High Five

      1. But, tell me something – did you really get to decide your date? We could only decide that we want to get married, and in this quarter… but the dates were in the hands of the priest and the almanac!

        1. Oh yes! Honestly, if it was left to The Dude, there would have been no priest at all! 😮 I still convinced him for a good old Arya Samaj wedding! So the date had to be as per ‘convenience’ or pure whim! 🙂

  1. Happy Anniversary wishes once again guys…I wishes you at midnight wonly,that’s another thing that you both haven’t seen the message yet,hmmmpf!

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