I do, either way!

It might take a day, a month or a year,
For some it might be just about a glance;
If love has to happen, it’ll happen anyway,
It may be hard work, it may be by chance.

It could be the guy, who lives next door,
Or the one at office, ready with a smirk;
Or it could be the guy your mom told you about,
Who you met at Cafe Coffee day after work.

You could have known him since you were a kid,
You could have been together since last June;
Or you could have met him 5 times at most,
Since you served him tea, that August afternoon.

You went drinking, dancing, to the movies and plays
Walked around malls holding hands, just like that;
Or perhaps all you did was write long mails
And spent night after night, on Google Chat.

You know you love him, and how much!
And really hope that Ma and Pa do too,
Or perhaps they are the ones who chose him, and like him,
And you believe they’d know, what’s best for you.

You know him so well, you’ve known him so long,
There’s no doubt in your head, that he’s the one;
Or maybe you want to take your own time, to learn about him,
Get surprised, find out more, ‘cause therein lies the fun.

So whether you choose to get your own guy,
Or whether you go by what Mumma-Papa say;
As long as it results in a happily ever after,
Love marriage or arranged, really, who cares?

This sudden awakening of the poet in me was brought to you by the ‘Love marriage ya Arranged marriage’ contest by Indiblogger and Sony TV (FB Link here). Yep, my first contest ever! So don’t be stingy, and show some love, will ya? Right here will be good! 


36 thoughts on “I do, either way!

      1. Till when is voting open? Planning to vote when I’m back in front of my comp day after tomorrow. On the phone right now. And my poems in a childhood diary are extremely childish :p written during school days.

  1. Totally with u DI! I don’t even understand why that debate goes on. As long as u have fallen in love before marriage and realized u want to tread the path together, how does it matter 🙂 All the best for the contest.

    1. Yep, it is! Have you tried it?
      And yep, blogging is all about acting cool, showing off, and annoying people who think so, and still take the pains to blog hop and comment! That, is the coolest part, and makes it most worthwhile! 🙂

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