Do you read?

Yes? I am sure you love it, don’t you? What do you like reading? Fiction? Philosophy? History? I like fiction. And I stick to that, usually. Unless it is something humorous. Sarcastic humor, if I have a choice. In any case, I love my books. The stories, the visuals through words, the characters. All of it. And isn’t it wonderful how many books there are to choose from? Can anyone ever read every book there is. It’s not possible right? And the whole feeling of being surrounded by books, each waiting to be picked up, flipped through and then taken home. From a book store. Or a library. Isn’t it just the most awesome feeling ever?

It is. But I guess not everyone is as lucky. So what better than spread the joy, the joy of reading, the joy of knowledge, the mere joy of holding a book in your hands, and flipping through its pages.

And there is a way to do that right now! is an online education community, and they have come up with this wonderful Pan India Book Collection drive where people can give their books, which they would give to their NGO partner – Goonj. You can either courier the books to the offices, or drop them at collection centres. Some more information about this in their own words. launches Gift of Gyaan – A nationwide Book Collection Drive

 On 11th October 2012, celebrates its very first anniversary. To mark this occasion the brand has announced an all India Book Collection Drive. The drive is ongoing in the country’s key metros and will last until 10th October, 2012. is an online community where anybody with a skill, knowledge or idea can teach and anyone with a desire to gain knowledge can learn new things. Gyaanexchange aims to collect atleast 500 books through this drive and has volunteered to give them to an NGO called Goonj (

The brand will also be giving away exciting prizes to those who give the maximum number of books. The top three and ten lucky winners will get a book hamper from

Siddharth Bhansali, CEO and Co-Founder said “We are very excited to launch this drive. It’s been a year that Gyaanexchange was launched in Mumbai and Delhi and we’ve received a tremendous response from all over the country. This is our chance to show that we appreciate all the love and support and express our gratitude by giving back to the community in our own little way.”

Vishad Shanghvi COO and Cofounder said, “We at Gyaanexchange really believe in the power of knowledge. Our aim is to influence people to keep learning and enhancing their skills. The book collection drive aims at making knowledge accessible to those who need it most so that these people are better equipped to sustain themselves and lead fulfilling lives.”

Books can be sent to any of the following addresses.

1. Noesis Knowledge Solutions, 105 Regal Diamond Center, Opera House, Mumbai 400004. Contact Number: 9167606469

2. Kunzum Cafe:T-49, GF,Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi, 110016Phone No: 011 – 26513949.

Books can also be given through any e-commerce sites by giving the address of any of the above mentioned locations.

So go ahead! What exactly are you waiting for? I already know how much you love reading, and by that equation, how much you love your books. Time to spread that love maybe?

Edited to add : For those who want more details on the kind of books being collected, centres where they can be dropped etc, please contact Dev Dave from at

email :

Mobile : 09322502252

Thank you all so much!

Edited further : And, it would be awesome if you could also post about this on your blogs so it reaches as many people as possible! Thanks again!

14 thoughts on “Do you read?

  1. Almost felt as if the post was inspired by our discussion today. Almost.
    Great initiative! I can contribute a lot of books, let me check with my lady if she can part with a part of her humongous collection 🙂

    1. 🙂 🙂 Actually no? It would be lovely if you could send out some books! I understand it is not the easiest thing to part with books for someone who loves them so!

  2. oohh…this is much in time. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning at home, and have loads of books which we’ve outgrown and thought someone else could benefit from. This seems like a great idea. I wonder what kind of books they are expecting though…

  3. Hey any pointers on more details? A link where I can find more info or so?
    I am wondering about the kind of books and if there are outlets here where we can drop them too.

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