Fridays, however busy, give this warm, happy, tingly feeling. I should avoid writing anything on a Friday, because however awesome, it loses charm to the undeniable awesomeness that is a Friday.

Anyhow. That s shouldn’t and wouldn’t deter me from writing a blog post today. I have nothing to say in specific so this is going to be incoherent. The usual, some might say.

In the good news, one of my blog posts got published in this Magazine – Democratic world. In the October 2012 issue. Here is the link to the online version. There is also a hard copy, which my mother picked up two copies of, and then couriered me one at 3 times the price of the Magazine itself. Mothers I tell you. Actually, parents in general, it is tough for them to not show off anything their precious kid does, however regular. Ooh, by the way, before I forget,  Zo now hums along to “Men Men Men”, the title track of Two and a half men, sans the tune. What? That’s big! Anyway, here’s the picture.

Then. I have a new “About me” page under “‘ello”. I realized that half the things I had written previously, didn’t seem as interesting as they did before. Ok, I am not claiming that I have many interesting things to write about myself now, but in any case, I did. Why am I mentioning this here? Because apparently, Google Reader doesn’t think adding a whole new page deserves a mention as an update. Changing the spelling in an old post? Well, that everyone needs to know. Bah. Also, I retaining the older write-up under a new “Historical me” page.

I think I would want to update the “About” page atleast once a year, it deserves that much attention. But then, knowing me,  I wouldn’t promise anything. I am after all the voracious reader, with a library membership, and 10 unread books, and a registration under a Book Review programme, who cannot seem to spare 30 mins to read every day. If you didn’t get how that is related, well, leave it, I just hit a raw nerve.

Ok. So assuming you will go check out the page soon, now that I have mentioned it, it will be undergoing some update. I need some more things worthy of being recorded as on date out there. Also, you will note that I am no longer anonymous. Officially. And as if that was not enough, if you do choose to click on the picture of the magazine, or the link, which I pimped out here, you will notice that they have used my picture. My very pregnant picture, from Google. Which by the way kind of tells me that there is indeed some point in updating atleast your picture on Google Plus, because otherwise, they will use your very fat, pregnant picture.  I am not complaining. I am a happy person enjoying my one page of fame.

Other than that, I am addicted to Twitter. Every morning, I just have to sit and scroll through 11 hour old tweets. Sometimes, I don’t. And then I have to sit in the evening and scroll through 23 hour old tweets. And then, the timeline is too long, so I never reach the present, so the next morning again I have to start from  1d old tweets. It’s not cool. So today, with a heavy heart, I skipped a whole day’s tweets and read the latest ones only. As for tweeting myself, I try hard to be regular and fail miserably. The only time I overdid it was when I had a sore throat last week,and couldn’t talk, so I kinda made up for it by typing out random tweets. But now I am fine, so I am back to the vocal blabber instead.

Now, I am pretty much out of things to say, but the picture from the magazine you see above? Well, as I type this, I can’t see it, because it’s not there. Actually, my mom has it on her phone and is supposed to send it, and is trying to, but it’s not happening. So I am waiting. And while I do that, I am continuing the post.

I watched “Barfi”. Did you like it? I know I am super-late asking this, but like I said, I have the time. I liked it. It was nice and warm and fuzzy. It was also extremely unrealistic, and impractical, and idealistic, but then I do not go to movies for realism at all. I am all for big colleges which are actually the British Museum, and coordinated dance sequences where everyone is in bright and colorful clothes, massive mansions with halls so big they can (and do) host parties for an entire town,  and dream songs with white snowy backgrounds and a single tree with no leaves and pink flowers on it for the contrast. Yeah, the last bit was about “Ishq Wala Love”. Lovely song, funny lyrics, funnier parody. I did not however go to see the movie because it makes me feel very old. I mean the moment you talk about the cast using the word “kids”, you know you’re a decade too late to enjoy it.

I mentioned this to a bunch of kids at work. Real kids, where anyone born post 1988 are classified as kids. And one of them very cheekily said “Watch ‘Shirin Farhad’ then, that will make you feel young right?” Hmph. But I realized I was not too keen on that too. I guess I am generally being picky about movies. Like I am planning to watch Jab tak hai jaan, NOT.

So Amma sent a pic finally, which will go up, and you will see it. It’s blurred, so no point reading it. But my name is pretty clear, bah! Anyway, this is a non-anonymous blog so I have no hassles of blurring the name, putting a black blotch on it or anything. It does break my no pictures rule on the blog, but seriously, this is not me. Not anymore.

I was away for the past hour, and I also wrote some random things, but I deleted all of it because I have more to say. Sorry. Yeah, so back to the point when I mentioned that I feel old? Yeah. So I am not sure if you remember but this be my Birthday month. And this is not the “comes once a year birthday”. It’s the “comes once a decade” birthday. Yep. The Big Thirty is finally here. So point being, this whole feeling-mature-and-finding-the-youngsters-kiddish thing is just part of the whole “when you turn 30” cliches that I have heard of. There are more, but I think I need to dedicate a whole post to that.

Then Rehman. Man, why? Why does he do this to Hindi movies? Why? What is this music for JTHJ? What is it? I try to listen to it over and over again for it to ‘grow’ on me, but thats #epicfail. And I go back to Ishq Wala Love. And  I am all like he is losing touch, and then he will come up with this one song for a Mani Ratnam movie, which will need the first 10 seconds to fall in love with! It’s a conspiracy. I tell you. Not fair.

Lastly, I had a massive troll attack phase recently, and it further proves my point that there are too many people with too much time and energy to read me, hate me and then write lengthy hate mails and comments about my wrong priorities, my bad life and my inhuman attitude, to me, perhaps wanting to change me for the better. But I am very busy, so I am ignoring their attempts. Also, I am going to use some comment moderation, instead of prolonging the conversations with what only I think are witty responses. Really. I also added a disclaimer of sorts in my Intro. Go see.

Ok Enough. This is way too long already. I think the fact that I have not being doing these kind of irrelevant posts in a while is taking a toll on me and I am trying to do it all in one shot. But I really need to think of you all too. So I will let you be.

Go, enjoy your weekend now.


20 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. wowowo congratulationssssssssssssssssss wooooooo hooooo I know a celebrity.. Remind me to aks you for your autograph please .. 🙂 I dont know many celebreties..

    and your mum is adorable.. my regards to her …

    seee I am sure you are a celebrity , you are getting TROLL attacks tooo .. proof now

    I did a whole post on about me 🙂 easier that way he he heh e

    Hope you havea great weeeeekkkkend toooooooooooo

    1. Sigh, tumhare muh me ghee shakkar?
      Ooh, don’t ask me! From how I am a bad human because I disliked a movie, to how there is no point to my posts 😦 aiyyo, sad story!

  2. Woww! That’s a 2nd time you have featured in a magazine! 🙂 🙂
    I totally get the twitter thing. I don’t even tweet. I just read all tweets obsessively! Like an addiction! And its worse during exams. #TrueStory #TodaysStory
    Also, so agree about Rahman. I keep going back to original telugu/tamil songs of roja and bombay everytime I hear a new song from Jab Tak..So irritatingly non-rahman they are..

    1. 😀 yay! The first one was more of a feature, but chalega 😉
      Twitter is killi me, I tell you!
      I have totally given up on Rahman and his Hindi music I swear 😦

  3. Congratulations 🙂 How many times do I say this?

    But most importantly, I am not sure if that classification of anyone born after 1988 makes me happy or sad! Looking forward to more of your ‘when you turn 30’ posts so that I get prepared on what to expect soon!

    And you’ve always been a celebrity, haven’t you, DI?

  4. Hey Di, thats awesome. You got published again!! Wow! Congrats, thats big. And you should get trolls now no? Now that you’re famous. All famous people get criticized 😛 And hows Zo doing? You have your priorities set, that’s your life and your priorities. To hell with others. And you look lovely in that pic. I’m all for un-friending the friends who are not. I’ve done so and have to do so once again. People who I am not in touch with regularly are simply not worth my updates or I don’t care about theirs 😀 Rude yes, but practical and easy to live with.

    1. Haha! I guess! 🙂 I try not to get bothered but some comments are SO personal, I am almost worried about what could have probably instigated such a harsh feeling. But at the end of the day, I am ok 🙂

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