Turning 30

I turned thirty almost 2 weeks ago. The Friday before last to be exact. It was not even close to the way I had imagined I would turn bring in the day. I imagined a night out, lots of beer, dancing, and basically a through and through party for myself. Instead, I cut the customary cake at 12 with family, woke up pretty much on time, sorted out stuff at home, cooked for Zo, fed her, dropped her off at the Daycare for a couple of hours and went shopping with The Dude at that time, had a nice regular lunch with some beer (hello, some beer is a given!), picked Zo up, returned home, made her sleep and then cooked Cheese Maggi with lots of oregano, garlic and Jalapenos for myself and The Dude, savored that, and went to sleep.

The week before however was one of the most luxurious vacations we’ve had. We travel quite a bit, but somehow we do not find it very sensible to spend money on luxurious stays, because we never stay at the place really! We always visit the hotel to sleep only. But this time with Zo, and the fact that we were doing a 13 hour long (one-way) road trip with her, we decided to go all the way. And tasted some really luxury amidst the very green coffee plantations in Coorg.

What does one do in a place like Coorg one might ask. Soak it up. The greenery, the prettiness, the nip in the air, the flowers, the birds and butterflies, and of course the food. The whole week, which I call my birthday week, though we returned two hours before the clock struck 12, was all about hogging. People who have read me for a while know that I have managed a pretty controlled diet for some time now. No butter, no ghee, no extra calories when you can avoid it. But here, we let go. Richness in food was a staple. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say that for every day we stayed there, we managed to finish a whole 100 gram slab of  butter between us during breakfast. Yep. This apart from all the sausages, and fried eggs. Oh, also, I rediscovered the awesomeness that is warm toast slathered with salted butter and Mixed Fruit Jam. Heaven.

Now we are back, tending to our lives and the routine. It seems pretty much the same though, this 4th decade of my life when compared to the last. The welcome I received from the ones already on the other side was as generous as the goodbyes from those I left behind on the other. I responded to one such welcome from a cousin with a “Hope it is fun on this side”. She replied saying that for her it was, because the 4th decade got her two people who matter the most to her now, her husband and child. And I realised that in my case, for a large part of the last decade (6 and a half years to be precise) I already had The Dude. Zo has been around for just more than a year. So in total, this decade will be more Zo-ful an year down the line, and more Dude-ful a whole 7 years later. So like I said, not that much change after all. Don’t ask me what this analysis was for, but I just wanted to add to all the drama.

In general, I have decided to take charge of my life better. Both of us have. We have been lucky for a long time to have a lot of support which made life simpler for us. And we have kind of let things be, or happen at their own time. But The Dude feels we need to be a little more responsible, and the thirty year old me agrees.

I have also decided to give the 10k run a shot next year. I have never been the running kind. No sports, no athletics, generally lazy. Even in gym , I only walk on the treadmill, or cycle. Running needs stamina, and I never had enough. But recently, after I reached my goal weight, it’s gotten boring to do the same gym routine over and over again with no goal. So I decided to move on to stamina. Running. I usually walk at 7kmph for 20 minutes. So I decided to give running a shot and started doing 2 mins of running at 8kmph between 3 minute walks at 7. The aim was to reach 10 continuous minutes in a couple of months, but I am assuming all this working out has already helped me a bit, and I reached that goal in a week (insert applause). Now the next aim is 20 mins of continuous running by year end. And eventually, the 10k run next year. Fingers crossed.

There are also a lot of Zo updates, but she deserves a Zokipedia post. So I will stop doing the diary entry kind of post now and get back to work. I know this was a very run-of-the-mill “I ate, I slept, I woke up” kinda post (as opposed to my usual enlightening posts), but a girl (if you can call a 30 year old that) with back to back calls and meetings from 1 PM to 7 PM today, needs some therapeutic ‘me’ time, even if it is just on the blog. This was that.

Kindly adjust. And be nice to me. I am officially old now.

23 thoughts on “Turning 30

  1. Hello 🙂
    I was wondering how I’ve not heard from Zo in a while now – so looking forward to that!

    Coorg is on a must-visit list ever since a planned and booked trip had to be cancelled last December. Sausages and fried eggs in the midst of coffee plantations sounds very very exotic 🙂

    Running needs a lot of stamina, something that I totally lacked last December. I could barely run 200 steps in a go. Thankfully, today I can manage 10-12 minutes on a treadmill. Some friends did a 42km marathon relay (10km each) some months back… and I am hoping I can join them next year for my bit.

    Enjoy your 30s, responsibly 😀
    I am not there yet, but I believe these 10 (+ the next 10) will be years that will determine how Zo grows up, and what she grows up to be, pretty much.

    1. 🙂 🙂
      For a lazy vacation when you want to sleep and eat, it’s an awesome place!

      Thanks, and yep it’s going to be a ‘responsible’ decade, I can see that happening!
      The relay sounds fun, I am sure you will make it next year! All the best to us? 🙂

  2. Come now, you don’t sound old at all. 30 isn’t old. i’ll be there soon, next year. I’ve heard 30s is fun time 😉 Coorg is awesome. We go there often, ofcourse not for luxury trip since we have relatives there. I could just live forever in a coffee estate house. So serene calm and peaceful. Your bday holiday sounded fun and you deserve to be pampered on your bday 🙂 Goals for your future look awesome. All the best Di.

    1. Hahaha, that’s a first, not “sounding” old is cool too 😀
      30s should be fun, have heard a lot myself! So let’s wait and watch. Coffee estate houses are all about peace, aren’t they?
      Thanks a lot wanderer 🙂

  3. A very happy belated birthday to you, you kept it hidden thought bikram may gate crash for a piece of cake 🙂 he he he he

    many many happy returns of the day ..

    and 30 is not old , Come on .. if you think that is old then i am EXTINCT by the sounds of that …

    I have not been to coorg but one day god willing , will make it ..

    1. Thank you! All the cake in the world for you 🙂
      You have already proved yourself super and forever young at heart, haven’t you? It will take me a while to reach your state of mind, and hopefully, I will 🙂
      So many places in India we tend to forget about. you should plan a trip!

  4. First off, Happy Birthday!

    I am also not the running type. I can “walk fast” on the treadmill, but never have had the stamina to run, for more than a couple of minutes. I got inspired by this post and am going to try and reach the 10 min mark by the end of next month! Wish me luck 😀

    1. 😀 All the very best!
      I have taken this running business up quite seriously. If you see my Twitter chatter, I managed 15 minutes today! Phew! 🙂 Here’s to running!

  5. Happy birthday!!:)

    Did you stay at Orange County?

    Ever since i saw its reviews on Trip Advisor, i have been wanting to go there.this year, we went to Kumarakom and stayed at Vivanta..that was our most luxurious trip..

    1. Nice! No ya, OC was 24k per night 😐 I twould hurt me to think of the place! We did have one lunch there though 😉 Too pretty! Kerala rocks in all ways 🙂

  6. Happy birthday! Go rock the 30’s!

    Oh, by the way, if you aren’t particular about doing a luxury vacation for a special occasion, the best time for it is usually during off-season. For example, in Kerala, luxury hotels offer more than 50% discount if your stay is between April and September. I’m talking about less than 10k a night including taxes and two meals, in places like Leela Kovalam, Taj Vivanta Kumarakom.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, not at all. The whole idea of Luxury vacation makes any day an occasion 😉 I have to check out these deals really! A 5 star stay is something I am yet to have 🙂

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