Zo Baby Zo

I have decided to write more for myself and less for the world. Cliched, it might sound, and in all probability is, but that’s what will get me to write more often. Things at work have changed considerably, with me being busy almost all the time. When I am not, I want to go home and spend time with little Zo.

Zo by the way, still makes me oscillate between a myriad of emotions in the few hours we spend together awake. Admitted, she is a one year old, but how a person can go from being a charming goofy grinned little elf to a bawling, tantrum throwing, kicking little imp in under 30 seconds? Which means that I need to change from a proud, misty eyed mom, congratulating herself for her amazing creation, to a snarling, gnarling witch-like creature, busily digging her finger in said imp’s mouth to remove the residue of the paper/plastic/*insert anything dirty* she just consumed.

The grin by the way, hers, not mine, has finally ceased to be toothless. We had sightings of two emerging teeth on the lower gums, and we kept staring at them for almost a month when one fine day, the upper tooth decided to sprout in all it’s glory. The change has made the erstwhile innocent smile,  a rather cheeky one, which perhaps goes better with Zo’s personality.

Zo also has a Zoctionary now. Yep, you guessed right, that’s the very original name (not) for the documentation of her vocabulary and corresponding meanings. Currently we have –

Mumma – Meaning food when hungry, or in vicinity of anything eatable. Repeated without breaks until something is stuffed into the mouth. Sometimes, very rare though, it might also refer to the mother. Or the Japanese lady on our coasters. And on very depressing days (for me), Karishma Kapoor.

Amma, Maa (with the nasal twang ala Reshammiya), at considerably loud volume – Meaning the mother has been summoned. Or in general, we want attention.

Papa – Papa in most cases, baby pictures in others

Thatha – The grandfather (or so we like to believe) and mostly Ta-ta or Bye Bye. This is usually uttered after a sequence of steps. A pair of shoes are brought and shoved into one of the Parents or grandma’s face. If said party refuses to put them on, a tantrum is thrown. If they are put on, Zo will walk to the front door, and knock on it and turn very matter-of-factly and say “Tha-Tha?” If ignored, another tantrum would be thrown.

Balla – Meaning Bottle. This would refer to both the milk and water bottles. However, in recent times, milk bottles have been referred to as “Duddu”

Duddu – Refer above

Baal – Very ghaati version of “Ball” or anything round, or circular. Sometimes even egg-shaped objects

NoNo– An aggressive NO. Also, the nose.

Manti – Meaning monkey. On TV, or her toy. Either way, we know the word.

Namate – Meaning Namaste, uttered once, but will still be added to the list for show off purposes.

There are various other sounds and noises, but considering their meanings are way too debatable, one might choose to refrain from quoting or decoding them.

Now that all this is known to you, you’re welcome to have conversations with the little one anytime.

Moving on. Zo is a person now. A real person. With likes, wants, and a real functioning mind which tells her what should be done. For example, she still loves putting all and sundry objects in her mouth, the tinier and dirtier, the better. This is nothing new. But now when she does it, if we show that we’ve seen it, she sprints away into corners only accessible to her, bad thing in mouth, knowing very well we would find her and extract it. If we do not note it, she takes the pain of coming to us, opening her mouth to show the object, and then dashing. That says something about her brain, evil, but genius.

Also, she seems to know very well about the little things she is not supposed to do. So when she, let’s say, is trying to pull some wires, or chew a chord, she first goes to it, turns to us, and says an emphatic NO. No, No, No, No, No, and then carries on with the job on hand. She’s f focused like that.

She’s also become Mumma’s baby <touchwood>. I guess all those stories and cliches about how a mother is always a mother, stand true. Till she turned one, I really believed it had to do with the fact that I was her snack bar, vending machine if you may. But it’s been a while now, and well, guess what, I’m still up there, right on top. *Grin*

Zo now understands affection too. She will provide you with kisses on demand in most cases. What is super awesome is that every time she concedes to the kiss request, she places a corresponding one on Mumma’s cheek too. Yep, just like that, voluntarily. Much to her father’s disdain. And the next hour is spent by Mumma  floating around on cloud 9.

We also play our version of hide and seek, called “Where is Mumma?” The “where” is to be dragged for 3 seconds. Anyhow, this involves the 30 year old Mumma prancing around like a kid and hiding in the random spots in the house. Zo then has to search for Mumma, which she does, very well, and then runs into Mumma’s arms for a hug. Then Mumma detaches herself from Zo, and prances to the next hiding spot. This continues till Mumma’s body reminds her of it’s 30 year old existence, and refuses to move.

Zo is also an “orderliness” freak. Let me explain. She loves arranging stuff. However, what, and where are none of her concerns. So it is very possible that you wake up one fine morning and turn your head to see three pairs of your shoes, and one of Zo’s, lined up neatly next to your face. That kind of order. Surprisingly, when it comes to toys, she is very clear that things that can be dismantled need to be maintained in the simplest form possible. She will put in a lot of effort to break them, and if she fails, when she cries until you do it for her. So much so that she will then put it together, or ask you to, just to break it up again.The girl’s all about the journey as against the destination.

I am thinking hard of what other Zo updates I need to note here. You see, with age, the brain gets lazier, and I am certainly incapable of doing a monthly update while running behind the little hurricane, bowl of food in hand. So these spurts are all I can handle.

I started this post yesterday while waiting for the husband to pick me up and am now finishing it on a beautiful Friday afternoon. That fact has added a little bit of exoticism to this otherwise Zokipedia update. Not that my little Zo is not exotic. She is. Very.

And so are you, for reading it. Go be happy about that compliment. I will go back to enjoying my Friday.


33 thoughts on “Zo Baby Zo

    1. 🙂 Fridays are the path to the happiest time of a week, weekends! I never dislike Fridays because it makes me very hopeful! Hope you have a great weekend!

  1. Sigh! Zo, Baby, Zo you are a lucky gal to have a mother who can write so wonderfully well for you!

    I can so so relate to that multiple personality of being the sweetest kid ever created by a parent to the tantrum throwing Mr. Hyde they can turn into 🙂

    Pass on big fat wet kisses and huge cuddles to her from this masi in Bombay okie?

    1. Aww R! That’s super sweet of you. I am waiting for when Zo grows up, reads this, and gives me her opinion 🙂
      Man, the change is funny! Tough to cope with it eh? Almost like you jinx it, when you think how angelic the child is in your head!
      All hugs and kisses will be passed, and reciprocative ones taken note of and stored until Bombay maasi is met and they are given away!

  2. So cute! As always! 🙂
    My niece is also 1 now..And she also uses the ghaati version of Baaal. 😀

    Also, since we are talking about exoticism on a Friday, I take this opportunity to announce that I have a winter vacation for the next 20 days! Yeehaaw! #SmallJoysOfCollegeLife 😀 😛

    1. Oh the Baal is a toddler thing looks like! Sounds super funny! 🙂
      Oh, and enjoy! Last time right? Then back to the big bad corporate world!;)
      Actually I have a very ‘no-pressure’ couple of weeks starting myself, since all the foreign offices are closed 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks Divz,
      Also, please consider this an invite with no expiration date when I say you can spend as much time anytime with this little terror 😉 I can give you an added benefit of not requiring any workout, or gymming on these days! 🙂

    1. Glad Bik! It didn’t strike me that there would be you guys who would end up starting their day with this chaotic post! 😀
      Have an awesome friday and a great weekend!

  3. Rahmat

    Hey Boss

    Just read some thing on rediff and thought that you had written it (http://www.rediff.com/news/column/rapes-happen-in-india-because-we-are-a-callous-nation/20121218.htm). Just in case you think why this reminded me of your blog – it was more of an “In your face” article. Lets people know that what they mete out to others, can be served one day to them/their own. Not sure if all the people who read it will understand. I really wish such things stop happening. Any tragedy is bad and ONLY the person undergoing it, can know the pain.

    Anyways…..Zo sounds dhinchaak (Of course she pales in comparison to my kids 😀 ) And before you think why did I write kidS, we were blessed with a son this January.


    1. Hello! First thing, long time! Are you back in India?
      Secondly, Just read the article, and wished I had written it. My feelings largely. Except, I would’ve added a line or two about how whacking such men in their groin with your elbow, knee, somehow and giving an innocent “the bus is so crowded” look works so much better than a protest alone. I agree to the point that they will get what they deserve, and in case they don’t the world can help in the process.
      Zo is dhinchaak you are right, and I am sure she pales in comparison to your kidS, because you know, even if she is 1.9 awesome, she will never be 2, which your kidS already are 😉
      And Mubarak! That is big news, what have you named him? Drop a mail maybe?

      1. Rahmat

        Nopes! Not back in India still :(. Hopefully soon.

        Oh no! You go it all wrong. Either one of them would suffice. 😀 440 Watt Vicco Vajradanti Smile.

        The name is Fazlullah Syed and we call him Zohaib @ home.

        Will mail you the pics.

        1. Hmmm. I stay very close to your home now! We should meet up when you come next!
          And no I did not get it wrong at all, got it just as I wanted to 😉 you know me!
          Do send pics!

  4. I clicked the “random post” option and ended up here.
    Di, am gonna stop reading ur blog at work. seriously!
    Oh my gosh, its so hard to suppress laughter and when am done doing so ( with so much difficulty) the next one comes..especially the part where u mentioned karishma kapoor…I guffawed out loud …stares all around me here..
    But I shall tell u this tho..this bog is super addictive and now I know who zo is 😀 ( I was wondering whom it was while reading ur recent posts) ..
    am still grinning at the zoctionary..
    lol great work!

    P.s : am off to the next “random post” 😉

    1. 😀 Grinning away! I am assuming you are with me on the Karishma Kapoor reference though!
      Zoctionary is an epic novel in itself now, too tough to keep it updated, so I have given up!
      Nothing makes me feel nicer than having made the reader laugh!

  5. Rahmat

    Hey Boss! Just read something bad somewhere about stacking habits in kids and was reminded of this post. Good to know that she is already talking. Waise Peena kam karo! Not a good thing. “In any way you try to put it.” Will call over the weekend. And if I don’t, you can understand that the KIDS were having a field day :). Mere do anmol ratan.

    1. Hahaha. Very funny. I have become extremely health conscious in general, if that’s what is worrying you 😉 Can run for a half hour almost without getting breathless. Awesome no?
      Lets catch up yes! Love to the little ones 🙂

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