The Reader (or not so much)

A day has 24 hours. Before you say that you know it, I will clarify that I am not being a know all who is claiming to spread enlightenment by stating a fact the world knows. I am not. I am just reiterating this to myself because apparently, I did not know this. Actually, a more logical explanation would be that I  knew it, but looks like I did not realize it. Till now, that is. These days however, this basic fact has taken it upon itself to make me aware of it’s importance and inevitability. And the whole “24 hours in a day” rule seem to be too much of a constraint for me to be able to fit my life into it.

You might go the gyan way and say “prioritize”. Or “plan well”. Or “it’s all in the mind”. Only, hah. You think I haven’t given these amazing options a look? I have. Did it help, er, not so much. Instead, it ate into  another 15 minutes of my already precious and extremely limited 24×60 minutes that day.

The issue is same old, same old. There is just so much to do. And the more the things that interest you, the more things you try doing, the more complicated it gets, and the less of everything you end up doing. The jack of all trades philosophy can be modified and applied here. More like, “the intender of all things, the doer of none”, only better sounding than that. And that is exactly what is happening with me, too many “want-to-do”s vs no actual “do”s.

Again, there might be some bit of exaggeration here. This who “no actual doing” thing. There are things I do because I have to. Like the job, like managing the baby, the home. But that’s where it doesn’t seem right. That’s like saying “I do a lot, I live life”. But then who doesn’t  Those are the must haves after all  It’s the add ons which are not as easy. The good to haves. In specific, and in the context of this post and me, reading.

A year ago, I would have said reading was a must have part of my life. It was never an effort, it was just there. Like waking up, working, eating, there was reading. It was fun, and I looked forward to it. But 2012 was bad. I tone it down when I say bad, it was a disaster. I hardly read! I very optimistically got myself a library membership, and stocked up on all books I thought I would love to read, but I didn’t. I am not able to. And it sucks. I am not sure what the cause is. If I am picking up the wrong books. But that seems like an excuse because come on, 1 book can be bad, two, even three! But what explains 6 half read books in the last year?

One word, laziness. Or two, wrong priorities. After a crazy first few months of running around trying hard to manage life with a baby, life is now back to plonking one’s ass on the beanbag in front of the television, while the baby romps around the room, flinging her toys and walking over you. Why this scenario cannot be changed to the lazy ass reading a book while the rest of the scene remains unchanged, beanbag, baby, toys, everything included, is beyond my understanding. So is the fact that I ‘invested’ in a book light so that the baby would not get disturbed while I read, while what happens is I sit watching nonsense on the television and said poor baby sleeps through that.

Also, bleddy Internet. Yeah yeah, the same internet which is allowing me to write this, and will ensure that someone reads it, and also that some of those someones are some of my closest friends, and will understand my predicament better than anyone else. That internet. Why in the world is it so damn addictive? Why? And to top it, Twitter. Oh My God. The hours I can spend just scrolling through my Timeline and smirking and smiling and rolling my eyes is unbelievable. And disgusting. And this, when I follow 118 people (only).

So I guess the only solution is to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Where matters = a book and do something = read. Haha. But for that I will first have to keep the damn I pad down. Or alternatively, I could try and convince those guys who manage calendars and time and all that it’s been way too long that we’ve had this 24 hour limit and it is high time that we increase it.

And unfortunately, it’s  the latter which seems to be the lesser challenge of the two.


25 thoughts on “The Reader (or not so much)

  1. Being busy is just the business of life.
    I had written something similar last year. It has been a constant feeling that I need 8 days a week. 5 days for the work, and 3 days for self. If the world ever goes in to vote for this concept, I will be the first person to vote in favour of it, I am that convinced.

    Have you heard of the law of conservation of energy? The total energy in the world remains constant – I finished reading 5 books last year 🙂 but yeh, I don’t see myself reading more fiction now since all of Dan Brown has been read. The energy goes back to you!

    And oh, read this, if you haven’t already –

    1. 🙂
      True I guess! And yep, you have said it many times about wanting more days in a weekend! And I couldn’t agree more. But I also know that a day would then come when we would even more still. Greed is part of human nature, yes?

      Also, I NEED to read 😦

                1. PLEASE help me plan. I am lazy and useless, but you seem to be a born planner! Pleeeeease! Then we can tease people telling about when we met 🙂

    1. Exactly! Not jumping to conclusions, nor sure about how much you read, but you would think that considering your situation you can afford to read so much more right? But it’s just not enough! In my case, it’s just not there 😐

  2. The internet is the cause for my poor reading list of 2012. I spent hours watching useless videos on YouTube. This year I’ve taken a conscious decision to read more, at least a few chapters every night. So far, so good.

  3. Six unfinished books..Wow DI, you sure have amazing memory…I mean, if you want to finish them, will you restart or will you recollect..

    LOL on being addicted to twitter…I think RD is the same..he gets up in the morning only to check twitter instead of cuddling his wife or kid gah!

    Hope 2013 is full of books and reads…do you have a kindle? may be it will become easier for you to read then?

    1. Stupid Twitter 😦
      Er, I think I will either leave them, or restart. No way can I remember any detail! 😦 That’s so many hours wasted no! Anyway, anything to make me start reading again.

  4. Yes the Internet is addictive, but it can be channelised by searcing only for good and valuable input. Mercifully for me I have yet to enter the Twitering world !!

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