To a peaceful world

I am quite the small townie when it comes to certain things. Like I will still get excited about spotting celebrities. While you might argue that everyone would like to spot celebrities, the differentiating factor in my case would be my definition of a celebrity. Like in 2005, I was at the Mumbai Airport waiting for my connecting flight for Goa, when I decided that I just HAD to spot some celebs here, because come on, Mumbai, and Airport.. And I did. And I wouldn’t stop talking about it as well. Who you ask? Well, there was this girl who was one of the three girls who were in that music video which was a remix of ‘Tu, tu hai wahi’? In hot pink? Yeah, the one in the middle. Also, some other Aunty, who I swear I had seen in some ad. I also saw Dino Morea, but he garnered the same level of excitement as the other two.

Now that I am in Hyderabad, the only celebs I can spot have to be from Tollywood. I do not watch Telugu movies, but I do know the actors, some even by name. So when this actor Nithin, sat on the table next to us at The Westin, while we were enjoying a lavish Sunday brunch, I just had to tell The Dude. Who thought that it was the unlimited wine that was talking. Then I googled images, and showed it to him, and also told him how this was not cool because this guy had even acted in one Hindi movie, ok accepted it was an RGV film, but still. The Dude felt very ashamed of his lack of knowledge.

The same way, I also get all happy when someone I know remotely (as remote as ‘she used to hold a bank account in your Dad’s branch a few years ago when her father was posted here’) makes it big (‘ yes, now she is India’s first Miss Universe!’), it makes me happy. That, true story, by the way.

So where am I going with this? This year, one of the 23 finalists at Miss India was the daughter of some Family friends of my in-laws. Which meant, I just had to watch it. And I did, diligently. She did not make it to the top 10, but that’s when they announced the question round, and I was generally not doing anything, so I decided that there could be nothing better than hear the views of these women, who otherwise annoyed me by being so tall and so skinny.

By the end of it, the one person I had decided would not even make it to the top 5 because of her answer, ended up winning the pageant. I am yet to get over it. Just so you know, this was her question –

If there were no rules in your life for one day. What would you do?

And this, was her answer .

I’d Ride a Horse in the Busiest Streets, climb up the tallest buildings and scream the world is so beautiful.

I innocently assumed that the answer would elicit the same response from the judges, as it did from me. That of wanting to place my head under said horse’s hooves. But no, she won. So I decided to shut up. Apparently because of her answer in the next round (which I was sure she would not be in), where she said that if she died tomorrow, her only regret would be that she has not done enough for the world. This answer, since it was so original and awesome, got her the crown.

It also made me realize that ‘World Peace’ rules pageants. I believe, that every question, and any question, can be answered with ‘World Peace’, though it might need some workaround. I am going to try just that with the 10 that were asked this time.

Question 1: If you had the choice to exchange your beauty for anything. What would you exchange it for and why?

Answer. World Peace. Because eventually, with my beauty, and this crown, that’s all I hope to achieve. History as already proved that the only way one can bring about world peace, is by winning these pageants and crowns.

Question 2 : These days many Parents don’t allow Kids to watch TV or surf the Internet while growing up. How do you feel about it?

Answer. Not very good. If there was no TV, or internet, children would engage in more physical activity, and be more energetic, which might end up in fights. Fights are chaos, not peaceful. So by keeping them dazed and occupied, they actually bring about World Peace.

Question 3. : Which is more significant for you today. Sunrise or Sunset?

Answer. Sunset. Because that’s when the world goes to sleep, and when you are asleep, it’s tough to wage wars. So sunset ensures World Peace.

Question 4. : If there were no rules in your life for one day. What would you do?

Answer. : Ride a white horse wearing white, and  wave a white flag, thus propagating World Peace.

Question 5.: Being an Independent Young Woman of today. Do you think the State Government and the Colleges have the right to impose a dress code?

Answer. Of course. The dress code should be all white. Because white is the color of peace. We can have doves, or olive branches printed on them for effect. All this will encourage World Peace.

Question 6. : You have been told that you are Beautiful. What else would you like people to think about you?

Answer.  Nothing else actually. In fact they should accept that beauty is all I have. That way, they will watch these pageants with no expectation of sensible answers, and their mind will be peaceful. And peaceful minds lead to World Peace.

Question 7. You genuinely Love someone. Which are the 3 things you would never do to hurt that Person?

Answer. 1. I would not cheat him

2. I would not lie to him

3. I would not ‘not try to bring about World Peace’.

Question 8. : You have chance to make one Phone call. All lines die after that. Apart from your Mother and father whom will you call?

Answer.  I would call the last Miss India who talked about World Peace in her question round, and ask her how in the world she would answer this one with ‘World Peace’.

Question 9. : Would you choose to be Water or Fire?

Answer. Both. First I will be fire, and then I will become water and pour myself on the fire, extinguishing it. By this, I will show how violence can be ended, and spread the message of World Peace.

Question 10. : If you were Crowned Miss India tonight. What would be your Message to your fellow Contestants and the World?

Answer.  To the fellow contestants, I would say – Haha, Na, na na, Na Na

To the world, I would say, the pageant is over, you can go back to bed, while I go party. And now that I have been crowned, I do not have to talk of World Peace. Thank you!

Yay. Confetti showers. Glitter all around. Loud Music. In total pageant style, thank you for being such a wonderful audience. And also a big thanks to this person, who took note of the questions asked, because I could not find them anywhere else.

Have a nice day people. May the Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World, all bless us with World peace.


40 thoughts on “To a peaceful world

  1. ROFL! 😀
    Brilliant! Seriously, glitter all around! May you be the perfect Ms India/World/Universe, spreading World Peace!
    Aiyyo that was daaamn funny! Couldn’t stop laughing..:D

    And also, I totally get the celebrity part. I am also very weird that way. When I went to Mumbai, I also wanted to spot a celeb. So I recognized this guy called Vicky Ratnani, brother of Dabbu Ratnani. He has a cookery show on Good Times. In hindsight, I can’t believe I was actually excited about that. :-/ 😀

    1. 😀 Glad you laughed, because watching this pageant, only made me cry. Real tears 😦
      Oh, and Vicky Ratnani? I bow to thee. I am sure I would never know that guy! But I am glad I have company 😉

    1. Oh, I am SO sure that day is not far. I am also sure that the blog posts will have poetry about world peace which will bring about the change. Can’t wait. 😐

  2. I am a small townie and yes I do get excited about seeing celebraties but I pretend to ignore them huh! Show off that I am! honestly, I do feel bad for them, when people like me just stare at them as if they are some paintings or now a days, I show some restraint eh?

    I read about the ‘winning’ answer in Bombay Times and got super upset..I mean, Jeez! How original is that *rolls eyes*

    *Stands up and claps for DI* for getting such world peaceful answers and actually ‘searching’ for the questions phew! you are great da!

    1. Heheh, you Mumbai types will never know the thrill!

      I did, I did search 😐 when The Dude ditched me over the long weekend! I actually had time for stuff like that 😉

  3. You funny woman! 😀
    This laughter was much needed after reaching working post a bank holiday weekend. This post reminded me of a clip. Will go home and fish it out for you 🙂

  4. I’ve lived and grown up in Mumbai, pretty much I’d say. This sort of excitement is something we used to carry in school! To tell you, our school campus was one of the prime locations in Mumbai (and still is) for filmmakers to shoot a few scenes for their movies – Chachi 420, Baadshah, were a couple shot while I was a student. Hip Hip Hurray, the TV serial was almost entirely shot there!

    Do you remember there used to be a TV serial titled “Oh Maria” on Sony TV in 1995/96? Well, not many do, but I do! I played a 0.5 second cameo running around in the background for a whole bar of Cadbury Dairymilk. I was in the school on a Saturday afternoon to attend a Mathematics Club session that I was a part of. My mom put a blanket ban on all my weekend school activities after that day. I still remember how furious she had got on learning about my cameo in Oh Maria! So yes, big town or small town, Shahrukh Khan or Rakesh Bedi, film or TV, it was very attractive!

    1. Hip Hip Hurray was a rage! Oh Man, it was shot in your school?
      I want Mumbai for this man! And a whole bar of chocolate for a cameo ;)? One should see that!
      It is still attractive, especially because it is such a rarity for non-mumbaikars like me 😦

  5. subbulakshmistoned

    The only celebs (!?!?) I (rather, my father) have spotted so far are Kannada film stars. Who look like rowdysheeters in real life way more than they do in movies. Mein aashirvaad deti hoon ki aap fastly will bump into Shah Rukh Khan.

    1. Aiyyo, I am sorry ma, but Kannada film stars are like the lowest in the peking order. I watched a movie on the bus, and man, it was er, not too good?
      And dhanyawaad. I stood outside SRK’s house the one time I went to Mumbai, but he did not come out 😦 Perhaps because it was two in the afternoon in summer, but I still, I was heartbroken. 😦

  6. I am still smiling with the Q&A round 🙂 the pageant totally got over you. And you are right, sadly so but the World Peace stuff sill works at such competitions. Btw me too a small townie at so many other aspects but as far as spotting celebrities is concerned, it just don’t effect me at all. While the people around me go mad over them, I just don’t feel anything, I only feel they are in a more public profession. Heights was when Saif was standing next to me for good 5 minutes, and I fail to react in anyway.

    1. Oh it did! And if you looked at the original questions, trust me, it would do to you too 😐
      Also, a weird piece of information about celeb spotting, though it makes me VERY happy, i will not let the celeb know 😉 No pictures, autographs or such. That hurts my ego, but later, I will tell everyone!

  7. Garima Nagpal

    I read your blog for the first time and am really happy that I did so. The post was totally entertaining. I watched the pageant and being an amateur blogger myself, could never think it could have been viewed and posted about in such a manner. The satire and humor can be picked up in each sentence of the post.
    I can’t help but imagine the contestants to answer the questions the way you wrote.

    Great work!!

    1. Thank you Garima! 🙂 Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that someone found the post humorous!
      About the pageant, you can imagine how frustrated i was, for such a post to spew out! 😮
      You mentioned you blog, but didn’t leave a link! Would love to check out 😀

  8. eschris

    My friend and I were once in a restaurant when i spotted a serial actress with her family having her food. I much wished to go and talk with her ( I didnt have a phone then, else atleast, i may have asked to take a photograph with her.), but my friend was not comfortable and even i over came the urge. It is hard being a celebrity, since you have no privacy in public. And yeah, a hi-fi for world peace. 😀

    1. I can NEVER ask any celeb for a photo I am sure! Except Dravid. He remains my first ever mega celeb crush, which I sustained for a long time, so I will do him the honours 😉
      Hi-fi to World peace indeed! 😀

      1. Wow!!! You answered one more time with “World Peace”!!! I say, why don’t you try your hand at one of the pageant ?!?! With all the world peace answers, you are sure to win 😉

            1. Aww. Fulltoo flattered I am. But you know, and so do I, that these pageants are actually synonymous with *insert a subtle term for dumb* these days 🙂 So, we will let it pass! And enjoy making fun of them 😀

      1. obviously you would have read my blog… !! I guess you know how BIG a blogging STAR I am… and how modest I am about that fact !!!!!!!! *ducksthshoes*

        its bad manners to be throwing shoes on first time visitors you know !

        1. Oh yes Hitchy, I actually do ! And I am shoeholic, so won’t throw my expensive pairs whatsoever 😮 Erm, stones maybe?
          But since you brought up the first time visitor thing, I will just offer tea (coffee?) and be nice 😉

  9. loved all the answers…You would have won it ‘hands down’ 🙂
    I guess because the contestants would always talk about world peace and Mother Teresa, the pageants don’t bother about coming up with interesting questions. Dumb questions and dumber answers.

    1. Exactly! Actually, if i look at it in that angle, perhaps the winner deserved the crown for talking about horses. Hmm. Food for thought.
      And thanks, I hold for your benefit the typical Miss Universe pose, my hands on my cheeks, and tears in my eyes, and a wide grin 😉

  10. smartassbride

    rofl! (and with proton screaming in the bg, this is a big achievement for me)

    loved the one call question. and what an original you are. thats why you wont win this contest, me thinks(because di, you are hotness). pliss to acceptt my admiring and jealous looks aimed at you.

    1. Is she screaming despite the ROFL, or because of it? Check. My daughter doesn’t like me displaying any exaggerated emotion, so it might be the thing with you too. 😉
      And I was very very sincere while I tried answering because no judging when you’re just audience right?

      Also, Awww, thanks much sweetie! Right back at you, such compliments really make us mommy types happy no? 😀

  11. aah Rahul Dravid is your celeb crush? I spotted him in BLR airport recently but I was in the boarding area and he had got down from flight and going towards the emigration and that passage is right above the boarding area (Err… ya it sounds messy but actually not so much ) And the Bloke has eyes only for things that come with wheels! He hardly notices any faces.. And I had to nudge him and point fingers to confirm my guess…

    I had a good laugh reading your answers…. world peace is still not outdated?

    1. I said crush because I do not want my emotions to get better of me. But I think I am still in lou with the guy, a little 😉
      World peace is THE thing even today. And forever. Mother Teresa might be losing charm. But world peace, never! 🙂

  12. Shivani :)

    I almost died laughing! xD

    Brilliant man! Absolutely brilliant!

    And about the celebrity part, well I’d always wanted to see, let alone meet, some celebrity, and by God’s grace I did. So she’s not a celebrity, but once I’d spotted Shehnaz Hussain in a mall in Delhi. Though she looked darn scary (I mean, what’s with the red hair?), I felt super excited. 😀

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